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To Keep You Safe and Sound {1/?}

Summary Tucked away in the mountains of New York, Omega! Reader lives a secluded life with her Alpha! Mother, until two unlikely visitors intrude on their solitude. Tangled AU, emphasis on the AU.

Warnings ➤ Mild emotional abuse from a parent. Discussions of heats/mating cycles/knotting. Eventual smut (as this is an ABO dynamic fic series there may be elements of dubious consent). Each part will have part-specific warnings as well. Swearing (there will ALWAYS be swearing, sorry.)

Words ➤ 1390

Notes ➤ This is for my lovely, talented wife @bookybuns‘ 4k fic fest, where I claimed the aforementioned Tangled AU prompt. To be entirely honest, this is my first real foray into MCU fic writing. A HUGE thank you to @a-splash-of-stucky for betaing for me!

gif made by bibi of @dailybuckybarnes 

The two super soldiers stare incredulously at the prosthetic arm on the dash of their getaway car. It’s several minutes before the blonde one speaks, his words slow, as if he himself doesn’t entirely believe them. “Nat heard he was working on something that would help you, I didn’t expect it to be this…” A large, calloused hand wipes over his jaw, smoothing the thick beard that covers those angles the world has been used to seeing. “Not after he completely obliterated your other one.”

His dark-haired accomplice shrugs the aforementioned shoulder, his eyes full of wonder. “Whaddya think? Is he really all that mad if he made this?” His gloved hand reaches out to caress the replacement.

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To Keep You Safe and Sound {Prologue}

Summary Bucky x Reader x Steve. Tucked away in the mountains of New York, Omega! Reader lives a secluded life with her Alpha! Mother, until two unlikely visitors intrude on their solitude. Tangled AU, emphasis on the AU.

Warnings ➤ None at the moment. Keep in mind this is an ABO dynamic fic.

Notes ➤This is for my lovely, talented wife @bladebarnes‘ 4k fic fest, where I claimed prompt 31. Tangled AU. This is not the official submission, just a prologue so I can rest easy. At the moment this is un-beta’d. If you are interested in beta’ing for me, PLEASE send me an ask. I’m looking for one or two people who express interest in helping me perfect what is sure to be a long-ish series.

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‘Take the pup. Take the deed to the house in New York. Do not contact him for anything. He has a whole life ahead of him, he doesn’t need to be distracted. Now or ever.’ The other Alpha unceremoniously dumped a carseat at her feet, and a manila envelope was handed to her. ‘I will ensure everything you and the pup need are taken care of, but if I find out you’ve so much as breathed his name, I’ll cut you off.’

The mother of the pup in the carseat nodded tersely, before scooping up her newborn child, and turning towards the door.

‘Oh, another thing. If it turns out to be as intelligent as he is, you will contact me immediately. Any information you need is in that envelope.I don’t require, nor want, you to contact me for any other reason. If I find out you haven’t contacted me about it’s intelligence, you won’t like the results.’

‘It is a she and her name is Y/N.’ The woman’s voice was strained, as if she was holding back the urge to challenge the Alpha behind her. ‘And don’t you fucking touch her ever again.’


stimming and listening to legally blonde is fun

[Image descriptions:
1st: A white trans guy in a grey Space Jam hoodie with the sleeves pulled up to his elbows rocking back and forth, playing with a red, blue, and yellow tangle, and chewing on a light green dinosaur chew.
2nd: The same person rocking back and forth quickly and flapping with his sleeves down over his hands, the same chew in his mouth.
3rd: The same person with his sleeves up, rocking back and forth and playing with the lightswitch fidget on a black fidget cube and the same chew in his mouth.]

Golden Hair (1894)

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer  


cover credit to: bangtanmaru

summary: A new vigilante is taking the limelight in town, and he goes by the name of Spiderman. Jeon Jungkook lives a double life where in school, he’s a science geek who’s best friends with the beautiful, popular star student Y/N, and out of school, he’s the next rising superhero. One night, he falls under the radar of a notorious villain and realizes that he can’t live his double life forever. 

genre: angst/action; spiderman!au

word count: 1.9k

author’s note: Okay, so this was inspired by a request to write a drabble of Jungkook as spiderman, but I got VERY carried away and well, here we are. I’m still not sure whether or not I want this to be a series or not. :/

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Call of Duty

I need more Elriel in my life, so here ya go people! Also tagging my wonderful friend @autumn03 💘

Azriel watched Elain as she cuddled into his side with a soft smile on her face, the same one that always managed to make his heart beat faster. They were laying on the couch in his apartment, a furry blanket covering both of them, as the end credits for Tangled flashed across the large TV.

“Tired?” He murmured against her hair, gently kissing her temple. She only shook her head and turned to wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

“I’m awake.” She gave him a quick kiss and he chuckled.

“Well what do you want to do then?” He rose a brow as her small grin turned wicked, causing his heart to beat faster and his face to heat up. They had been intimate in the past year of them dating, but every time she got that look it made him terrified.

She trailed her fingers up his clothed chest and glanced towards the TV.

“I want you to teach me how to play those video games you’re always playing,” She giggled, and he instantly relaxed, giving her a questioning look.

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So we finally have a good map of the kingdom. This was in the background of the Captain’s office in “Great Expositions”.

The top one is from the credits of “Tangled” and so by combining information we can place the Tower in the northern-central part of the kingdom, near the whale in the map where that river appears. 

From “Tangled” I figure that the Tower was about 8-10 miles or about 4-5 hours walk to the island.

From “Tangled Before Ever After” they seemed to make it to the wall and back pretty quickly, but it seems like they have super horses because they can gallop for more then 2-3 miles real life horses are limited to. A morning run for Rapunzel, Eugene and guards and then again with Cassandra. So call it about 15-20 miles. 

Eyeballing it, I’d say the wall is about 40 miles long. 

Oddly, the map only shows rivers. We know there is a village just outside the wall and Varian’s just inside the wall. There was the road to the Snuggly Duckling and to Varian’s village. But I could see the kingdom having extensive water routes for moving cargo around.