tangled doll


And the Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider 68cm BJD I made for my sis. :)

I gave him his heavy lidded, usually skeptical, eyes because when I first made him, I had him with wider eyes (not so heavy lidded), but didn’t feel like it was really ‘clicking’ as him. So I changed his expression and I think it gives off his true personality more now, but I’m leaving it up to my sis if she wants me to make his eyes wider or not.

She says he’s perfect so she doesn’t want me to touch his eyes!

Anyway, I sculpted his head, styled his wig, used dark brown flocking for his goatee and side ear hair and made him his ‘real’ eyes using CGI artwork from the movie.

My sister made his tunic/jacket—-oh my, didn’t she do an incredible job?!!?! It’s made of 2 different black pleathers and she embroidered the patterns on his chest top for added accuracy to the design. We modified his boots to be like Eugene’s and of course, he ‘stole’ Rapunzel’s crown!!! :laughs:

Hope you like him, too! Next, we’ll have pics of all 3 boys together!

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Animated Series Rapunzel

Pre Disney Trip, my girlfriend and I went to the Disney store to hyper her up.

And I screamed as soon as I saw the display.

Apologize the bad quality, I uploaded these through messenger first and it crapped on the quality for some reason. I knew I shoulda uploaded to tumblr first…. If you want any particular shots in better quality I can repost just a photo or two just let me know what you want to look at.

But I can’t really recreate in box for example.

The box is fairly plain. And I don’t see dolls THAT often that boast about articulation so that was awesome. Still cute though. Makes me want to finally get around to watching the series.

The first thing I realized when pulling her out was how the hair was arranged.

If you know anything about my regular blog @puff-pink Bonita is my fav monster high mostly because of her long hair.

Hair is extremely important in a Rapunzel doll.

I ripped her out and was gaping in happiness.

For comparison.

Like I’m screaming here.


And golden.
Like I love the fact the stylization has gone into her hair color too. it also reminds me of her signature glow.

Of course the first thing I do with my dolls is strip.
So clothes are off. Her arm and hand detach much like other Disney Store dolls.

16 points of articulation!

Her feet can go flat! Which you know in a BAREFOOT CHARACTER IS IMPORTANT.
Sorry I’m just bitter about my other Punzie

Speaking of.

Fun fact I never bought Disney store one, my gf gave me her extra awhile ago.
Main reason,… I didn’t think it looked like her. Like at all.
I love love love this stylized version. Look at her hips!

So much cuter and ahh I love cartoony dolls.

She comes with a one piece two layered dress, frying pan, and Pascal. And a cute hair ornament that holds her side bangs back.

Rapunzel isn’t my favorite princess but she is the one I relate to the most.

I grew up very sheltered and whenever I confronted my parents about how all my other friends had more freedom than me, they still only reply “that’s because their parents don’t love them as much as we do”

When I met her face character at Disney World a couple of years ago I almost cried.

Tangled resonated with me hardcore, and it’s nice to have a better rendition of Rapunzel on my shelves.


I repainted this Hasbro Rapunzel to look like the animated version of Rapunzel from the new Tangled series!

I’ll take better photos tomorrow, but I wanted to share this now because I’m really happy with how she turned out!

Thank God for Spring Break!! I’m going to be as creative and productive as possible this week!

Tomorrow I’m planning to stop at Toysrus get a Hasbro Snow White to turn into Cassandra. I’m still contemplating how I’m going to make a Eugene to go with Rapunzel…

I just can’t wait for the official merch to come out so I’m just creating my own lol


Rapunzel: “Here comes the smolder” by Zen 

My review of the Rapunzel and Cassandra doll set is up on YouTube!!


I’ll be posting my review of the Mini Doll Set later today, so feel free to like and subscribe! I’m still pretty new to the whole YouTube experience, but I’m excited to really start sharing my collections, projects, and passions with everyone in video form!!

Disney Store Princess Doll on Barbie Made to Move Body (nude dolly warning)

There are numerous versions of Disney Princess dolls you can buy. Mattel, Hasbro, whatever. But in my opinion, those you can purchase at the Disney Store have the most beautifully painted faces and accurate face sculpts. I don’t know if the quality of their dolls got better recently, but for the first time in forever (haw) I found a Rapunzel that actually looked PRETTY and ACCURATE (I know, I referenced Frozen, shhhh).

BUT! This is not her original body. She stayed sealed in her box for quite a while, because just looking through the plastic window, I could see there wasn’t much point in taking her out of her package. Rapunzel doesn’t wear shoes (because she’s a boss), and her original body had pointed high heel feet… with no shoes. It was just sad.

So by a stroke of luck, I grabbed a Made to Move Barbie (the lightest skin version wearing a purple shirt) and swapped their heads. The color matched perfectly! And no modifications were needed. She still has tweety-bird feet, but that’s a problem with American style fashion dolls in general (Monster High and the like excluded, of course).

The range of movement is impressive for a little Mattel body, and for the most part, the proportions were the same.

Only her waist is a little thicker now, so the velcro doesn’t quite close in the back.

I got Rapunzel on sale for $9, and the barbie for $14 - so altogether a really nice doll for about $25! Made to Move Barbie comes in many skin tokes, so I’m curious what other Disney Store Princesses can switch bodies and make a good match!