tank entitlement

Baelsar’s Wall in EX Roulette. Not really a big deal. I’m DPS, the other DPS was new and what might consider under-geared so our DPS overall seemed a bit low. However, again… it’s not really a big deal. From the start, I just thought “ah well, this’ll take a little longer than usual.“ 

I guess the tank got impatient. The healer didn’t respond amazingly, but I doubt it would have ended any better if they had. The tank left right after this. No skin off my nose, I had a friend in my FC who jumped in as tank immediately. You’re not as precious a commodity as you think you are.

The healer later says he was just being careful since the other DPS was under-geared. I understand that. I heal as well. I really couldn’t help myself from jumping in to defend him. We finished just fine and all thanked each other at the end.

If you’re a tank and this entitled, do the entire FFXIV community a favor and get over yourself. 

( submitted by isirei )

Tubs aren't "cheap"

…if you bother to set them up correctly. Not everyone has the strength or helping hands to lift heavy glass tanks. Not everyone lives in a place where the tanks won’t get moved often. Not everyone will feel safe picking up a tank cheap from Craigslist or other pet supply forums. And remember, some reptile species will do better in a modified tub as opposed to a glass tank, not to mention it’s also difficult to modify a glass tank too.

Just because a plastic tub is cheaper than a similarly sized glass tank doesn’t mean you’re entitled to shit on tub users.