FEATURING(from left to right):

umbramist as the specialist (Aka, bitchez love canons)

ask-gamer-pony as the Mini Archer, small and deadly, like a bee!

wishdreamarchives as the dream Mage, He’s so dreamy ;)

ask-dr-radical as the mechanic, can we fix it! …

askpike as Pike, the Pokemon!

ask-mayia as the Ninja, sneaky sneaky.

askwindcheer as a Demon, but a nice big demon.

likeableartist as a paladin, or should i say TANKADIN!

neko-snicker as the little theif, stealing your heart with her cuteness :3

askdarlingadelaide as the lovely Bard, very lovely singing <3

dshou as Night Archer, never misses.

azula-griffon as the griffon, loyal burb :)

ask-wisp-the-diamond-dog wisp as a fire mage, and cindy as a Ice Warrior, cold hot combo!

isle-of-forgotten-dreams Sera as the Iron foot master, kick’n like Chuck Noris!

and finally a little sapphire-and-greyzeek fluffy dragon on the logo :)

thank you all for over 1000 followers, I’m sorry for anyone that i couldn’t be put into the picture, i plan on making another one in the future.

Until then, expect some more random stuff to come out, or maybe a Joey colossal pony update.

Stillwhisper Pond -- Soaring Hope (Zin/Mikael extra short write)

Zinta stood still at the edge of the pond, her toes inches from the water. She stared with a hollow ache in her chest, her eyes misting over.  They brimmed with tears, quiet drops of fire from the sky. They burned as they rolled down her skin, her fluttering heart knowing nothing to do with itself. Nearby, Mikael looked on with concern.

“My parents took me here every year,” she whispered, her breath catching in a sob. “We always wished for happiness, and time together…” She turned on her heel, her rose-colored curls swaying gently behind her. “Do you think they knew? Do you think they knew what would happen?”

“Zinta…” Mikael mouthed. He thought to comfort her, but his words were not poetic enough to raise to her for approval. He cast his eyes aside briefly, his dark hair framing a perfect view of the great wall surrounding the city at dusk. He looked back to Zinta. Her eyes sparkled in the dimming light, her lips full and quivering.

He smiled gently. “I think they knew they loved you so much that not even forever would be enough.”

Broken hope gazed up at him, the pieces slowly melding together on a level far, far beneath what open eyes could percieve. He stepped towards her, his armored hands opening to envelope her. She fell into him, and his arms closed softly around her back. His lips crossed her forehead, murmuring gently over soft whimpers.

“They loved you, Zin,” he said gently, stroking her hair, “as do I.”