tank tops because why not tank tops

nico is the world’s biggest sweater thief, and wears jason and reyna’s sweaters and hoodies on a daily basis. will is not exactly jealous, but it starts getting annoying after a while because i’m your boyfriend nico why won’t you wear my clothes why wear jason’s. and nico just smirks and unzips the hoodie he’s wearing and oh. oh. nico’s wearing one of will’s favorite tank tops (the one he thought he’d lost), and it’s way too big and shows more skin than it covers, and will’s mouth dries. and suddenly will thinks it’s a pretty good thing nico wears the hoodies on top of the tank, because there’s no way he’d be able to function if he had to keep seeing nico like that.

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Jin + J-Hope

Q1: what was your first impression of each other?
J-Hope: I looked like a beggar back then because all I wear is simple tank tops and it’s quite embarrassing.
Jin: Fashionista? the first time I saw Hobi, he walking around in the dorm wearing this orange color tank top but I think he dresses really well.

Q2: about your strengths and weaknesses.
J-Hope: Jin-hyung has really bright personality like me *laughs*. He might be the eldest hyung but he doesn’t put on airs, we really love our Jin-hyung but then I wonder sometimes why this hyung doesn’t act like he is the eldest, haha.
Jin: Hobi’s strength eh? he got really large nostrils!!
J-Hope: ah hyunggggg….why are you like that!
Jin: and he say phrases like “My Hope” or “My Angel” too much he should stop, kekekekeke.

Q3: how is it like when you are with each other?
Jin: I can slow down my pace and enjoy the simple wonders of life with Hobi by my side.
J-Hope: Jin-hyung is my “sunshine +1″.

Q4: (question for J-Hope) heard that you helped Jin with his solo performance for BTS Home Party. (T/N: refers to Jin’s unit performance performing Suga’s Nevermind)
J-Hope: hyung made some mistakes when free-styling and I’m kind of disappointed *laughs*.
Jin: Hobi really helped me a lot and even before I went on stage he even told me “hyung, you can do this, just relax and enjoy.”
J-Hope: Jin-hyung is my guest for “Hope On The Street” next time I need to teach him more *laughs*
Jin: likewise, Hobi will be my guest on “Eat Jin” I will feed him lots of carrots because he is “J-Horse”.

Q5: (question to Jin) when do you think J-Hope is the scariest?
Jin: when he asks me “hyung, what are you doing?”

Q6: (question for Jin) How is it like when you learn dance moves from J-Hope?
Jin: I prefer Hobi to be my dance teacher unlike Jungkook who always asks me “hyung, try to move your body like this” or “hyung, why can’t you do this?”
(Jungkook: *suddenly appears and interrupts* HYUNG I HEARD THAT!!)

Q7: Lastly, what do you mean to each other?
J-Hope: Jin-hyung, forever my beloved eldest hyung.
Jin: J-hope is my sunshine horse.
J-Hope: ah hyungggg, not again!!
Jin: why what’s wrong with the horse??? Horses are cute!

TRANS: jimint1013

Shoulder To Cry On

W: 2.7k 

PAIR: Namjoon x READER

SUMMARY: You break up with your asshole boyfriend and of course go to your favorite shoulder do cry on - Namjoon - only today you want a little more than a comforting hug from him, feeling needy and all.


Originally posted by kimdaily

The tears burned when they rolled down you cold cheeks. It was so cold you thought they might turn into ice. Embarrassed to be crying in public, you throw you hood over your head in attempts of hiding your face. 

You couldn’t stay in there though, not with him in there, not with what just happened. Arriving early from work you had already made plans in your head of how you would bake your boyfriends favorite desert to surprise him when he’d get home from work. Now you looked down at your hand all sticky from shoving your fist in the cake and throwing it at his face when he told you there was someone else. You felt so stupid. 

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RFA + theme(?) park day

The reason why there’s a question mark is because I don’t know if all of these count as a theme park… I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t think of anything for Jahee!! ;__;



  • ofc y’all are gonna end up going to a zoo
  • but not one where the animals are treated like shit
  • it’s more of an animal conservatory than anything, so they help endangered species and provide a habitat necessary for them to live (honestly some zoos are so atrocious it makes me want to claw my eyes out)
  • spends hours petting alpacas
  • “Can we take one home?”
  •  Yoosung as much as I agree with the idea I think kidnapping an alpaca counts as a felony
  • You guys have a really wonderful little train ride around the different habitats. There’s a pleasant breeze, which rustles through Yoosung’s hair as he gazes far out across the land. There is no noise other than wind, the rattle of the train on its tracks, and the sound of your own heartbeat, which grows stronger when glance at the man you love
  •  Yoosung’s face is brighter than the fucking sun he’s such a happy marshmallow
  • he’ll often start talking all animal anatomy to you and sometimes he just blinks and stops himself because whoops? you probably have no idea what I’m talking about?
  • but then you tell him he’s really cute when he becomes so passionate about a topic, and he sorta just blushes a little a giggles and says he can teach you more so you guys can have discussions about this sort of stuff
  •  hoo hoo private lessons with Mr. Kim I’m sure he’s a great tutor wink wonk

Favorite Attraction:

The more peaceful stuff, like carousels and trains

Attraction to keep him away from: 

Roller-coasters (because baby bean is actually a bit afraid of heights) though he will join you if you promise to hold his hand the entire time 


  • he’ll 100% want to bring you to a festival
  • and people there will 100% try to hire him a a last minute performer so make sure you keep him close to you,  unless you want to see him dress up and parade around in a sparkly outfit that sounds really nice tbh
  • He’s going to buy a couple of those masquerade masks and make you both wear one but lord are they so extra
  • He looks like a prince from the medieval ages
  • Zen is all too eager to show off his strength using the hammer at the strength meter. Finds it adorable when you try to beat his score bonus points if you actually manage to
  • Is impressed by your skills at Whack-a-Mole, and is kind of embarassed when his own skills are sup-par
  • You guys share an enormous ball of cotton candy. Usually he doesn’t like sweets because it’s bad for his skin, but now he loves it since it makes your kisses all the more sweet
  • You ride the Ferris Wheel at night, and Zen makes a point to kiss you when you get to the very top also bonus points if there are fireworks going on

Favorite Attraction:

House of Mirrors (for obvious reasons) can probably smell mirrors from miles away so don’t even try to hide this place from him

Attraction to keep him away from:

House of Mirrors (for equally obvious reasons) yeah so good luck getting him out


  • You guys would probably also go to an amusement park
  • but good luck getting him to change out of his normal formal attire
  • “Jumin casual wear. Casual wear.”
  • “Yes, this is what I wear during a casual day. Is there a problem with my outfit? Is the colour not appropriate?”
  • “Jumin the colour is the least of my worries. You’ll actually get a heat stroke if you go like that.”
  • Anyways it takes about a solid hour for you to convince him to downgrade to a dress shirt and jeans
  • but oh is is worth it because he looks fkn H O T
  • however, he will not tolerate standing in line for a ticket, to he uses his rich boy powers to be the first one in the park 
  • Has never been to an amusement park before, and although he does understand their purpose from a business perspective, cannot comprehend why people bother going to them
  • ok Jumin I’ll show you why commoners come to these places
  • You don’t even start with the tamer rides to ease him into it, instead, you grab his hand and precipitate yourself towards the biggest, craziest ride there is. 
  • We’re talking about loops, twists, massive drops…oh, and it goes backwards too
  • Jumin keeps mumbling to himself as the ride slowly started climbing higher and higher.  You know what to expect, but Jumin doesn’t. You know that the ride hasn’t actually started yet, but Jumin doesn’t.
  • He grumbles about how useless this is, what a terrible way to pass time, are commoners so desperate for amusement they consider this to be adequate entertainment???
  • But then you get to the peak, and the only thing keeping you guys from falling straight down are the safety straps
  • Jumin’s eyes widen just a bit, and he lets out the smallest “Oh” as he realizes his impending doom
  • You don’t have time to react before you’re both launched into the abyss
  • Also you’re 128% sure Jumin screamed the whole time while you half laughed at him, half also screamed, though he will deny such a fact for as long as he lives
  • When you both get out, Jumin’s hair is a complete mess and his cheeks are flushed a delicate pink
  • move over Zen, there’s a new god in town
  • You still giggle occasionally at the memory of the ride, so Jumin, wanting some revenge, wraps an arm around your waist, and pulls you closer.
  • “My, I never knew you could be that loud,” he whispersd in your ear, making you shiver,  “tonight, how about I make you scream like that for me?”
  • Daddy yes

Favorite Attraction:

Surprisingly enough, he is very fond of water rides - especially those with water guns where you can shoot others with - as well as bumper cars. 

Attraction to keep him away from:

The food court. This man will complain about everything from prices to the quality of food and services, he will go on for hours.  Make sure you go buy your food by yourself. 


  • Is an actual ten year old
  • probably more excited than you are, and you have to keep him from running around in circles while you wait in line to buy tickets (he also wanted to hack into the system earlier so you two could get in before opening hours but you said no)
  • letting him eat all those chips and soda for breakfast was probably not the best call, since now his energy levels have increased threefold
  • he’s such a high maintenance boyfriend jfc
  • at first you think it’s normal because let’s admit it, he’ll always be a kid, and who doesn’t love a good old amusement park outing?
  • as soon as you get inside, Saeyoung, eyes sparkling with all the mischievious ideas of someone half his actual age, begs you to let him choose the first ride
  • you agree, because his excitement is getting to you too and honestly you know you’ll have fun together no matter what you do
  • wow what a terrible idea
  • of course this tomato choose the water ride, where all the passengers get s o a k e d
  • now you understand why Saeyoung was so excited, and insisted that you both wear a white tank top that day
  • but it’s too late to back out now
  • you have to admit, it’s pretty refreshing after waiting under the scorching heat of the sun for such a long time
  • you also have to admit the white tank tops weren’t such a bad idea cuz damn this boy has a nice body
  • though on the other hand, he was hoping to be able to see more
  • better luck next time ya loser

Favorite Attraction:

Roller-coasters or haunted houses, whichever one it is, he will make a point to scream as loudly as possible, and as obnoxiously as possible. 

Attraction to keep him away from:

Literally any ride during which screaming is not considered appropriate.  He will not hesitate so scream his heart out during a carousel ride, pretending to clutch onto a horse for dear life someone save this boy from himself

Our Doll

Jason x Reader x Dick Grayson

Summary: Poly relationship.

Warnings: Over-protectiveness 

Word Count: 1,527

Note: It was a request. Sorry it is not up to standard. It is my exam period and I didn’t want to neglect you guys.

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The Meme and The Tutor

Part 16: The Time Jungkook Taught The Tutor Bad Words

Co-written with @tragicshadows

Recommended Song: Gotta Talk To U by Seungri

|All Chapters|


After neglecting your Korean for several weeks, Jungkook finally teaches you some… useful phrases thanks to your impending trip.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Teasing!Kook, Shirtless!Kook

Word Count:  3296

Length: 16/?

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anonymous asked:

What kind of clothes does the gang find hot on girls

Darry— something that exposes your legs, high heels, he’s a leg dude tbh
Steve— something low-cut. He’s pretty traditional.
Soda— knee high socks or thigh-high boots. He will melt instantly. It’s not even your legs, he just finds it super sexy.
Pony— something backless. He really likes how classy and gorgeous it is. I’ve got no idea why he finds it so sexy.
Two-Bit— off-the-shoulder tops. Kryptonite. He will actually bruise up your whole neck, including down by your shoulders.
Johnny— tank tops. He LOVES tank tops because of your collarbones and how it’s slightly low-cut but not really. Loves it.
Dallas— tight jeans. He likes thaht ahss
Curly— anything tight. He likes when a girl isn’t super exposed, but looks like a snack in them clothes 👅
Tim— jeans shorts. I don’t know why but he loves jean shorts. And when girls wear his shirts.

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do the RFA+V+Saeran with MC who rarely wears clothes appropriate for this weather. I do this a lot like short and a t shirt in the winter and then jeans and a jacket in triple digit heat.

Hello it is me. The one who wears jeans and a wool sweater in the middle of winter. Regardless of temperature. Because I love to suffer. 


  • He’s mostly confused
  • He’s always super affected by the weather really no matter what it is 
  • There’s a very small range of temperature where he’s comfortable and he just doesn’t get how MC can do it 


  • She doesn’t get it. 
  • She’s always cold. 
  • Always.  
  • So they’ll both be wearing warm clothing in hot weather, but in winter she’s bundled up and miserable 


  • He honestly doesn’t care too much
  • If it’s what makes MC happy and comfortable, that’s fine, regardless of temperature or weather 
  • He’d given up on suggesting that they grab a jacket or that they might be warm 


  • He’s kind of the same way honestly, but it’s more of a fashion statement thing for him 
  • He’d wear a tank top with the excuse of “I can’t make my lovely fans suffer” even if it was the dead of winter 
  • And in the summer he’s wearing that coat of his simply because he wants to and because fashion 


  • He doesn’t even go outside, why would he care?
  • Honestly though, he wears that jacket every day he probably has like three of them.
  • But he’s also the idiot to go outside dressed in a tank top and shorts in the middle of the winter just because he felt like it and because he was warm inside and spends the whole time outside complaining because he’s cold
  • He doesn’t care if MC does it, because he does the same thing 


  • He’s a bit like his brother, but he can just never decide if he’s hot or cold. 
  • He always wears a jacket, but he does that half-on-half-off thing, constantly, and even if he’s really warm he won’t take it off and even if he’s really cold he won’t entirely put it on. 
  • Especially after mint eye, if he’s not wearing a long-sleeved shirt, he’s always wearing a jacket at least half way so that he can cover up his tattoo
  • He doesn’t really comment too much on what MC wears, it’s their decision


  • Normally he dresses according to the season and temperature, so he doesn’t really get it, but he also doesn’t really have any comments about how they dress unless they ask him 
  • If they ever travel together he doesn’t even try to suggest how to dress since he knows that, for the most part, they’ll probably be pretty comfortable, or at least not too horribly uncomfortable 
  • He does love scarves though. 
  • Scarves and hats are the two things that he wears whenever he feels like it, so to some degree he does understand
Not Alone- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do one where the reader was abused by her father and Daryl notices scars on her and he comforts her and tells her that she’s not alone?”

Word count: 1866

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of child abuse,

Note: more backstory than i usually do in this chapter lol (canada repRESENT!1!1!!)


You weren’t from Georgia. Canada is where you called home. In fact, you didn’t like the thought of hot, sweaty weather. You heated up too quickly, especially since all your clothing was black.

The only reason you were even in Georgia was because of your brother. You hadn’t seen him in years and he was getting married. So you purchased a lower class plane ticket for three days before his wedding and were on your way.
But when the wedding day approached, his bride got the flu and bit her own mother. Then her mother bit your mother and so on. Soon enough the chapel was filled with people, slow, hungry people.

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projektgestalt  asked:

I'm gonna quote someone I saw in the Forums today: "You guys [Tanks] make threads insulting healers who don't play how you want them to EVERY DAY, and you wonder why no one wants to heal anymore?"

I saw that exact post myself earlier today and I couldn’t agree more. One of the things I’d love to do is go on the tank forums to learn more about how they view the game but it turns out that section of the forum is a cesspool worse than reddit and I’d actually rather fuck a cactus that subject myself to that hot mess. I’m sure there are plenty of threads insulting tanks in the healer forums but as of the top two active two pages of threads on the forums most of it is sharing ideas to fix healing, sharing experiences from high level content, advice exchange, and, more importantly, complaints about the blatant disregard of healers who operate at a lower efficiency level by not just the tank and DPS community but those “top tier” mangos in the healer community as well. Because “I can’t do this as well as you” and “I’m not comfortable pursuing this play style” means you suck apparently.

And people wonder why the healer community in this game is shrinking with little to no hope of attracting new blood.

– Mod Mhi


Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.


I had another idea maybe it could a series or a single story I would love to write but your a million times better than me so here it is; the reader has been with the winchesters since the beginning and is in love with Dean but has not said anything about it and just disappears during the to hunt on her own and figure out who she is as a person (she’s 30) Dean finally realizes how much he loves her and drops everything to find her based on the song heart of gold by Neil Young

Let me know what you think
😋 @msimpala67

Authors Note: Here you go Hun. xxx


Y/N watched as Dean flashed a smile and a wink at the blonde who was sitting at the bar, gesturing for Dean to come over.

Dean downed his beer at grinned at the two hunters he was about to leave behind, before standing and walking casually over to the woman, gently resting his hand on her knee as he spoke huskily. Tonight was going to be a good night.

Sam watched as Y/N averted her eyes down to her drink and just sat there quietly.

‘You ok?’


‘You don’t seem it. You haven’t for a while.’

‘I’m fine Sammy.’

‘Y/N,’ Sam sighed.

She wasn’t ok, he knew her as well as he knew himself. Probably better. But then again, it was to be expected. She’d been with the boys for, what was it now…15 years, no… 20. For 20 years they had lived, breathed and hunted together. She was his best friend and the only one that supported him in moving to Stanford, the one who he kept in contact with. The only one he told about Jess. She was his big sister and the Mother he never had.

‘Do you think we are too old for this?’

‘Drinking in a bar, watching Dean get lucky?’

Y/N barely cracked a smile.

‘Hunting. Do you think we will ever hit that point where we are too old and we find a white picket fence and just do the leg work like Bobby does?’

‘You make it sound like we’re old Y/N.’

‘I am old.’

‘You just hit 30, that’s not old.’

Y/N’s eyes rose up, and she caught Dean’s face as he watched her. His frown only deepened when he saw her eyes. She watched as he silently questioned if she was ok. She gave him a small smile and turned her attention back to Sam.

The three of them knew each other well enough, that words were barely necessary at times.

‘30’s old for a hunter.’

‘Can’t argue that.’

‘Maybe it’s time we all went to Stanford,’ she said quietly.

She felt Sam looking at her questioningly. She knew her last comment didn’t make much sense. Not to him anyway. But to her, it may be the answer.

Dean watched Y/N for a few more minutes, something was wrong. It had been for a while but she wasn’t talking. It had only lead to arguments when he pushed. He hated secrets. Secrets lead to bad things happening, family dying. He wasn’t having that. Not when there was so few left. He excused himself from his date, telling her he’d meet her at the billiard table.

He walked over to the table, watching Y/N the whole time.

‘You good?’ he asked sitting down.


Dean looked at Sam, trying to get confirmation. He knew Sam had noticed things too. He was met with a shrug.

‘I think you’re wanted.’

Dean watched as the blonde came over. He was quickly losing interest, normally it would be fine. He’d hit on them, make his move, go back to their place, have sex and go home. But the last few times, it’s been different. He tried talking to them, actually talking. And he realised he had a type, when he picked up. Stupid. No, he thought eyeing off the blonde. Not stupid, but he liked the conversations that challenged his thinking, ones that were about all and nothing and yet could carry on for hours. He watched Y/N as she downed her beer. Ones he used to have with Y/N.

‘I’ll catch you two tomorrow. I’m going to crash.’

‘Want me to drive you?’ Dean offered.

Y/N shook her head and watched as the blonde sat in Dean’s lap.

‘Baby, I thought we were going to play some pool,’ she purred.

‘Have fun you two,’ Y/N said sadly, standing up.

She took another glance at Dean as he ran his hand up the blondes back and walked out through the door. Stopping to take in the cool fresh air.

She walked back to the motel slowly. She had to admit she liked nights like this. It was quiet, the crisp air hit her cheeks. It wasn’t enough you needed to rug up, but it reminded you Winter is coming. She smiled at the Game of Thrones reference that popped into her head. Mentally reminding herself she needed to watch the next episode. The night was the sort that reminded you that soon there would wood fires, hot chocolate, oversized sweaters, fuzzy slippers and extra blankets.

Y/N sighed, when she remembered, soon it would be non of that. Just cold motel rooms, frozen pipes, lack of blankets, and prayers that things like Wendigo’s didn’t pop up on the hunting radar.

She let herself into her room, resting against the door as she locked it. What had happened to her? To her love for the family business? Her eyes flicked to the lock screen on her phone as she put it on the table. That’s what happened.

Dean. She had been in love with him forever. 19 years, give or take. She got what women saw in him when he picked them up at the bar. The peppermint crisp eyes, the short hair, tall stature with a bad boy attitude. It was hot, really hot. But she saw under it all. She saw him, his heart, his soul. She saw the man with the heart of gold and a soul so pure that it could make God himself cry. Sure, his road wasn’t always free from sin. But his intentions always were.

Turning on the shower, feeling the burn as the hot water hit her skin. Y/N found herself doing the one thing she never did. She cried. She spent the next hour curled up on the shower floor crying. The tears only fell harder, when she realised why she was crying. She was in love with a man that was never going to love her back. That was never going to see her as more than a friend and hunting partner. A man who was the reason she even started in or stayed in the family business. All for that once chance that he might love her back. He might let her in.

Her heart had realised long before her mind that her emotions would lead no where, that his heart would never be hers. The water ran cold, but Y/N didn’t seem to notice. She was so lost in her own grief that none of it mattered anymore.

She was alone, lost, confused, and some days had no idea what she was fighting for or why. She slowly got up and turned off the shower. She wrapped the hard, stiff towel of the motel room around her, and walked over to her duffle. Her choice of outfits was now all the same. Jeans, tank top, jacket. One FBI suit, and one fancy black dress. Her pyjamas were even a tank top and underwear. All of it dark. Black. Anyone who looked at her would think it was her favourite colour. But it wasn’t. Was it? She sighed because she didn’t even know what colour she liked anymore. All she knew was it wasn’t red. Pulling on clothes, she brushed her hair and contemplated life some more. What life there was to contemplate. It ended up thoughts of how lost she was, as she sat back against the headboard and stared into the dark, once again breathing in the musty scent of the stale motel room.

Dean headed back to the motel earlier than planned. He’d ditched the blonde. He’d grown tired of listening to her carry on, fake a laugh, and bitch. He didn’t need to put up with that. He pulled up in the carpark and hoped Y/N was still up. He needed to know what was wrong, to have decent conversation, to talk to the woman who always seen the best in everything. She was the best in everything. He smiled softly at himself as he pulled his phone out his pocket and looked at the time. The image of the two of them on his screen caught his eye. Sam had taken it while they were on a hunt. It had involved an upper class auction, and they had gone undercover. Dean smiled at the photo, reliving the moment in his mind. There had been dancing, and Dean was in a good mood. He grabbed Y/N and pulled her out onto the dance floor, wrapping his arms around her waist. His fingers brushing the skin of her exposed back. He ran through how she slid her arms over up chest and around his neck. He could still smell her, her shampoo, perfume, her. He closed his eyes for a second getting lost in the moment. They had finished the hunt and spent the night discussing why it would suck to be rich.

He looked at how she looked at him in that photo, like he was the only one in the room. His heart swelled. He didn’t think he could ever ask for a better friend.

He walked towards her motel and continued with his thoughts. She would have loved walking home tonight. She always enjoyed a stroll at night when the air was crisp. He looked up and frowned, not here though. There weren’t enough stars here. He wondered if she was watching Game of Thrones or Bones.

He was surprised to see her light off, it was early. She was never much of a sleeper. He knocked softly and called out. Trying the handle, he realised it was locked.

Dean felt his heart sink a bit. He was hoping to spend some time with her before he went to bed. Nothing perked up his nights like she did.

He went into his own room and showered, still contemplating things. Contemplating Y/N, she really was his best friend. But that’s all she was right? A friend?

He climbed out of the shower and into his boxers and shirt and looked over a Sam, who was sleeping in his bed. Dean lay back and looked at the ceiling. Y/N. He smiled wider as he thought of her, as he come to realise how much he depended on her to make himself feel better. How much he depended on her to make the world feel better. She was his girl. He picked his phone up and looked at the picture again, rolling over so the light didn’t wake his brother. He looked at the cold, empty space next to him and realised he didn’t want to do this anymore. He didn’t want it cold. He didn’t want it empty. And he sure to hell only wanted one person it in. Y/N.

He sent her a text, asking if she was awake. He prayed, begged and pleaded at his phone and Y/N that she answer. It all fell of deaf ears.

By morning, Dean had barely slept a wink. Last night revelation had him bouncing. He was thrilled he had figured things. He felt horrible for not realising sooner. But he knew now and that’s all that mattered. He ignored Sam’s request for help on cross roads demon case they were working and ran outside, banging on Y/N’s door. He had called her phone but she hadn’t answered. Knowing her it was on silent or she was in the shower. Dean kept trying for over an hour to get Y/N out of bed or to open her door. He was beginning to worry. It wasn’t like her at all.

By the two hour mark, Dean was picking the lock. She’d be annoyed, but she’d understand. Her room had been cleared out. All that was left was her cell, a photo of the three of them that she carried in her purse and a note.

I’ll be ok. Don’t worry.

Those five words tore Dean’s heart from his chest. She was gone, he had no idea why. He never got a chance to find out what’s wrong, why she was upset. He never got to tell her the most important thing in the world. He loved her. With all his heart and soul. He loved everything about her, from her hair, to her smile, to her heart of gold. He had spent years searching for the girl that made him feel like this, years looking in every town from Hollywood to Redwood and he never even realised it was right in front of him the whole time.

Dean slumped to the floor next to the bed and let the tears fall down. He didn’t know what to do anymore. This morning he was set on pulling her into his arms and showing her how much he loved her. Now, he was just lost.

Dean pulled himself together and went through her room, top to bottom hoping to find something that gave him even the smallest hint of where she was. He came up empty.

Sam looked up as the motel room door slammed open, he reached for the gun expecting a fight. That all changed when he caught sight of Dean. He had never seen him this angry, hurt or upset.

‘You and Y/N have a fight?’

‘Hard to have a fight when she’s done a runner,’ Dean growled, snatching Sam’s laptop.

Sam watched in shock as Dean ran tracers on Y/N’s other phones, her laptop, her iPod all coming up blank.

‘When did she go?’

‘Sometime during the night.’

Dean handed him the letter and started pacing.

‘Something’s wrong, Sammy.’

‘Yeah, it is. The way she was talking last night,’ Sam frowned remembering what was said.

He became mad at himself for not paying more attention. Not pushing things, for letting Dean and the blonde interrupt. He knew she was troubled, that something was wrong and he didn’t push it.

‘What did she say exactly?’

‘She talked about settling down, wondering if we’d ever find a place and just do what Bobby does. She commented that 30 was old and maybe we should all think about going to Stanford.’


‘I know. Maybe it’s just getting too her, all this. The motels, the killing, the fighting, the injuries. She’s not as immune to it as we seem to be. Up until I came back from Stanford, she always had plans on settling down and having a family.’

Dean looked at Sam, his jaw dropped.

‘She told you that?’

Sam nodded, he knew that upset his brother. Dean and Y/N were close. But some things they just didn’t talk about, and Sam knew that. Some things Dean just wouldn’t understand.

‘She stopped talking about it though. I figured she’d moved past it.’

‘Forget the hunt. Find her.’

Sam nodded and took his laptop back. Both men were worried. This was completely out of sorts for Y/N.

Y/N moved around from town to town, she took on the odd hunt but found herself struggling with it all. Maybe it was time for a break, to mentally regroup.

She finished a spirit hunt in Lebanon, Kansas and decided to stay around. She had no idea why. Something about this place called to her. As she lay on the motel bed, staring at the ceiling she considered her options. The cool breeze that came through the open window felt nice, it was soothing, calming, reassuring. It was home. It was stupid, she sighed.

Gathering up her jacket and winter woollies she headed out to the local park and sat down to write. She made lists, and she felt silly doing it, but she needed to know. Likes, dislikes, happy times and sad, favourite memories, worst memories. All of it. Future plans…she came up blank. She knew one thing though. She needed a home. Some place she could go when this life was too much. And after years of travelling, Lebanon was the closest feeling she had ever had to it. She headed back to the motel, grabbing a paper along the way.

Dean had travelled from one side of the US to the other and was now heading North. Nothing he did was going to stop him from finding her. Sam had since gone to Bobby’s to help with a case, leaving Dean alone with his thoughts.

Thoughts can be a dangerous thing, especially when you are alone with no hint of a distraction. Dean considered everything they knew about Y/N. The things she had said. He thought back to the time before Sam went to Stanford, he’d planned on settling down too one day. Then one thing lead to another, his Dad went missing, Jess died, everything went up the creek and he had to stay in this life, there was no escaping it.

Was she right about being too old? Sure, they got injured more now than they used to. And recovery was a bit longer, but the fights had been more brutal. He was 30 now, was it time to look at settling down, at cutting back?

The more Dean drove, the more he thought. The more he mined and dug through his soul, heart and desires trying to figure out exactly what he wanted. He knew one thing though, in all of this he wanted Y/N, in every way imaginable.

Y/N smiled as she shifted the furniture in her new place. It was a small three bedroom bungalow, but it was cosy, homey and perfect for her. A wood fire kept it warm in winter, the large tree’s outside shading it from the harsh sun. The garden needed work, but she didn’t care. It was cheap, small and hers. She had used some of the money her parents had left her. The boys had refused to let her use it to help fund the hunting. It didn’t sit right with them. The account eventually forgotten, it now held a nice sum for Y/N to start a life. She finished setting up the place, mostly second hand furniture. Not that it bothered her, it was still better than motel rooms. She put more wood on her fire and walked into the kitchen, smiling at the slow cooker as it cooked a pot roast. He next task was what next, a job? Study? Hunt? She had no idea. But for tonight, she was going to enjoy home.

She went to go back into the living room when the familiar old, dog eared picture of her and the boys she had stuck to the fridge caught her eye. They were the only thing missing in this life. She gently ran her fingers over the image and all of a sudden the walls felt like they were closing in, panic hit and a sick feeling swarmed her stomach as she felt like she had made a mistake. Could she honestly live in a world without them in it? One where she didn’t see them everyday. The lack of 2am conversations with Dean were already taking toll. She felt like she was losing her mind. Was this better than staying with them and wistful thinking that some day he might love her in return.

She pulled on her scarf, jacket and boots and headed out, she needed air. To pull things back into perspective, before she had a panic attack. It was all too late now. She’d signed the papers; the house was hers. She took off walking through the streets of Lebanon, it was supposed to snow soon. She smiled at the thought. She hasn’t seen snow in a while, it always added a certain romantic factor to things.

Dean was driving through a small town in Kansas, taking it all in. Something about this place drew him in. He had no idea why. He felt comfortable, at ease, safe. The town was home. He did something he never really did, drove through the back streets. He wanted to check the town out. He’d already found the local motel and bar. Both seemed great. But now he wanted to get to the town. Maybe one day he could bring Y/N here. He was driving down a small back street when he spotted someone walking. He’d recognise that someone anywhere. He pulled baby over and jumped out of the car.

‘Y/N!’ he cried, so grateful he had found her. So relieved she was ok.

‘Dean?’ she sounded shocked, and he couldn’t blame her it was the last place anyone would have looked for him. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Searching for you. God, I have been everywhere trying to find you.’

‘That really wasn’t necessary.’

‘Of course it was.’

‘Where’s Sam?’

‘Bobby’s. I can’t believe you are here, of all places.’

She looked at him funny. Dean just smiled.

‘I was thinking as I drove around town, how much I liked this place. How I wanted to bring you here one day.’

‘Well, I’m here and the towns great.’

‘So much better now I know you’re in it.’

Y/N frowned at him, Dean was…well, scaring her.

‘Are you ok?’ she questioned.

‘Am I…? No, I’m not ok,’ he growled.

Y/N fought back a smile, that was more like Dean.

‘I rock up at your motel room to tell you I’m a moron, and that I love you and I want and need you. And I find you’ve packed up and ran off in the middle of the night. Leaving no explanation, no way to find you, to even know if your dead or alive. No, I’m not ok.’

Y/N looked at him in shock, her mouth opened several times but nothing came out.

‘I was so scared I’d lost you,’ Dean said quieter this time, his voice less angry. ‘I was terrified I’d never get the chance to tell you how I felt,’ his voice barely above a whisper. The wind that was picking up around them carrying his words off with it.

‘No matter who I’m with, no one compared to you. The more I spent time with others, the more I wanted to be with you.’

Y/N didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t decide if she was hearing right or the wind was distorting his words. Or maybe she had slipped and hit her head. That seemed like the more logical explanation.

Dean watched confusion crossed her face, as she worked through what he had said, what he had tried to say. He watched as snow flakes started falling lightly and they caught and sat in her hair. He watched as her fingers gently pulled one off her cheek, and looked to the sky and smiled. He knew she liked the snow, and that it had been a while. He smiled at the sight of her, it was a happy smile, relaxed, calm. She hadn’t worn one of those in while. She looked beautiful.

Dean moved in before he could stop himself, his hunt for her was over. She was finally here in front of him. He grasped her chin and moved her face towards him, bringing his own lips down to meet hers. The small gasp that escaped her lips, let him know she wasn’t expecting it. He couldn’t help but smile slightly. He moved his hand across her face and down her neck.

‘Dean!’ she squeaked.

Dean yanked back quicker than he had ever moved.

‘I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have. I just-.’

‘No, that was fine. Your hand was like really cold.’

Dean looked at her and saw her fighting back a laugh. Her nose and cheeks were red, and she was huddled slightly.

‘Come sit in baby,’ he suggested, wanting to get her out of the cold and into some kind of warmth before she got sick.

‘How you about we just go inside?’

She gestured to the house behind her, and Dean took it in. It was nice, welcoming, something you could come back to again and again. He pulled Baby into her drive and met her inside with his bag. The living room was cosy and warm, the house smelt of dinner.

The two caught up and talked. Neither mentioning the kiss. Neither wanting to push things, both too scared the other wasn’t interested. Y/N told Dean everything, omitting her feelings for him. He told her the result of the self mining he had done while he was searching for her. Both agreeing that maybe they were getting older, that they couldn’t keep going like they were doing.

‘It’s a nice place,’ Dean told Y/N looking around.

‘Yeah, it’s home. It’s stupid I know. But I just growing up, hunting, I never had it. And now…’

Dean smiled at her, now she did. And it suited her, more than any machete in her hand ever will.

‘I get it. I feel it,’ he grinned.

He understood completely, and it wasn’t silly. He could picture sitting down to watch a basketball game or a movie, being out back cutting up wood, helping with dishes. Hell, he could even picture mowing the lawn.

‘And it’s not silly.’

Y/N smiled at him and Dean watched as relief flooded her face, and a happiness took over.

‘So what’s your plans?’ he asked, uncertain. ‘You out?’

‘Honestly, I don’t know. When I left, I couldn’t take much of anything. I didn’t even know what colours I liked,’ she smiled sadly at him. ‘I needed a home, I needed to know who I was and I was so happy to finally get it.’


‘But, then I realised that it didn’t feel right. Not from the prospect of not hunting. But from not being around you two all the time. You’re home too.’

Dean smiled at her.

‘I can’t keep hunting non stop, but I can’t spend a life without you in it. So I’m not sure.’

Dean moved in closer, rubbing his hands along his thighs to warm them up. Y/N watched curious, before laughing. He knew then she had realised what he was doing.

‘Nice and warm,’ he smiled, pushing his hands along her cheeks and into her hair, as his lips met hers.

‘Much better,’ she whispered as he pulled back to check it was ok.

‘How about we cut back. Use this place as a base, spend time off here. Make sure we get time off,’ he added. ‘You can come back hunting with us, or stay here or a mix of both. While you find the balance you need.’

He watched as she bit her lip while she thought about it. Dean kissed her again.

‘We can make this a home, together,’ he offered, quietly.

He watched as she nodded slightly, and breathed a sigh of relief. He moved his gear into her room that night, and never looked back. He had been searching for years and he finally found what he was looking for.  

B.A.P reaction to you being insecure about your weight.

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You sat down next to your boyfriend, trying as hard as you could to not show that you had been crying. His eyes where fixated on you and you instantly became uncomfortable. 

“Jagi, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“I gained weight and I feel ugly, I’m not good enough for you anymore,”

He would be shocked and a little upset at first. He would pull you tightly into him not knowing what to say. His hands would be shaky and his lips would instantly pout. 

“You’ll always be good enough for me Jagiya, it’s just a bit of extra weight, all the more to cuddle and all the more to love. It’s just another part of you for me to love and even though you hate it, I think it makes you look all the better, because you will always look beautiful okay?”

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Your eyes scanned your reflection, wanting to smash the mirror, a small tear slipped from your eye. 

“Baby, whats wrong?” 

You would just continue to pinch at your belly and suck it in.

His face would instantly fall and he would be angry, angry at himself for not noticing the way you felt and not telling you how beautiful you where all the time.

“Yah! don’t do that, your belly is fine just the way it is and I don’t ever want to see you doing that again because my baby is absolutely perfect the way she is and nothing will ever change that.”

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Yongguk’s arms wrapped around your waist and you froze, pushing him away from you. 

“Jagiya, whats wrong? did I hurt you?” 

“No, don’t touch my belly okay?” 

He knew exactly what was wrong and would instantly feel upset. he would be upset with you, how could his baby think like that?

“Hey, why shouldn’t I touch your belly? It’s one of the many things I love about you and you won’t allow me to touch it? You shouldn’t think those stupid things, if I cared about your weight or the size of your belly I would tell you but I don’t so stop it. I love you for who you are baby.”

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You pulled your jumper over your body and sighed, already becoming hot.

“Y/N it’s too hot for a jumper, why don’t you wear a tank top?” 

“Because, Oppa, my belly will show in a tank top and I don’t want it to show,” 

Himchan would just look at you as if you where an idiot, his eyebrows would furrow together and his lips would turn into a frown. 

“Why should you care what your belly looks like? Your belly is your own business and nobody has to say anything about it. There’s nothing even wrong with your belly, I love it when you wear tank tops and I would much rather that than you dying of heat stroke.”

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YoungJae gripped the hem of your shirt and you froze, pushing his hands away and covering yourself up. 

“Oppa, no, i’ve gained weight and I don’t want you to see,”

YoungJae would be dumbfounded. You guys where together for a long time and you actually though he cared if you gained weight? You where the most perfect person he’d ever seen in his life. 

“Jagi, if you think i’m bothered about you gaining weight your very wrong because I don’t care about your weight. I love you and that’s all that matters, you could be the fattest person on this planet and I would still love you.”

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(I apologize for the gif)

You where cuddling and his hand started to slide up your shirt, causing you to move away from him. 

“Jagi, what’s wrong?” 

“I have a chunky belly and I don’t feel comfortable with you touching it,”

Considering you and Jongup had been together for years and he had seen you naked and touched your belly so many times, he would be taken back. He would instantly add it all up and would sigh. 

“Your not fat if that’s what your thinking and your belly is not chunky, it’s just right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some meat on your bones and the fact that you do gives me even more reason to touch because it’s so much nicer when I can’t feel your bones underneath and I can actually hold on to you properly without being afraid of breaking you,”

gifs not mine, credit to owner. 

It’s in the mid-50s here, so it got me thinking about what my kiddos would wear in this kind of temperature.


Moira: lightweight cardigan, maybe a lace-weight knitted scarf over a ¾ sleeve blouse and slacks

Iona: oversized off the shoulder sweater over a tank top and tights

Aiden: hoodie/jean jacket/slouchy beanie. Morrigan stole his fingerless gloves and he has kid-sized mittens and tube of chapstick in his pocket for Kieran.


Elsa: cute long sleeved dress with tights and boots with a thick scarf

Vivian: jeans, vintage concert tee, boots with an old leather motorcycle jacket

Gavin: shorts, tank top, flip flops and an oversized puffy parka vest because fuck you.


Ravena: jeans and one of Blackwall’s flannel shirts

Ada: sweater, a scarf, lightweight knitted gloves and cute earmuffs

Elora: jeans and a t-shirt, why are you guys complaining, this is not cold?

Vincent: jeans and a henley with the sleeves pushed up over his forearms. He only brought a jacket along because he knew Roz would get cold.

Rolfe: thermal underwear, two layers of socks, thick jeans, boots, two layers of sweaters, a jacket, a coat, gloves, a thick scarf wrapped around his neck/mouth, a hat Ada knitted him with a fluffy pom pom on top, and heavy duty fuzzy earmuffs because fuck you winter.

Lifehack for keeping warm

People think that one thick layer of clothes, like a heavy or baggy sweatshirt, will be warm enough. Actually that’s not quite true because there’s only one layer and it may not trap your body heat properly.

A few thin layers will keep you warmer because the layers trap more body heat. That’s why you have sheets, a blanket and then a duvet or comforter on your bed.

So you could wear a tank top, a T-shirt or thin long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt on top, and you’ll feel more comfortable because less cold air can get under the layers.

Sometimes just a tank top under a sweatshirt is enough, but you may need another layer between the tank top and sweatshirt if you still feel cold.

Dressing in layers is also helpful because you can take a layer off if you get too warm and still be more or less decent to be seen in public. :P

I realized this morning that I haven’t seen any YouTubers with tank tops for sale. I had to break my streak of wearing Minecraft shirts because it’s officially summer and hot. I’m actually quite upset over this and not 100% sure why. So to all the YouTubers who will never see this SELL TANK TOPS. Thank you. (Btw my new life goal is to have my art be a design for YouTuber merch so to all the same YouTubers who won’t see this hit me up if you need designs)

Oblivious To Love

Word count: 2149

1.      Request : deangirl28 asked:

Could you write a deanxreaderxsamfic where the reader is obviously in love with both boys but one she doesn’t think she stands a chance and two greedy right?She loves both?Make it as angsty as possible but with a happy ending. Work your magic. Thanks


Authors Note: Sorry for the delay it’s been so long. I will be posting more frequently for October. I mean how can I not its OctoberJ. I hope you enjoy and sorry if it isn’t my best I’m trying to get back in the groove of things. Always open to feedback and again always keep fighting. I hope everyone enjoys .thank you so much for all the support on the wisdom teeth piece too. There will be a part two .I feel like I might be a little bit repetitive in some things. I just think Dean loves bacon and everyone showers at night or in the morning just saying .Tell me if the readers style should change.



It was 10 in the morning when you woke up. You and the Winchesters had decided to make today a vacation day .Of course you took the chance to sleep in longer then you probably should have .You slowly grabbed your phone to check if you had any important messages .there was only 2 messages one was from Dean and the other from Sam .It shocked you a little why were the two people you lived with messaging you .You checked to see what they said .The one from Sam was asking if you were awake and if you still had the book you borrowed from him .He sent It half an hour ago the one from Dean was also asking if you were awake but he sent it 5 min ago .You always locked your door you never knew why but it was a force of habit .You hated having the door open it discomforted you and you never wanted the Winchesters to find out you secretly liked both of them and you had private stuff  .

   You sat on the side of your bed putting your phone back .You wanted to get dressed nice today .You always felt like you had to try to get ready every morning because Sam and Dean always looked good without any effort .you went to the bathroom to take a shower you stepped in and made sure to wash yourself very well being a hunter always made you feel like you smelt a little like sulfur all the time .Once you were done you wrapped a towel around your body and made your way to the sink to brush your teeth .you looked at yourself in the mirror regretting it right away because you started to ask why you couldn’t look like Lisa or Jessica but you had to live with your looks .You weren’t too ashamed of the way you looked but you knew you weren’t pretty enough for either one of them to like you .Once you felt cleansed you went over to the closet to see what you would wear today .Most of your closet was plaid or one colored tank tops and necks .You checked over to see which one fit you the best .you decided on your typical plaid shirt and tank top as for bottoms you choose dark jeans .You wrapped the plaid shirt around your waist it was pretty hot in the Bunker today anyways .You grabbed your boots and put them on .You looked ready for a hunt yet you weren’t going to one .You walked back in to the bathroom to fix your hair a little bit and put very minimum amount of makeup .You still wanted to seem like you just woke .Once you were done you grabbed Sam’s book and your phone .You sent both of them a message saying you were awake .You grabbed your room door key again and stepped out you made sure to lock your door behind you .When you turned around Dean was Right behind you .

“Jesus Christ Dean what the Hell are you doing?”

“OH I just got your text and I wanted to see if you were ok.”

“I was sleeping Dean not dead.”

“I know I was just wondering.”

The hallway felt a lot smaller than before because you felt really close to Dean .You could count how many freckles he had on his face with this distance you started  to feel like you were getting hot .He wasn’t dressed yet he had his robe on .

“So uhh what do you need Dean?”

“OH I was wondering what you wanted for breakfast .we wanted to wait for you to eat.”

You looked up to see his big green eyes.

“Oh uh I’ll make breakfast it’s the least I can do since you two waited.

His face lit up Dean loved when you made food .One because he didn’t have to cook second you always made breakfast to both of the Winchesters preferences.


“Yes Dean ill make bacon.”

He gave you one of his charming bad boy grins .you started to get really hot .You decided it was enough of the awkwardness if this continued you knew for a fact you were going to embarrass yourself.

“Ok I’ll get that started right after I get Sam his book.”

“Oh ok yeah I’m going to take a shower. Oh and uhh y/n”


“It’s nice to have you a part of the team.”

You couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s nice to know I belong somewhere Dean.”

You started to walk away .That boy knew how to make you love him and you hated It. You knew he was out of your league and so was Sam it sucked being surrounded by two of the hottest guys every girl on every hunt flirted with .You started to head to the library Sam spent every waking moment in the library .when you got there you saw him behind his computer .He looked happy to see you he stood up quite quickly .he knocked over his cup of coffee when he did so spilling kit on himself .You couldn’t help but smile you loved clumsy Sam he always had a warm spot in your heart .

“Son of a gun that’s hot.”

You grabbed your flannel around your waist and went to help him .you started to pat his shirt down .You started to feel how hard his stomach was and you started to blush .You had to stop before your mind wandered to what Sam looked shirtless .you decided to stop and hand Sam your flannel instead so he could dry himself .instead he decided to take his shirt off revealing his unbelievably toned body you couldn’t take it .you started to cough.

“OH oh yeah here Sam your book.”

“Oh yeah thanks y/n”

“I’m going to go make breakfast any special order.”

He smiled at your statement.

“Any things good y/n “

“All right some pancakes got it.”

You knew Sam never liked asking but he loved pancakes.

You stopped looking at Sam and walked to the kitchen .you got everything out and started to cook before you knew it Dean was already in the kitchen.

“I swear Dean it’s like an alarm for you “

“It’s not my fault I like your cooking.

You both laughed when Sam walked in.

“What’s up with the laughing “

“Dean’s giant appetite.”

“Hey its y/ns cooking.”

“It’s true I love it too.”

“Both of you are a bunch of suck ups.”

You finished the last of the pancakes and served the eggs bacon and pancakes separately .you thought it’d be funny to mess with both of them so you gave Dean one piece of bacon and Sam a piece of apple .you covered both of them with paper towels .You walked towards both of them and placed the plate in front of them .you took your phone out to take a picture when they lifted the towel .Their faces were of true disappointment .you took the photo and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Son of bitch what is this “

Sam just looked at you with puppy dog eyes .your stomach started to hurt from so much laughter.

“That’s so not cool is this really all you made?”

You took a few breathes before composing yourself.

“No it was a joke give me a minute.”

You composed yourself and went to the kitchen to grab their real plates .you set them in front of them and now they had full smiles on. You sat across from both of them admiring them .It was quite for a while till Sam decided to step in

“So y/n I was wondering if you wanted to help me with some of the books.”

Before you could answer Dean interrupted.

“Uhh Sam I think y/n and I were going to practice some combat fighting.”

“You know I’ve been trying to practice more.”

“I’ll join you two then we can have some fun.”

“No brothers doubling up on me though.”

They both agreed .let me get dressed in more active wear then .you finished your breakfast and headed to your room .you changed into active leggings and kept the tank top on .You took off your boots and stayed in socks .when you walked out of the room you saw Sam and Dean dressed and ready to go you decided not to lock your door this time .You looked at both of them and yelled “last one to the training room has to do the dishes. “you jetted Sam closer behind you .you got an unfair advantage but it always happens to you  too so it wasn’t really cheating .when you made it to the room you slipped  on your socks making Sam trip and fall right on top of you .His faces inches away from yours .you started to blush and breathe a little bit heavier .you could feel every inch of Sam .Dean entered the room moments later catching his breathe .He seemed mad at the situation .Sam took his time getting up making you want to pull him back down but you restrained yourself .you slowly moved away not breaking eye contact .Dean stepped in though .

”How about me and you go one Sam you know for warm up .I mean you have gotten kind of clumsy .”

Dean seemed a little aggressive about his statements.

“Ok sure Dean I don’t mind teaching my older brother a lesson.”

“This is supposed to be fun guys right.”

“Oh yeah y/n this is going to be awesome.”

Before you could even say start they decided to go at it .they fought for what seemed like hours .you didn’t bother tie break it up they both looked wonderful in combat .They started to get a little too aggressive so you grabbed a gun and shot it at one of the target getting their attention causing them to jump away from each other .you smiled at them you still needed to train and that wasn’t getting done.

“Whoever gets furthest away from the center shot gets to go against me first?”

They both jumped up right away .You didn’t think much of it I mean you knew there was no way either one of them would like you .they were to good-looking .Dean shot first he missed by a little  bit I mean he usually hit it right on the ball but he was in the second circle way more than his usual .Sam though was way off it almost seemed like he couldn’t hold the gun properly .Sam lost so he had to go one on one first  .It was constant combat but you were more flexible then Sam .When you were finally done Dean wanted to go one on one .He was a little more rough .Dean seemed to grab more once or twice you felt like you were violating each other .when you finished you were on top of Dean .You were both sweating from so much combat training .Sam decided to help you up quickly though when you were both finished you all went to drink water .You looked at both of the siblings not being able to imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have them in your life .they both looked at you all of a sudden .

“Y/n we can’t take it anymore you have to choose.”

“What do you mean?”

“Y/n its obvious we’re both mad about you need to tell us which one you like more.”

You were shocked by the sudden realization that not one but both Winchesters liked you .You couldn’t choose though yes you loved them both but you weren’t risking losing either one of them .

“I can’t “

“Yes you can “

“No I can’t lose either one of you two if I lose one of you I lose everything. You don’t understand “

You stood up.

“You two actually made me feel like I belong somewhere .I can’t choose if you make me I won’t choose either of you .I’ve loved both of you since I can remember but I can’t lose either of you I won’t let that happen. You have to get me time .Don’t do this to me now.

No matter how much you really wish you could have made a decision it wasn’t possible .At least not yet you wanted to run out you wanted both and you couldn’t have that .You started to panic a little but before you could both of the Winchesters came up and hugged you .

“It’s ok we’ll wait because we both know you are worth waiting for .”

You felt a tear fall down .This was going to be one of the hardest decisions of your life if you had to make it.

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Why is it that I’m asked to cover up my tank top because my bra straps are showing when the boy next to me’s underwear is hanging out of his pants?

Why is it that my shorts are too short for gym when guys can wear tank tops with arm holes down to their stomach?

Why is it that what I’m wearing is more distracting then the boys throwing spit balls in the back of the room?

—  thoughts after my gym teacher said I needed to “cover up” /// c.p
I was slapped in the seventh grade

Not by my parents or an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend, but by somebody I barely knew, except for the hateful words he flung at me almost randomly throughout the school day. 

And it wasn’t like he’d ever hit me before that, but he had hit other kids. Anger issues, they called it. I recall one ‘boys will be boys’ somewhere in my memory. But that still doesn’t explain it.

He hit me because I turned off a computer. It was an after-school thing in our computer lab. We got to use the computers for pretty much whatever we wanted (excluding porn and such) for a whole hour and talk and laugh with our friends. We were on completely opposite sides of the room, but when the monitor called out that it was time to turn off our computers and get ready to leave, he just got up, took his stuff, and left.

So I turned off my own computer and made my way to his, shutting it down. I was pulling my arm away when I felt the sting of his slap on my forearm.

At first I was stunned, wondering why he’d done that. My friends, who were standing next to me, were stunned as well. He just stood there, looking at me, no remorse in his eyes, while my own flooded with tears and shock. 

My friend Elyse was the first to snap out of it and tell the monitor, who immediately ordered this kid to sit down and stay put while he called in the principal and issued a referral. The boy did so without question and called his parents in the meantime, tears finally flooding his eyes as he began to tell his mother what had happened.

After that, everything went by so quickly. I vaguely remember explaining what happened to my brother and my cousin and one of the older neighbor boys, who was as big as an ox, but as soft as a kitten on the inside, who all planned to 'talk’ to this kid the next day. I talked them out of it. I figured he was already in enough trouble as it is; they didn’t need to get in trouble as well. And neither did I.

When I returned home, my brother immediately told my mother what happened and she checked my arm, finding the tell tale red hand print, which still burned. She made me put ice on it because she said it looked like he broke a couple veins and she didn’t want it to swell or bruise too badly.

I did as told and, meanwhile, she called the vice principal, who claimed that, because it was after official school hours, he could do nothing to punish the boy and that she would have to take it up with the boy’s parents. My mother fought back, said that I was assaulted on school property and she could make a call to the local news to inform them how he was trying to handle it. He had no response and my mother vowed that if something like this happened again, she would sue the school.

Thankfully, it never happened again.

But the reason I bring this up is because a couple years ago, we had a heat wave in June that was so bad that we were practically melting in our seats.

This also brought about the arrival of tank tops and short shorts–which are very common at my school.

In Spanish class (which I hated because that teacher was an ultra bitch), a bunch of girls showed up wearing tank tops and shorts that weren’t exactly short shorts, but still fell above the required fingertip length. Their tank tops were not spaghetti straps (which were the only tank tops that were not allowed as it would allow you to see a bra strap) but, still, they showed enough of their shoulder to be considered 'inappropriate’.

She immediately told them that they needed to change.

When one of them asked why, she pointed out that her shorts were too short. 

“So? You can’t see my underwear, can you?”

I forgot the name of the girl who said this, but I love this quote. It didn’t work, though, because the teacher threatened SUSPENSION for any girl who did not do as told and go change.

So they did. 

After they left, I asked my teacher (who, for some odd reason, never liked me and often picked on me in class) why short shorts were deemed so inappropriate.

“Because,” she replied, haughtily, “they show off too much leg.”

“Because nobody knew girls had thighs.”

I said this one and I had thought I said it under my breath, but apparently I didn’t, because I was sent to the office.

As a first offender, i was let go immediately, but three of nearly thirty girls in the office had already been handed suspensions for refusing to change their clothes. Another was yelling about how unjust it was that they were making her miss class for something that nobody but them cared about anyway. A few were crying as they called their moms.

And why?

Because girls should not be allowed to show their thighs in school.

I’m appalled, even today, when I hear about the things that happen at high school regarding female dress codes, because this happened five years ago and literally NOTHING has changed.

That boy that slapped me never even received a detention for it, because they didn’t want to be bothered.

Over fifty girls were sent to the office were dress code violations and twenty of them were sent home or SUSPENDED because they were wearing SHORTS that showed too much of their legs.

What is UP with that?