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Why I Love Crews and Tangos: That boy is a bottom

Crew love

Crews and Tangos is a popular Toronto drag bar and club. The venue hosts nightly drag shows on the main floor stage and has two club rooms located upstairs and in the back along with a spacious patio.  

The venue started as a lesbian bar which was abandoned in 2009. The building sat empty for a year before Crews and Tangos opened. Today the venue invites everyone of all genders and sexuality to enjoy its atmosphere.

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The venue is Toronto’s number one drag bar and a hot destination for those seeking drag performances. The venue has a roaster of “Divas” who are residents at the club including: Daytona Bitch, Ivory Towers, Jada Hudson and more. 

For me it is the place to dance like there is no tomorrow, to work up a sweat and to let it drip down your body like everyone in Britney Spears’ Slave 4 U music video. 

The Bachelorette Party

The first Saturday of World Pride 2015, I ran into Kathleen at Crews and Tangos, who invited Katie and I to crash her Bachelorette Party. The night went from Katie and I dancing to amazing music to a night of new friends and raising our glasses to love and acceptance. The drag queens were fierce as always, especially Brooke Lynn Hytes who donned a replica of Britney Spears’ nude Toxic body suit. It was so much fun and cover was only $5.

The venue has been praised by multiple Toronto publications as being the best venue to host a Bachelorette Party.


The picture of the building is dated to last year. It has since been painted blue with a mural on it. However, being the architecture nerd I wanted to show you the beautiful Victorian home.