“It takes place between the end of the film and before the short film, ‘Tangled Ever After,’ that was released about our wedding day. It’s that three years of adventure and journey of Flynn and Rapunzel, finding out who they are and finding out who one another are. It’s not going to be done in the same CG animation style. It’s going to be done in a really cool 2D stylized way.” -Zachary Levi on the Tangled TV Series


and i could hear the thunder and see the lightning crack
all around the world was waking, i never could go back
‘cause all the walls of  d r e a m i n g , they were torn wide open
and it finally seemed that the spell was  b r o k e n

The memories of the last time they had been scared so badly were pushed back into the depths of their nightmares–the very last place they should have left them. Not when Pitch Black is back to play. Trapped in a world constructed by Pitch, the Protectors face off against their greatest fears as they search for a way out…a task that seems to be impossible.


Rise of the Guardians Crossover

Audrey Claus
Audrey (The Lorax) as North the Guardian of Wonder.

Mavis Black
Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) as Pitch Black the Nightmare King.

Rapunzel (Tangled) as Sandman the Guardian of Dreams.

Merida (Brave) as Easter Bunny the Guardian of Hope.

Anna (Frozen) as Tooth Fairy the Guardian of Memories.

Elsa Frost
Elsa (Frozen) as Jack Frost the Guardian of Fun.