Bandaged faces - wounded identities

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Phoenix / 2014 / dir. Christian Petzold

Goodnight Mummy (Ich seh ich seh) / 2014 / dir. Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz

The Face of Another (Tanin no kao) / 1966 / dir. Hiroshi Teshigahara

Eyes Without a Face (Les yeux sans visage) / 1960 / dir. Georges Franju

The Invisible Man / 1933 / dir. James Whale

「人生はワンチャンス!」Day Two:  自分らしさをなくさない

自分らしさをなくさない (jibun rashisa wo nakusanai) = Don’t lose your sense of self.  (The book’s translation is, “Don’t forget who you are.”)

不動 (fudou) = immobile, steadfast

地位 (chii) = position, status

築く (kizuku) = to build, pile up, amass

孤児院 (kojiin) = orphanage

簡素な (kanzona) = simple, plain

周囲 (shuui) = environment, circumstances

丈 (take) = length, measure (e.g. skirt length)

詰める (tsumeru) = to take in, reduce, shorten, stuff in

襟元 (erimoto) = collar

蝶結び (choumusubi) = bowtie

工夫 (kufuu) = scheme, device, figuring out

さり気ない (sarigenai) = nonchalant, unconcerned

厳格な (genkakuna) = strict, severe, rigid, austere

修道女 (shuudoujo) = Catholic nun

つつも (tsutsumo) = even though, despite …

魅力的な (mitryokutekina) = charming, fascinating, glamorous, attractive

環境 (kankyou) = environment, circumstance

喪失 (soushitsu) = loss, forfeit

哲学者 (tetsugakusha) = philosopher

勝利 (shouri) = victory, success

他人 (tanin) = another person, others

欠点 (ketten) = faults, defects, weakness

女優 (joyuu) = female actress

精神 (seishin) = mind, spirit, heart, intention

Association Ch-2

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Rated: Smut

Pairing: YutaxReader

Summary: She really hated the guy, his stupid smirk, and flirty attitude was an annoyance at work. Outside of work though, matters were different.

(Y/N): So many of you wanted this Jesus Christ. I don’t really question why but I mean it definitely got me thinking of possibilities with this one. So I guess I’m back to quench your thirsts. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1| Chapter 2| Chapter 3| Chapter 4

“This is going to be a lot of fun.” Yuta announced brightly, sitting back on the chair. She turned to him confused.

“An old client of our’s has been arrested in a foreign land. Which is the fun part here?”

“We’ll need what, two days to work out his mess? The rest of the week is ours.” He leaned in and winked.

“Do you think ensuring someone doesn’t end up in a foreign prison is easy? He’s been accused of insulting a prostitute, I didn’t know he could get any worse than he already was.” She huffed out in annoyance. The old man was a sleazy pervert and she wasn’t enjoying the idea of bailing him out from anywhere.

“We’ll just pay them.” He said while cutting into his food.

“That’s offensive to everyone involved.” She laughed incredulously. He just shrugged at put a shrimp in his mouth.

“I don’t care, I want my vacation. He’s rich and guilty, at least the poor girl will make some money off this,” He raised his glass waiting for her to do the same, when she didn’t he only shrugged again and took a sip. “And so will we. We can bill him for the whole week.” He said causing her to choke on her drink.

“That’s a lot.” She said a little surprised.

“Consider it the price for your conscience.” He finished his drink as their flight was called.

After the flight finally took off, she got busy with reading the relevant laws of the country they were currently off to to find a solution. When Yuta realised this he sighed.

“Don’t bother, laws for prostitutes are very strict in this country, paying her to drop the case is the only way. Tourism is one of their largest income, if this story goes public a lot of people might be scared off for a while, putting a large dent in their economy.” Even with her disapproval of his methods, she was mildly impressed at his research.

If it goes public?” She raised her brow and he grinned. She sighed at sat back.

“Fine whatever, as long as we are done with this as soon as possible.” She sipped on the wine they gave as a welcome drink.

“I don’t get the appeal of wine.” Yuta announced as she turned to him with an offended expression before it subsided into one of bemusement.

“It’s not for everyone.” She said simply, taking another sip.

“What I mean is, it costs hundreds of dollars and for some imaginary flavours. What even is a tanin?” He laughed shamelessly at his own sad attempt of a joke.

“I’ve seen you spend half your wallet on a glass of scotch.” She said with a sigh.

“That’s not the same thing,” He said with a patronising tone. “Scotch has something to show for it’s price, It’s much smoother.

“Wine prices depend on where it’s from, a good province gives wine with very complex flavours.” She explained.

“All I taste is booze.” He shrugged.

“That’s because you’re about as cultured as a herring.” She deadpanned making him laugh at the very random comparison.

After a meal, and a joint decision to make each other like the other’s choice of alcohol, they were both sufficiently drunk and tired, neither more accepting of the other’s preferences than when they started.

She faced away from him, curling up to sleep through the rest of the flight. Yuta turned to her and pouted to himself, he wasn’t tired.

“Hey.” He whispered in her ear and she only hummed in response, “Are you sleeping?” He asked stupidly.

“What does it look like Nakamoto?” Her voice was a sleepy groan. He chuckled so close to her ears that she shivered.

“But I’m bored.” He whined and she just sighed and ignored him. After sitting back for a few more minutes he got restless again and turned back, whining her name in her ears, only partially enjoying how she shivered again.

“I know you’re awake come on.” He whined.

“What do you want?” She spat out annoyed of being deprived of sleep, he smirked at her, and it left her both confused and curious. He slipped his hand into his blanket and then into hers making her eyes shoot open.

“Yuta!” She whispered urgently, “What are you doing?”

“What? You’re so cold so I’m just keeping you warm.” His hand landed on her thigh. When she tried to push it away he only gripped on tighter.

“You are such a nuisance.” She chastised but his smirk only grew as he pushed his hand higher, her protests getting weaker.

His hand reached the band of her tights, as he got slower with his persecution. She shifted in an almost unconscious attempt to give him access but it only made him grow more smug. He slowly slipped his hand into her tights, relishing the idea of her growing impatient but being unable to show it amongst all the other sleeping people. He traced circles inside her thigh, keeping up his maddening rhythm for so long that she let out a whine before she could stop herself, slapping her hand over her mouth and thanking the seat distance business class provided. He sniggered to himself, knowing she would be too proud to say anything but seeing how far he could take it. He watched as she raised her blanket to cover her face, he stopped and drew his hand out. She pulled her blanket down and stared at him while she took shallow breaths, confused.

“It’s no fun if I can’t see your face.” He shrugged, her features turned rigid.

“I hate you.” She whispered with pure betrayal in her voice and turned away. He smiled, finally tired enough to sleep.

They were woken up for breakfast by a flight attendant and the next few hours were spend watching Yuta flirt with the flight attendant incessantly. She decided to just do some work to have something better to do than watch his terrible misadventures. She reached into her bag and took out a file. Yuta turned to her after finishing what was his third conversation with the same attendant and sighed.

“Can you not stop working for a few hours? You know addiction to your work is also a real problem.” He put a hand on hers with mock sympathy. She pushed it away a little too harshly.

“Then what do you suggest I do with all this free time?” She raised her brow at him.

“I don’t know. Don’t you have any hobbies like most people?” She stared at him like he was speaking in ancient greek.

“In a flight? I’m sorry but my hobbies don’t include chatting up flight attendants.” She knew how it sounded the moment she said it and groaned when the expected smirk tugged at his lips.

“Are you jealous?” His eyes danced and she threw her pillow at him.

“Yes,” He looked shocked at her unexpected words. “Of all the people who don’t have to endure your terrible method of flirting.” His face fell before he smirked soon after.

“So it definitely isn’t my flirting that gets you so hot.” He said next to her ear, “I’d say it’s my fingers, but we couldn’t get to that part could we?” She really wanted to kick herself for how much his voice affected her right then, but she was damn well not going to show it. She turned to him, ignoring the proximity of his face to hers. This isn’t the first time he’s that close, don’t act like a teenager.

“When I ride you till I can’t feel my legs and,” She looked from his lips and straight into his eyes, as he sucked in a breathe, smiling, “when you don’t open that irritating mouth of yours.” She smirked this time, “That really gets me going.” She scoffed and sat back.

“Now, I’m not disrupting your rudimentary play time so leave me be.” She went back to her file while Yuta sat back, suddenly in need of a breath, or maybe a cold shower.

As Yuta had predicted, it took two days to sort everything. Once everything was settled, their client made a gracious offer to take them to dinner at an extremely exclusive restaurant.

“Yuta this is going to be too much. I mean I didn’t even bring something to wear to such an opulent place.” She said looking up from her laptop as he emerged from the shower.

“We could go shopping, we have the whole day.” He looked up at her while drying his hair with a towel, repressing a smirk when he noticed her stare at his exposed chest.

“Or we could stay in and you can just wear jeans to a michelin star restaurant.” He bend down and put his arms beside her, caging her in. She looked up at and gulped which didn’t help his dwindling resolve.

“I-uh.” She used all her will to look away from his face and how good it looked with wet hair, “I’ll go shower, I’ll met you outside my room in an hour.” She coughed and slinked off the bed somehow.

“Whatever pleases you.” She heard him say as she walked to the door.

This is the opposite of that.

To say she looked good in the green dress she got would be an understatement, saying she looked absolutely ravishing wouldn’t quite cut it either.

To put it simply, Yuta really loved the dress and he also loved the idea of slipping her out of it even more, which was a sudden but not necessarily unwelcome thought.

He stood outside her door, staring at her, already wishing for the dinner to be over

“Here.” She said handing him something, he looked down at her hand confused staring at the small silk cloth in her hand the same colour as her dress.

“It’s a pocket square, it was displayed beside the dress and I really liked it.” She mumbled, Yuta looked up unable to process this. Instead he took the small gift from her hand. The article, unlike her monochromatic dress, was intricately designed with white flowers and hummingbirds. He traced the patterns with his thumb.

“It’s beautiful.” He pulled out the small material already present in his breast pocket and throw it inside her room.

“Why are you throwing that around? It’s expensive.” She stared at his wide eyed. He just smiled, deciding not to say what was on this mind.

It wasn’t a sliver as meaningful as this one.

USSR (now RUSSIA). Moscow. August 19, 1991. Soviet Army tanks parked near Spassky Gate, an entrance to the Kremlin and Basil’s Cathedral in the Red Square after a coup toppled Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. 

Tanks rolled through Moscow towards the Russian White House, where Boris Yeltsin, leader of the Soviet-era Russian republic at the time, gathered his supporters after denouncing the coup, while beginning to erect barricades around the building. Dozens of thousand civilians, most of them unarmed, transformed the Russian White House into a fortress and refused to leave despite several ultimatums. The tanks which hadn’t refused to obey the coup plotters or defected to Yeltsin’s side, were unable to break the protesters’ lines of defence. 

The coup quickly collapsed in two days (August 19-21). They were opposed, mainly in Moscow, by a short but effective campaign of civil resistance. Other Soviet republics and governments abroad also supported Yeltsin, further isolating the coup plotters. 

Photograph: Dima Tanin/AFP/Getty Images