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Why the Disney guys are great

ERIC: He loves his dog. He plays the flute really well and that’s hard to do. Really gentle and sweet. When he found Ariel on the beach he took her home and took care of her. Great smile. Is a chill guy but will also not hesitate to stab and kill an evil sea witch with his boat.

PHILIP: Hears a pretty sound and follows it. Great singing voice. Never realizes that the girl he fell in love with is the princess he’s supposed to marry. Falls so in love that the first thing he does is go to his father and tell him. Has that goofy little hat with a feather. Fought a motherfucking dragon on a cliff.

NAVEEN: Immediately takes off his royal suit into a civilians outfit and disappears playing ukulele. Even though he’s turned into a frog he’s still oozing confidence. Can only mince food, doesn’t know how to do anything else. Made a ring out of scrap even though they’re frogs. Is willing to give everything up as long as Tiana gets her restaurant. Has that nice curl that falls onto his forehead. Unplaceable yet charming accent.

HERCULES: His strength too big for his goddamn body. Goes from zero to a hundred real quick. Even though he can deck a monster in a minute flat he has no idea how to talk to girls. Socially awkward. Good with kids. Can do a push-up on one finger. When told to use his head he took it literally. Punched his uncle, the god of the underworld, in the face.

FLYNN RIDER: Sarcasm galore. The Smolder. Drop dead gorgeous looks. Doesn’t mind that he’s on a wanted poster but does mind that they can’t get his nose right. Is the only one who sees it’s weird to randomly start singing. Can’t fight for shit, barley manages to make do with a frying pan. Has the most ridiculous birth name in Disney history. Got stabbed in the gut but cut Rapunzel’s hair to save her, not at all caring about himself. First words after not dying aren’t “I love you” but “I have a thing for brunettes” because of corse they are.

ADAM: Swooshes his cape around in the shadows like some kind of wannabe batman. Is extra as fuck. Still acts like a child sometimes. Has had no social interaction for years but is trying his best. Gets easily confused. Doesn’t know what to do when he realizes he has feelings for people. Is too shy to tell Belle he loves her. Feels bad the second after he scares Belle away. Would literally rather die then live without the girl he loves. Has the most extra transformation back into a human while everyone else doesn’t.

MAUI: Gets scared easily. Amazing hair. That little face he makes when he can’t use his hook right. Was building a statue of himself in his cave like a dork. Magic tattoos. Can’t fish to save his life. Gave humans fire and wind and coconuts. That smirk he does, you know the one. Great sense of humor. Did everything he could think of to make humans happy so they would like him. Was a total puppy when he got his hook back and fixed.

FERDINAND: So fucking sweet and gentle. Has a name that tells us he doesn’t even need Snow White for animals to follow him around. Sings to Snow White when she’s on her balcony like a modern day Romeo. Knows when Snow White went missing because he kept visiting and goes to look for her right away. Is literally heartbroken when he finds her, thinking she’s dead and is overjoyed when she wakes up. A good boy, a soft boy. Literally has done zero things wrong in his entire life.

ALADDIN: Tricked the genie right off the bat. Jumped right in to help Jasmine with the guards. Steals food but ends up giving it to orphan children living in the street. Is the most selfless person in Agrabah. Quick thinker and can outsmart anyone. Is one of the only Disney princes who actually know how to sword fight. Has matching hats with his pet monkey.

LI SHANG: Sexuality crisis. “You fight good”. Turns a bunch of losers into warriors. Rarely ever wears a shirt for some reason. Tries out his new title of captain alone in his tent all exited like a little kid. Doesn’t give up, not once, on anything. Would literally die for Mulan. Fine as hell.

CHARMING: Gets bored at his own ball. Is a hopeless romantic. Doesn’t care for people who gush over him because he’s the prince, and in fact took interest in Cinderella because she was the only one not doing that. Jumped out a window for Cinderella. Is a super supportive husband. Went door to door looking for Cinderella, determined to find her no matter what. Good dancer.

FELIX: Doesn’t know how to be mean. Considers totally harmless words bad language. Ridiculously short. That video game sound when he jumps. Thinks that by saying Ralph’s catchphrase it will give him Ralph’s power to wreck stuff as well. Can speak qbertese. Dripping with southern farm boy charm. Is a shit dancer but that’s what makes it fun to watch. After accidentally triggering Calhoun he respects her making him leave and never uses the phrase again. Pulls Vanellope back from danger on the rainbow bridge and then makes sure she stays behind him. “Do you think they’ll stop there?” “YES!”

(( If I missed any that you want to see, just let me know & I’ll make a part 2! ))

anonymous asked:

I'm not autistic, but I suffer from a sensory disorder- and when I receive too much stimulation, I tend to pick at my skin. It hurts, but it's a stim right at my fingertips, pun intended. Do you know any good silent classroom fidgets? Anything easy to hold in your hand during crowded, loud, bright passing periods? Thank you so much!!

Sweet anon (and everyone, actually), you never, never have to explain that you’re not autistic here. Never. This is a space for all neurodivergent folk and people with any disability, illness or condition who might find stimming helpful for whatever reason. (If you think stimming helps you in some way, you count.) You’re all welcome here, all of you, and I’ll answer any questions you have as best I can. If you want to share your background, by all means, but never feel you have to. This is not an autistic-only or autistic-focused space. It’s a stimming space!

I’ll be honest: this is something I struggle with as well. So I’m trying to find replacement stims for when I feel the need to pick, too.

If you want to go for stealth stims, kneadable erasers. (Art supply stores, office supply stores. I got mine from Officeworks, brand name Faber Castel. I’ve also seen Mont Marte ones in dollar shops and scented ones at Daiso.) You don’t have to explain this to anyone and you can pull, stretch, twist and pick it. Like putty but portable. They cost around $3.50 AUD here, so they’re not very expensive, either.

I also have the most amazing case eraser (Officeworks, $2 AUD) which I’ll photograph because I cannot describe it without an image:

[image description: a rounded plastic eraser module in three parts: a clear red plastic brush cover bearing the word “capsule”; a blue plastic base with a pale blue plastic brush attached to the bottom and a rounded raised thumb rest covered with raised dots with a white round eraser attached the top of the base; and a blue plastic cover for the eraser. Text “Milan” is printed on the cover.]

I have no idea if these are still available: I bought one on clearance, realised how fabulous it was, went back, found none. The brush makes a slight noise when you run a finger over it, but the cover feels like a worry stone and I mostly just run a fingertip over the thumb rest. Milan makes a lot of erasers with unusual covers, all of them pretty fidget-friendly, but this one is the best of the best. I wish I had more of them; they’d be in every bag I own.

Lastly, a chenille pencil case is stealth and super stimmy, and you might find poking/pulling at the chenille fronds offer you an alternative to picking.

As for non-stealth stims: squishies, small plushies, most stress balls (the stretchy squish ball, available from Stimtastic online or Lincraft here in Australia, is fabulous), balloon stress balls, a marble loop, a marble maze, a fluffy or tassel keychain, a worry stone or a prickle fidget are all absolutely silent.

The Hairy Tangle makes a very slight rubbery noise when you stretch the fronds. (People not me probably don’t even notice it.) No clicking, unlike any other Tangle I’ve handled. Plus you can pull/pick at the fronds! And it has no rubbery smell! It’s got texture and movement and offers several different ways to stim with it, so if you don’t mind obviously stimming, I’d recommend trying this one. It’s fabulous and I need to remember to use it more than I do.

Play-Doh is pretty quiet. I’ve noticed my putties and slimes tend to bubble and crackle, though (I’ve got some that bubble so much it’s like playing with never-ending bubble wrap) so I wouldn’t use them in a classroom.

Puffer creatures can be quiet, but mine make noise when I pull the fronds, so they’re probably only useful for poking or running your hands through the fronds. A tassel keychain should be better for absolutely-quiet stimming whilst offering something that can be picked and pulled, if you’re looking for a stim that fills that picking need. You can also attach it to a pencil case, so it’ll be fairly stealth as well!

(A simple alternative to this could be an embroidery thread friendship bracelet, the kind that ties in a knot around your wrist and leaves dangling threads, like a tassel. @threadytogo​ makes them in pride and fan themes!)

Other fidgets that might work, and are surely stealth enough, include fidget jewellery items like telephone cord bracelets and snake necklaces, especially if you want some back-up toys to wear in case you’re like me and lose/forget the toy you mean to bring to class. I don’t get quite the hand-holding fidget experience from some of these, though, so I’d probably have them as back-up fidgets.

Standard stim toys like Tangles and puzzles all make some noise, and if you’re like me, that noise makes you feel self-conscious about making noise, even if it actually doesn’t bother anyone else.

If my followers have something in their collections they can attest is silent and suitable for our anon, please add them! I know a super common toy rec is a spinner ring, but I don’t own one myself and can’t confirm how completely silent they are when used gently/slowly. If someone can confirm, I’d be grateful.

I hope this gives you somewhere to begin!

NCT as Disney Characters (Male Version)

requested by: @glitterykoreanboyband (thank you beth. love you xx)


Female Version

Taeil: Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Hansol: Prince Ferdinand (Snow White)

Johnny: Robin Hood

Taeyong: Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast)

Yuta: Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Kun: Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Doyoung: Aladdin

Ten: Naveen (Princess and the Frog)

Jaehyun: Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty)

WinWin: Tarzan

Mark: Hercules

Renjun: Milo (Atlantis)

Jeno: Kristoff (Frozen)

Haechan: Kuzco (Emperor’s New Groove)

Jaemin: Mogli (The Jungle Book)

Chenle: Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

Jisung: Bambi


Hi!!! These are all my drawings of Disney princes and heros!!! 

I hope you like them!!! :)

Which is your favourite one?

The Spider Jack charms from @jennpy got here!!!!! I’m so glad I can add an AU version of Handsome Jack to the rat king that is this collection. Thanks so much for making such cute charms!!!! (Can’t wait to spend all my money on the next batch too heuhuehuehue)

modern disney headcanons (?)

this started as modern disney princesses headcanons post, then somehow switched to modern disney relationships headcanons and then I started writing alladin fanfiction in my head. I do realize they are really long, and more like one shots than headcanons but anyway, enjoy. And let me know if you want any more headcanons or some specifically. 

Mulan x Shang                                      

They are one of these fit couples instagram shows you when you are in a middle of eating a box of ice cream. Shang used to be in the army, but now he is a personal trainer, known for hard discipline but also great guidance. Mulan works with children/teenagers as a PE teacher or physiotherapist or maybe a karate instructor. 

bonus1: Mushu is Mulan’s lizard, and is very jealous of Shang. 

bonus 2: One time when Mulan is out of town Mushu gets sick and Shang has to take him to the vet. He feels very weird in a waiting room, because 1) he is the only one with a lizard wrapped in a blanket 2) said lizard keeps trying to bite him and makes loud noises. Until a guy with a chameleon in a box comes in - said chameleon seems to hate the guy as much as Mushu hates Shang. 

bonus 3: the guy with a chameleon is Eugene, him and Shang actually become friends when  Pascal and Mushu escape their humans, and all four of them are thrown out of an animal clinic.

Alladin x Jasmine 

Jasmine comes from a rich family and is a lawyer. Her and Alladin meet when she visits agrabbah and gets in trouble because of some language misunderstanding with a salesman. He helps her and she invites him for a coffee. They talk and he offers to show her the city. Jasmine actually sees the harsh reality of poor people, including children. After a few days she goes back home, previously taken Alladin’s number. He is more than surprised when a couple weeks later she calls, saying that she is in Agrabbah again. When they meet she reveals who she actually is, and says that since she left she was actually setting up a charity to help those in need in the city. Jasmine asks him to work in the charity. they start working together and become well known activists for children rights ( and a power couple).

bonus 1: Alladin is 3 years younger than Jasmine.

bonus 2: When they are ready for children they adopt a 3 year old girl, then twins - a boy and a girl.

Cinderella x Prince Charming

Cinderella is a beginning fashion designer. Her godmother, Helen Fairy agrees to help her by featuring one of Cinderella’s designs on her fashion show. In the last minute it turns out that the model who is supposed to present the dress won’t come. Cinderella decides to wear the outfit herself, but she doesn’t really consider how damn difficult it is to walk in these high heels. She falls on the runway and loses on of the shoes. She steps out of the view as soon as she can, with only one shoe, but she does it as gracefully as she can. In the backstage she breaks to tears, sure that her career is broken. But it turns out that she caught someone’s attention - Regina, CEO of StepEvil offers her a deal. After Regina’s departure Cinderella is drunk with hapiness, and that’s when David Charming, a journalist who attended the show returns the shoe to her. He holds the high heel awkwardly in his hand when she tears up and he is like ‘’it is just a shoe and you have it back now, don’t cry, why are you crying, are you okay?’’ and she just hugs him, still crying and than she is embarassed and starts mumbling and somehow she asks him out. He says yes. 

bonus; on their wedding day she wears flat shoes.

your-alien-friend  asked:

Do u know any stim toys that can go on a lanyard key chain? Thanks:)

Oh, yes! Yes I do! There are many toys that can go on a lanyard key chain, some as they are, some with a little work/creativity depending on the type of fastener you have for the lanyard! I’ve also got a few DIYs I’ve made myself - bead rings attached to a zip lanyard for double stimmy goodness.

Firstly: many squishies come with a cell phone charm strap or a ball chain attachment. Both of those can attach to a lanyard as they are. In my review post this morning I’ve got the macaron ($1 AUD) which is smaller and might be ideal for hanging from a lanyard; Stimtastic has the Squishy Panda Charms ($1 USD). Any squishy with an attachment point will work.

(As I’ve written about the durability of squishies, I’d coat the foam around the attachment point/plastic ring on the squishy with a layer of thick PVA/white glue and let it dry overnight before adding it to the lanyard. This will help the foam not tear away from the ring. I did this to my apple where the ring sheared away completely and it’s solid after drying.)

Secondly: there are Tangles that have lanyard attachments (linked in this post) although they’re rarer and hard to find. However, if you have a lanyard with a string attachment, like those used to attach USB drives to a lanyard or a keychain, those special attachments aren’t necessary and you can use any old Tangle. Just loop it around the Tangle the way you’d loop the cord around the anchor hole on a USB drive, as below:

[image description: a pink, blue, yellow and clear Tangle Jr Textured attached via a bright yellow plastic and cord lanyard connector to a worn Little Twin Stars lanyard.]

Other things can be attached to the lanyard in the same way, as long as there’s something for the cord’s attachment to hitch around: doughnut chewables and silicone beads, any chewable or pendant with a hole in it, a snake puzzle if you fold it so the attachment is in the centre, a telephone cord bracelet.

Thirdly: bead rings (you can DIY it with instructions here or purchase from @werevampiwolf at their etsy or through Stimtastic) are easily attached to just about anything if they’re made from a split ring or clip ring (they all are).

I’ve attached my own large bead rings (made from 50 cm clip/binder rings, available from the stationery section at Daiso) to zip lanyards (also available from Daiso) by removing the standard attachment and hooking the bead ring with two opened chain links.

[image description: three large silver bead rings attached to zip lanyards. Top left: red and yellow zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing round and square yellow, red and orange wooden beads. Top right: a blue and red zip lanyard attached to a ring bearing oval red and blue wooden beads beside red and blue pony beads. Bottom: a pink and green zip lanyard attached to a ring threaded with rainbow-coloured metallic pony beads.]

Fourthly: any standard keychain stim toy or necklace charm. A fluffy/pompom keychain, a tassel keychain, a roller bead lanyard/chain or a small plushie with a cord loop. If the loop attachment is difficult (too small for the above hitch or the clips shown below, for example), use a large jump ring: open it with a pair of pliers, thread it through the loop attachment and the bottom of the lanyard, close it with the pliers.

Fifthly: prickle animal fidgets. (Available from Stimtastic ($0.90 USD) but I’ve also seen them in multipacks at Toys R Us and in the party sections at the more expensive kind of dollar shop.) They have a closed loop on their back that can be threaded through a lanyard attachment, dog clip or a jump ring, like so:

[image description: a green dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white star-print lanyard with a gold dog clip and an orange dinosaur prickle fidget toy attached to a white G2 My Little Pony print lanyard via a silver lanyard clip. Both toys have a square attachment in the middle of their prickled backs holding the clasp of each lanyard.]

Other Stimtastic offerings ideal for lanyards include the Mobius Flower Lanyard ($4.25 USD) and the Keychain Eni Puzzle ($9.60 USD). (@stimtastic​ here on Tumblr, if you want to see what other stimmers have done with these toys.)

In short: there’s many things that don’t need modding at all, and even more things that only need the application of a pair of pliers and a jump ring or two to make them attachable. I hope this gives you some ideas to find the perfect lanyard-portable toy for you!

ETA: @jaydxnalexandxr says,

With tangles, you can pull apart a bit, slide it onto a key ring loop, close the tangle then clip the key ring to a lanyard! That’s what I do 

I didn’t think of it because my hand pain is so bad I prefer not pulling apart Tangles, but this should have been obvious. Thank you!

"Be One Of Us Tonight." (Sirius Black x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary/Prompt: “Be one of us tonight.”

Word count: 1211 (might be one of the longest I’ve ever done??)

Notes: I didn’t really like how this one turned out, and I think it could have been a lot better tbh. But, a reliable source told me they’d strangle me if I didn’t post it, so I decided to anyways. Enjoy!

Request here!

“Come on Y/N, you can’t spend your whole life studying.” whined James. “Besides, it’ll do you good to get outside and get some fresh air!”

“I’m too busy to be caught illegally broom flying at two in the morning Prongs.” you said, rolling your eyes. “I have a reputation to uphold.”

“I swear, you’re no fun since you became a prefect.” he pouted, flopping down on the sofa next to you.

You didn’t reply, only continued with your Anicent Runes homework, furrowing your brows in concentration as your quill glided smoothly over the parchment. It wasn’t long before James huffed in annoyance at your stubbornness and left, disappearing up into the boys dorm. Soon he was replaced by Sirius, whom you interrupted before he’d even opened his mouth.

“I’m not coming with you Sirius.”

“Why not? Can’t you live a little Y/N?”

“No, I can’t Sirius.” you hissed, slamming your quill down onto the table and turning to face him. “Unlike you and James and Remus, I actually have to study to get top grades. I’m not ridiculously talented like you guys, I actually have to work to get what I want!”

“Bullshit Y/N, of course you’re talented, you’re the best at potions by a mile. Slughorn practically worships you.” laughed Sirius.

“I’m not coming with you okay? And that’s final.” you snapped, turning back to your work.

“Please Y/N. Be one of us tonight.”

*eight hours later, two in the morning*

“This is by far the worst idea I’ve ever had.” you grumbled, throwing your broom down onto the grass. “Why in Merlin’s name did I let you convince me to do this?”

“Lighten up a little Y/N!” exclaimed James. “You’re here to have some fun. Remember that word? ‘Fun’?”

You growled and shot a couple of mild stinging hexes at him, which he deflected easily, laughing as he did so.

“Why didn’t you drag Remus out here?” you whined, mounting your broom.

“He’s on patrol tonight.” called Sirius, swooping gracefully through the air above you.

Sighing, you decided that as long as you were out here, you’d better make the most of it, as you would most likely have to pull an all nighter tomorrow in order to make up for the lost study time. As you rose into the air, you marvelled at how you never ceased to feel that rush of adrenaline you got from flying, no matter how many times you’d done it.

“Y/N, coming your way!” shouted James, as he threw a ball towards you.

Considering the fact that he was a well built Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, the ball came at you with much more force and speed than you had expected, nearly knocking you clean of your broom as you caught it.

“What the hell Prongs, you try a kill me or something?” you laughed, righting yourself quickly. “Heads up Pads!”

The next hour was spent with the three of you simply throwing a ball around on your brooms, chasing each other, and narrowly missing hexes when someone aimed the ball at someone else’s head. Pretty soon, you all crashed to the ground, exhausted from laughing. James produced his invisibility cloak and grinned at the both of you.

“I’m going to the kitchens to see if I can find some food, I’ll be right back. Please don’t maim each other too seriously whilst I’m gone.”

And before either of you could say anything, he was gone, sprinting across the field towards the castle. That left you and Sirius, surrounded by the cold night air, content in each other’s company.

“Come here.” said Sirius, noticing you begin to shiver and holding his arms out.

You crawled towards his, basking in his warmth as his strong arms wrapped around you, and you heard him mutter a wandless heating charm that quickly surrounded the both of you.

“Better?” he asked.

“Much.” you replied quietly, and once again everything was quiet.

“Y/N, I’m about to say something crazy, and I need you to hear me out and not say anything till I’m done okay?” said Sirius, and you detected a hint of nervousness in his usually confident voice that you’d never heard before.

“Okay, I’m listening.” you whispered, wriggling around slightly to look at him.

“Fuck, this is such a bad idea… I like you Y/N, properly like you. Not in a ‘she’s-really-hot-and-I’m-Sirius-Black-so-I’m-gonna-ask-her-out-and-ditch-her-three-days-later’ kind of way either. And this is really weird, because I’ve never liked a girl like I like you, so I’ve never had to ask a girl out like this before. So here I am, asking you, with no winking or smirking or anything like that. Will you go on a date with me Y/N?”

You simply sat, eyebrows raised in shock at the words that just hit you.

Sirius Black liked you?

Sirius Black, heartthrob of Hogwarts among witches and wizards alike, liked you enough to ask you on a proper date?

You’d been so wrapped up in your thoughts, it took you a second to even process the fact that Sirius had started speaking again.

“I mean, I know it was stupid to think that you liked me back, but I figured that-”

“Shut up you tosser, of course I’ll go out with you.” you laughed, watching as his shoulders slumped in relief.

“Well thank Merlin for that, I thought I’d made a right pratt of myself for a second there.” said Sirius, slapping your knee in mock anger.

“So do I get a kiss or what?” you asked, raising one eyebrow at his smirk.

“Of course, I should be happy to oblige.” he said, and at once his lips were on yours, and the only thing going through your mind was ‘more, more, more’.

Before long you were both lying down in the grass, surrounded by the heating charm, hands tangled in each other’s hair, bodies pressed together, bathing in the moonlight. You hands slid up underneath Sirius’ shirt, before you were interrupted by a cry of anguish.

“My eyes! My beautiful virgin eyes!” yelled James, standing three feet away, weighed down by food. “I leave the two of you alone for five minutes and I come back to see you making out in the middle of the Quidditch feild!”

You stood up quickly, smoothing out your hair and pulling down your t shirt, as Sirius stood text to you and wrapped his arm around you.

“You’ve been nagging me for months to grow a pair and ask her out you prick, and now you’re yelling at me for it?” laughed Sirius, as James rolled his eyes.

“I guess I brought that upon myself. Now, I’d like to enjoy my midnight feast without being tainted by your sinning, so could you two sit at least six feet apart please?” asked James, laying out the food he’d brought.

With that, you looked him straight in the eye, and plonked yourself down onto Sirius’ lap, pecking him on the lips for good measure. James sighed dramatically, flopping down onto the grass, and Sirius just nuzzled his face into your hair, whispering,

“That’s my girl.”

Disney Is Goals

Look at me like Flynn looked at Rapunzel
Hold me like Beast held Belle
Banter with me like the dwarves did with Snow White
Show me love like Aladdin did with Jasmine
Chase after me like the Prince did with Cinderella
Save me like Erik did with Ariel
Kiss me to life like Charming did with Aurora
Be crazy with me like Naveen was with Tiana
Be my best friend like Stitch was with Lilo
Nuzzle me like Simba did to Nala
Admit your love like Hercules did to Meg
Help me be my best like Shang did with Mulan
Be my Prince and let me be your Princess

anonymous asked:

I spin my headphones around in the air a lot and sometimes it hits my head pretty hard... anyway can you think of a stim that would be useful for me?

Hey, anon! Are you me? Because if I can grab something, spin it and hit myself in the face with it, well, I will.

The problem here is - which part of the stim do you crave? The spinning of the headphones or the hitting of the headphones against your head?

I’ll be honest: replacing the feeling of hitting myself (thunking my knees into the desk, say) is difficult. I don’t have a lot of good answers for this. You may be better to merely adapt this and look at things that can be covered with a pillow before hitting. I’ve had some success with dropping a bean bag on my legs from as high as my arms can reach for that thud feeling, but it’s not quite the same, and since this stim of mine is quite unconscious, I’m struggling to do more than stop and try to redirect.

If you’re after objects you can twirl more safely, without the hitting-oneself-in-the-face aspect, I have a few offerings. (Because twirling is good.) Note that these are not subtle stims; these are, for me, Really Autistic stims that don’t involve moving things in my hands in gentle, quiet or allistic-esque ways. They’re the kind of stims that will make folks stare in public in a way that pressing a fidget cube is less likely to provoke. But they are so satisfying.

(All links go to the item’s tag with posts about finding or making said item.)

- A roller bead fidget/lanyard. I put the split ring over one finger and twirl it around the base of said finger.

- Tangles: either twisted around one finger into a line and used the same way as the bead lanyard or spun with the opposite end held in my opposite hand, turning the Tangle over and over.

(Note: Don’t spin your Tangle around your wrist; it will fly off your fingers and smash into something. Trust me on this. I’ve done it so you don’t have to!)

- Slime! Mould your slime into a ball, poke your hand through it, let it sit on your wrist, spin your wrist until the slime forms a long, drooping loop, then just remould your slime and repeat. I can do this for an hour, easy.

(Note: putty with stretch will also do this to varying degrees, but I find it works best with handmade slime.)

- DIY spin band: the bottom of an old T-shirt, cut off a few inches (say 10 centimetres, although it doesn’t much matter) to make a loop of cloth. You can spin this in two ways: either around your wrist or on a finger (it will rise up over your hand like the tangle, but if this flies off, it’s less likely to damage, break or hurt) or looped over both hands and twisted (like the tangle) allowing you to spin your hands around. You can also just twist the fabric and then spin it - there’s many ways to stim with this, and all you need is an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. If you can sew a basic running stitch, you can cut up the rest of the T-shirt and make loops in all sorts of sizes.

- The tassel keychains (literally anything long with a ring attachment) can be spun on a finger like the bead lanyards.

(Note: the keychains, Tangles and bead lanyards should not be held close to your face! These things stay well on my finger, but they need a little bit of space for safety.)

Now, you’re going to be in places where it isn’t safe to stim like this. Some of the toys above (Tangle, slime, tassel keychains, bead lanyards) are more often discussed as being subtler stims (toys used a little less visibly in one’s hands). So they’re likely worth getting, making or having for the dual purpose (I coil or just twist my Tangle in public; I use the bead lanyard for the normal pushing of the beads up and down the cord). You might also wish to look at, additionally, chain fidgets (turn them over and over in your hand), bead rings (and bead ring necklaces), spinner fidgets and spinner rings, which don’t offer the same sort of spin, but do spin and turn.

I hope this gives you some ideas. Like always, if folks think of something I’ve forgotten, please let us know!

ETA: @zephyrantha says,

I don’t suppose something like a yoyo would be useful to anon? I used to be able to spin a yoyo around my finger pretty well and it might be closer to the weight/feel of headphones than some of these?

Awesome thought! Thank you! Just make sure there’s lots of space if using a full-size yoyo, although the smaller/party-bag-style yoyos might be gentler for spinning, too, as they usually weigh a lot less.


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