Still Not Over It

Some of the ‘I got emotions but don’t like to show em’ kick-ass lines we could have had from Cayde-6 before the Taniks (and SIVA Taniks!) strikes.

“And, Guardian, this one’s personal.”

“I need you to settle a score. Taniks owes me. In blood.”

“You never got to meet my buddy Andal. He was a hell of a Vanguard and a damn good guy. Do me a favor and remind Taniks that Andal still has friends in the Tower.”

“I think it’s high time we change the name from 'Taniks the Scared’ to 'Taniks the Deader than Dead.’ Can you help me with that?”

“Taniks robbed us. The Vanguard never forgets.”

“SIVA huh? Listen, I don’t care how you do it, but you make sure I never see Taniks’ name on a strike list again, Guardian.”

“The more I hear about the Devil Splicers, the more my trigger fingers itch. If you’re into mercy, you’ll clear em all out before I find a way out of this Tower.”

“Andal gave his life and Light to the Vanguard. You make sure you honor that.”

“Do it for me. Please.”

Weekly Challenges - 8/22/17



  • Arc Burn
  • Solar Burn
  • Void Burn
  • Ironclad
  • Daybreak

Challenge of the Elders


  • Fresh Troops
  • Melee Kill Bonus
  • Small Arms

Heroic Strikes


  • Specialist
  • Exposure
  • Airborne


Mars and Venus

  • Exposure
  • Catapult



  • Zone Control
  • Clash
  • Rift
  • Elimination
  • Skirmish
  • Rumble Supremacy 


Vault of Glass

  • Templar Challenge
  • Atheon Challenge

濡羽の家の祟り婚 (Nureba no ie no tatarikon)

Black Lady (a label with connections to Hitsujigumo), has announced their first series! Themed around seasons, the series covers four candidates who step in to take the place of the head of your family after your father passes away. 

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

The 昭和 (Shōwa) era. 

A household, coated only in the deepest blacks…

In a certain mountain village of an unspecified prefecture exists the household of the 谷家 (Tanike) family, reputed to be wealthy. But due to a long-established custom, others were expected to avoid the household…

After the head of the household passes, however, the mother and the daughter (you) of the Tanike family devote themselves to searching for a new heir to continue the legacy.

And the person who appears is… 

The first candidate in question appears to be 松本正和 (Matsumoto Shouwa), an industrialist from Okayama who was close friends with the father of the Tanike family (the MC’s father).  The following monologue is apparently his: 

“I’ve always continued living, imagining what type of woman you would be. Even as I moved from place to place, those thoughts were my heart’s only comfort. 

In the spring, I caught one glance and knew it was you. 

If everything ends now, I have something to say to you.

You, and this black household are both mine. I will never hand them over to anyone else again.”

“Please rely on me. In place of your father.”

An excellent student, Shouwa continued his studies up until senior high school before he was conscripted into the army. After returning from service, he established his own business in Okayama and was successful in his exploits.

When sickness forced the head of the Tanike family to step down, Shouwa gained the trust of your father and became your fiancé.  

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya) as Shouwa*, 刃琉 (???), 深川緑 (Kitayama Kyousuke), 黒瀬鷹 (Kuroda Takaya)

Release Dates: July 21st, August 17th, September 13th, October 25th, 2017.

*His volume is set in spring, and is entitled “thirst.” ( • v • )

basic Eliksni naming convention

Eliksni names appear to have a suffix attached to their names, which is identified below:

-iks (Variks, Taniks)
-is (Drevis, Vekis, Chelchis)
-sis (Riksis, Draksis)

-or (Aksor, Grayor)
-( r)ixas (Virixas, Parixas)

-ek (Yavek)
-ar (Keldar)
-kin (Paskin)
-ik (Beltrik)

literally no idea, or possibly just uncreative usage:
-las/as/s (Skolas)

- Prime Servitors seem to favor the “-iks” suffix (Sepiks, Orbiks, Kaliks, Simiks)
- Any name ending with a “s” seems to be most common. The letters “i” and “k” are also widely used in conjunction with other letters

“It is the lone wolf, once cornered, who has the worst bite.”

Taniks, the Scarred, a mercenary known for the theft of Aksor from the Prison of Elders and the murder of Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask, sells his services to any Fallen House willing to pay the right price. It is believed by the Fallen that he is undying, a living huntsman whose physical self is joined with a mix of technologies, each pilfered from legendary treasure troves. But treasure is not the only currency of value to Taniks. His true ambitions rest in the challenge of the feats in front of him, and the rewards simply allow him to exist free of any Kell’s rule.