tania bishop

I started weaving this pandanus coil basket in Katherine, NT.

The weather is warmer here in Melbourne, Victoria now. So, this afternoon I sat weaving under the jacaranda tree and rambling rose bush in my front yard. It felt so good to be weaving outside! rather than sitting on my couch in the lounge room.

I have added the pandanus I bought at Mapuru to my Katherine pandanus basket. I like that the two are combined now in the one basket.

more photos to come as the basket progresses. I’m not sure yet what the shape or size will be.

Happy Birthday to Shibori Lover

Shibori Lover is celebrating its 1st birthday!

My first post was a year ago today and I’d like to say a big thank-you to all my followers.

An even bigger thank you to all the wonderful people on tumblr who post such amazing artwork and images.

Everyday I’m inspired and surprised at what I find on tumblr. I notice every person who likes and/or reblogs my posts and/or follows my shiboriover blog.

You are all fantastic and awesome!

shibori lover turned 2 today!

a big thank you to all my followers; those who are new, those who have been with me since the beginning and everyone in between.

I travelled interstate over all of August to the Northern Territory, Australia. Posts have been sporadic over this time (due to limited internet access) and it’s taken a few weeks to get back into city life now I’m back in Melbourne.

I’ll be continuing to share my love of shibori and textiles, along with more posts about indigenous textiles from Australia.

enjoy, and thanks again for following :-)