tank drifting

Never Hide Your Beauty Part 1

Juice/Plus Size OC

Warnings: None in this part….

The moment Juice laid eyes on her it was over. Nothing and no one else mattered. He had never seen someone as beautiful as her. He stood there mouth agape in a puppy dog daze staring through the department store window. He had gone to electronics store at the mall to get a few upgrades for his gaming pc when he stopped mid step and froze.

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Could you maybe write something where 2D has some kind of breakdown and is just kind of a mess and s/o has to comfort him? I live for angst oh my god why do I hurt the ones I love?! Thank you!!! Ps: I'm in love with your page oml 💖

B O I  H A V E  T H E  A N G S T

I was gonna sleep but then my friend started talking about our upcoming trip to the London Aquarium, and my mind immediately went to this ask. Enjoy some fucking ANGST my dudes

Your eyes light up as you walk under the gently undulating blue light of the arch, turning your head in a slow circle to take in everything around you.

The room is completely black, lit up on by fibre optic lights in the ceiling, and every 4 feet or so are large circular tanks. Jellyfish swim in slow, lazy groups behind them, their odd skirts drifting in the artificial currents. 2D sticks close to the entrance, looking around nervously before pacing in, walking quickly and grabbing your hand as you walk, pressing up against your back.

To outside eyes, he must look like an overly affectionate boyfriend, but you look back at him as you lead him over to the first tank, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

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Fall Day

This is part of a series of drabbles based on experiences I have had in different seasons of the year.  They are of course Sam X Reader (duh!) You can read Snow Day here, and Beach Day here.

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This is also for week 16 of the Gloriously Amazing @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Challenge Week 16 and the prompt is

”Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“

A/N: This is so damn fluffy you’ll barf! LOL

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader

We had wound up on the other side of the country chasing a nest of vamps that moved a lot.  A day or two in each town and they were off again, and so were we.  They finally met their end in a sleepy Pennsylvania town, after what felt like an eternity of driving.

After we had cleaned up in our tiny motel, we got in the car and prepared for the long drive back to Kansas.  

“I’ve gotta admit, I have missed fall on the East Coast.  Seeing the leaves changing was always my favorite.   My parents used to take me to this farm every fall……“

“That’s right, you’re from out this way. I forgot.” Dean remarked. He didn’t notice the way your eyes grew tight with sadness at the memory of your parents, but Sam did.  Sam noticed everything about you.

You grabbed Sam’s mammoth jacket where he had tossed it on the back seat, burrowed beneath it and promptly fell asleep. You missed Sam’s eyes following your every move.

You woke up from your nap later refreshed and hungry. “Where are we?” You asked sleepily.

Sam looked up from his laptop. “I dunno. Somewhere in Pennsylvania still. But we need to stop for gas.“

”Good. I need to stretch my legs anyway.“ You said, stretching.

Sam went to buy drinks while Dean filled Baby’s tank. Your eyes drifted to the billboards across the street, and a huge grin lit up your face. ” Hey guys, let’s ditch this place and do something fun!“ You said excitedly when Sam emerged.

“What did you have in mind, Y/N”? Dean asked curiously.

“Just drive.  I’ll show you.” You said, your face radiant with excitement.

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I messaged you towards the end of last year about fun bitting. Here is my buddy now. Fins are doing great, and long as ever. He is loving his tank, the drift wood, and live plants. He has to rest often because of the big fins.


Ah, what a beautiful boy! Thanks for sharing! <3

My 7 favourite anime, in case anyone was curious:

1. RedLine
hand drawn space auto racing, cute main couple, untz untz untz, just a feast for the senses

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2. Kiki’s Delivery Service
uses magic power as an analogy for self worth and creativity; strong message about finding one’s place and maturing in a callous world.

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but I mean if I have to convince you to watch a Ghibli film by Miyazaki, the world is more callous than I thought. 

3. Girls und Panzer
girls drive tanks; and instead of being creepy moe schlock it’s super fun for the whole family by presenting both accurate tanks and supportive female friendship

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also tank drifting; did i mention the tank drifting

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((p.s. hetzers gonna hetz))

4. Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure
A family line of Good Boys, some soft and some rowdy, go on an intergenerational journey to…

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(yes even the villains have good and soft friends,)

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(pictured: bisaster cherry, bisaster caramel seasalt, and bisaster in chief)
In the manga and games you get bonus girl jojo, mafia jojo, and wacky races!

5. Hunter x Hunter 2011

Arguably superior to the manga version, it’s the tale of tiny babies in love and the weirdos that fight them.

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this is my smol green son of whom i am very proud; he is a good and pure boy

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this is my tol pink husband of whom i am very ashamed; he is a bad and sinful man

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this is my bigge eyye wife of whom i am very enamoured; he is a confused and wicked creature who does not know where babies come from

6. Chihayafuru
It’s a tournament anime about a game that is only played in Japan and revolves around classical Japanese poetry.  Somehow the anime makes it work by explaining the game and presenting a team of utterly charming characters who each pay off of one of the game’s strengths such as agility, history, and memorisation. The main female character is valued for her abilities and tenacity, and not sexualised so hot dang yay.  GET HYPE TO SLAP CARDS

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7. Gunbuster 1988 / Starship Operators
Hey do you like space opera that has a strong emotional core AND takes both 3D navigation and the effects of special relativity into account during starship battles?  Okay, watch the classic Gunbuster.

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Once you’re done crying come back and watch the excellent Starship Operators, which really outperformed its expectations as a light novel adaptation through physics and social commentary.  The anime has no gifs on tumblr, so check out the ending song which I think is really lovely and always makes me think Toshi is about to step in and sing Endless Rain next.