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starting to dress butch, because not all of us can afford the typical suggestions

One issue that I have with a lot of butch tips is that they are all quite pricey, and even those that boast being cheap are still recommending tops that are $30-50 a piece. I’m sure some people can afford that no problem, but this presents an issue for anyone who’s unsure if they’re butch or just generally doesn’t have the money. I love Tomboy, Wildfang, and the like, but I honestly can’t afford them unless they’re on a blow out sale, and all the cheaper suggestions are like “just go to a thrift store” which can be hard for the first few nerve-wracking times you’re buying butch clothes.

So, my tips on starting to dress butch for cheaper:

Get packs of clothing (basics). Men’s clothing has packs of 2-4+ undershirts that work fine as regular shirts. They’re certainly thicker than some women’s clothes! These may be packs of the same color, or assorted, and they may be t-shirts, tanks, or even collared shirts. You can buy some in the Amazon men’s underwear department if you’re nervous about being in public! Some of these packs are on the pricier side, but they usually give you several shirts. Undershirts are fairly tight-fitting, so make sure to get a comfortable size (I’m a women’s L-XL, usually go for a men’s M). Clothing packs, depending on where you buy them, could be $3-5 per shirt. This is also a great way to get underwear, ties, etc.

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Persona Crossing

…I have no excuse other than being really excited about Pocket Camp. i am weak I hope you like it regardless!


  • Akira’s definitely going to be a fluffy black cat.
  • His outfit consists of his signature black glasses and his casual winter attire. stylish without trying
  • He’s the one that helps everyone get their life together while simultaneously renovating the town.
  • His house is a mix of retro, industrial, and shabby chic; it’s very welcoming and warm.
  • Everyone visits his house so often that they may as well live there.
  • If you snoop around a bit you’ll find his man-cave with so many plushies of Jack Frost and cool little trinkets from his friends (there’s a pool table too).
  • He runs around T&T Mart just so Timmy / Tommy will chase after him. he even giggles while doing it
  • As soon as the monocle was available in Label’s shop, he bought it.
  • He and his friends go to sing karaoke at the club every Saturday night.
  • K.K. almost retired because Akira showed him up once.
  • If he sees Blathers sleeping, Akira will put a blanket around him because it gets cold in the museum. 


  • Ryuji would be a dog, no doubt.
  • More specifically, a golden Shiba with floppy ears. so cute
  • Band-aids are his accessories and cool t-shirts / tank tops are his wardrobe.
  • His catch-phrase is probably ‘bro’, ‘dude’ or ‘man’.
  • “if you were a god you’d be broseiden”
  • His house is the gym.
  • Actually, his house is pretty average-looking since he spends most of his time outside; therefore, he doesn’t worry about decorating.
  • He isn’t opposed to plastering a few posters on his walls, though.
  • He also has a weakness for vintage novelties, so expect his house to have a jukebox, record player, popcorn-maker, and even a pinball machine. there’s a disco ball too
  • A fishing rod is his item of choice and he accidentally tramples flowers on his jogs.
  • He always gets stuck in the pitfalls, and it’s always Akechi that finds him. akechi is obnoxiously smug about it too


  • Ann is going to be a blonde panther. although i considered a bunny with droopy ears
  • She’s the villager that gives Akira all the stylish clothes. bless her
  • The entire shopping plaza is her house because she spends most of her time there.
  • Her real house has a slightly bohemian style, and upbeat music is constantly playing from her speakers.
  • Gracie has definitely hired her for numerous high-fashion modelling jobs.
  • Ann added a patisserie to the public works project list and she’ll drop hints until Akira finally decides to have it built.
  • Occasionally, she’ll join Ryuji on his nightly jogs; when they get tired they’ll just sit along the beach’s cliff-side and chat while the night breeze cools them down.
  • Due to her popularity, a lot of people visit town to see her, and Akira eventually builds a hotel because of it; meanwhile, Makoto will try to regulate the number of visitors so Ann doesn’t feel overwhelmed. they are good friends


  • he has to be redd
  • Really though, Yusuke is definitely a fox.
  • His house has an art-deco style interior, of course.
  • He’s the villager that’s ALWAYS losing their stuff.
  • Additionally, he’s the villager that’s genuinely happy to receive a fish as a gift. a treasure
  • It rains every time he shows up to the fireworks festival, so Akira has Futaba create water-proof fireworks so Yusuke can enjoy them too. 
  • Yusuke visits Celeste constantly because he loves using the telescope to stargaze and she always gives him interesting, random space trivia.
  • He calls Crazy Redd out for fraud every time he visits, and Redd hates him because he can tell which artifact is genuine at a glance.
  • Needless to say, Yusuke is the top contributor for the museum’s art exhibit.
  • When he walked out of Shampoodle with a fluffy pink afro everyone was so confused until he explained that he lost a bet.
  • He actually ended up really liking the hairstyle and he kept it until the color faded.


  • Makoto would probably be a doe.
  • She’s the one keeping the town running while Akira socializes and sells his soul for Bells. she’s literally isabelle
  • Her house is very contemporary and sleek.
  • Her entire house is spotless, especially the room where she keeps her collection of motorcycles. they are her babies
  • Speaking of which, Ryuji begs her to teach him how to ride a motorcycle until she gives in.
  • Then everyone wants to learn how to ride, so she ends up teaching all of them.
  • Makoto is the police commissioner of the region, and she will join Yusuke in reprimanding Crazy Redd. why does he keep visiting smh
  • If she ever catches Booker recklessly giving away lost-and-found items, he will not see the light of day ever again.


  • Futaba is totally going to be a frog.
  • She is always finding new and innovative ways to irritate Mr. Resetti; Akira has to pretend to chastise her about it, but he’ll high five her as soon as Mr. Resetti leaves. she’s doing god’s work
  • She typically wears her signature black glasses along with graphic tees; sometimes she’ll wear a cute bow on her head. 
  • The inside of her house looks like it got ransacked by a tornado, so Akira sends a housekeeper there once a week.
  • She uses gyroids to decorate.
  • Futaba works as the town’s researcher, although she’ll occasionally accept cybersecurity jobs from the Resetti Surveillance Center.
  • She never goes outside during winter (unless there’s a bonfire).
  • Sometimes Ryuji will visit her to play video games and eat ramen all day.
  • Yusuke will knock on the door as soon as he gets a whiff of the ramen, and he looks so hopeful that Futaba can’t bring herself to kick him out. she won’t hesitate to murder him at video games tho


  • she is reese
  • Haru has to be a sheep, and she always wears dresses (except when she’s gardening).
  • Her house has a modern French style interior, and she definitely has a gramophone that plays K.K. Etude.
  • She’s the adorable villager that CAN NOT leave the town no matter what.
  • She waters and plants the flowers with Leif to make the town more lively.
  • Although, someone has been trampling them a lot lately… don’t let her catch you ryuji
  • Haru invites everyone to her cafe on weekends for coffee and sweets.
  • She donates the most to public works projects so that Akira doesn’t end up paying for all of it. the guardian angel of the town
  • She squeaks with joy every time someone gives her a perfect fruit.
  • Brewster actually works for her as a barista, and the two get along pretty well.
  • She and Ann love to visit Katrina because her fortunes for them are extremely accurate.

        BONUS ROUND - Akechi:

        • he’s the fish that actually turns out to be a piece of trash
        • Akechi is going to be a raven, although a mouse would suit him just as well. so akira can toy with him
        • His house has a secret room that’s casino-themed, but the rest of it is pretty traditional.
        • Akechi will occasionally peek in Ryuji’s house and marvel at it because he also loves vintage novelties.
        • He’s the villager that's secretly excited to see Akira when he finally shows up after months / years of being MIA.
        • Akechi takes forever to drink a cup of coffee and it drives Brewster insane.
        • In addition to Ann, visitors come to town because of Akechi.
        • Being a detective, he frequently works with Makoto, and the two have intellectual discussions over a cup of coffee after a hard day of work. they’re actually pretty close
        • Even though he doesn’t like bugs, he’ll still help Futaba catch them for her research.
        • He’s the villager that’s always down to hang out, and he always collects the most badges from Phineas; he is secretly very proud of his collection.
        The Labyrinth Chapter 29

        Originally posted by baebsaes

        Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

        Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

        Length: 5.8k

        Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

        1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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        Punk Richie & Pastel Eddie

        ~ Eddie has a hot pink fanny pack JUST TO START THIS LIST OFF

        ~ Richie got his first tattoo at 15, because his parents didn’t care nor would they noticed. His first tattoo is on his forearm, its ‘los(v)ers’

        ~ Eddie doesn’t like needles but he gets a tongue piercing at 16 (Richie likes it very much if you catch my drift)

        ~ Richie wears black tank tops and t-shirt, he’s ditched his iconic Hawaiian shirts

        ~ he also has this heavy, warm leather jacket that Eddie first wore on a date night

        ~ they went out stargazing in some remote part of town and despite his long sleeve Eddie got cold, so
        Richie put his leather jacket over eddies shoulders
        - he squealed on the inside

        ~ Richie got Eddie flowers one day but Eddie was blushing HEAVILY because he knows the many meanings of flowers and he’s like ‘t-these mean s-sex R-Richie’

        ~ so Richie got him different flowers that mean love and trust and honesty and Eddie just loves him

        ~ at 18, they both get stick and pokes of each other’s first initial

        ~ Eddie likes to make flower crowns so he makes one for Richie when they had a picnic date but Richie is like ‘that’s not badass’

        ~ Richie wears it anyway cause he’s Whipped™

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        All 288 zodiacs can now be applied via this fancy new gizmo.

        The forthcoming update will bring a few major and minor changes to the wardrobe UI; graphic tees and other such items will now appear as singular items with many variants, much like in The Sims. The variants are chosen with the gizmo, seen above.

        The trade-off is that many, many more outfits can have symbols applied to them. For starters, the hoodie, tank top and t-shirt can all have the 288 extended zodiac symbols applied to them. Crikey!

        Cute Dancer

        “ Shiro is a dance teacher and teaches contemporary dance to teenagers with his dance partner Allura. Lance teaches the class after his which happens to be ballet for little kids. Shiro likes to stick around and watch the long legged man dance and smile at the kids and tries to get the nerves to ask him out. His students end up asking Lance out for him instead. “

        I saw this and @shir-oh-no said we could write things for the aus as long as we tagged them and

        I just had to

        (fun fact: autocorrect tried to turn aus into anus)

        ((I dunno if this turned out how the au prompt meant so I’m sorry if it’s not right))

        (((Edit: I changed the title bc handsome dancer didn’t fit)))

        Words: 4,127

        Shiro ran a hand through his mess of hair as he said goodbye to the last of his students, offering the young teen a small smile. Allura, the woman he taught the class with, waved goodbye with a cheerful ‘see you later, Shiro’ before she exited the room. It had been a long day and class went a little longer than usual, but it ended just in time for the next class, which came piling in only moments after Allura had left. The children seemed excited, eyes shining as they talked to their parents.

        Just as Shiro was heading for the exit, a loud voice met his ears and he turned around slightly.

        “Hey, guys! Everyone’s here so early, I feel like you all planned this.” There was a playful tone to the man’s voice, deep blue eyes sparkling with joy as he set his bag down. In moments, he was being mobbed by the children and a barked out laugh passed his lips as he crouched down to hug his students. The parents in the room all seemed to have small, fond smiles on their faces as a few of them laughed and shook their heads slightly at the sight.

        “Lance, are we doing something new today?” One of the young girl’s voice chirped, giggling when the brunette had scooped her up and stood straight.

        “We are, April, and I bet you’ll do great.” The man Shiro now knew was Lance beamed down at the girl before lowering her back to the ground. “Now! Everyone get your ballet shoes on! We have a long day ahead of us!” Lance’s captivating eyes scanned the room before they ended up landing on Shiro, who jumped at the smile the man shot his way. He waved slightly and the older man waved back, a slight flush dusting his cheeks as he quickly shuffled out of the room. He could hear Lance’s laugh follow him out into the hallway.

        Before Shiro really knew it, he was staying after his class to watch Lance teach his own class. Dark eyes followed the other’s form as he demonstrated what he was going to teach the kids that day. Sometimes he would find himself staring at his legs that were hugged just right by the tights he always wore, showing off just how long and defined they were. The shirts he wore were no better, really. The tank tops and t-shirts clung to his body tight like a second layer of skin, showing off his fairly slim yet defined form. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was teaching children, Shiro would think the outfit would be distracting. The parents seemed to enjoy it almost as much as he did, though, so that was a thing. Sometimes, Lance would catch him staring and send a short wink his way, which usually ended with Shiro flushing and hurrying out of the room with Lance’s laughter following him.

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        so quick question, do you think when the universe made Louis it did it just to fuck with us. Make him pretty, but handsome. He should be athletic and fit but still have the daintiest wrists. Oh give him the fluffiest hair, but make them frame a sharp face with cheekbones that’ll cut. Make him snappy and sassy, but with the kindest heart ever. He’ll have the most petite body but with the juiciest ass on it. oh and if that’s not enough, make him look good in a raincoat and a tank top and tight t shirts and oversized sweaters. He shall be a King, of everything.  Louis Tomlinson is a walking set of contradictions.

        Vocabulary list: Одежда и Украшения/Clothes and Jewelry

        Одежда - Clothes

        рубашка - shirt
        блузка - blouse
        костюм - suit
        брюки - trousers
        свитер, джемпер - sweater, jumper
        футболка - t-shirt
        тенниска - t-shirt, polo-shirt
        майка - singlet, tank-top
        кофта - cardigan
        джинсы - jeans
        юбка - skirt
        платье - dress
        водолазка - poloneck, turtleneck
        жилет - waistcoat
        жакет - (women’s) jacket
        пиджак - jacket
        куртка - (light) coat
        пальто - (winter) coat
        шарф - scarf
        шуба - fur coat
        шапка - (woolly) hat
        шляпа - hat
        спортивный костюм - sport suit
        бюстгалтер - bra
        нижнее бельё - underwear
        трусы - briefs
        бикини - bikini
        носки (носок)- socks
        чулки - stockings
        пижама - pyjamas

        Обувь - Shoes, Footwear

        туфли (туфля) - shoes
        кеды - sneakers, canvas shoes
        кроссовки (кроссовка) - sneakers, trainers, sport shoes
        ботинки (ботинок) - boots, ankle boots
        сапоги (сапог) - winter boots
        бутса - football boots
        босоножки (босоножка) - sandals (also сандалия)
        тапочки (тапочка)- slippers
        туфли на высоком каблуке - high heeled shoes

        Украшения - Jewelry

        кольцо - ring
        цепочка - chain
        браслет - bracelet
        ожерелье - necklace
        сережки (серёжка) - earrings
        кулон - pendant