tanja osswald


DIY Crochet Dead Fish Key Cap from Tanja Osswald at Ravelry here. This pattern costs 2 euros or $2.63 at Ravelry. You must sign up at Ravelry to get in to see the patterns - but there are so many good free and pay ones on their site. GIF by me using lilitupili’s photos on Flickr here and my favorite GIF making program makeagif.com. Don’t like the dead fish design? Use a French knot for the eye instead.


Whoa, I haven’t posted a crochet project in forever O_O Well, now’s as good a time as any! These are some fingerless gloves I made for my sister as a Christmas present. I felt like a magical girl as I was wearing them… a magical girl with warm hands!

The pattern is Tanja Osswald’s from Ravelry. 

These took me a little while to make, as I had never done slip stitch crochet before this. It actually has a knit look to it, which is pretty cool. Once you get the hang of it, it works up quickly!

Here’s the link to my project on Ravelry! I made another pair that I’ll post soon :)