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Have you seen how Gothel's face is shaped like a skull? At least, compared to other characters! She looks even creepier in the new series style than in the movie! I reckon that she's a nightmare sorta thing though. And what do you think that thing at the end of TBEA was?

To me, she looks like the design from the closing credits of Tangled.

It’s that same basic face shape.

I have not bothered to attempt to come up with any theories about who is at the end of the movie. I don’t imagine it’s anyone we’ve met. Perhaps it’s Lady Caine’s father, who is somehow alive still. (All she said was that he was never seen again, not that he was executed.)


And at last I see the light.
And it’s like the fog has lifted.
And at last I see the light.
And it’s like the sky is new.
And it’s warm and real and bright.
And the world has somehow shifted.
All at once, everything is different.

Now that I see you.

One Year in American Junk Mail

It arrives in the mailbox and often goes straight to the garbage. Here’s why it’s worth stopping the endless cycle.

The mailbox ritual goes something like this—open the box, and out spills a slew of envelopes and catalogs. Bills get separated from coupon mailers. Holiday cards and invitations get dug out of a tangle of credit-card offers and other solicitations.

No one loves it, but everyone gets junk mail. It’s a relentless tide of paper that comes to your doorstep unbidden and often ends up in a garbage can moments after entering the house.

The production, distribution, and disposal of all that junk mail creates more than 51 million metric tons of greenhouses gases annually, the emissions equivalent of more than 9.3 million cars. That’s more than all the cars registered in Los Angeles and New York City combined.

MORE WAYS YOU CAN:  Shrink Your Waste

There are ways to cut back on mailbox clutter. CatalogChoice.org allows users to search for the catalogs that come to an address and opt to stop getting them or reduce the frequency. For example, if you only want to see the Crate and Barrel catalog for holiday shopping, you can opt to get only the seasonal publications. You will need to enter the customer number or key source code from a copy of the mailer at the website page.

Doing a little paperwork there and on sites such as dmachoice.org and optoutprescreen.com can reduce a lot of future paper clutter.

Besides, the trees are more worth keeping around than the flood of marketing materials. Yale researchers estimate that since the dawn of humanity we have cut down half the trees on the planet, and there are about 3 trillion left—which leaves us with about 400 trees a person.

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what's your favourite underrated Disney song? i really like Something That I Want from the end credits of Tangled, but i wanted to know what you think😊❤️❤️

If I Never Knew You from Pocahontas! It was cut from the film but they did a pop version over the credits and it’s such a beautiful song!! 


Zachary Levi

Height: 6′3″

Most Famous For: Playing Fandral in “Thor: The Dark World,” Chuck in the TV show “Chuck,” and voicing Flynn Rider in “Tangled” 

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