tank top binder

10 things to look forward to while waiting for top surgery
  • 1. being able to wear tight clothing
  • 2. breathing properly
  • 3. sleeping comfortably
  • 4. swimming without a shirt on
  • 5. being able to pass in changing rooms
  • 6. being able to wear tank tops without revealing a binder
  • 7. not so much weight on your chest
  • 8. no jiggle when you run
  • 9. being able to work out easier
  • 10. buying shirts that fit nicely
Tip for trans-boys this summer

Go ahead and wear a tank top, your binder looks like under armouries a second tank top (which a lot of boys do)

If it’s low in the front, wear a bandana around your neck. It covers the front and some of the sides, and looks pretty cool.

If you’re still not comfortable, cut the sleeves off of a tee shirt.

Stay cool this summer you beautiful boys ❤️

since i dont do my own laundry i told my mom to wash the “tan tank top” (my binder) on hot and air dry it. she just came up and goes “whats that thing you have” and i told her it was a binder and she asked if it helped and i said yeah and so shes gunna buy me another and i love her

anonymous asked:

What's a binder? I saw that people talk about that.

So this definition is taken from the Tumblr “breathe-in-your-binder”, just to specify a chest binder “is an article of clothing that some folks use to bind their chests to produce a flat and/or masculine appearance. Chest binders typically look like plain tank tops, either half- or full-length, and some may have a zipper or a velcro closure. The difference between a plain tank top and a binder is that the latter is made of a more constrictive material for the purpose of flattening the chest. ”

Many people who are transgender and identify as male use this if they have breasts, it helps curb gender dysphoria and generally make you feel more like a boy 💖

Helpful addition by 🎶 anon: you don’t have to be specifically a trans male to use them. they are mainly for the LGBTQ+ community and people who are gender fluid, agender, non binary or anything along those lines also use binders (some people also use them for cosplay, you don’t have to be trans to use them)

(If any of this is wrong please feel free to tell me, I’m cisgender so I don’t want to accidentally spread false information because of that)

Problems with binders:

-Boob sweat.
-Can’t breathe. Can’t run. Can’t Do Sports.
-Rib bruising if you have a shitty one (@ me.)
-Digging in to ur armpit.
-If you have one of those kinds with like 400 clips on the sides it takes forever to get off.
-Pullover ones? Also take forever to get off.
-Velcro ones? Super itchy.
-Can’t look cute in tank tops cause ur binder is just. Showin and lookin ugly.

Good things about binders:
-Make your chest a little flatter, maybe.


I got the tank top binder from gc2b-apparel about a week ago, and then forgot that I was going to do a review of it. Um. Here we go.

First, a brief history: I used to have an underworks binder, which disappeared a while ago, and I haven’t had a decent binder since (just the cheap one I got on amazon, which is…okay, but needs adjusting kinda regularly). (I’m about 30D, so I can’t pull off using sports bras for binding.) 

Then I ran into gc2b’s blog, got curious about all the good reviews, and ordered the grey tank top one. And let me just say that not only is this the most comfortable one I’ve had so far, but it works the best. I still adjust it every, eh, few hours or so, and yet even when I slide out of place it isn’t very noticeable (i.e. you don’t get the uniboob effect). It’s not too difficult to get on and off (unlike my fun experiences with underworks), the fabric is soft/stretchy so there is no risk of chafing, and, just yeah.

yeah. I like it a lot. uwu


Alright trans, nb, cosplying, etc. friends!  I don’t know when/if you will need to use this, but here is a little tutorial i made on how to shorten/hem a chest binder.  I’m super happy with the way it turned out and i really hope SOMEONE can use it at some point.
a few extra points:Please, please, please do not bind for more than 8-12 hours!  I know you might feel like shit about yourself but it’s very bad for you and I really don’t want you to get hurt.Try wearing a tank top under your binder!  It might feel gross or uncomfortable at first but it can reduce chafing and make the whole experience easier to deal with.
If the cut off binder makes your stomach look weird from the transition of binder to skin, wear a tank top over it and it practically disappears. 
I may be making another binder out of the bottom part if there’s enough material, and if you want another tutorial for that please let me know!

This is my first tutorial and i’m totally open to any suggestions/critcism.  Please like or reblog if you’re planning on using this.

Message me with any questions/concerns, and thank you for reading!