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Disney Store Princess Doll on Barbie Made to Move Body (nude dolly warning)

There are numerous versions of Disney Princess dolls you can buy. Mattel, Hasbro, whatever. But in my opinion, those you can purchase at the Disney Store have the most beautifully painted faces and accurate face sculpts. I don’t know if the quality of their dolls got better recently, but for the first time in forever (haw) I found a Rapunzel that actually looked PRETTY and ACCURATE (I know, I referenced Frozen, shhhh).

BUT! This is not her original body. She stayed sealed in her box for quite a while, because just looking through the plastic window, I could see there wasn’t much point in taking her out of her package. Rapunzel doesn’t wear shoes (because she’s a boss), and her original body had pointed high heel feet… with no shoes. It was just sad.

So by a stroke of luck, I grabbed a Made to Move Barbie (the lightest skin version wearing a purple shirt) and swapped their heads. The color matched perfectly! And no modifications were needed. She still has tweety-bird feet, but that’s a problem with American style fashion dolls in general (Monster High and the like excluded, of course).

The range of movement is impressive for a little Mattel body, and for the most part, the proportions were the same.

Only her waist is a little thicker now, so the velcro doesn’t quite close in the back.

I got Rapunzel on sale for $9, and the barbie for $14 - so altogether a really nice doll for about $25! Made to Move Barbie comes in many skin tokes, so I’m curious what other Disney Store Princesses can switch bodies and make a good match!



Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel dolls!

These outfits were designed by my partner and here are some pics he took for his Instagram account but I just wanted to show you guys 😁


I boiled Rapunzel’s hair to lay a bit more forward instead of pushed back to help cover the bald spots and to look a bit more movie accurate. Putting her on the Obitsu body helped her look a bit more proportionate as well since she looks more petite.

I really love how the Mattel sculpt was perfect for Rapunzel since they rarely get it right for Disney dolls nowadays.

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