tania kerins

Fish Kite
Something I saw in a dream. This kite turns up in this village once a year and flies low over the houses. It’s a different night every year, and no one knows why it happens.The kite seems to have a vague will to move forwards, and over the course of the night it gets snagged on bushes and aerials. It’s often found in the morning, draped over someone’s house, lifeless, and with the string snapped.

I love the idea that something so ceremonious could happen without any desire to let itself be known. It’s not there for anyone’s attention, and if you happen to catch sight of it, it’d be pretty special.


‘Bad Start’. A two page comic that’s part of a uni brief. The brief is going to be a book on my subconcious and within it will be a few peices that make abstract comments on society.

This particular one being children born into hostile families and picking up their unpleasantries.


I was asked by my university to be one of the 22 chosen to represent my  course. So I made these and will be exhibiting them on the 2nd -5th of July in the New Designers exhibition in London.

They’re all fingerpuppet sized, so the tip of your index finger is about the scale of a human head here.

There are another 10 masks I wanted to make, but with two weeks available, it wasn’t going to happen!

more for my uni brief.

The Latin name is most likely incorrect. Help with that is desired if anyone’s particularly zoologocically savvy.

(infact I’m mostly posting this up here now so that I can ask for said help)

Right click open image in new tab for full sized slightly blurry image~

prototype moth WIP

This little guy will hopefully start up a population of glow in the dark moths. You may one day be able to buy a “Luna moth” and it could sit in your room emitting a soft glow at night.

It’s obviously missing legs, eyes and a big fluffy back at the moment (and not to mention the ability to glow in the dark), but the finished products will have all of these things, including poseable wings and possibly more realism than what you see here.

“Luna Moth” is what I’ve dubbed it as it’s meant to have a mythology with the moon and it sounded better than “moon moth”. (Though I realise there’s already an existing species of moth called a Luna Moth that looks nothing like this)

ALSO. If you think you are interested in having one, please message me saying you would, as I’ve really only been making this because I wanted to and not because I was aware of any gap in the market…