There is nothing that can take the pain away. But eventually you will find a way to live with it. There will be nightmares. And every day when you wake up, it will be the first thing you think about. Until one day, it will be the second thing.

If It Wasn’t Cooper...

I have been thinking, if Ressler was with Liz when she shot Connolly, I think Connolly would still have been alive and Liz wouldn’t have to be on the run. 

She stopped Ressler from killing Jonica. 

He stopped her from killing the Deer Hunter. 

They obviously have some sort of power over each other that brings one another back to reality from being ‘rogue’ 


Keenler Week [Day 2] - Favorite Partnership Moment

This isn’t the way!

It’s so hard to choose a favorite moment, because their whole story is based on this beautiful relationship of trust and believing in each other, even in their darkest moments. And that’s probably why I love this scene in Mako Tanida so much. It’s the first time we see Ressler completely out of control, and it’s beautiful to see how Liz is there for him and slowly brings him back to reality. And it’s been like that ever since. They always speak their minds when the other is going down the wrong path, and that makes their bond stronger and more solid with every obstacle.

Blacklisters in Order

·      #7 Tom Keen

·      #8 Berlin

·      #12 The Decembrist

·      #16 Anslo Garrick

·      #21 Luther Braxton

·      #22 The Scimitar

·      #42 The Kingmaker

·      #47 Frederick Barnes

·      #52 The Pilot

·      #57 The Judge

·      #64 Cyprus Agency

·      #67 Ruslan Dunisov

·      #71 Kenyon Family

·      #73 Madeline Pratt

·      #74 The Front

·      #75 The Major

·      #82 Dr Linus Creel

·      #83 Mako Tanida

·      #84 Wujng

·      #85 The Courier

·      #88 Ivan

·      #89 Dr James Covington

·      #93 Deer Hunter

·      #94 Earl King VI

·      #97 The Longevity Initiative

·      #101 The Alchemist

·      #104 Lord Baltimore

·      #106 Good Samaritan

·      #109 General Ludd

·      #112 Monarch Douglas Bank

·      #114 The Mombasa Cartel

·      #117 Vanessa Cruz

·      #119-122 The Pavlovich Brothers

·      #135 Milton Bobbit

·      #145 Freelancer

·      #152 Gina Zanetakos

·      #161 The Stewmaker

In Mako Tanida, Red went to see Swan Lake on the anniversary of his daughter’s show, which happened to be the night of Audrey’s death. So that would conclude that Audrey died on March 22, 2014. So today would be Audrey’s one year anniversary and Red would be going to see his daughters show tonight. So now this date holds significance to both Red and Ressler.