tangled concept

“The girl who overcame time.. and the boy who was just overcome..” 

Inspired by Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s “The Swing” (ft. Inuyasha and Kagome) 

❤ Dedicated to everyone’s favorite @sankontesu! Thank you so much for donating to Dani, and for making the fandom feel so much like home ❤

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While designing Rapunzel, Keane was inspired by a book that instructs readers on the idea of “feminine beauty”. The book explains that “the key to beauty is strangeness in a woman’s face.” Taking this into consideration, Keane kept a sense ofasymmetry in mind while drawing Rapunzel, incorporating into her design several subtle imperfections, most notably in her teeth that are bucked and “not quite perfect” She was also drawn with an assortment of freckles.Keane designed Rapunzel with large eyes in order to convey her “irrepressible quality”. He discovered a similar trait in Mandy Moore’s voice, allowing Keane to also use her as inspiration.