tangled with cake


Her matted, tangled mess of hair is caked with mud and shit; a breeding ground for lice.

Her eyes are a snack for the ravens. All that remains are two holes in her skull; small pools of pus with mosquito larvae floating on top. She weeps white maggot tears.

Her nose has been gnawed off by rats. They make their way down to her belly and burrow deep with sharp teeth and pointed claws; making nests in her intestines.

Her mangled breasts sag over her sunken ribs. Her chest is hollow. Nearby, vultures fight for scraps of her still-beating heart.

Black widows make winter homes in the coarse hair between her thighs. Her left leg has been ravaged by wolves. Her right leg has vanished entirely.

She was beautiful once, but her soul was foul with rot and disease. We seek beautiful bodies and settle for ugly minds, but beauty is not untouchable. We all taste the same to rodents and scavengers.

Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?

Because nature has a way of catching up.


Disney princess cupcakes. They are dark chocolate cakes topped with vanilla buttercream and fondant decorations. Each cupcake represents a different female Disney character, using something iconic about them to symbolise this; whether it be part of their costume, their hair or a prop they are often shown with. Featured are: Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Tiana, Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Snow White, Merida, Elsa and Rapunzel.  

Wedding Drabble #4: Meeting the Wedding Planner

””“Justin, how do I look? Is the dress too much?” I asked, hoping my coral ensemble wouldn’t scare our planner away.

Justin looked at me in awe.

“Babe, you’re too beautiful. No wonder I’m marrying you.” He entwined our fingers and kissed my nose.

We heard the doorbell ring, as I went to open it. Our wedding planner, Charlotte, was my height with beautiful blonde hair and royal blue eyes. She held out her left hand for me to shake and she had both an engagement and wedding ring on her finger. It made me wonder if she had to hire a planner for her wedding, or if she planned it herself.

“Hi, Y/N. I’m Charlotte Pearce, and it’s such an honor to meet you. I’ve shipped you guys since 2011, and I’ve been dreaming of this opportunity!”

I smiled as she hugged me.

“C’mon inside. You can set up at the kitchen counter.”

Charlotte brought her bag to the kitchen as Justin entered through the hallway.

“Hi, Charlotte. I’m Justin.” He hugged her as she blushed.

“Hi, oh my god. This is insane. I don’t mean to sound weird but you’re like my favorite artist…ever.”

“No, no. You’re fine. I’m touched, really. I love my fans.” He winked as he wrapped his arm around me. 

The two of us sat across from Charlotte as she laid out a large sheet with many color combinations. Justin and I knew we wanted our wedding in Disneyland, so Charlotte had combined colors in accordance to Disney-themed characteristics. Justin and I were close to choosing  yellow and royal blue, for Beauty and the Beast, but we ended up picking lavender and white, in accordance to having Tangled be my favorite movie. Justin was biased towards me. He knew I had wanted to be Rapunzel since the movie even came out, so of course he’d agree with Tangled.

“Okay, now, I’ve checked in with the Disneyland Wedding Services, and they’ve set a date. Y/N, you will become the official Mrs. Bieber on July 24th, 2017.”

Justin’s eyes went wide as he spun me around in the air. I squealed in excitement.

“Even the date is perfect.” He grinned.

“Do you have a photographer?” Charlotte asked us, clicking her pen to write.

Justin and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Alfredo Flores.” Justin spoke up.

“Now, I assume you don’t want to perform at your own wedding, so will there be a band or DJ?”

“My friend Tay James can DJ.” He said, grabbing a glass of water.

Charlotte scribbled something down before turning the page in her binder.

“With Disney, they have personal caterers with great reviews. What would you like to serve?”

“Though my girlfriend is extremely childish and cares way too much about Chick Fil A, I’ll have to pass and say steak and lobster.”

“Y/N, you’ve purchased a dress, so that’s good. What’s our idea on invitations?”

“Well, if Justin doesn’t mind, I was thinking we could write it on cards that’re cut out into the shape of a Mickey Head. What do you think, babe?”

“I think it sounds absolutely amazing.” He grinned, before pecking me.

“Shit, this wedding is fantastic.” Charlotte chuckled.

“Good, cause you’re invited. Add yourself to the list!” I informed.

Charlotte’s eyes went wide. She got up from her seat and hugged Justin and I. 

“This is super cool! Oh my God, I’m so excited!” She calmed down and sat back in her seat.

“Where will you Honeymoon?”

“Y/N can’t hear this…” Justin raised his eyebrows at me and covered my ears.

I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but I knew it was going to be so amazingly perfect.

“What’d the idea of a cake? Disney makes their own if you want to save money. I can show you some samples.”

She pulled out the binder full of pictures. Justin and I decided to stick with Tangled, the cake being purple and white. It was really cool though. Rapunzel and Flynn were seated at the top in their little boat. Rapunzel’s iced hair cascaded down the entire cake and it was written with the words: “A journey with you, is the journey of a lifetime.” I almost screamed in excitement. I loved Tangled so so much and everything about this was just amazing.

“Well, that’s all we need to cover for now, but I wish you guys the best of luck throughout this entire engagement. I’ll be back next month for fittings with Y/N, and thank you so much for including me. I’m super excited!”

Charlotte left as I kissed her goodbye.

“So…” Justin flirted, snaking his arms around my waist.

“Wanna tell me about that wedding dress?”