tank it


Here we go, the Overwatch Tank class, now in a goobermation icon set.

Feel free to use this icons if you like them. we would love if you could tell people we made them so spread them around!

Also, is there a character or series you’d love to have an icon of but you don’t see much of them or really like our style? Well feel free to send us an ask!



She is indeed getting a uniform update! It makes sense tbh. Her old outfit stood out quite a bit from the others because it didn’t look official at all. My excuse reason for that is she had only recently passed her test! So her uniform hadn’t been made yet. Her engine was to be repainted soon anyway. Anyone who doesn’t know about her upcoming livery change…

I like her having pink tho… So I gotta keep that aspect. She has a vintage pink bomber she wears over her uniform because, y’know, she’s Rosie. Broad shouldered babe