tank photography


Today Im starting a more official blog, especially with my exploits in Boston and along its coast. My uploading schedule will be as follows: Mondays I will post pictures from the nearby museums and all of their wonders. Tuesdays will consist of a post about outfits and what I love most about the Mori subculture! Wednesdays I will be uploading pictures of my times in Scotland and my current attempts to return there.Thursdays I will be taking a break as those are my fullest days of classes. Fridays will be fun projects I am working on, such as knitting or embroidery. Saturdays will be another break because that will be my primary work day. And then on Sunday’s I will talk about my adventures in the inner Boston Harbor! cant wait to share my experiences with everyone, and hopefully you all will be willing to listen! Tomorrows blog will be up by 7 O’clock hope to see you all then!


It’s National Pet Day, I guess? Here’s my horde of animal minions for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet (minus the 36 gallon fishtank because there’s a whole lotta fish in there). Only Charlie will actually do my bidding which is weird because he’s a cat?? Why does he listen to me


I’m gonna start out this post with a disclaimer that my coworker demanded to see my fish tumblr, so I promised her I’d post photos tonight before I shared the URL.

Also, here’s the new tank (acrylic)! And new place! And new bb fish! Chai’s hanging in there, too. I trimmed her pompoms the other day so she can eat better!