tank tops because why not tank tops

Lifehack for keeping warm

People think that one thick layer of clothes, like a heavy or baggy sweatshirt, will be warm enough. Actually that’s not quite true because there’s only one layer and it may not trap your body heat properly.

A few thin layers will keep you warmer because the layers trap more body heat. That’s why you have sheets, a blanket and then a duvet or comforter on your bed.

So you could wear a tank top, a T-shirt or thin long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt on top, and you’ll feel more comfortable because less cold air can get under the layers.

Sometimes just a tank top under a sweatshirt is enough, but you may need another layer between the tank top and sweatshirt if you still feel cold.

Dressing in layers is also helpful because you can take a layer off if you get too warm and still be more or less decent to be seen in public. :P

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Ok why is Reyes allowed to be in tank top and even topless sometimes in bed but Scully always has to wear 1000 layers of PJ?

Because CC’s ideal woman is also a nevernude and how dare an angel on this earth express any hint of sexuality or desire unless it’s projected on her by a dude.  But she can wear a tank top if she’s in Côte d’Ivoire as long as she wears a shirt over it and preferably also giant birth-control glasses.

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oh but the times he could’ve been

Book 1, Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind

Here we see Mako in that flimsy tank top for the first time. A better question to ask is why does he need it in the first place. But let’s assume he’s trying to be modest because this is the first time he’s around Korra (even though he acts miffed that she’s around to begin with). It’s not that great of an excuse though… why not show off what you got to the avatar

Book 1, Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition

Here we see the fabulous bending brothers alone in their apartment. Seriously, what is the need for a shirt here. There’s no overwhelming excuse for modesty or anything. There’s no excuse at all. You are home alone with your brother. Take it off

Book 1, Episode 6: The Aftermath

I’m sorry, I really don’t remember the last time I saw a man wearing a swimsuit who wasn’t shirtless. This was one of the biggest missed opportunities of the century and it wouldn’t have even been the slightest bit out of place

Book 2, Episode 9: The Guide

So at this point in Book 2, Bolin has moved out. Mako literally has the apartment to himself. Who walks around their own room alone with clothes on? You can see off to Mako’s right he’s hung his shirt on the couch. Why he feels the need to keep his tank top on again is beyond me

Book 2, Episode 11: Night of a Thousand Stars

This is a follow up to the previous picture. If Mako would’ve been caught shirtless, he could’ve been put in prison shirtless and then we would’ve had two scenes in two different episodes where Mako was shirtless. And even if he hadn’t gone to prison shirtless, why not take it off while in prison

Book 3, Episode 1: A Breath of Fresh Air

This was such a tease it was rude. First they show Mako reaching up with his bare arm for the phone and then at the last second he pops up with that flimsy tank top. I’d say he’s at the police department and needs to follow dress code but good grief, he’s wearing boxers and sleeping under his desk. I think normal protocol was abandoned a long time ago

Book 3, Episode 8: The Terror Within

Again, with the sleeping in tank tops. Why are there never any fight scenes with people being shirtless? I clearly remember Ozai seeing Aang and what is the first thing he does? Rips off his entire gown that he so ceremoniously put on so he can be shirtless and fly over to fight the avatar. Why can’t something similar happen? Mako can incinerate that tank top easily

Book 3, Episode 9: The Stakeout

Really I could include just about any fight scene where Mako gets kicked around. Look how beat up they are. How is it that their clothes aren’t even the slightest ripped? In ATLA people’s clothes were getting torn all the time for the smallest things, how is it that after getting thrown around like a rag doll and jumping off buildings does Mako still have a shirt that’s intact. It’s like their shirts are perma-glued to their chest

Book 4, Episode 8: Rememberances

Between Mako sparring with Wu and Wu at one point grabbing Mako’s tank top and briefly lifting it off his chest I think they could’ve managed a shirtless scene here. I know everyone was upset over a clips episode but a shirtless Mako would’ve taken half a second more to draw and would’ve made everything forgivable

Book 4, Episode 13: The Last Stand

The entirely plausible final shirtless scene that never was. Everyone thought this was the moment. First the arm goes, then the rest of the shirt. Another burst of spirit energy, a chain reaction of the fabric being incinerated… anything… and yet… nothing. How do their clothes work that the spirit energy only incinerates the arm of the shirt. Is the chest area fabric made of some indestructible fiber that was forgotten when they made the arm? I call bs on this one

10 moments Mako could’ve easily been shirtless… but really there were at least 100 more