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“I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be? It will be. And what if it is? What do I do then? Well, that’s the good part, I guess. You get to go find a new dream.” - Tangled (2010)

Logoless Tangled Before Ever After Poster and DVD Listing

After all those years stuck in a tower, everyone’s favorite “barefoot princess” (Mandy Moore) yearns to make up for lost time. With the help of her true love Eugene (Zachary Levi), pals Pascal and Maximus and daring new friend Cassandra, Rapunzel postpones her wedding and royal duties to defy danger and boldly explore life beyond Corona'swalls. Sparkling with fun, adventure and music from the legendary Alan Menken, Tangled: Before Ever After is a magical movie!

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that on April 4th, they will release a single-disc DVD of Tangled: The Series - Vol. 1: Before Ever After. Priced at $19.99 SRP, it will include inside the package a free bonus “Rapunzel’s Journal” (for the title’s first printing; additional printings later on may not include that item). Amazon has a listing for the title, but isn’t accepting pre-orders just yet.


Immediately when I heard about the replica journal that will be available with the Tangled Before ever after DVD you better believe I rushed to my target that morning. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with Claire’s art and boy was I right. Immediately i fell in love with this piece of Eugene and Rapunzel she did and I immediately searched the internet to see is Claire had a print available for sale because I needed this framed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any prints by Claire so I decided to do the next best thing and try to replicate it so I can frame it in my studio. I had so much fun re creating this piece and I haven’t really painted much with water colors but it is thanks to this piece that they have become my favorite medium hands down. Of course my art can’t compare to the Claire Keane’s but I am prettt proud of myself with how this piece came out. Just want f to put it out there that I have my intentions were not negative in re creating this piece. I am just a huge fan who fell in love with an art piece and wanted to re create it for myself 😊 the art belongs to Claire Keane and the Tangled series

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Okay but Spot is also terrified of heights. He's seven feet off the ground? He would totally pass out so he stays away from heights. Once Race came into the kitchen to see him passed out on top of the fridge. When he wakes up and Race asks him what happened, Spot said he saw a spider and somehow made it on top of the fridge before realizing how high in the air he was and passed out. He lost track of the spider in his blackout and is so paranoid about it. "IT COULD BE IN MY BED, RACE."

He acts so brave? He’s all like, “Rah, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, rah” and then they’re driving over the bridge and he has to bury his face in Race’s shoulder so he doesn’t pass out.

Spiders don’t usually freak him out but he was already having a bad day and Race wasn’t going to be home until late and he was supposed to see his therapist that day but he had to move the appointment and he can’t find their DVD of Tangled to watch and there’s nothing good to eat and then there’s a spider and it freaks him out and then he’s climbing up onto the fridge and then he looks down and the floor is SO FAR away and then he blacks out.

And then he wakes up but can’t make himself get down because it freaks him out so bad, and Race still isn’t home, and then he finally decides he’s gonna do it but he sees the floor again and oop he’s out again.

So Race comes home to find Spot on top of the fridge, out cold, and he’s just? so confused? how? why? so he pulls Race down and puts him on the couch and when he wakes up Race is like “What? Happened? You were on the fridge why?”

And Spot says “Did you kill the spider is the spider gone? I needed to get away from the spider is it gone?” and then he can’t sleep because he’s so scared the spider will be there and Race both thinks it’s hilarious and feels really bad because he doesn’t know how to help.

Movie Night | Kylo Ren

Based on this imagine on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Reader suggests a movie night to take Kylo’s mind off of whatever is upsetting him. They kind of wish they hadn’t now. (aka the one where Reader is impatient and tired, and Kylo takes forever to choose.)

Words: 1,255

“So, Tangled or Frozen?” That was the big question; there was no ‘to be or not to be’ stuff going on, oh no, there was a choice between two Disney princesses, and currently…neither were winning. You sighed quietly as you watched Kylo’s switch between the twin, his hand cupping his chin a little as he thought.

The ironic thing was, you’ve never seen him look this concentrated. Killing someone? He just slices through them with no focus. Strategy planning? He idly suggests things while trying not to look as bored as he feels. But then comes along the choice of princesses and there’s the cogs, turning and twisting as he tries to decide which to watch, first. You were going to watch both, you had already decided this, you just needed to decide which one was first.

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listen it’s dex’s bday but my kid’s in the middle of a big round of tests and he’s TIRED so he officially postponed his bday,,,, so nursey gave him a birthday bj before class and then got him, like, 20 chicken nuggets and a large diet coke from mcdonalds for dinner while dex studied and later tonight they’re gonna eat that carrot cake nursey bought and dex will open his present (5 flannels, a new comforter, ‘tangled’ on dvd, and a couple books dex wanted) and they’re gonna have some nice simple bday sex and then go to bed on time bc dex has an 8am and the team is throwing a party on friday night, anyway

“Rapunzel and Tangled are the only things that truly calm me down after panic attacks and aggressive or depressed spells. These are usually caused by my emotionally abusive parents, and watching Rapunzel finally say "No more” to Mother Gothel showed me that one day I’ll have the strength to say “No more” to my parents. Until then, I always watch my Tangled DVD or walk around as Rapunzel in the Toy Box in Disney Infinity to calm down. People say it’s childish, but she’s the only thing that helps"

You Have A Cute Fight - Zayn/Louis Preference

(A/N: This is not the type of fight some of you guys are expecting… so… yeah. Enjoy!)


Your gaze was intense as you eyed the new piece of art on Zayn’s wall, trying to figure out who he had painted. All of a sudden you felt a warm hand wrap around you waist, a head resting on your shoulder. You hummed and turned your head to find your angelic boyfriend looking at you with a loving gaze. “You’re so beautiful, you know that right?”

You felt a blush creeping up on your cheeks and you turned your head to the other side and stared at the ground as you smiled widely to the comment your boyfriend just passed.

His head lifted its weight off your shoulder and he turned you to face him, a hand behind his back as he looked at you with a sparkle in his eye. You still avoided eye contact as you didn’t want him to see your blushing cheeks, but all failed when he bought his hand up to your chin, tilting it upwards.

“Don’t hide your blush babe, I think it looks absolutely stunning” he said as he inched his face closer to yours, almost whispering the last part. “Gosh you’re so fucking gorgeous, I love you” he whispered before crashing his lips onto yours. You instantly melted at his touch as you bought your hands to cup his face, pouring in the same amount of love and passion into the kiss as he did.

All of a sudden, you felt something cold and wet on the side of your face, his warm lips unlatching from  yours as he pulled away with a smirk, and that’s when you noticed his hand completely smothered in a thick blue paint creating dots on the floor as it dropped from his hand. You gasped and bought your hand to your right cheek and pulled back, only to find the same blue paint completely covering the side of your cheek, dripping to your collarbone in the process.

“Malik!” you screamed as you reached for a can of red paint before taking some of it in two fists before throwing it at him, some landing in his hair and some on his white t-shirt. “MY HAIRRRRRRR! My favourite t-shirt! Oh you have no idea what I’m gonna do to you babe” he yelled, huskily lowering his voice for the last part before staring down at his t-shirt in disbelief.

“Oh come on, like you don’t have a million of those stored away in your cupboard anyways” you stated in a ‘matter of fact’ tone. His eyes suddenly gleamed with a playful glint as his face held a mysterious smirk before reaching out for a can of paint, a deep green taking over his blue hand instead.

Your eyes widened as you stepped back and ran, only to find that there was nowhere to hide. “There’s nowhere to run” Zayn whispered in your ear, your body tensing at the proximity of him and his hushed voice sending shivers down your spine. And within seconds, he attacked your arms with green paint, rubbing up and down, your hands looking like flower stems.

You turned to him and ducked under his arm, running to find a nice yellow paint before stroking his chiselled face slowly, completely covering the sides of his beard and his lips. “You’re not getting away with that, watch out beautiful” he said lowly with a seductive wink as he bit his lip, coughing as soon as he did the action as it caused paint to graze his teeth.

Your eyes widened as you attempted to step back, but your foot got stuck and you tripped over a closed paint can. “Oh shit….” You muttered to yourself quietly as you saw Zayn advance towards you. “Oh shit indeed” he said deeply as he knelt down to your level. He reached to the side where the red paint was before putting his hand in it and letting the paint drip over your lips.

Your eyes widened as you inhaled sharply, unable to say anything due to the weird substance on your face. He leaned in closer and closer until he was hovering on top of you, his legs either side of your waist. He looked at you, his pupils dilating. “Wanna make orange?” he whispered, his yellow yet plump lips hovering over your bright red ones.

You wasted no time in crashing your lips to his as you pulled his now multi-coloured t-shirt, causing him to attack your face hungrily.  


“Babeeeeee” Louis whined from the sitting room as you hurriedly put the nachos into the plate as you rushed to the sitting room to find Louis huddled on the sofa. He looked in your direction, raising the end of the blanket and patting the side next to him.

You smiled at his cute behaviour and set the nachos down onto the table. “Hold on Lou, lemme just get a couple of movies okay?” you said as you walked over to the DVD display cabinet. You scanned the display and bent down to reach the animation section since you were in the mood for something cute.

“Forget the movie, I’d much rather watch this” Louis said, a lingering tone of suggestiveness in his voice. You grabbed a couple of DVD’s and stood up and turned around, looking at the T.V screen in the process. “But there’s noth-LOUIS! Naughty child!” you said, realising mid-sentence  what he actually meant.

“Well it’s not my fault you look so good in those leggings” he stated defensively. “Now come and sit down” “Okay, what movie?” you asked, holding up the four options which were Toy Story 3, Tangled, The SpongeBob SquarePants movie and Jungle Book.

“Tangled” he stated and reached out his hands, beckoning you towards him. “I wanted to watch Toy Story” you said in a childlike voice, pouting sadly. “Babe, you sound like Liam, now put Tangled in and come and sit down”

“Toy Story”


“Toy Story” you stated with a bit more authority as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Tangled” he said in the exact same tone of voice as you before getting up and taking a large stride towards you.

“Toy Story” you stated, taking a step forwards as you stood only centimetres away from each other.

“Tangled” he breathed out taking a smaller step towards you, your bodies almost touching.

Your breath hitched at the closeness and your eyes went to his lips as his tongue darted out to wet them.

“Toy S-“

“Forget Toy Story and just kiss me” he whispered in a deep voice and you silently obliged, setting the DVD’s on the table as your hands went to his neck, pulling him in for a soft kiss.

Your lips fit together perfectly, caressing each other in the process as his hands went to your waist, pulling you closer to him if possible. Your lips moved in sync as the two of you continued to kiss for what felt like hours and he nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance which you gladly granted, his tongue slowly entered your mouth, teasing you as you fought back a whine of complaint.

You couldn’t fight back a moan at his tongue softly caressing yours as he smiled into the kiss in triumph, continuing to explore your mouth as you did the same. You felt his lips detach from yours and you opened your eyes to find him putting the Tangled DVD into the player before rushing to flop onto the sofa and getting under the blanket.

“And that, lady, is how Louis William Tomlinson gets his way” he said, winking at you as you huffed in annoyance before sitting down next to him, pulling the blanket over you.

He pressed play on the movie and you nuzzled up against his neck as he pressed soft kisses into your hair every now and then.

Pretty soon the movie didn’t even matter as he began kissing your forehead, then your eyes, then your nose, and cheeks, and neck, slowly teasing you with his soft pink lips.

“Guess the movie didn’t matter at all then?” you asked, giggling as he began kissing your jaw. He pushed you down on the sofa, hovering on top of you, his blue eyes barely seen behind the lust.

“Guess it didn’t” he said huskily before kissing you hungrily.


(A/N: You likeeeee? I was gonna put part 2 of ‘He Accidentally Admits His Feelings’ but I was stuck on ideas and this just came to meeee ^-^ 5 notes for the rest of the boys? Xx CAN I HAVE THE SCARF LIAM… PLEASEEEEEEEE. HARRY. YOU’D BETTER NOT LET GO OF MY HAND OKAY. I DO NOT WANT TO FALL ON ICE.)

How come when you put How to Train Your Dragon and Tangled next to each other, they match up? What other movies do this? They both came out in 2010… But different companies… SOMETHING MUST BE GOING ON! THEY ARE IN CAHOOTS, CAHOOTS I TELL YOU!!!!!! (I see you illuminati I SEE YOU)

Michael Imagine: He Gets a Girlfriend

Author: Rhine


You didn’t like sharing him.

You didn’t like sharing his time, sharing his attention, sharing his love.

But you see, his love for you wasn’t the same as his love for her.

He loved you in a different kind of way – in video games that lasted all night long and movie marathons on a perfectly sunny day. He loved you for the way you could prop your feet on him with a controller on your stomach, and he loved how he could always order more pizza with you and how he could beat you in games that you claimed to be the best at.

He loved how you fell asleep on his couch with your hoodie smelling of pepperoni with a blanket of tangled wires and empty DVD cases.

He loved you as a friend.

He loved her as something more.

As someone to hold at three in the morning as opposed to watching another movie. As someone to kiss throughout the day instead of calling to talk about this new game. As someone to spend time with – romantic dates with amiable chatter, not Netflix marathons where neither of you said a word.

He loved her in a way that he could never love you, no matter how much you wished for it.

You didn’t like sharing him.

But you have to remember, he was never yours to begin with.


You were taken aback by the news when he first told you.

You faked a smile and told him congratulations, but there was nothing more that you wanted than for him to see through it and ask you what’s wrong.

To ask you if you were okay. To tell you it was a joke. To tell you that surprise! You’re the girlfriend I’m talking about – will you be mine?

But he accepted your empty words of happiness and hugged you close.

You held him tight, pretending this was your touch to keep, pretending that this was the embrace he would continue to hold you in when you were his. When he was yours.

But he pulls away like he always did, and you’re reminded of how Michael’s touch would always be temporary when it came to you.

He packs away the controllers and attempts to clean the coffee table that was littered with crumbs and chips and empty soda cans, and you can’t help but to feel like he was clearing away the little snippets of the relationship you fabricated with him in your head.

He says his girlfriend was coming over, and that he had to clean up because the place was a mess.

You can’t help but to feel like you’re the mess with all of your turbulent emotions and heartbroken smile when he pushes you out the door, telling you he’ll call you soon.

You realize that you’re the mess he didn’t want his girl to see.

And you don’t blame him.


You see less of him.

Do you want to hang out Michael? The movie we’ve been talking about just came out –

I’m sorry, I have a date tonight. We said we’d try to cook something together – maybe another day?

He hangs up and you’re left with a fragment of hope that you know he’ll never complete.

He always said maybe, soon, later, but it didn’t take you long to see that they were just empty promises to get you off the phone faster.

You saw less and less of Michael, and he was eating away at your heart more and more with every passing day.

You didn’t know you could be so heartbroken over someone you never had.

You missed him. You missed how his arms would hold you close when he was asleep on the couch with you, subconsciously wrapping themselves around you, pulling you towards him.

You pretended it was him wanting you, but now you know that he’d do the very same thing when he was awake with his girl, pulling her close because he wanted her near, not because she was the next closest thing to him.

You missed how his lips would graze your head when he hugged you, or how his mouth skimmed over your cheek on those late nights when he was asleep.

You pretended that it was a ghost of a kiss, but now you know that he’d never give his girl something as transparent as an accidental brush – he’d kiss her without any doubt in his full lips to show her that this was what he wanted, that his lips wanted to claim her as his own with a confident certainty.

You missed Michael, and you wonder if he missed you too.

If he missed you the way you did; for the moments you spent together. For the nights that you shared and the tangled limbs in the morning, for the bickering yells over a game and the silence during the movies.

You wondered if he missed you, but you remember he has someone now.

He has someone to do all of those things and more with him – the more that you wanted but would never get – and you were left with nothing but memories of what you had and wishes for what more you wanted.

You were his maybe, his later.

You were his friend.

You were his friend that gave him everything he could want from a friend – company, laughter, a listening ear, a joking smile, a platonic care.

But you couldn’t give him everything he could want for someone more – you could give him your whole heart and every bit of you that you had to offer, but it wasn’t what he wanted, you aren’t what he wanted – not like that.

He wanted you, but in a different way.

He needed you, but in a different way.

What he didn’t know was that you wanted him a different way from how he wanted you. You needed him differently from how he needed you.

You couldn’t give it to him and he wouldn’t want it from you.

You were just his friend.

And perhaps that’s all you’ll ever be.


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Preference #9- *Requested by Cara* Michael Clifford is your boyfriend and your friends don't know and he surprises you.

A/N- Imagine requested by Cara. Cara I hope this is what you wanted and I hope you like it. Note I’m not a songwriter so I apologise for the lyrics, I’m sure you can write way better lyrics than that. But enjoy!


You had been missing your boyfriend Michael, he had been away on tour for three months. You thought as time went on it would get easier but after your last Skype call you just felt miserable. Your friends could see you were down so decided to have a girls night of face masks, movies, and just relaxing. You prepared for the night, putting out drinks and nibbles, and got changed into slouchy pants and your ‘LOL you’re not Michael Clifford’ shirt, you’d told your friends you were dating Michael but never told them his last name, so they never got the connection. Since you’d finished preparing early you grabbed your notebook and pen and began jotting down lyrics. Michael knew you wrote songs and sung too but you’d never shown him anything. After about an hour you finally had a song titled ‘I wish you were here’ you smiled to yourself and read over some of the lyrics.

‘I just keep missing you more and more each day, it gets harder knowing you’re not here; it’s hard knowing you’re a million miles away. But I know you’ll come back eventually, but eventually can’t come soon enough.
It’s hard not having you here; I wish you were here beside me
Holding me tighter than you ever did before, kiss me like we haven’t seen each other in a year
Oh I wish you were here.’

You sighed and placed the notebook down on your dresser when you heard the doorbell ring. You went downstairs and opened the door and you’re friends where there. You hugged each other and made your way into the living room and began watching movies ‘The Notebook’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ ’17 Again’ and then you ordered pizza. You put on your face masks and began taking about Michael and you told them how you missed him and they just went ‘awww’ in unison. Then the doorbell rang and you answered it and paid the pizza guy and took the pizza to the other girls. You through your auburn red hair into a messy bun, some of the curls fell around your face but you didn’t mind. Michael loved your hair and you did too. You placed the ‘Tangled’ DVD into the DVD player and settled down on the sofa eating your pizza and watching the movie.

You were just getting into it when the doorbell rang again “who could that be Cara” your friend Y/F/N asked. “I don’t know I can’t see through walls” you said sarcastically and smiled at them. You slowly clambered off of the sofa and went and answered the door and were taken aback when you saw your boyfriend Michael Clifford standing there. “Michael” you squealed and jumped into his arms “hey princess” he smiled. You kissed each other “what are you doing here?” you asked. “After our last Skype call I realised how much I missed you and I couldn’t take it and I had to see you…So surprise” he smiled. You let him come inside “come meet my friends” you said closing the door behind the both of you.

You walked into the living room “Y/F/N1 and Y/F/N2 this is my boyfriend Michael” you smiled gesturing your hands into the direction of Michael. “Hey” he smiled. You looked at your friends and noticed their jaws had dropped open “M…Michael Clifford” Y/F/N1 said and you just nodded. “I can’t believe it, your shirt the name I never…OMG!” Y/F/N2 said. You chuckled “yeah Michael Clifford is the singer/guitarist in a band I was talking about I can’t believe you never figured it out” you smiled and Michael hugged you from behind.

Your friends demanded a picture and you stood to the side to let them have their moment “umm girls it’s been great meeting you and not to be rude or anything but would you mind if me and Cara had some time to ourselves?” Michael asked. The girls agreed to go and that left you and Michael alone. He came over to you and pulled your hair out of the messy bun “you know I prefer your hair down” he said twisting your curly hair around his finger “it’s so much prettier” he said. You smiled then decided to take a chance “wait here” you said and ran upstairs and grabbed your notebook “I wrote a song for you, read it” you said handing him the notebook. His eyes read the words on the page then he placed the notebook down on the table and sat next to you staring in your blue green eyes which he loved so much “I’ve missed you so much” he said “let me show you how much I’ve missed you” he said before picking you up. He kissed you passionately and carried you upstairs to your bedroom…

And I will let you decide what happens next ;)