I looked at you, love,
with a childish conviction,
you are all I need.
I melt in your piercing gaze
though I know where this would lead.

I caressed you, heart,
you, my loving affliction,
you are all I feel.
I breathed in your ev'ry touch
though I know my lungs won’t heal.

I kissed you, my dear,
you, my greatest addiction,
you are all I know.
I tasted your very soul
though it tastes of long ago.

—  Me (JNH). We are only a moment, I’ll enjoy us while we last.

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,

[A faint clap of thunder,
Clouded skies,
Perhaps rain will come.
If so, will you stay here with me?]

—  Yukino in The Garden of Words [movie] reciting a tanka from Man'yōshū, Book 11, verse 2,513