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the RFA’s MCs

Zen: Zen’s MC is an outrageous flirt, like this girl goes from 0 to 100000 in 2 seconds. Zen’s always torn between being impressed and embarrassed because she spouts out the corniest lines with a completely straight face; the greatest discovery of Zen’s life is when it turns out she blushes like a fire engine when he flirts back. She fits perfectly at his side, sweet and easy, and listens to every word he says. She understands; loves him a little more for his imperfections. 

Jaehee: Jaehee’s MC is so whipped, she likes Jaehee so much omgomg. She’s so positive and vibrant and cheerful everyone forgets that she gets insanely competitive over Jaehee’s attention. And there’s the way she’s sweet, but with a petty edge like a cat: she loathes Jumin with so much intensity it’s scary, and even when she’s complimenting Zen it’s all ‘ya ur abs are nice but Jaehee’s hair is still waaay prettier’. 

Jumin: Jumin and his MC’s relationship is built on perfect understanding and mutual trust, which is how Jumin knows that his MC is terrifyingly smart. Smart enough to run circles around anyone in the RFA, smart enough to beat them all at their own game. What’s more unbelievable is how kind she is; she gives him her heart, her early-morning smiles and she fills his life with laughter, with light. Teases him for his little ways so that he, slowly, begins laughing too. 

Yoosung: Yoosung’s MC is the founder and chief member of the Yoosung Protection Squad. will literally pelt Seven with anything she has in her hand when he tries to bully Yoosung. nothing can make her light up like listening to Yoosung talk about his interests, and she’s so earnest in how much she loves him, she wants to grow up and grow mature with him so that they can always stand side by side. 

Saeyoung: Saeyoung’s MC:steadfast, whimsical, sometimes gets lost in shopping malls. Kind of oblivious, in the sense that she has trouble figuring out other people’s emotions, but somehow she’s always laser-focused and deadly accurate on what Saeyoung’s thinking or feeling. Sometimes she dreams of approaching trains, and pushing Saeyoung out of the way just in time. Stubborn about her own feelings, fights for what she thinks is right, and he falls for her over and over, he never stood a chance. 

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MC loves the ocean and fish and the RFA members want to do something for her related to that!

RFA members and MC go on a tour/trip together!

Going to combine these two because they are similar! Honestly I love the beach, sadly both admin’s are in a land locked state so their aren’t a lot of beach around her :( But I had a lot of fun writing this one!

Admin Rina ;3c


  • While on set Zen saw a very beautiful beach about a mile away from where MC and him were staying
  • He would most likely make it is surprise
  • “MC do you want to go with me to the store?”
  • But he would already have a bag packed in the car for MC
  • Swimming suit, sun screen, the works
  • When they start driving MC would see the start of the sea
  • “Wait are we going to the beach?”
  • “Yes! I saw this place while going to set! I figured you would love it”
  • MC’s eyes would grow big and they would smile and not stop smiling
  • After getting changed the two of them spend most of the day in the sand and water
  • They would only leave after Zen started to get a sunburn
  • MC told him to wear sunscreen, but oh no he always tans he has never burned before


  • This child is always just trying to make MC happy
  • So when he finds out that MC loves fish he make sure their house has a beautiful tank in the middle of it
  • It’s filled with fish from all around the world
  • Where the tanks is like MCs favorite spot in the house
  • Thankfully it is really easy for them to keep these fish because of Yoosung’s background with animals
  • They also take trips to the beach
  • They can’t always afford/have the time to go to a beach far away
  • But every couple of Saturdays the two of them pack a bag and a lunch and they make their way down to the beach about 20 minutes from where they live
  • Yoosung love the way that MC looks when they sees the open ocean
  • He also really loves learning about new fish, because you know that MC is just an expert at the different kinds of fish in the world


  • Jaehee is not a big fan of the beach
  • Or fish
  • But she loves how much MC enjoys the sand and water
  • So they don’t do it often but MC will ask every couple of weekends for the two of them to go out of town and go enjoy the beautiful weather
  • Jaehee herself spends most of her time under a sun umbrella that she AlWAYS brings with her
  • She mostly just pretends to read while she really watches MC running around like they are a child again
  • Laughing and smiling, no matter how many times they two of them come to the beach MC always seems to be the happiest when they are in the water
  • And Jaehee may hate beaches but she sure does love MC


  • You know this man would go buy MC an Island
  • There is nothing you could tell me that would make me think otherwise
  • When MC thinks they are just going on one of their normal trips to a southern Island they are shocked to see that they were the only 2 there (save for some workers and the animals)
  • “Jumin where is everyone?”
  • Jumin would just smile and grab their hand “This is ours, I know how much you love the beach and ocean so I thought that it would nice for my princess to have their own island.”
  • MC is so overwhelmed
  • They never thought that in a million years that they would have their own private island!
  • MC would unpack so fast Jumin barley has a minute to sit down before MC is rushing him out the door to head down to the beach
  • (Honestly going to be a little self indulgent) When they get to the beach they have the time of their lives.
  • MC loves it when Jumin picks them up and throws them into the water
  • Of course they get their revenge when they tackle Jumin under the water
  • They then proceed to splash at each other
  • They can not believe how amazing it is here.
  • There is no one to bother them at all, no random kids running around, no adults scream for their kids to get out of the water, it’s just them in their own little world.
  • You know that the two of them end up kissing A LOT in the water
  • Jumin is just so happy that MC loved their surprise so much
  • By the end of the night MC and Jumin are sitting on the edge of the water, toes barely hitting each wave that comes in. They just sit there and watch the sun set over their own little piece of paradise


  • This man love the beach
  • And he loves MC!
  • So what a better way to get the best of both worlds then to take MC to the beach every couple of days!
  • One of his favorite things to do is to collect sea shells with MC
  • Their place is pretty much lines with the things
  • All of them being different colors and sizes
  • Oh and you know that this man would be the first to go “MC bary me in the sand! Yeah up to my head!”
  • So MC would
  • MC would laugh and take a million and one photos and send them all to the group chat
  • Later in the day the two of them would go and play in the water
  • They would go to the end of one of the docks in their area (he as money like Jumin so he would most likely rent out their own private area)
  • “MC! Watch out, look at that in the water!”
  • “What?! Is it a shark? OH I HOPE SO!”
  • 707 would just smirk and goes “No it’s just…” the two of them lean in closer near the edge of the dock “MY HOT GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND/PARTNER!”
  • He would yell that as he proceeded to push MC into the water all the while laughing and smiling
  • “Oh and what is that next to you?”
  • “Saeyoung this isn’t funny there isn’t anything next to me!”
  • “Oh you know what I think I know what it is!”
  • “What could it be?” MC says from the water trying to look annoyed but they can’t stop themselves from smiling
  • Then he would proceed to do a cannonball right next to MC
  • Sometimes MC wonders if he loves the beach just as much or even more than they do
  • By the end of the day Saeyoung is burnt head to toe
  • MC always tells him that, because he is a redhead, he needs to put on sunscreen like every 2 hours
  • But they get so caught up with the beach and each other that the time just seems to flies by.