tangled repunzel


disney princesses~! this is a really big project that I did with most of disney princess redesign by me (there are some who is not disney princess but I like them and they are from disney movies) in the background there is kingdom heart stained glass for the magical atmosphere

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Shutocon 2017 - Photo Set 2

Not all from the same day. I went back for a second day, Sunday, and decided to reuse my Vanellope Von Schweetz cosplay from Youmacon. It was already in my closet, so why not? ^^ Spent time with some internet friends, played some DDR and Guitar Hero. Bought pins. So many pins… XD

Favourite photo of the weekend? Wilfred Warfstache and Deadpool, Titanic-Style. Lovely.

Tangled Theory

The crown in the disney movie tangled, represents Rapunzel’s virginity.

Ok hear me out…

She’s naive and scared and sheltered.
She gets the crown when she mets Flynn, the first man she’s come to see in real life for the first time.
After finding out about it, she hides it, keeps it secret. Even uses it as leverage to get Flynn to agree to the deal.

After her mother Gothel finds that Rapunzel has left with a man, she claims it instead, using it as bargaining to get the two goons to follow her plan. This ties in her character that she owns all of Rapunzel, even her rights as a woman and choices.

Then in the confrontation between Rapunzel and her mother in the forest, gothel says while referring to the crown “this is why he’s here don’t let him deceive you…
Trust me my dear, *snap* that’s how fast he’ll leave you”.
Can you guess what else could be referring to?

Rapunzel says to Flynn on the boat during the Lantern scene “I was scared but now I’m ready to give this to you” hmmm what else could that be referring to?..

And lastly when gothel takes her back to the tower she takes away her flowers takes down her hair no longer with the crown because it left with Flynn, yet she says “there it never happened.”
As if she’s trying to claim the old (or should I say young) Rapunzel back, before she discovered the crown.

But despite all that Flynn still runs to be with her, not giving a second thought to the crown again. He doesn’t care about the crown anymore it’s irrelevant it’s all about her now he loves her.

The crown could have been swapped out with Rapunzel’s virginity and it still would have fit!