tank drifting


Hey there taylorswift!!!
These are pictures of me and my best friend and partner in Swifting. Who also just so happens to be my mama.
We have always been extremely close but the best adventures and memories we carry together are ones revolving around you. For the past seven years my mom and I have danced down Taylor Road together and have a hell of a time doing it. She’s driven 4 hours to take me to one concert in Edmonton, and then the next day drive 17 hours to get to the next concert in Vancouver. I have to say one of my fondest memories of my mama and I is when we were in Pit during the red tour and during 22 you touched my hand and the next time you touched my moms. (As seen above. We are in the SWIFT OR DRIFT tanks ~ mama’s idea) After you touched her hand I look at my mom and screamed, she started crying and questioning if it had just happened. We cried together the entire night.
My mom goes out of her way to try and make me happy. She has bought me every magazine that you’ve been on and every American Greetings card she can find. We spend hours having dance parties to all of your albums and your music is most obviously the soundtrack to our road trips!!!
We went to LA in October to see you SLAY Hollywood blvd and that was one of the most amazing things we have ever experienced. She canceled work and dropped everything to get us there. And it was so worth it.
My mom has a Twitter: mamaflip13 and is actively apart of the fanbase. She always knows what’s going on and defends you just as much as any other fan would. Tomorrow is my moms birthday. And as I present I would die if you could notice her. Every time I’ve been noticed in the past my mom gets so excited and goes and tells all her friends. But if SHE was noticed, I know it would be the best birthday present ever.
We love you, Taylor.
Thank you for being the reason we are SO close. Hopefully one day we can meet and take a picture with our mamas together. ❤️❤️❤️


Today I learned you can drift tanks.