tank tops and tan lines

Y’all I just cracked myself up so badly oh my god I’ve got tears in my eyes

Look the bros must have absolutely insane tan lines, not only that but just general endeavors with the sun

You guys

Noctis having the worst shirt tan line, and oh my lord his gloved hand. His gloved hand tan line. He takes off the glove to go take a shower in the hotel bathroom and oh my god you cannot help but burst out laughing because it’s just this huge strip of pale-ass skin. It’s like a watch tan line but 25 times better

Prompto may have all the sunshine in his soul but his body reacts terribly to it. This boy could get a sunburn during a snowstorm. All the bros use sunscreen but Prompto uses the most and he gets a neopolitan tan because he’s so pale underneath his clothes, and he sometimes takes off his vest if it’s particularly hot but there’s the tan line from the vest and oh my lord. So at the end of the day there’s his pale skin under his shirt, there’s this sliver that’s burnt and there’s the rest of his arm that miraculously tanned over and it looks hilarious (and you take lots of pictures)

Gladio has his chest out all the time and then those tank tops, man oh man, he doesn’t get any tan lines torso-wise but his legs oh my GOD. You pranked him one time and snatched the change of clothes he had for post shower, and when he came out of the bathroom you burst out laughing because now you know where Casper the Ghost’s legs are, Gladio stole them, my god he’s just so pale underneath his pants

Ignis regrets his choice of gloves sometimes because he’ll take them off and you’ll just laugh because just his thumb and the four knuckles are tanned and the rest is just pale af. And my lord the rest of him is just as pale, y’all know he shows the least skin out of the bros, and he just has this distinct line right at his collarbone from his tan.

you guys i can’t breathe i’m laughing too hard help me

i can’t stop imagining the boys with tan lines

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Ereri and number 1 please crunchy! Hope you're enjoying your holiday :)

My holiday has been…productive so far. I need to work on my slacking off skills.

“Come over here and make me.”


It wasn’t that Eren was bad at playing, in fact it was kind of the opposite. Levi had missed the plinking of his guitar through the open window when he’d gone away to college, although he hadn’t exactly said as much.

It was distracting. Levi had to focus. He had meeting with his supervisor in a week and his data sets needed to be perfect. As perfect as Eren’s smile. As perfect as his artlessly tousled hair.

Fuck. He’d started singing.

Levi threw down his pen with more force than was necessary, and it bounced off his keyboard and rolled under the desk.

Levi could practically see him, sitting with his feet on the windowsill, leaning back dangerously far in his chair, his gaze fixed dreamily on the afternoon sky. He’d be wearing shorts in this weather and probably nothing else, or maybe a tank top; he got tan lines on his shoulders in summer and Levi wasn’t sure when he started noticing.

Eren started singing a song Levi had heard a girl on the radio singing–he didn’t really follow popular music but Eren’s voice was high and sweet with longing and he didn’t bother to change the pronouns in the lyrics. Like he was singing it out his window right into Levi’s which faced his across the narrow lane that divided their houses.

Levi couldn’t close the window. The wisp of breeze that drifted in was the only thing keeping him alive. He leaned back in his chair and waited for the song to finish. It was all he could do.

Eren plunked around and Levi picked up his pen and then Eren started singing again. Levi wasn’t sure how much more unrequited love he could handle; he’d had enough.

He got up and leaned out his window, and yeah, there he was, just as imagined, maybe taller and scruffier, his bare feet twitching in time to the music.

“Eren!” Levi called.

The music stopped.


“Could you? Your singing is very nice but I’m trying to concentrate. Would you stop for now, please?”

Silence and the odd thoughtful plink. “Come over here and make me.” And he sounded so smug, the little shit. Maybe he could blame it on the heat, because he was definitely old enough to know better, but Levi took off his glasses and put them safely on the desk before climbing into the window frame (being short was good for something) and leaping across the gap, right over Eren’s feet and into his window.

“Shit!” Eren had time to throw his guitar over his head onto the bed behind him before Levi crashed into him. This hadn’t been smart, Levi thought as the chair overbalanced and tipped them both onto the floor.

“Eren!” Carla’s voice drifted up. “Are you all right?”

“Yes!” Eren shouted, right in Levi’s ear. “I tipped over my chair!”

Levi didn’t hear Carla’s reply but it sounded like ‘I told you you would.’ Levi couldn’t really hear much but his own heart beating. His hands were either side of Eren’s head and he was straddling his stomach. Eren looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I didn’t think you’d actually, uh.” A thought appeared to occur to him and that silly grin was back. “I mean, you’re over here, but you haven’t actually stopped me yet.”

He took a deep breath and started to sing and Levi finally, and perhaps a bit belatedly kissed him quiet. Eren smiled against his lips and wound his arms around Levi’s neck and if he muttered ‘finally’ Levi pretended he hadn’t heard.

EXO reaction to seeing your tan lines for the first time

When I was in Marching band for high school, I had TONS of different tan lines. Like, I had tan lines on top of my other tan lines xD I have no idea what I was thinking while writing this but OKAY!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

STARTER: *You had to quickly change your shirt because you realized that there was a stain from when [Member] tripped and spilled something on it*


Yeol: “Does that hurt?”

You: “What does?”

Yeol: “Your tan. I see that you’re outside a lot and so you have a lot of tan lines.”

You: “Oh! No it doesn’t. I always put on sun screen. So, don’t worry!”


*He walks in to apologize but sees your tan lines from your tank tops and shirts*

Fan: “How many times did you go outside?”

You: “Many. Is it that obvious?”

Fan: “Yeah.”


Hun: “Have you been putting sun screen on?”

You: “Yeah. But I still get tans. Don’t worry, they aren’t burns.”

Hun: “Good. That way now we can have a little fun because your skin looks beautiful.”


“Walks in to give you another shirt and sees your tan lines from your shirts*

Tao: “I know that you have an outside job and all. But why do you wear many different sleeved shirts for you have to have those tan lines?”

You: “I get hot and sometimes I have to take that shirt off to wear my under shirt. That’s why I put the tank top on before my actual shirt.”


Nini: “We match.”

You: “Huh?”

Nini: “I know that you have tanned skin but now we match. I got darker from being outside yesterday.”

You: “OMG Nini!”


*Walks in without warning*

Minnie: “WHOA! Tan lines.”

You: “You weren’t suppose to see them until they were gone.”

Minnie: “Is that why you’ve been staying inside more often?”

You: “Maybe.”

Minnie: “You don’t need to do that. You’re beautiful the way you are.”


Baek: “So, you’ve been hiding those beautiful tan line from me.”

You: “I wasn’t…hiding them. I Just never showed you and you never asked.”

Baek: “Well, I like them.”


Han: “Hello tan lines.”

You: “Hello boy I’m still mad at for spilling crap on my shirt.”

Han: “I’m a little turned on. Is that weird?”

You: “Yes. Yes it is. Because it’s multiple tan lines for being outside.”

Han: “I like it.”


Dae: “I’m sorry about your-Whoa I’m sorry!”

You: “It’s okay! You can come in.”

Dae: “Have you always had those tan lines?”

You: “I’m used to being outside a lot. Just the way I was raised.”

Dae: “You’re beautiful.”


Soo: “You’re beautiful.”

You: “What are you talking about?”

Soo: “Your tan lines.”

You: “Those? They are nothing. I just got them from being outside a lot here recently.”


Xing: “How long have you had those?”

You: “Long enough to have multiple of them.”

Xing: “Just don’t stay outside too long. I don’t want my baby to have skin cancer or something.”


Myeon: “How many do you have?”

You: “Too many. I need to start staying inside more.”

Myeon: “I don’t need my baby to get skin cancer. Be sure when you’re outside at work you wear sun screen.”

You: “Yes, Mother.” *Cue eye roll*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Imagine Kise

….with a selfie stick

….having fun and adorable socks

….owning so many stuff animals

….having mini fashion shows with his sisters randomly at home

….wanting to dye part of his hair

….getting tank top tan lines

….baking amazing cookies and cupcakes

….being amazing with styling hair

….using so many emojis in every message

….owning so many scarfs since his neck gets cold easily

Sooooo tomorrow I’m kayaking….which means I’ll be wearing a swim suit….and I could wear a tank top over it….but then I would get some terrible tan lines…..but I would be more comfortable with it on….but I also give zero fucks….so I guess we’ll see what happens….

Honestly, I’m only anxious about this because my parents will be there and they’ll see me in a bikini top and that causes me to feel🚨🚨EVERY SINGLE NEGATIVE EMOTION THERE IS🚨🚨I really could care less about the rest of my family. My parents are the issue.

Fuck. I didn’t think of this earlier when I decided to go kayaking….