tango dance night


Dance of the Night #1

Simone and Sasha definitely made a statement tonight. 


CANCER-ARIES: Constant role play, easily share intimate moments, do splatter art for fun, have the wildest memories with each other, glam rock vibes

CANCER-TAURUS: Lifelong relationship, almost a telepathic connection, very touchy, particular with parfumes & smells, icecream dates all year long

CANCER-GEMINI: Strong and loyal relation, extremely adequate & eloquent, history & bizzare enthusiasts, enjoy exchanging handmade things, constantly encouraging one another

CANCER-CANCER: A blissful domestic ambience, love cooking together, silver & pearl fans, old records always playing in the background, at a picnic all summer long

CANCER-LEO: Extremely creative, very happy and content when around each other, late night adventures & talks, text each other haiku poems, stars in their eyes

CANCER-VIRGO: Hardworking, pale & pastel pallets on clothes and jewels, outside activities, laughing for hours on end, haute couture enthusiasts

CANCER-LIBRA: Air headed couple that always gets through trouble, existential conversations on the daily, diplomatic talents, flowy clothes, eternal sweethearts

CANCER-SCORPIO: The demonic/angelic duo, underground clubbers, Romanticism fans, tango dancing with no music, night owls

CANCER-SAGITTARIUS: Wannabe globetrotters, dozens of photographs hanging on the walls, glass jewels with any outfit, smoothies for any meal, pressed flowers as memories

CANCER-CAPRICORN: Excellent models for others, very serious but relaxed at the same time, music addicts, hand holding, real love showed in unique ways

CANCER-AQUARIUS: Always curious and adventurous, philosophy debates when drunk, junk food way to often, huge smiles, gossiping as a hobby

CANCER-PISCES: Real life mermaids, shiny hair and soft voices, cuddles at sleepovers, cakes and lollipops everywhere, write letters to one another

Big Love (Live 1997)
Fleetwood Mac
Big Love (Live 1997)

Preferred version of Big Love. Too much oohs and ahhs in the studio version for me. I still love the original though.

Lookin’ out for love
In the night so still
Oh I’ll build you a kingdom
In that house on the hill

You said that you love me
And that you always will
Oh you begged me to keep you
In that house on the hill

I wake up alone
With it all
I wake up
But only to fall.

Lindsey is my new guitar hero.

Marriage with George Weasley would include...

Requested by anon - and since it’s kinda the same like the ‘Dating George Weasley’ I made, considering that a lot are neutral whether or not you’re still in school or living together, etc, this won’t be that long; but I’ll make a few specific marriage ones for you :)xx (Oh, and Fred lives. Bc reasons)

  • ‘George, you’re being a weirdo’ ‘Yes, but I’m your weirdo’ *points to ring* ’FOREVER’ (stolen from this post)
  • Knowing each other’s small habits and rutines by heart - not needing spoken communication as you move around each other when making dinner or getting ready in the morning
  • He’d always proudly showing off his ring, cupping your face with his left hand - or just without thinking giving any observers clear view of the ring
  • Talking about kids, and neither of you feeling the need to rush. You would however excitedly imagine what they would be like, and which parenthood parts you would absolutely suck at and did in no way look forward too
  • Having a small wedding; the closest family and friends gathered. Fred was best man. George didn’t stop smiling for two entire weeks before the event
  • When you’re off from work just going to the shop; leaning against a wall and admire him running around, grinning widely and excitedly demonstrating for wide-eyed students and (slightly worried) parents
  • Walking up from behind with a smile, “Excuse me, I’m looking for a husband? I can’t seem to find anyone that’s just right.” “Is that so? Maybe we should go check in the back?” (wink wink)
  • Waking up in the middle of the night from explosions and a hell of a noise inside your apartment/house
  • Groaning, you leave the warm bed and head from the workshop from which purple smoke is coming and a tired George would send you an apologetic look
  • “Sorry I woke you, Fred came by - he thought he’d finally solved the problem we had with the stepping-potion, but it seems like the Gnat Heads only made it worse…” (Fred would be grinning, face coloured a vibrant purple from the explosion, and shrug, “Better luck next time, I s’pose.” 
  • Long breakfast during the weekends or days off
  • Looking up from your book/newspaper/something to find his eyes admiring you, smiling warmly before returning his gaze to the cluttered note pad in front of him, the smile not fading
  • Coming home to the other having already cooked dinner and lit candles
  • Otherwise you usually cook together, running round the kitchen, dancing and blasting music and sometimes burning the food just bc casual improvised slow dance or tango 
  • Movie nights with ambitiously planned marathons and junk food (you always fall asleep like mid-through) 
  • Waking up cuddled close and smiling at the heat and comfort of your bodies pressed together
  • Sharing every morning with each other, for the rest of your lives