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Before and after.

On a recommendation, I went to Premier Aquatics in Marietta, GA and BOY HOWDY it was great. Sadly an almost hour drive for me, but worth it, they had an awesome selection. It’s surprisingly tough to find aquarium shops in this area that are not strictly marine.

Anyway, I left with this great wood piece as well as java fern and java moss, and I think it looks fairly good! I’m still refining my aquascaping skills, but it’s a start. I had to weigh down the wood with stones to make it stay submerged, but I had it in a bucket with hot water overnight and it leeched very little, so that’s cool. Alistair seems less certain than I am about it, but I think he’s warming up.

anonymous asked:

If you'd have to put a height on them boys, how tall would they be? Asking for a friend...

Richtofen: I imagine him being the second smallest of them all being the full 5 foot 9 (1 meter and 80 centimeters)

Dempsey: Next to Nikolai, Dempsey is the second tallest in my eyes. I’d say he’s 6 foot 1 (1 meter and 87 centimeters)

Takeo: My dear Takeo is for sure the smallest of them all, being around 5 foot 8 tall (1 meter and 78 centimeters)

Nikolai: The Russian bear is without a doubt the tallest (and biggest) of them all. Let’s say he’s about 6 foot 3 (1 meter and 93 centimeters)

((Mod: I hope these are a bit realistic. Of course my heart is lead by ship purposes so anyone can think different about this. Like for example with Richtofen being taller than Dempsey, but this is just my look on it))


well… you gotta get close… :)