tank loader

The semi-automatic loading tray for the Soviet IS-7 heavy tank. 

The IS-7 was armed with a 130mm naval gun as its main weapon, and had a plethora of machine guns mounted around the tank’s hull. To help lighten the work load of the tank loader, there was a ready rack of two piece shells that could be cranked onto a small conveyor belt type mechanism straight into the breech of the gun. Once this rack was exhausted though, loaders would have to replace the storage in the ready rack, or they could manually load the gun with the two piece ammo. Like with the 122mm tank guns on earlier IS vehicles, the ammunition wasn’t light at all! 


Photographs showing the interior of the tank KV-1 of 1941, production at the Chelyabinsk plant

The interior of the tower. Well seen breech gun ZIS-5. The shooter of the gun was placed to the left of the guns. On the right housed the loader or tank commander. This placement of the crew in accordance with the standards of the time, however, the crew was extremely crowded in this tank.
A view of the devices arrow cannon. Good view of the monocular gun sight periscope surveillance device integrated in the roof, bottom wheel manual displacement control tower.
The view of the gunner seat of a machine gun. The image depicts the machine gun of 7.62 mm DT. Left and right of the machine gun possible to observe further stores a machine gun. This gun built into the back wall of the tower successfully destroyed the enemy infantry flanking from the rear.
The view of the driver’s seat of the tank. At the top center is a surveillance device. Below - instruments and controls tank. On the left you can see the radio station and the venue for the frontal machine gun DT.
Radio station tanks 10-p. In 1942, almost all KV tanks were equipped with radios.
View of the rear part of the hull from the inside. Unlike Western tanks, the Soviet tanks did not have turret baskets.