tania terror

Here we go with another follow forever and another crappy edit. I know I just did one in December (I think) but I actually reached 1,000 followers now, for some reason, and I can’t think of anything better to do than another follow forever thingy. Here’s to hoping I won’t forget anyone, if I did, I’m terribly sorry for being a moron and I love all of you ♥

Thank you all for following my sorry ass, welcome to my blog and I hope the stay will be somewhat enjoyable.

Mutuals ➝ bold (if I missed anyone, please tell me!)

And I have no idea why Tumblr inserts these random line breaks in the middle of names, it looks terrible but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to fix it…

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((I was going to use a shameless header but fuck that show look at my lips))

Anyways, I’ve been on here for about nine months and I figured I’d make one of these. I’ve met a lot of really amazing people on here and I’m really grateful for all of you. <3 

Mutuals are bolded b/c why not :)


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