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(I’ve never written anything that wasn’t nurseydex, so here’s “why didn’t you tell me” + whiskey/tango for @a-wooden-ring I hope you like how I wrote them!)

Antonio Jimenez loves the Haus. Initially, he feels a little uncomfortable being there because he doesn’t technically live there, but Bitty’s constant flood of assurances that it’s fine for him to hang around the Haus ultimately helps him view it as more of a home than his own dorm. He gets a new nickname–one that he likes a hell of a lot more than “Nezzy”–and more pie than he’s ever seen in his life and, above all, he gets a new family.

That’s what he really loves about the Haus.

It’s loud and frenzied and smells like home: some intricate combination of fruit and sugar, of sweat and mold, of the fresh scented candles Ransom always lights. What reminds him of home, though, mostly, is how it’s always teeming with people: even if it’s just someone coming in for a slice of pie, the constant ebb and flow of people helps him stay calm, keeps him from getting too homesick.

The only person who doesn’t really come around the Haus is Whiskey. Tango doesn’t mind, really, because they still hang out all the time, usually one on one, but sometimes–and Tango would take this to the grave–at the LAX house. The LAX house, by contrast, is seven guys who are, more often than not, absent during the day: at any given moment, there are probably one or two guys there. The lacrosse team doesn’t come in and out like the hockey team does with the Haus and it’s not nearly as homey.

“Why do you prefer being at the LAX house than the Haus?” Tango asks one day. Whiskey looks up from where he’s sitting across from Tango at the picnic table, hair disheveled and eyes heavy. His notes are strewn across the table, books open and a variety of highlighter colours Tango didn’t even knew existed until today. Whiskey sighs and Tango is immediately hit with the thought that maybe right now wasn’t the right time to ask that question.

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“ That wasn’t what made Gabriel love him; it wasn’t even what made Gabriel like him. The second part would happen hours later, when Gabriel gave his first go order and Morrison dropped the target on one smooth breath, mist curling out of his mouth as the rifle broke the winter in half.”

from Tango Mike by @constancecomment (please read Yesterday’s News ffs i swear it’s so, so, so good)