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I explained to my stepbrother why housing the angelfish, the goldfish, and the pleco together in the 10-gallon was not a wise aquarium setup and he completely understood. Apparently it was what was suggested to him by the Petco employee (!?!?!??) when he picked out the 10-gallon tank. He’s looking into purchasing a larger tank (I believe he mentioned getting a 20 or a 29 gallon), however I’m not sure that he understands the pleco needs to go or that the angelfish and goldie are incompatible species…I’m not great at being blunt. He is sincerely trying to do what he can to amend the situation though, and I think that that is admirable and responsible so I’m proud of him.


YO FISHBLR! I need some advice, please♡

This is not ideal, this is not my tank, and tho I have so far tried, I have not been able to get these fish a properly sized tank, so I am doing my best to give them good parameters and the best situation I can rn♡

Size: 10 gallon tank

Stocking: 5 longfin zebra danio, 1 shortfin zebra danio, 1 common pleco (i know yall),1 rainbow shark (I know…)

Filtration: hob with sponge and ceramic media, corner medium size sponge filter (about 4-5" tall)

Parameters: 0/0/0/8.2 pH/76°F
(I tried to keep the pH around 7.6-7.8 with wc but my mom tops off the tank instead of doing wc and so the pH just goes back up eventually…)

The tank IS cycled, and also heavily planted,and we don’t feed flake food anymore (yay new life spectrum) so there’s less food waste in the tank.


1. Should I let the pH be high? Or try to keep it a bit lower? (Out tap water is kind of insane…comes out 8.4-8.6)

2. The long-finned danios are *very* lethargic and idk why. They were very active when my mom introduced them about a month ago, and the filter has a strong flow and they LOVED playing in it. Now, their fins look clamped and they seem like they struggle to swim and I’d what to do. By strugflw to swim, i mean they hover in one spot and then when they begin to drift, they flap their fins to continue hovering.The shortfinned danio seems to be OK for the most part tho (it’s also larger/older/full-grown tho)? And the pleco and shark are also acting normally.

3. The params are great, should I do a wc anyways? Usually I do 25-50% depending on what the tank needs.

Any advice/help/suggestions would be so helpful and I’d be very appreciative♡


got myself a muscle tank hell yea

My tank is days away from being done cycling omfg. I added some hygrophila and another anubias plant today and It’s really looking beautiful. I’ll be moving some of the hygrophila over to my other tank once it has a better light as well as the betta log as Sushi actually hates that thing. I’m so excited to be on the last stage of cycling! Sushi and the snails (Thunder and Lightning) will be so happy to be in their new 10G home!

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Schilt P4 flamethrower

Manufactured c.1917-18 based on the previous Portable series started in 1915.
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A much more bulky design than its German counterpart, but with a very sexy lance. The P series was derived from the larger static Schilt No1 and No2 flamethrowers.