therewas-courfeyrac  asked:

ghastly- 2, 3, 7 💕

2. Cooking headcanon

the man can cook. omg. i feel like?? he’s really good at making stews and things??? the kind of stews and soups that make you feel good when ur cold or when u need comforting?? like i swear ghastly is just the human embodiment of comfort so like.

ALSO. tanith totally chills in the kitchen with him or helps him when he cooks?? like either shes sat on top of one of the counters that isn’t being used and talks to him while he’s cooking or she’s like. helping with cutting the vegetables and stuff

3. Sleeping headcanon

he’s the big spoon at any given point of time. n bc he’s Big and has fuckin Tree Trunk Arms like???? he can completely envelope tanith so she’s safe and warm n its the best thing

7. Kissing headcanon

so like. hes definitely someone who loves to like??? hold the cheek/face of the person hes kissing?? rly gentle thumb-brushing-cheek sort of thing

The thing about Skulduggery Pleasant is that you always love it, but you’re either casually thinking that they’re good books whilst occasionally smiling at skeleton related merchandise, or you’re literally having heart palpitations as you hold the books with tears in your eyes, weeping whilst screaming and tearing your hair out, and imagining covering the books with icing so you could ingest them like a cake I mean