these are my gifs, they’re not the best but it was my first time

Okay, I feel like no one ever talks about this so here goes nothing.

1st Gif: This is literally one of the most underrated/cutest thing Eugene does in this entire movie. One; he thought he would never see Rapunzel get her “happily ever after”. He DIED so that she could escape Mother Gothel and not have to give up everything she ever dreamed of, and now he gets to be there when she finally gets happiness. Two; Eugene is an orphan and from what he says in the movie, its easy to assume that he was never adopted and probably never had a moment like this. But when Rapunzel gets it, he’s so happy for her. 2nd gif: Okay this moment is so important because it shows how much the queen is like Rapunzel. Eugene was a wanted criminal and they (the king and queen) did not have to pardon all his charges. But they did and welcomed him in with open arms. The queen chose to see the best in Eugene just like Rapunzel did and saw how much he loved Rapunzel. Everyone will tell you how Rapunzel found her family but almost no one’s talks about how Eugene found one too.


The Academy Ball Trailer

I can’t be anymore pumped dear goodness. <3