tank tops. i love drawing tank tops


This little fellow is a “quick” good night- doodle JIan yi ;) Because … Band Aids in pastel colors are SO CUTE?¿ Had to try those new brushes I found and I love them <3 (And they suit Yian yi soooooooooooo much!!! *_*) Ah here in Germany it is frickin hot right now, so I am staying in all the time and draw. Or work. Therefore the tank-top. ~

So story to this is I saw a kid running around with diamond-shaped holes in the back of their shirt and I loved it? Therefore, requisite re-draw of said kid with fluffy angel wings.

This was inked with micron pens, then colored digitally~

[image description: Two images of a light-skinned black kid with wings, fluffy blonde hair, a white tank top, mint green shorts, lavender socks, and tennis shoes.

In the first, the kid sits on an I-beam with their back to us, eating a blue popsicle. There are diamond-shaped holes in the back of their tank top where two transparent wings emerge. In the second, their wings are spread as they touch-down.]

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie