tank heads

@blairtrabbit: they would find some amazon civilization
blairtrabbit: johnny would almost get them killed
Me: like
Me: immediately
blairtrabbit: like jack would see the giant women step out of the bushes his eyes would get really big

blairtrabbit: and he would side eye johnny and shake his head slowly

blairtrabbit: but it would be to late
Me: hahahaa oh my god
blairtrabbit: johnny would have his mouth open taking a deep breath

blairtrabbit: then the very next shot
blairtrabbit: them in a cage over a fire

Me: “I do not know why you continue to behave this way toward women when I suck your dick every night, Johnny,” Jack says

Me: but in a more PG way

blairtrabbit: johnny just has his head in his hands

Panic! At The Disco music videos, a summary:

I Write Sins: The circus invades a wedding.

Ballad of Mona Lisa: Steampunk vampires, plus a murder conspiracy.

Nine In The Afternoon: Drugs ft. a marching band

That Green Gentleman: Drugs ft. Russian nesting dolls.

Miss Jackson: Brendon killed a hooker, some tires got set on fire and also there was this magic lady who gave her soul up or something. It was a bad day for everyone.

But It’s Better If You Do: Brendon secretly goes to a secret illegal strip club, keeping it a secret from his wife who just so happens to secretly work there. Good times.

Lying Is The Most Fun: People with fish tank heads which is apparently a metaphor for having sex??

Nicotine: Brendon clones himself to deal with the loss of his girlfriend.

This Is Gospel: Murderous doctors.

Ready To Go: Brendon accidentally travels to a different time/dimension, dances with some emo swiffers, gets shot out of a canon, is transported to Toonville, and then everybody decided to go all Singing In The Rain. In conclusion: what the fuck.

Build God, Then We’ll Talk: Mime porn.

Girls/Girls/Boys: To raise awareness of bisexuality, Brendon Urie goes naked.

Northern Downpour: Why are there words on everything.

Let’s Kill Tonight: Shockingly normal, considering the title and the lyrics of the song.

Hallelujah: Illusions, illusions everywhere.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Despite the amount of religiously themed songs, Brendon decides that Hell is the place for him.


The Overture: Wut.

  • P!ATD's music vids from 2006: lol we crash weddings and we like eye makeup and we make ppl walk around with fish tanks on their heads
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD's music vids from 2008: lol we smoke pot and dress like we're from the 1970s and oh shit where's Ryan and Jon
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD vids from 2011: lol Mona Lisa is the shit
  • P!ATD's fans: lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2013: lol we're in Vegas and you're not
  • P!ATD fans: lol
  • P!ATD music vids from 2015 to now: lol its your boy Brendon and I'm actually Satan and I like tentacle porn, torturing kids, and I really don't need anyone at all I'm fucking fine I'm Brendon Urie I can move mountains fuck you
  • P!ATD fans: lo- wait what the fuck

I had a private friend stream with Nimble and she recently got me to watch the first few episodes of Voltron! These are the amazing results.

apocryphist  asked:

22, Gency!

  22. Aquarium Date

Do I dazzle with my impressive array of fish facts or do I just make Genji and Mercy make out? Decisions, decisions….

It was strange, seeing Genji in civilian clothes. He didn’t bother wearing shoes, of course, but everything else kept throwing her off. She was used to the sight of the green glow of his heat sinks, or the neural indicators glowing in his torso and back. He was wearing a dark blue zip-up hoodie with the hood up. It was a bit baggy on him since it was borrowed from McCree as were the awkwardly fitting jeans, and the black shirt he was wearing was tight and short on him because it was borrowed from Lúcio. His visor was reflecting against the glass of the open ocean tank. Mercy leaned her head on his shoulder as an enormous sunfish swam by.

“You sure know how to kill two hours,” said Mercy, smiling as she watched the fish, “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a place like this.”

“To be honest, I wanted to come here because I have never been to one, myself,” said Genji, as Mercy hooked her arm in his.

 Mercy glanced over at him. “Really?”

 Genji shrugged, “My parents did not tolerate many distractions.”

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signs as panic at the party songs
  • aries: build jesus porno mime
  • taurus: girls love girls and girls gay gay gay
  • gemini: but its better if ur a stripper
  • cancer: why are there numbers on the tables
  • leo: we're starving as fuck
  • virgo: mona lisa killed a bitch
  • libra: this song is about fucking
  • scorpio: the piano knows the ryden truth™
  • sagittarius: something about weed, probably
  • capricorn: that one song about closing the goddamn door
  • aquarius: the end of spencer smith
  • pisces: fish tank heads

i found this sitting in my notes from months ago so i figured i’d post it. luke is an underground fighter and you’re pregnant. enjoy!

Luke sighs and pulls his black tank over his head as he walks into your shared bedroom, “you awake princess?” He murmurs and you reach for the light on your nightstand before flicking it on, pushing yourself to sit up and taking in the sight of him. Your heart sinks when you see the purple bruise forming under his right eye, the skin so swollen his beautiful blue eye is barely open. His smile is lopsided thanks to the fat lip and cut slicing through the right side of his bottom lip and you kick the sheets off, your hand smoothing over the small bump between your hips before you shift onto your knees and crawl to his side of the bed.

“Gorgeous…” You breathe the pet name as you stomach twists. This isn’t the first night he’s come home bruised, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Luke closes his eyes as your hands gently cup his cheeks, wincing slightly when he nuzzles into your touch despite being in pain as his hands come up to hold your wrists, “I’m okay,” he murmurs, pulling your right hand away and pressing a kiss to your palm before he guides your hand down to your baby bump, his hand covering yours, “how’s our little cub?”

"He’s fine,” you say, tilting your chin and brushing a gentle kiss to his lips, “so are these the bruises of a winner?”

Luke’s lips pull into a smirk as his fingers fall to his belt, watching you crawl back under the covers, “winner,” he murmurs, letting his belt hang unbuckled as he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a thick roll of cash- all 100 dollar bills you’re sure- and tossing it onto the mattress, “15 grand princess, we can finally get that nice family car you’ve been wanting.”

You lean over the side of the bed and pull the shoebox out from under your side, setting the cardboard box in your lap and opening the top to reveal 4 other rolls of cash that are equally as large, “I think you should stop fighting,” you murmur as you set the money in the box, not bothering to count it before you put the lid on and look up at your boyfriend.

He sighs, kicking out of his jeans before crawling into bed with you, leaning over to click your bedside lamp off, “two more fights,” he promises, his voice soft as you roll onto your side, a hum leaving his throat as you press back against him, your body slotting in against his like a puzzle piece, “then I can walk away without any problems from The League.”

“You promise?” you ask as his arm slips around your waist, his large hand covering nearly the entire spans of your baby bump.

He noses your hair out of the way before he presses a soft kiss to your neck, “promise.”

Talk To Me. // Derek Luh // Sweet

Request:  can u please please please make a derek luh imagine were ur like bigger and he makes u feel better and it’s all cute and stuff?? thanks boo!

Hope You Enjoy This Babes!


I grumbled in annoyance as I poked at my pudgy stomach and my fat rolls. I’ve been working out for a few weeks trying to get rid of some of this fat but it doesn’t even look like I’ve been to the gym once. I hated my body more than anything. I had thunderous thighs, love handles, and I had big boobs on top of all of that.

I pulled my tank top over my head and peeled off my cropped leggings. I just came home from the gym and I’m hoping I can squeeze in a quick shower before he comes home from the studio. I’ve been dating my boyfriend Derek Luh for almost two years now and I’m really happy with him.

But I just don’t know what he sees in me, he has tons of skinny pretty girls chasing after him every day. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and stepped into the shower adjusting the water temperature. I sighed in relief, letting the warm water wash away all of the stress from today.

Around thirty minutes went by and I finally decided to get out of the shower. I shut off the water and wrapped myself up in my pink fluffy towel and headed back into our bedroom. I dried myself off and as soon as I let my towel drop Derek entered the room immediately stopping in his tracks scanning every inch of my body.

“What are you doing home, it’s only five?” I ask wrapping myself back up in the towel.

I awkwardly shift as he licks his lips ignoring my question.

“Derek? Are you even listening?” I ask tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

He made his way over to me and gently pushed me against the wall placing both of his hands on both sides of my face trapping me.

“You look so fucking sexy right now baby.” He said biting his lip.

Immediately my cheeks started to heat up turning rosy.

“Shut up Derek.” I said brushing him off and heading over to our shared closet to put some clothes on.

Not even seconds later Derek had followed me into our walk in closet and leaned against the wall beside the door.

“Why do you do that?” He asked sighing stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Do what?” I asked as I looked through my clothes.

“Y/N look at me.” He said gently grabbing hold of my wrist and turning me towards him.

“Derek I’m trying to get dressed.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Every time I compliment you, you turn away or you roll your eyes.” He said sincerely.

“I’m your boyfriend, if there’s something going on you need to tell me.” He said softer.

“There’s nothing going on, I’m sorry.” I said pulling away from him.

I exited the closet just settling on my robe seeing as he wasn’t going to let me get dressed in peace.

“Don’t walk away from me Y/N, we’re talking about this now.” He said walking after me.

“Okay Derek! You want to talk, let’s talk? I’m not fucking beautiful or pretty Derek and I know it.” I yelled.

“And so when you lie to me, and you say those things it pisses me off.” I admitted.

He looked back at me a look of disbelief and shock sketched on his face.

“What?” He asked combing his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore Derek, just drop it.” I said sitting down at the foot of our bed.

He walked over to me and kneeled down in front of me taking both of my hands into his.

“Y/N? Listen to me.” He said moving my chin to face him.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. How could you even say that about yourself?” He asked.

“Because it’s the truth.” I mumbled.

He let go of my hands and swiftly untied my robe and pushed me back on the bed climbing on top of me.

“Derek I’m not in the mood.” I huffed covering up my boobs with my arms.

“All of this…” He said ignoring me and running his hands up and down my sides.

“Is fucking beautiful, every inch of your skin is beautiful.” He said looking down at me.

“It pisses me off that you can’t see all that I do and what everyone else does.” He admitted.

“Derek you don’t understand, your skinny you don’t get it.” I said.

“Does that mean I can’t recognize beauty when I see it?” He asks.

“Never mind, forget that I said anything.” I said defeated.

“We’re not leaving this bedroom until you open your eyes and start being truthful with yourself.” He said getting off of me.

I sighed and sat up closing my robe back up.

He sat next to me and leaned his back up against the headboard.

I tried my best to discreetly every minute or so scooch as far away from him as possible. I just didn’t want him to be around me when I was feeling this way, I know Derek’s a generally happy person and I’m just not like that 24/7 I have my days where I just want to hide from the world.

He reached over and grabbed my hand interlocking our fingers.

“What did you make me promise you when we first started dating?” He asked looking down at our hands.

I smiled to myself thinking about how simple everything seemed back then.

“To always be honest with me.” I answered.

“Baby girl I know I’m not perfect, and I know I can be a shitty boyfriend at times.” He said softly.

“But I want to be here for you and with you, I don’t want you to shut me out.” His beautiful voice echoed throughout our empty home.

“I don’t know how to let you in Derek, I want to but I just can’t.” I said finally letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Just talk to me, tell me whatever you want and I’ll listen. Now come here.” He answered.

I obeyed and crawled over to him and he pulled me into his chest wrapping his arms around me protectively.

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I’m a bit nervous as this is the first actual post I’ve made rather than a reblog but here goes…

One of my favorite things in life is finding whump in unexpected places. I may make a series of posts like this if it keeps happening but I guess I’ll just start with this. I was browsing through youtube watching music videos and found that many Panic! at the Disco videos were unexpectedly whumpy. Allow me to illustrate:

(I may have missed some but these are the ones that come to mind)

Lying is The Most Fun

Very surreal but these two fish tank head people collapse and their fish tanks break. They have to be taken to the ocean in a bathtub ambulance to be revived. Lots of carrying of unconscious people. Whump scale: 3/10

Nine in the Afternoon

Literally shot in the hand with an arrow, ok that’s a normal thing to have in a music video    Whump scale: 1/10 not much really but i’m including it

This is Gospel

Held down, IV forced into arm, held back with ropes, general distress    Whump scale: 6/10

Emperor’s New Clothes

Transforms (what looks like painfully) into a demon/Satan   Whump scale: 5/10

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time

Gets very drunk, is stabbed through the stomach with a tentacle and then thrown off a balcony (warning for death though, I know that’s a nope for some) …like damn, I didn’t expect any of that but I’m ok with it  Whump scale: 11/10 

Conclusion: someone involved in making p!atd music videos is a whumper and I am eternally grateful