tank tops in winter!

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1p and 2p's reaction to their s/o walking around in shorts and a tank top in the dead of winter? *slips you monopoly money*

Takes the money. Mwahahaha I’m Rich! I’ll buy 2 Houses!


England: Don’t get sick love?

France: Aren’t you cold? Want me to warm you up? ;3

Russia: Look comfy. ^J^


Canada: Great day for a swim, eh?

Italy:……I’m cold, I don’t why you aren’t cold either.

Germany: Ok then….


Romano: Are you Satan?

Prussia: Pshhhhhh I can do that too! Tries and gets sick

Austria: I don’t know how you do that, but since you aren’t using your coat, give it to me.

2p America: D*mn

2p England: AH! LOVE! YOU’LL CATCH YOUR DEATH! force them to wear sweaters

2p France:…..ok whatever.

2p Russia: Strange that you are unaffected by the cold? Perhaps it is because… and starts talking sciencey stuff

2p China: WHAT ARE YOU!?! freaks out cause in his mind s/o is now a superhero

2p Canada: Let’s go for a swim.

2p Italy: Wow, bella/o, you never cease to surprise me.

2p Germany: How are your nipples not freezing off?

2p Japan: If you get sick, don’t come crying to me.

2p Romano: While I love summer fashion, it’s not summer anymore. It’s winter. You’ll freeze and die wearing the wrong season’s clothes!

2p Prussia: Oh dear, s/o, are you warm enough? Please don’t get sick.

2p Austria: Oh, are you also heated by the flames of the underworld?

Robin’s Nest: Part 7

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1472

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You find her in an alleyway. You hear some men talking about her, and you go in search of her. You’re supposed to be home; Bruce and Dick are gone on a mission for the League and Jason is monitoring the computers at Bruce’s request. Which means that Alfred is watching the kids alone. While Tim is a very easy child, Helena and Damian are spirited.

They love running through the house and playing hide and go seek. They’re basically joined at the hip, and they’ve even developed their own language at this point. The doctors assure you that’s very normal for twins. The scary part is that the other kids seem to be picking it up, and you and Bruce are kind of just lost.

So, really you should be at home, but an emergency board meeting had been called and that meant either you or Bruce had to be there. You had gone to the meeting with every intention of going straight home, but you can’t ignore the rumors or a little girl shivering behind the building.

You find her wearing only shorts, and a tank top. She’s shivering in Gotham’s winter air. Her hair is matted, and she’s covered in dirt. She jumps a little bit at the sight of you, and when she slips into a defensive position you’ve seen a million times before you know you’re in over your head. You call Bruce.

Despite being on a mission he picks up on the first ring, and listens to your explanation. He immediately comes home. He’s on the other side of the world, but the zeta tubes, one of which had been installed in the cave six months earlier, makes the travel much quicker. He’s there in an hour.

He’s dressed in sweats, tennis shoes, and a thermal shirt, and you stand back and watch him do his thing. The girl comes flying at him, with a speed that could have only been taught by the League of Assassins. Bruce takes every hit before speaking to the girl, introducing himself. She seems to stop at the recognition, she just kind of drops and Bruce picks her up, and makes his way towards the car. You drive while he sits with her in the back seat.

When you get home he takes her to the League. Bruce goes on another “trip,” this time leaving Dick behind, and life seems to take on its normalcy again. Wally comes over and he, Dick, and Jason retell the story of the last mission.

The new speedster had been visiting his aunt and uncle when he had gained his new powers. You and Mary begin to lean on each other. The two of you share your worries and do your best to comfort each other. She’s the only other person who knows exactly what you’re going through. The two of you retreat to the indoor garden to keep from hearing what you hope are exaggerated details.

Bruce comes home later that night; he appears in the twins’ doorway as you’re reading to them; the Boxcar Children, since pop-up books no longer amuse them, and they never cared for Dr. Seuss.

He takes a seat and listens as you finish up the chapter before the two of you tuck the twins in together. The two of you make visits to the rest of the kids, kissing each of them good night, and telling them that you love them. You notice that Bruce seems to hug them extra tight.

As you retreat to your bedroom, he tells you of the girl, Cassandra. She’s six years old, and was in the process of being trained to protect Ra’s when she was taken out to make her first kill. When she didn’t do it she had been beaten and almost killed before escaping. She had no verbal skills, and was very timid. She also had nowhere to go.

“She has us.” Your voice is sure, and steady. After all, your house was already a circus, why shouldn’t you add to the madness? Bruce just smiles, and you realize that had been his expectation the entire time.

He just leans in and kisses you, it’s long and deep, and you realize that he’s more than a little turned on. You don’t get much sleep that night.

Over the next several days Bruce spends time securing Cassandra’s adoption papers, and together with the League, storms Ra’s fortress. This makes you nervous. You remember that horrible place. It was where Bruce had been trained, where he had learned so much. It was where you had tended to his wounds and kept Talia away from him. There had always been a fear that the League would come after Bruce someday, and now they were going to them.

He returns several days later, with papers that allow you full custody over Cassandra. She separates herself from the rest of the family. She doesn’t seem to like the loudness, and you do your best to make her feel as ease. You decorate her room in warm colors, and make sure her bed is soft, and that she has everything she needs. She somewhat sequesters herself in the room for the first few weeks.

Slowly she starts coming out of her shell. She begins staying on the fringes of the family, and you quickly realize that it’s the kids who are drawing her out, mainly Dick. He talks to her in this kind, soft voice. It’s the same voice he talked to his siblings in when they were infants.

Damian and Helena begin to demand her attention. They sit on her lap and babble at her in that made up language of theirs. When the kids’ winter break ends and the kids go back to school, you decide to stay home for a few weeks.

She avoids you for the first few days, and emerges when the kids return from school. They each tell her about their school days, and you watch as she sits and listens with rapt attention.

          It’s late one night, two weeks later, after all the kids are down for the night that you hear the screams. You and Bruce are talking about Cassandra when it happens, about different speech therapists to send her to, and different schooling ideas. When the screams reach you, you’re both out of the bed and down the hallway in a split second.

          It’s Cassandra. You fling the door open, to see her in the middle of a nightmare. She’s thrashing in bed, her fists and feet flying in the air. Bruce subdues her as you wake her up. She startles awake, her eyes wide, as gibberish comes from flying out of her mouth. You just take her in your arms, and hold her close.

          The screaming stops, and the shaking begins as tears come streaming out of the girl’s eyes. You hold her as she shakes, and her tears soak your shirt. She curls into you wrapping her arms around you in a bruising hug. You don’t let go, and a moment later the other kids come in. Bruce makes sure that you’re fine, before getting the kids back to bed. That night you fall asleep holding Cassandra.

           The next morning Bruce stays home from work as well. The two of you are in the kitchen drinking coffee, when Cassandra pops out of nowhere. It startles you a bit, and you can see Bruce grinning into his coffee cup as he takes a sip.

          You let it go when you see a hint of a smile on Cassandra’s lips as well. Smiling at her you greet her and then notice the notebook in her hands. You know it used to be Dick’s, and you grin when you realize that he must have given it to her. She sets it on the table before going and dragging a chair over in-between you and Bruce. When she’s situated, she opens the notebook and points. You and Bruce lean in to see notes upon notes written down.

          Her handwriting is clear and precise. You spend over an hour flipping through the writings; her observations on the family, the stories the kids have told her, opinions on the new foods she’s tried. She points several times at the last sentence written in the notebook. “I like Cass better.”

          You and Bruce double team hug her, and say: “We love you Cass.” You want to cry when she doesn’t flinch at the contact, and you know that everything is going to work out, and that she is just as much your child as the others.

AN: I made Cass literate. She’s still mute, but I like the idea of her being able to communicate through writing. I like the idea of her just observing and writing those observations down.

Pumpkin - 3

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: rain always brought something with it. love wasn’t something you exactly expected.

Author’s Note: yay! Finally wrote something!! So, it is a little gloomy and sad but it has a cute ending. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing, body image issues, self-criticism and self-hatred

Words Count: 2000

PART 1 , 2

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You had arranged all your clothes in your closet. You admired them for a while before heading to the bathroom to change and wash your face. You brushed your teeth and washed your face as usual and then changed into a loose tank top and shorts. You had to wear them in winters for your powers had a tendency to act up. you let your hair down and took in a deep breath. It was this time of the day you could truly unwind.

You walked out of the bathroom and turned up the volume of your speakers ‘great.’ You thought and collapsed on your bed. You cuddled up with your pillows and let the music engulf you. the clouds had covered the sky, and chilly winds blew through the window. it was perfect until the bel rang.

You groaned and sat up. ‘I just took my bra off.’ You muttered and made your way to the door. You opened the door partially and found a visibly dishevelled Bucky standing there.

‘you seem like you had fun tonight.’ You said. he didn’t respond for a while, he was too busy taking in your appearance.

‘who the fuck are you and what did you do to (y/n)?’ he asked in a joking manner and you rolled your eyes.

‘the fuck are you doing here? It’s 1 am.’ You said.

‘can I come in please? I’m cold.’ He rubbed his arm. ‘you too.’ He grinned. you thought for a while before crossing your arms over your chest. you blushed and cussed under your breath before letting him inside. You moved to your bedroom while he plopped on the couch.

‘why are you here?’ you asked from your bedroom. ‘everyone else got shit face drunk.’ He shouted. You walked in the living room with a confused look and sat beside him.

‘so?’ you asked.

‘can’t I stay? I thought you loved me.’ he put a hand on his hard to show fake hurt.

‘nah, anything for you. just, what did they do?’ you asked.

‘well, I wasn’t feeling like getting drunk so I just sat there. Then they all just went crazy! Like batshit shit crazy! Clint shot an arrow at me so I left for the gym…’ He narrated more incidences. ‘you don’t even know the worst part.’

 ‘what’s the worst part?’ you grinned.

‘well, when I was cleaning my knives after punching the heavy bag. Thor came out of nowhere and tried to “banish” me because he thought I was Loki. I had to jump from a fucking window to get here.’ He said and you busted into a fit of laughter.

  ‘yay! It’s a sleepover.’ You stopped laughing. ‘I don’t think I can sleep for at least an hour now, you wanna watch a movie?’

‘sure. Hey, one question.’ He laid comfortably on the couch. ‘why are you wearing that? Don’t you get cold?’ he grinned.

‘will you let that go?’ you shot him a glare. ‘I have to, my powers go crazy sometimes and my body temperature gets very high.’ you said looking for the remote.

  ‘you look nice. Your hair looks good that way.’ He looked at you from the couch.

‘scoot.’ You said. ‘nope.’ He sprawled on the couch and tucked an arm under his head.

‘do you want to go flying, again?’ you smiled and he sat up properly. ‘I really love being an elemental sometimes.’ You turned the TV on. You changed channels trying to find a good channel, to no avail.

‘guess we’re not watching a movie.’ He said and you nodded.

  ‘it’s the worst sleepover ever.’ You laid back your head and stared at the ceiling.

‘it’s raining.’ Bucky looked out of the window.

‘IT’S RAINING!’ you shot up and ran towards the window. You opened the window and stuck your hand out. ‘let’s go on the roof!’ you wore your flip flops and he gave you a weird look.

‘have you lost your mind? I’ll freeze over there.’ He argued.

‘oh, you won’t. I’ll make the rain drops refract from your path.’ You said but he didn’t respond. ‘please?’ you gave him the puppy eyes.

‘fine.’ He sighed and got up. ‘but if any-‘

‘yeah, done. Let’s go before it stops.’ You grabbed his hand and ran out of your apartment. You reached the roof and looked around. You always loved the rain. You don’t know why but you found it calming, healing.

  ‘rain.’ You both said in varying tone. Yours was filled with joy while his with disgust. ‘come on.’ You offered him your hand but he declined. ‘what kind of an asshole doesn’t like the rain?’ you crossed your arms over your chest.

‘it’s not that I don’t like it. I’m freezing.’ He said with a slight shivering.

‘aww, sorry I forgot. Come here.’ You levelled his face with yours and connected your forehead with his.

‘what are you doing?’ he asked softly.

  ‘shh..’ you closed your eyes. ‘just a little fire magic.’ You said and summoned your energy. Bucky didn’t realize when the cold had stopped bothering him as he was busy taking in the details of your face. ‘I guess that will do.’ you let go of his face and he quickly straightened up.

‘I am still not willing to get drenched.’ He crossed his arms over his chest. you rolled your eyes and stepped in the rain. You looked up and let the rain drops kiss your face. you smiled as the water ran over you and the cold breeze blew through your hair.

 ‘you don’t know what you’re missing!’ You shouted. ‘come on buck!’ you said and he shook his head in a ‘no’. you stomped right by his side and crossed your arms. ‘so, you won’t come?’ you asked.

‘you can bet your ass I won’t.’ he said. you huffed and jerked him forwards. ‘what the-!?! I’m going back.’ He turned away but you grabbed his arm.

‘come on, Jamie! Live a little! Just stay for a while and it will feel great.’ You said and he gave you a bitch face. ‘close your eyes.’ You said softly.

‘why?’ he huffed.

‘just do what I say. Close your eyes and look up.’ You did what you said and waited for him to follow. ‘Bucky.’ You opened one eye and found him looking at you.

‘that’s stupid.’ He said. you glared at him and he sighed before doing what you had said. ‘now what?’ he said with closed eyes.

‘just breath.’ You said softly. He took deep breaths and felt a comfort wash over him. ‘did you know that rain heals everything?’ you asked softly and he looked at you. ‘you see, god, is in the rain. I am not much of a believer but this sentence always lived with me somewhere.’ You talked and he couldn’t look anywhere else but your smiling face. he hadn’t felt this feeling in such a long while, he hadn’t felt serenity. ‘I don’t know why they say that rain is depressing. I always found it relaxing, like it was a medicine, something that healed everything. It washes away your wounds like a mother and yet people call it dark and depressing.’ You shrugged.

‘you hear that?’ he asked as a faint tune entered his ears.

‘hear what?’ you asked and he hushed you.

‘listen. Seems like a song.’ He said. you had to strain your ears a little before hearing it too.

‘I hear it now. It’s a nice song.’ You smiled trying to look in the direction from where the sound was coming from. As you tried to look past the rain, you were suddenly grabbed. Bucky grinned and positioned your hands on his shoulder. ‘oh, hell no. I do not dance’ you tried to retrieve your hands.

‘nuh-uh. My turn to make you try something new.’ He intertwined the fingers of his flesh hand with yours and kept his metal arm on your waist.

‘I already hate- ‘you frowned.

‘shut it. just follow.’ He led you both to the tune. It was amazing and horrible at the same time. You were dancing in the rain with the man you had feelings who didn’t know how you felt. You decided to not think about it and just enjoy the moment while it lasted. Little did you know that he was going through the same plight.

‘(y/n)?’ he said hesitantly and you hummed in response. ‘I need to tell you something. It’s just getting a little too much to carry these days and I just want to get it off my mind.’ he moved back. ‘(y/n) I-I –‘he struggled to find the perfect words but it wasn’t a movie or a book and he for sure wasn’t a writer.

‘just go ahead and don’t worry. There’s nothing you could do to make me hate you. ever.’ You smiled.

‘okay, (y/n), I like you. a lot. I developed a liking for you the first day I met you. you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I just, I just want you to be mine.’ He pursed his lips and looked at you hopefully.

‘I wish it was true.’ You said in voice barely above a whisper. ‘is it some bet or a joke, huh? Because it’s really sick.’ Tears mixed with the water on your face.

‘no, no, no! it’s true I love you dammit!’ he raised his voice and moved closer to you.

‘not it’s not!’ you shot back. ‘look at yourself and then at me! there’s no way in hell someone like you can love someone like me! I am not good enough, Bucky! I never was I never will be! And it hurts! It hurts like hell!’ your voice cracked and he heard a crack sound of something else too; his heart.

‘and you know what hurts more? You, out of all people saying these words of affection to me when there is no way you can love me. you!’ you moved in his direction. ‘you, the one I had started to love.’ You looked in his eyes. ‘I compare myself to every other person, Bucky. Every goddamn person. And I lose, I lose every fucking time.’ You avoided his eyes. ‘so, please, if it was anything like a joke, I will forgive you. and if you did have any feelings for me, forget it. you deserve someone better. Someone who’s beautiful and not like me.’ you looked at him one last time and made your way to the door. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him.

‘let me go.’ You tried to get out of his grip.

‘shh..’ he tightened his grip. ‘just shut up for a second and listen alright.’ He looked in your eyes. ‘I love you. it’s no joke, no bet. Just me pouring my heart out to you. you are fucking amazing, you are the one who made me feel like a human again, the one who made me laugh. If I have to list the reasons why I love you, it will take the whole damn night and still wouldn’t be enough. I love everything about. I love how your hair covers face, how you laugh and smile, how you always give the best hugs, how I can’t look away from your lips, how you talk about things and explain them. I just can’t have enough of you.’ he ran his thumbs on your cheekbones and a faint smile appeared on your lips.

‘do you mean all that?’ you asked.

‘yup, and here’s proof.’ He captured your lips and kissed you slowly and lovingly. You were too surprised at first but moved your lips in sync after a while. He grinned as you pulled back. ‘not too bad for a first timer.’

‘shut the fuck up.’ you buried your face in his chest making him chuckle.

‘ah, finally.’ he hugged you back tightly and kissed the top of your head.

‘I won’t hesitate to kill you if you tell anyone at the facility.’ He heard your muffled voice.

‘I promise. Let’s get back inside first.’ He held your hands and placed a quick peck on your lips.

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Punch Drunk Recreation

Originally posted by cypher127

Pairing: Ten/Reader

Genre: Fluff/touch of angst

Word Count: 4K

Summary:Ten doesn’t know why he’s sits on his roof at 11 PM, every night. He doesn’t know why you’re always in your backyard, fists beating your leather clad punching bag. He supposes they’re for the same reason.

Author’s note:  I’m writing this because I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow and I didn’t want to be writing it while I’m high off of oxy. Ten is also precious!!!! That’s all, enjoy your days my lovely humans (: 

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fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do the RFA+V+Saeran with MC who rarely wears clothes appropriate for this weather. I do this a lot like short and a t shirt in the winter and then jeans and a jacket in triple digit heat.

Hello it is me. The one who wears jeans and a wool sweater in the middle of winter. Regardless of temperature. Because I love to suffer. 


  • He’s mostly confused
  • He’s always super affected by the weather really no matter what it is 
  • There’s a very small range of temperature where he’s comfortable and he just doesn’t get how MC can do it 


  • She doesn’t get it. 
  • She’s always cold. 
  • Always.  
  • So they’ll both be wearing warm clothing in hot weather, but in winter she’s bundled up and miserable 


  • He honestly doesn’t care too much
  • If it’s what makes MC happy and comfortable, that’s fine, regardless of temperature or weather 
  • He’d given up on suggesting that they grab a jacket or that they might be warm 


  • He’s kind of the same way honestly, but it’s more of a fashion statement thing for him 
  • He’d wear a tank top with the excuse of “I can’t make my lovely fans suffer” even if it was the dead of winter 
  • And in the summer he’s wearing that coat of his simply because he wants to and because fashion 


  • He doesn’t even go outside, why would he care?
  • Honestly though, he wears that jacket every day he probably has like three of them.
  • But he’s also the idiot to go outside dressed in a tank top and shorts in the middle of the winter just because he felt like it and because he was warm inside and spends the whole time outside complaining because he’s cold
  • He doesn’t care if MC does it, because he does the same thing 


  • He’s a bit like his brother, but he can just never decide if he’s hot or cold. 
  • He always wears a jacket, but he does that half-on-half-off thing, constantly, and even if he’s really warm he won’t take it off and even if he’s really cold he won’t entirely put it on. 
  • Especially after mint eye, if he’s not wearing a long-sleeved shirt, he’s always wearing a jacket at least half way so that he can cover up his tattoo
  • He doesn’t really comment too much on what MC wears, it’s their decision


  • Normally he dresses according to the season and temperature, so he doesn’t really get it, but he also doesn’t really have any comments about how they dress unless they ask him 
  • If they ever travel together he doesn’t even try to suggest how to dress since he knows that, for the most part, they’ll probably be pretty comfortable, or at least not too horribly uncomfortable 
  • He does love scarves though. 
  • Scarves and hats are the two things that he wears whenever he feels like it, so to some degree he does understand
NCT as Your Older Brothers

I was too lazy to do ‘em all so I hope it’s ok that I only did the debuted members! >.< this turned out so loooong but it was fun to do :D

rv version; here


  • looks out for you so much
  • always asks how you are & remembers every single test you have, then asks you about it
  • will listen to all your worries & never judge, no matter what you tell him. even something that not everyone might accept, such as not being the “standard” sexuality or gender or mental state
  • loves you so much, no matter anything in the world
  • comes home sometimes with strawberry milk or a chocolate cookie for you. then tells you to eat healthy afterwards
  • is so nice to your friends too & has been the driver of your squad to many a nightclub & party
  • anxiously stays awake when you’re out, only able to sleep when you’re home, safe, in bed. so that’s why he’s the driver; he’s always awake anyway.

Originally posted by crybabytaeil


  • sooooo protective
  • the most protective big bro, but tries to pretend he isn’t. he does it without meaning to so he’s not even aware of how protective he is
  • sometimes looks over your shoulder when you get a text or looks up your friends on social media to check that they’re worthy of your time
  • oh & partners better watch out
  • even if they’re the holiest of holys, they’ll never be good enough for you
  • can be too busy to hang out with you sometimes but makes sure to always at least check in on you with a text or call a day
  • and makes up for lost time on days off by bringing you to see a movie or go bowling

Originally posted by teeuai


  • “eww, you have a crush? I’M TELLING MOM!”
  • he’s the type to read your diary, bomb every sleepover, hide your things, eat your food, pull your hair, run into your room to fart then run out, is just an overall annoyance basically
  • but he’s your annoyance, you get me?
  • for all the grief he’ll give you, he’ll also buy you medicine when you’re sick and cuddle you until you’re feeling well. then promptly denies even knowing you - “what do you mean, I rubbed your back? do I even know u?”

Originally posted by omg-hyung


  • is a bit clueless at times
  • doesn’t know how to deal with you if you start crying or what to buy you during holidays/birthdays bc he wants something special but what do u want? what do the kids these days want?
  • “doyoungie, you’re young too, you know that???”
  • “shush, little sibling, your big, superior brother is thinking here”
  • is so awkward around your friends & boy/girlfriends
  • never spills your secrets & is very trustworthy

Originally posted by yonges


  • has said before that if he were to introduce his younger sister irl (that’s 3 years younger if I remember right) to anyone it would be mark. so he would introduce you to him too & try to set that up
  • if you’re not interested, then he highly recommends johnny. & if you turn him down then ten’s genuinely confused since “he’s so handsome, what’s wrong w u? well, if you don’t want him, I’ll have him”
  • compulsively lies & blames you for everything. so fights can happen
  • but for the most part, you two live in harmony & love each other deeply

Originally posted by y-ta


  • does his best to pick you up when you’re down, doing aegyo or cooking you something to make you smile
  • knows that all your friends think he’s hot so if they’re over, even in winter, he’s in tank tops & shorts to show off his body & flirting grossly w them
  • so he’s annoying at times.
  • oh, he takes your food too. pesters you til you feed him. always makes sure you’re fed too
  • loves when you fall asleep on him, esp since he can take sneaky pics of you & send them to the members like “wow, I’m such a great person that anyone could fall asleep on me”
  • your relationship is very good & strong. not a day goes by where he doesn’t mention you or how much he adores you

Originally posted by nikaiv


  • the type to wake you up christmas day with a snowball shouting “snowball fight!” so you run outside barefoot in pj’s to no snow since it turns out he made the “snowball” from ice in the freezer to trick you
  • nags you to keep up with your school work
  • introduces you as his “fetus sibling” to the boys
  • teaches you how to charm taeyong & now he’s both your bitches

Originally posted by nctinfo


  • jamming to beyonce & rap songs all night long
  • he even blares them on his phone then jumps on you to wake you up
  • when you two share a bed, he wraps his legs around you since he loves sleeping w a pillow between his legs & now that’s what you are
  • always gives you song recommendations
  • shows you the lyrics he’s writing before anyone else; “what do you think? does it sound good?”
  • practices his dance/rap/singing & makes you be his one-person audience
  • takes you ice skating every christmas
  • sometimes wakes you up in the middle of the night to vent or offer you some ice cream
  • has no issue with you dating & even helps you sneak out of the house if you have to

Originally posted by taeyounq


  • introduces you to as many sm idols that he knows. exo’s lay basically considers you a younger sibling too
  • the kind of brother to put something cute up on his social media on your bday, like his fav childhood photo when you two went to a park & you scraped your knee so he kisses it better. will also accompany that w a cute, heart warming caption
  • your parents never had any trouble with you two as kids. even now there’s no issues, since you two get on so well.

Originally posted by merrykunmas


  • he will play your fav songs to cheer you up on practically every instrument in existence since this boy is talent™ 
  • loves playing video games with you and watching movies. esp car movies so I hope you’re okay with that
  • he doesn’t mind having you in his room as long as you don’t touch his car models or car drawings or his anime figurines
  • doesn’t talk about you a lot to his hyungs though bc he’s afraid they’ll fall for you but will also support your relationships. as long as you’re happy, he’s happy

Originally posted by princerenjun


  • NOT TRUSTWORTHY. DON’T TELL HIM ANYTHING. will spill all your secrets for ice cream or even for free if he’s feeling evil
  • teases you constantly
  • takes your things & lots of bickering
  • screenshots all your ugly snapchat pics for a long 10 minute compilation for your bday on fb
  • pulls up your enemy’s insta page to mock her/him with you. bitch sessions are the only time you two truly bond. the sass is strong in your family
  • but if you ever have a problem then he gets so emotionally involved it’s like it happened to him. if you ever experience bullying then don’t be surprised when he starts crying
  • behind your back he’ll complain to the boys that you’re gross but if one of then even looks wrong at you then r.i.p they had a good life.

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  • all nighters watching iron man or horror movies. which, depending on which of the two, you two either pass out on top of each other on the couch. or you sleep in the same bed. just in case a murderer shows up
  • makes sure you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away
  • always has playful dance offs with you, esp to exo songs
  • once dreamed of being a doctor so acts like it when you’re sick; “what are your symptoms? no, don’t buy that medication. get the one in the red packet, those work better”

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  • introduces you to exo’s lay, so now he also treats you like a sibling. between lay, renjun and chenle; you’re taken care of
  • sings you to sleep when you’re sick or upset
  • is also super mischievous so sometimes pulls pranks. not extreme ones though. he’ll never push it too far
  • is also your partner in crime
  • your parents have a lot of their hands since you two always have each others backs; “broken vase? what broken vase?” “yeah, we’ve been in our rooms all day.” if one of you goes down, the other does too, & you wouldn’t have it any other way

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  • brags about you all the time to his hyungs
  • sends you the cutest snaps & texts & buys you things all the time from cupcakes to a new phone
  • is basically your wing-man since he praises you so much that the other guys joke “man, maybe we should marry (y/n) since they sound so great” & jisung’s so proud like “yeah, my lil sibling is so great & cool.”

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Spencer Reid Headcanons

having some writers block so figured I’d make this to get myself hyped. feel free to share your thoughts on these/add yours!!

1. He tastes like toothpaste and coffee and a hint of vanilla lip balm. Always.

2. He hates reading to people. I know this is super popular in fics, but I can’t see it. I imagine he’d get hella pissed that his mouth can’t move at the speed his eyes can. I feel like it’d be painfully slow for him

3. But reading from memory? Oh hell yeah. You could tell him your favorite book and he’d go out, read it, and be able to recite entire chapters for you. Sign him the fuck up for that shit.

4. combining these because they are generally shared by the fandom as a whole- he’s bi as all get out, probably on the ace spectrum, and definitely autistic.

5.  He can’t snap. Like he can make the motion with his fingers but there’s basically no sound. And it frustrates him to no end even though he has no real need to snap ever in his life. It just pisses him off that he can’t make the snap noise

6. He’s secretly really proud (no matter how humble he acts) of his ability to play instruments due to his knowledge of mathematics. Like he can sit down at a piano or with a guitar and just play. He’s not perfect but he feels really giddy that he has ‘talent’ 

7. He never sweats. Like it just doesn’t happen. He’s a scientific miracle who never sweats and no one understands it

8. He’s definitely the kind of guy who forgets to dress for the weather but also forgets to actually feel the weather. Just like he never sweats, he’s also rarely cold. So in summer he’ll wear five thousand layers of sweaters and not blink an eye. But come winter and he puts on an tank top type thing he usually only wears under his dress shirts for a run to the store and has no idea that it’s actually snowing.

9. He loves brushing his hair and having it played with. You bet your ass he owns like five brushes and twenty combs even though he never uses them when he’s getting ready in the morning, only before bed or when he’s about to shower because he’s shy about it.

10. He has tons of classical music cds (because he refuses to get a computer to listen to music on bc he’s an old man) but if you search deep into his stacks and stacks of Mozart shit, he totally has one rock album. It’s classic rock - the kind everyone raves about being “the good stuff, none of the crap we hear today” (which he doesn’t at all buy into) - and he has no idea why he bought it. He just did it on impulse and listened to literally the first five seconds before stopping. He’s never touched it again but inside he’s dying to listen to more.

11. Art confuses him. He knows all the terms and styles and names but if you take him to an art museum he’s just be like ??? why do people look at this for hours?? what is this supposed to be? Specifically abstract art. It makes zero sense to him how some of that stuff can be so valuable when it seems so random. He can appreciate it’s beauty and it’s not like it bores him but in the end he’s just ???

12. Ever noticed how even though he seems to read and watch films in tons of languages, he always lets Prentiss translate on cases? At first I thought he probably just reads them and isn’t comfortable with pronunciation, but no - for example, do y’all remember when he offered to take JJ to a foreign language film festival and give her whispered translations the whole time? (yes, it’s specific, I know, but it happened alright) So why, you may ask, would this lil baby let Prentiss “I’m pretty rusty but I guess I’ll try” translate when he knows full well he could do it fluently? A- he’s tired of being the know it all B- Prentiss is more social anyways C- he loves seeing his friends succeed !!!!!!! and mentally cheers her on as she roughly phrases things

13. Has glow in the dark star stickers on his ceiling because he’s a grown ass man and you can’t stop him 

14. In school he probably had some really hot teachers that he totally had crushes on. He was super embarrassed because for one thing he was even younger than the usual student, but also just discovering his sexuality. And Mr. Smith or whatever would hand his A+ paper back and it would say ‘Amazing work yet again, Spencer!’ and he’d have no idea why it made him blush so hard

15. I bet some of his teachers would start out the year praising him constantly in order to prove to the class that he totally deserves it but eventually they’d realize their compliments were getting him beat up double time. So then they’d stop being nice in class despite still giving him good grades and he’d go through a crisis like ?my only friends don’t like me anymore??? what did i do??? but when the teacher explains themselves he goes home and cries because it’s so nice and he never realized that the teacher actually cared about him, and didn’t just appreciate the the fact that he studied

16. But aside from these really nice teachers I bet he also had really egotistical teachers that despised him. Even when he was less knowledgeable then they were, he was still genuinely the smartest + cleverest person in the room and some adults just can’t handle that. They’d harass him for answering questions and give him bad grades saying that ‘these details were excessive’ and tell him to ‘stay on topic’ and ‘stop showing off’ and it would hurt him so so badly. Like the one asset he thinks he has is his mind and to have people bash him for it is just devastating to him

17. He hums like a maniac. Loves humming. Any time he’s alone, he’s fucking humming. Never not permin humming

18. Doesn’t wash his hair as often as he should. No real reason behind this one I just feel like he probably forgets and brushes it aside and just can’t bring himself to care all that much. Especially if he’s sad. Not that he doesn’t shower or has bad hygiene overall he just like. doesn’t always wash his hair. He brushes it constantly but shampooing isn’t really a priority to him. I know this is unpopular because we all want to think of his hair as soft and fragrant but listen. He’s got greasy hair sometimes and you’re lying if you say this isn’t you every once in a while

19. Fluffy blankets are his shit. He likes to wrap them around himself wearing nothing but sweatpants and just sit. Just sit in his little cocoon and enjoy the warmth and fluff and softness against his skin. This is where his magical no-sweat power comes in handy because he can do this in the thick of summer and still have a good ass time

20. Even though he doesn’t believe in it, he reads his horoscope in the newspaper religiously. He has no excuse and could ramble on about how astrology is not only a pseudo-science but all of it’s actual astronomy roots are outdated and most of the info used is proven wrong blah blah blah…. but he loves it. He would never admit it but if his horoscope tells him Tuesday is the day to follow his instincts he’ll sure as hell take the initiative on a case

I will probably add to this later, and please feel free to send me yours! I’m always down to discuss Spencer Reid.

Marks first day at magic school, and how he meet the people who were going to mean the most to him

Main Character: Mark
Side characters: Jackson, Namjoon, Youngjae, Yugyeom, Jungkook, BamBam
Pairing: Mark / Jackson


Mark arrives at his new school, the knowledge that he is not actually insane in hand and gets ready to meet his new dorm mates.

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Astro As Aesthetics
  • MJ: sparkling lights at carnivals, uncontrollable laughter, the color yellow, bow ties, polished shoes, hands intertwined, fireworks lighting up the night sky, old picnic blankets, netflix comedies
  • JinJin: reading out loud, sunflower meadows, bandannas, denim jackets and ripped jeans, bright smiles, light blue like the sky, cloudless noon skies, fireflies, cozy campfires, puppies, pecan pie
  • Eunwoo: parchment, dusty library shelves, whispering poetry, winter nights, hot chocolate, red evening gowns, shy hidden smiles, nights at the opera, swingsets, handkerchiefs, grandfather clocks
  • Moonbin: bunk beds, daisies, silver chain necklaces, small coffee shops, corner book stores, cheek kisses, butterflies, dark blue sweaters, volleyballs, kittens, ballroom dancing, late night skype sessions
  • Rocky: hours at the gym, black tank tops, timid laughter, silver bells, dancing in the rain, winter sunshine, headphones, tattered notebooks, frayed jeans, new pencils, old buildings
  • Sanha: oranges, hair dye, fuzzy sweaters, fits of giggles, fruit smoothies, chocolate bars, video games, hardback novels, new cars, throw pillows, arcades, stage lights, halloween costumes
12. Monsta Boys.

Monsta X as college boys !!

Shownu: athletic scholarship. Has to be. Does he even talk? Has anyone heard him talk. Probably wears tank tops and sweatpants, actually wears polos and shorts. Probably asks you for help with chemistry. Probably asks for help with English. Probably takes coffee to class but it’s really tea. Looks like a grad student half the time. Was probably your English partner.

Wonho: what do you mean he’s not on the football team? Why is he always in tank tops it’s winter. He must be one of those island kids. I’ve seen him leave the girl’s dorm every night. What do you mean he’s helping them with homework? What do you mean he hasn’t dated yet? Why do you know his life story? Why does everyone know him? Is probably always throwing a party.

Minhyuk: if you don’t shut up in the library I’m going to literally chuck this book at your face. If you don’t stop singing in the dorm lobby at three am I am going to choke you. If you don’t stop clicking your pen during this exam I will shove mine up your—- thank god you’re here this class would kill me if you weren’t. Why do we end up going to class together? Why are you always the loudest in the cafeteria? Why are you exactly who I need to see after that awful test?

Kihyun: need toilet paper? Need an extra binder? Forgot what good cooking taste like? Want someone to smack you for staying out past midnight when you have an exam? A hug when you miss home, a phone when it’s four am and you have a seven am. Literally always helping someone to class, always handing out flyers outside the cafeteria. He studies music? You’re not surprised.

Hyungwon: is that kid passing any classes? Is that kid alive? Is that kid ever awake? Has anyone seen him in regular clothes? How does he make pajamas look so good? He comes to a party dressed up and all the girls die. Why is he here? Why is he your partner? Why does he take better notes than you? What is this perfect handwriting? Why are you helping him home when the library closes because he fell asleep. What the hell is he even studying. You bet it’s communication or something. Plot twist it’s bio.

Jooheon: he’s either always high or always drunk. Didn’t he cartwheel into the pool at the frat party? Isn’t he always skateboarding on campus? He probably almost hit you going down the sidewalk. He’s run into you twice, the third time might be on purpose. If he yells in the lobby one more time you’re going to cut him. If he doesn’t stop saying hi to everyone in the hallway and high giving every person—- Hype man extraordinaire. If he’s at a party you’re there. He needs to be at a study session.

Changkyun: you’re lost. I’m lost. Let’s be lost together. Okay so you’re not lost this time but we have the same professor. Oh? We have the same major? Oh you want someone to go to the football game with? He won’t stand outside the girl’s dorm and refuses to invite you to the guy’s dorm. Knows a few people but knows more people in his major. That mature freshman. Probably takes his major more seriously than you. After that first party he probably doesn’t and you both walk home carrying each other.