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Kuroo + bedroom

Tetsurō Kuroo:

How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

  • We all know what a terrible sleeping position Kuroo has, that he wakes up in the morning with his fabulous hair style. 
  • He usually sleeps in the same position and doesn’t move a lot. But if the next day an important event awaits, he’ll be shifting all through the night.
  • During school days, his sleeping schedule is pretty organized, especially with the morning practice and all. But once the summer vacation hits, his sleeping hours will be all over the place.

What are their pyjamas like?

  • Kuroo doesn’t wear a pyjama set per se, he usually sticks with a tank top, or t-shirt, and a pair of shorts during the summer.
  • In winter days, he wears long sleeved things and pants, but still ends kicking the covers off.

What do they dream about usually?

  • Kuroo is that type of person that doesn’t have intense dreams. He usually dreams about possible scenarios that might happen the next day and faces he knows in real life.
  • When he does have nightmares, they feel like the realest things and he rarely forgets even the details. It fascinates him though.

How neat/tidy is this character?

  • I feel like Kuroo has two opposite sides when it comes to the tidiness of his room. It could be a total disaster or the cleanest place on earth, based on how he’s feeling.
  • As for himself, he takes a shower every day and doesn’t skip the hygiene duties. He prefers being clean after volley practice or matches as well.

How affectionate is this character?

  • Kuroo is pretty damn affectionate and he’s not afraid to show it. Need a hug because you’ve had a bad day? Or just because you need an embrace? He’s there for you, either as his partner or friend.
  • He enjoys cuddling and having his partner close. He’ll be the big spoon most of the time so he can plant kisses on the neck and shoulders of his significant other.
Cute Dancer

“ Shiro is a dance teacher and teaches contemporary dance to teenagers with his dance partner Allura. Lance teaches the class after his which happens to be ballet for little kids. Shiro likes to stick around and watch the long legged man dance and smile at the kids and tries to get the nerves to ask him out. His students end up asking Lance out for him instead. “

I saw this and @shir-oh-no said we could write things for the aus as long as we tagged them and

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Words: 4,127

Shiro ran a hand through his mess of hair as he said goodbye to the last of his students, offering the young teen a small smile. Allura, the woman he taught the class with, waved goodbye with a cheerful ‘see you later, Shiro’ before she exited the room. It had been a long day and class went a little longer than usual, but it ended just in time for the next class, which came piling in only moments after Allura had left. The children seemed excited, eyes shining as they talked to their parents.

Just as Shiro was heading for the exit, a loud voice met his ears and he turned around slightly.

“Hey, guys! Everyone’s here so early, I feel like you all planned this.” There was a playful tone to the man’s voice, deep blue eyes sparkling with joy as he set his bag down. In moments, he was being mobbed by the children and a barked out laugh passed his lips as he crouched down to hug his students. The parents in the room all seemed to have small, fond smiles on their faces as a few of them laughed and shook their heads slightly at the sight.

“Lance, are we doing something new today?” One of the young girl’s voice chirped, giggling when the brunette had scooped her up and stood straight.

“We are, April, and I bet you’ll do great.” The man Shiro now knew was Lance beamed down at the girl before lowering her back to the ground. “Now! Everyone get your ballet shoes on! We have a long day ahead of us!” Lance’s captivating eyes scanned the room before they ended up landing on Shiro, who jumped at the smile the man shot his way. He waved slightly and the older man waved back, a slight flush dusting his cheeks as he quickly shuffled out of the room. He could hear Lance’s laugh follow him out into the hallway.

Before Shiro really knew it, he was staying after his class to watch Lance teach his own class. Dark eyes followed the other’s form as he demonstrated what he was going to teach the kids that day. Sometimes he would find himself staring at his legs that were hugged just right by the tights he always wore, showing off just how long and defined they were. The shirts he wore were no better, really. The tank tops and t-shirts clung to his body tight like a second layer of skin, showing off his fairly slim yet defined form. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was teaching children, Shiro would think the outfit would be distracting. The parents seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did, though, so that was a thing. Sometimes, Lance would catch him staring and send a short wink his way, which usually ended with Shiro flushing and hurrying out of the room with Lance’s laughter following him.

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One small UFYH before and after - my t-shirt/tank top/shorts drawer. Pulled out everything, culled what didn’t fit or what I hadn’t worn in ages, folded the remainders, and put it back neatly while sorting by clothing type. Didn’t even take the full 20/10, and there’s room to spare. Vertical folding FTW!

(Please pardon the detritus at the foot of the dresser, I’m still working on that.)

Goth Fashion

Goth Womenswear: Here’s t-shirts, tanks, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, shorts, skirts, dresses, underwear, swimwear, bodysuits, handbags, shoulder bags, totes, purses, clutches, trousers, leggings, stockings, tights, flats, heels, wedge heels, boots, platforms, sandals, jackets, coats, parkas, socks, wallets, scarves, belts, rings, necklaces, chokers, fascinators …

Goth Menswear: Here’s a t-shirt and some baggy pants from the 90′s.

Vocabulary list: Одежда и Украшения/Clothes and Jewelry

Одежда - Clothes

рубашка - shirt
блузка - blouse
костюм - suit
брюки - trousers
свитер, джемпер - sweater, jumper
футболка - t-shirt
тенниска - t-shirt, polo-shirt
майка - singlet, tank-top
кофта - cardigan
джинсы - jeans
юбка - skirt
платье - dress
водолазка - poloneck, turtleneck
жилет - waistcoat
жакет - (women’s) jacket
пиджак - jacket
куртка - (light) coat
пальто - (winter) coat
шарф - scarf
шуба - fur coat
шапка - (woolly) hat
шляпа - hat
спортивный костюм - sport suit
бюстгалтер - bra
нижнее бельё - underwear
трусы - briefs
бикини - bikini
носки (носок)- socks
чулки - stockings
пижама - pyjamas

Обувь - Shoes, Footwear

туфли (туфля) - shoes
кеды - sneakers, canvas shoes
кроссовки (кроссовка) - sneakers, trainers, sport shoes
ботинки (ботинок) - boots, ankle boots
сапоги (сапог) - winter boots
бутса - football boots
босоножки (босоножка) - sandals (also сандалия)
тапочки (тапочка)- slippers
туфли на высоком каблуке - high heeled shoes

Украшения - Jewelry

кольцо - ring
цепочка - chain
браслет - bracelet
ожерелье - necklace
сережки (серёжка) - earrings
кулон - pendant

crimes against fashion

jake: those pants with the zippers to turn into shorts. bowties with tshirts. suspenders. skull cufflinks.

dirk: those open-sided tank tops. t shirts with a suit printed on them. bizarre wristband things. awful, awful fucking shoes

when the two of them are out on a date rose has to physically restrain kanaya from going postal on them

this or that asks - luke edition
  1. with or without lip ring?
  2. short or long hair?
  3. weezer top or bon jovi shirt?
  4. converse shoes or sparkly boots?
  5. tank top or t-shirt?
  6. black skinny pants or blue jeans?
  7. snapback or beanie?
  8. plaid or striped shirts?
  9. black or blue shirts?
  10. curls or straight hair?
  11. guitar or piano?
  12. vapor or waste the night lyrics?
  13. all black or mixed colors outfit?
  14. red or black plaid shirts?
  15. leather or jeans jacket?
  16. amnesia or jet black heart music video?
  17. speaking or singing voice?
  18. hoodie or suit?
  19. short- or long sleeved-shirts?
  20. with or without beard?
  21. workout or snapchat filter videos?
  22. black & white or blue & white guitar?

i request that you consider ryuji in really big oversized sweaters, like the kind where the sleeves are so long you can’t see his hands

…that is all, thank you.