The more I watch of the Tangled tv series, the more I just freaking love how HEALTHY Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship is. They’re so open and honest with each other, none of that sneaking around/walking on tiptoes around each other garbage found in so many fictional relationships. They’re actually a fantastic example of what a couple ought to be like to the the young viewers and it just plain makes me happy.

LOOK!!! THE NEW EP WAS JUSTSO GOOD!!! between the reminiscing of flynn rider’s old days (including girls no less!!! “i may have grown up in a tower but give me some credit” o my god rapunzel i love you) to meeting someone from eugene’s past….to rapunzel being excited about eugene having a friend (O MY GOD RAPUNZEL I LOVE YOU). the moments shared between eugene and rapunzel. and im cryin bc even arianna was in the episode. im so happy omg 

hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please watch tangled: the series!!! thanks!!!!!