Unprecedented Alzheimer’s drug slows disease by 80 per cent
A drug that targets tau tangles in the brain has produced strong results in a large clinical trial, slowing the progression of the disease in hundreds of people
By Andy Coghlan

At last, there’s a drug that seems to have a big effect on the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It took 30 years to develop, but the treatment has proven successful in a large trial of people with mild to moderate symptoms of the disorder.

“It is a significant event in the history of Alzheimer’s and dementia research,” Maria Carrillo at US charity the Alzheimer’s Association, says of the results, announced today.

The drug, called LMTX, is the first to produce really promising results in a large phase III trial, in which potential therapies are pitted against a placebo in hundreds of recipients. Drugs do already exist for Alzheimer’s, but these generally have only a modest effect.

“Our results are unprecendented, compared with anyone else’s,” says Claude Wischik at the University of Aberdeen, UK, and co-founder of the firm TauRx Pharmaceuticals, which developed LMTX.

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Position Impossible - Part 2: Nothing’s changed

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Reader/Dean

Warnings: The day after awkwardness, flirty teasing Dean (that is very much a warning!), dry humping (kinda), unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), NSFW gifs under the cut

Wordcount: 3300ish

A/N: This will be my first full on smut series but if you guys know me - you also know I can’t do PWP so is will also have a story tangled up in there. It is gonna be my entry for @mysupernaturalfics Sex by numbers Challenge. It is not an AU it will take place in Dean’s hunter world and it will be kama sutra and sexy and fun ;)

This chapter: Dean is afraid he messed things up by sleeping with Y/N. He fears he ruined their friendship. He insures her nothing has changed between them.


Thanks to the amazing @winchesterswoonathon for betaing this for me!


She avoided his eyes as he walked into the kitchen, making him frown in worry even before he’d gotten his first cup of coffee. He tried saying ‘Good morning’, but still nothing. This was unusual. He was usually the grumpy one in the mornings, while she was cheery and laughing, trying to get him to joke around with her. Not today. Today she was withdrawn and quiet. Eating her breakfast while reading the paper. Sam’s eyes found Dean’s a few times silently questioning him.

Dean just shrugged, but he was worried. Worried that she regretted last night. Worried that he had pushed her to do something she didn’t want to do. Dean tried to shake the feeling as he sipped his coffee, stealing glances at her when she wasn’t looking. He smiled as he watched her continuously try to tug loose strands of hair behind her ears as they kept falling down in front of her eyes. She always did that and usually he would tease her, but her mood made him uneasy so instead he just smiled to himself.  

“You okay?” Dean finally managed to lock eyes with her, but she quickly shied away from him, excusing herself as being tired before disappearing down the hall and back to her room.

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nekopride  asked:

So is yurixwolfram cannon now in this ending? Did yuuri actually admit he likes him now?

Which ending? the manga canon or the special Misepan we’ve been talking about last week? 

In the manga, chapters 108 and 111 are very explicit (in a japanese way) about their development as a pairing. Yuuri drops the same line Wolfram said during the cliff scene, there’s a hug like the cliff scene but this time from Yuuri to Wolfram; they’re walking holding hands later and even if Yuuri is shy/blushing/mad he doesn’t let go and they used an entire panel to show a close up of their hands tangled with shoujo manga bubbles as background. Yuuri’s mouth says one thing, but their actions are saying another, Wolfram isn’t the only tsundere here. Even Shinou appears and ask them to stop the date because the world is ending outside.

Misepan, the novel special, it’s also explicitly talking about them as a family, a 3 person family with Yuu, Wolf and Greta (since the special “together with father” placed in the timeline after novel 4, Conrart was labeled as grandpa but they never repeated that, it was Yuuri in the POV who said it).

But if you’re searching the “I love you”, no luck, their way to portrait love and romantic stuff is very different than ours, so no kiss and no I love you, but touching and holding hands and the things said are showing the reader there are feelings involved. Also, before you think “hey but shoujo manga has kisses and they say i love you/I like you a lot!”, please remember this is shonen ai so it’s not that easily comparable with a shoujo manga; plus, the series is focusing on the adventure and the crack comedy and not the romance. T-sensei used to write yaoi novels, maybe not so much plot but more smut, but it seems she’s trying something different with maruma, and they also need to keep all these harem fanservice alive.

I know the anime failed portraying their relationship/avoided lots of stuff from the original work, but even when T-sensei’s writing a fantasy-shonen crack comedy full of drama and adventure, and looooots of harem fanservice with the main character and not much romance, the main pairing is settled since novel 1 and their development never stops. She dropped one or two comments here and there letting people know that was her decided pairing and her favorite character is Wolfram, and that being the author she obviously will want to giver her fav char whatever he wants (aka Yuuri). These are some strong hints from the voice of God. Honestly, I fail at seeing how this isn’t canon, even if she kills one of them that will not change their bond, and at the point of development they reached in the novels it’ll be very hard to switch a pairing for Yuuri, solve the engagement issues, develop more plot/feelings for another character to make it real, solve Greta’s father issues, solve Wolfram feelings, etc. So, even if I don’t see the wedding or a kiss or the I love you, all the stuff out there so far will never change my point of view about the canon pairing of this series. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see any of that, I’ll welcome any kind of yuuram fanservice they want to give us, like what happened with the manga and these cute original scenes inside the box.

I know distance made us into strangers. I know the unbuckled jeans made us into lovers. I know the letters sent to the sea still smells like salt stolen from your tears and I know the distance made us stronger, but we’re still missing strangers who never got a chance to stand tall. The shortness in my breathing is no longer because of you. I know tangled hair and unhooked bras made for terrible conversations, but the laughter was plenty good to keep us decent. I know we are no longer the same and people do away with memories because we force feed ourselves these petty lies to keep up with our broken ties and I’ve been lining up my heart with these scattered petals, but I’ve been hitting the wrong lines. I’ve been stringing up these words, but it’s something we hate reading once it’s dark out and we’re alone… my god, aren’t we alone? The pale memories of someone we used to know, my god, I miss myself too.
—  pale heart
Ajax update 7/27/16

Things we’re working on:

  • Sit
  • Look at me
  • Leave it
  • Pick it up (our version of fetch, only using toys right now… and a set of my dad’s old reading glasses for some reason haha)
  • Give
  • Go potty (haven’t had an accident since Saturday, which was only the second day we had him)
  • Outside
  • In the house

All of these are going really well. He doesn’t have much of an attention span for food-based training yet, but our sessions are getting longer every day and he’s improving so much. 

I remember the puppies we had growing up, and Ajax is so much easier than any of them. Even Mae, the mellowest family dog we ever had, was more of a terror as a puppy than he is. 

The worst thing he’s done is accidentally knock off a keyboard from the table when he got tangled in the cord. He wasn’t even chewing the cord, just being clumsy.

Basically he’s the best and I’m so happy. Thank you to every one of you who has been so supportive of me with this. It really means a lot to have so many people rooting for Ajax and I.

Here’s what he’s up to right now: