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Tangled Chapter 6

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A/N: This took a long time, but I am really happy with how this turned out, as I believe this was one of the funniest parts in the movie. I do hope that I did justice to it so feel free to message me yout thoughts on this chapter :3 I’m also very sorry for the length of this chapter but I somehow  can’t seem to write anything ‘short’ (around 1k per chapter) anymore…

Prompt:   After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby girl [Y/N] is kidnapped from her house in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flower’s magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of [Y/N], and to stay young, she must lock [Y/N] in her hidden tower. [Y/N] is now a teenager and her hair has grown to a length of 70-feet. The beautiful [Y/N] has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Bucky Barnes scales the tower and is taken captive by [Y/N]. She strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. [Y/N] is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life.

Wordcount: 2414

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His memories were foggy, showing him only snippets from what happened on the mission and afterwards but never showing the whole story, leaving Bucky weary and scared. Scared of what had happened, scared of where he ended up.
He was tied to a chair and for a moment, Bucky thought that he was back at the starting point, back in the chair to face the terrors again, to face the memory loss again and lose everything that he had found.
The one thing he did not remember, however, was having something stuck in his ear everytime they had placed him back in the chair. He looked up in confusion - Bucky didn’t recognize the room he had ended up in but it looked way too cozy to be property of HYDRA - and slowly to his side.
Bucky was prepared for a lot of things but certainly not that. On his shoulder sat a small, green animal with its tongue stuck out into his ear.
He was shocked to say the least and his confusion had left him completly as he jumped in the air, the little green thing falling on the ground with a small shriek.
Bucky tried to find his breath again, looking around the room as he tried to find out where he was. The place definitly looked familiar - there was this feeling that he had been here before but it didn’t feel as a place he had stayed at, just as something that had passed by without noticing it properly - and Bucky’s fear off HYDRA started to lessen. That was, however, until he noticed that he was surrounded by something that looked a lot like hair that somehow seemed to keep him in the chair.
His eyes followed the endless trail - how long would this go on? - as it went up the ceiling. Somewhere, between the beams of the ceiling, a girl sat, surrounded by the long, blond locks where she seemed to be the source of. She was holding something that looked like a frying pan, a frightened expression on her face.
“Struggling, eh, struggling is pointless!”
Her voice filled the air as she waved around with the frying pan.
A small thug was heard as he saw the girl jumping down towards the floor. She was hiding in the darkness, trying to sound and look intimidating.
“I know why you are here.”
She was trying, really, but Bucky couldn’t help but smile at her lost attempt. She held the frying pan in front of her, almost as a warning on what she could do when he didn’t do what she liked. The rest of her seemed to say that she would run away and hide when that would happen.
“I am not afraid of you.”
He was confused to say the least. He looked at her as she came closer, slowly standing in the beam of sunlight in the middle of the room, suddenly looking more confident than she did when she was hiding in the shadow.
“Who are you. And how did you find me.”
The way she asked them didn’t make them sound like questions, but he knew they were. However, he didn’t know what to answer her, or even how to, as he was left stairing at the girl in front of him, trying to find his words again.
She held the frying pan closer to her face, trying to get an answer out of the guy that was supposed to be a threath for her as she repeated her words.
“Who are you,” she raised the frying pan so that she could use it when needed, “and how did you find me?”
He coughed, not only being in possession of words again, but also with the idea on what to say, even though Bucky didn’t know if what he was going to say was the smartest thing to do. However, given the fact that he sat in a chair surrounded by hair things couldn’t really get that weirder.
“I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you. But may I just say,”
Bucky was taking a risk here but he had to find a way to get out of this position as fast as possible.
Bucky decided to use his old charm that he used to have in the 40’s, hoping that it would work. He didn’t really believe in himself but he had to, hoping that it could still work.
It obviously didn’t as it was followed by an awkard silence.
“How are you doing? The name is Bucky Barnes.”
The girl in front of him staired back wide eyed and Bucky started to regret every decision he had made in the past. He had just given out his name to a stranger, why on earth did he do that? She probably knew who he was and the things he did. He had made a mistake he had made a mistake he had-
“Who else knows my location, Bucky Barnes?”
Location? He barely knew where he was, let alone others to know it.
“All right blondie.”
He didn’t want to admit it but it was a beautiful name, one that really matched her, even though he couldn’t really tell why.
“Here’s the deal. I was in a situation, having a casual stroll through the forest.” The mission wasn’t that casual but he wouldn’t tell that to her.
“I came across your tower and-”
Bucky suddenly realised that something was even more wrong with the situation than him being surrounded by so much hair. The documents. The documents that they had spent months to get that were now gone. He could swear that he had them with him when he came here so where were they now?
“Where are the documents?”
“I’ve hidden them. Somewhere you will never find them.”
She seemed sure of herself as she stood in front of him, her frying pan still close to her - it was even more threatening than he wanted to admit actually - a somewhat cocky expression on her face. However, he only needed one glance across the room to already know where she had him them.
“They are in that pot, aren’t they.”
His world went black again as her frying pan collided with his face.

When he woke up again the little animal was stuck with its tongue in his ear, again.
“Aah! Would you stop that!”
He tried to get as much out of his ear as possible, which was hard to do when he couldn’t use his hands.
“Now they are hidden somewhere you can’t find them.”
He growled, still not sure if he should trust this girl. She had knocked him out only using a frying pan. In his whole life - which was a long one - he had never met someone who could do that. Heck, he could even stand in front of people twice as strong as Steve and they still couldn’t knock Bucky out. Which wasn’t that much of an accomplishment seeing that the Steve he used to knew, the little Steve, wasn’t as strong to begin with.
She swinged her hair - or at least try to do that - as she held her frying pan only an inch away from his face.
“So, what do you want to do with my hair, huh? To cut it?”
She pushed the pan in his face, daring him to look towards her.
“To sell it?”
“No! The only thing I want to do with your hair is get out of it! Literally!”
She didn’t seem to pay attention to what he was saying as she kept walking around the chair, some parts of her hair wrapping around the base of it as she was walking.
“You- wait, you don’t want my hair?”
She seemed relieved with this but her tone showed that she still didn’t fully trust him, something he would have done to.
“Why on earth would I want your hair? Look, I was being chased, I saw a tower, I saw an entrance, I went in. End of story.”
“You’re telling the truth?”
He looked her in the eye, trying to let her know that he wasn’t lying, that this was the truth, that she should trust him. Okay, scratch that, she shouldn’t trust him, but she at least should trust his answer. She looked towards her shoulder as the little green thing appeared, walking over her arm towards him, examinating him and his face, all the while making weird noices. She slowly took away the frying pan that was directed towards his face as she walked away, turning away from him so that he couldn’t see nor hear what she was doing. She seemed to be talking towards the thing - should he really trust a girl that talked to animals? - as he tried to get out of the chair.
“Okay, Bucky Barnes, I’m prepared to offer you a deal.”
He didn’t like where this was heading at all.
“Look this way.”
She pulled her hair so that the chair turned - she was stronger than he first would have thought - as she opened a curtain, revealing a drawing behind it.
“Do you know what these are?”
“You mean the lanterns they do for the lost daughter?”
He had heard of it through Steve who told him the tale of the village not that far away from the forest where the mission would take place. Appearantly, some rich man and his wife once had a girl but she got kidnapped, and ever since then they released lanterns on her birthday. Steve didn’t want to tell him more about it, insisting that he would find out more soon enough.
“Lanterns. I knew they weren’t stars.”
Her words were directed towards herself but Bucky couldn’t help but wonder what the meaning was behind that.
“Well, tomorrow evening,” she took a small breath, trying to find some of the steadyness she had lost just a moment before, “they will light the night sky with these lanters. You,”
She was intimidating him again with the frying pan but he honestly already felt intimidated, given that he had fallen on the ground just a moment before and there now was a chair on top of him and she was standing way higher than he was lying. The pan didn’t need to be add.
“will act as my guide, take me to these lanterns, and return me home safely.”
That was what she wanted? To see a couple of lanterns in the sky?
“Then, and only then, will I return the documents to you. That is my deal.”
“Yeah,” he growled, trying to turn himself and the chair so that he was lying on his side, “no can do. I have to return home as quickly as possible without any time wasting so unfortunatly, I can’t take you anywhere.”
The expression on her face changed as she looked towards her shoulder and jumped to the ground, pulling him and the chair up again as she pulled her hair towards her.
“Something brought you here, Bucky Barnes. Call it what you will, faith, destiny,”
“A group of men.”
“so I have made the decision to trust you.”
“A horrible decision, really.”
She had just met him, didn’t know what he was capable of and she didn’t know his past. The moment she would find out, that trust would be gone.
“But trust me when I tell you this.”
She pulled her hair so that the chair tumbled over, falling against her hand as she leaned against it, her face close to Bucky’s.
“You can tear this tower apart, brick by brick, but without my help you will never find your precious documents.”
He coughed slowly, trying to decrease the pressure that was hanging around the both of them.
“Let me get this straight. I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you’ll give me back my documents?”
Her tone was firm as she answered him.
“I promise.”
He looked at her, not sure if she was really serious or secretly joking. He had met a couple of people in the last few months who could be like that and he learned to not trust someone when they started talking like that.
“And when I promise, I never, ever, break that promise.”
He just raised his eyebrow. Her tone reminded him of birdman even if he didn’t want to make that comparison.
“All right, I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me with no choice.”
Did she? He couldn’t remember ever doing something like this, let alone it working, so why was he in some tower trying to do it?
Why even was he in some tower, tangled up in hair?
“Here comes the smoulder.”
He was pretty sure he had heard that name somewhere but definitly never out of his own mouth.
Bucky looked down for a moment, trying to get himself together. he was actually doing this, why was he actually doing this?
But he had to look up. Trying to pull a face that the girls from his old times couldn’t resist he looked her in the eyes, but she just looked back at him with confusion.
Jep, this wasn’t going to work at all.
They kept stairing at each other for a while and at some point, Bucky was sure that he didn’t want to stop because that would mean that she had won the little stairing contest that he had just created, but he had to. He was sure that if he didn’t react soon they could stand in this position for hours, days, months, maybe even years and eventually turn into stone.
“You know, this isn’t the reaction I had expected to get out of you.”
He sighed in defeat, realising that there was nothing left for him to do.
“Fine! I’ll take you to see the lanterns.”
She suddenly got very excited, letting the chair go as she stood in the middle of the room, not quite believeing what had just happened.
Unfortunatly for Bucky, her excitement didn’t work in his advance, as the chair he was still sitting in started to tumble towards the floor, something that he hadn’t seen in what, five minutes?
He fell face-first again, almost knocking himself out in the process.

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Tangled w Zouis😍😍

1) Zayn’s…fine with his life. Really. He loves his mother, and he’s not ungrateful, and the tower has everything he could want, and his chameleon friend Niall is the best friend a boy could have, and he has his books and his paints. But. But maybe he’s bored. Maybe he’s been feeling fenced in, like there’s so much more to the world he doesn’t get to see, like he’s growing up and his mother isn’t letting him. Which might lead to some backtalk sometimes, but really he thinks his mother is being a little dramatic with all her warnings of the outside. It can’t be that bad–nothing that makes those floating lights on Zayn’s birthday every year can be that bad. He just wants to see the lights. He’s old enough now. He could. 

2) Louis doesn’t know what he’s expecting when he climbs into the tower, but he has to admit that he is definitely not expecting the pretty boy with white blonde hair of a frankly unheard of length (And seriously, that has to be dyed, right, because while it works with his coloring it doesn’t look quite right). And certainly not for that boy to hit him with a frying pan. And definitely not for that boy to quite handily blackmail him into taking him to see the lanterns, though Louis has to respect him for that. And the chameleon is 100% a surprise. 

3) The outside world is amazing. Zayn knows Louis’s being grumpy about how cool everything is, but it’s so awesome, and he gets the feeling Louis’s grumpy a lot, or at least cynical a lot. But as long as Zayn doesn’t think about how angry his mother will be when he gets back, or worry a bit about what Louis will do when he sees his hair, he’s having the time of his life. Even if Louis’s an asshole for telling him the bridge flips over when you’re halfway over it. But Zayn gets his own back by telling him shit about just what the berries he’d been eating can do. 

4) Louis doesn’t mean to like Zayn, particularly. He just has to get him to the capital so he can get the crown back. That’s all. But it’s just…Zayn’s wideeyed wonder is cute, sometimes. And he’s got a mouth on him Louis can appreciate. And there’s just something about him, something magnetic, that makes people like him–even the criminals in the bar, all those grown men infatuated with him in an instant. Him and his big dreams. Louis remembers having big dreams. 

5) If everything about Zayn is a surprise, the hair–the hair is more than that. Louis doesn’t know what to say. Zayn’s hair glows. Zayn’s hair heals wounds. Of course this boy with his brilliant smile and sunlit smile would have hair that glows. Louis doesn’t know why he expected otherwise. Though NIall’s knowing look isn’t appreciated. 

6) Liam is the horse, btw. He takes his job very seriously. The criminal needs to be taken in. Even if the boy with him is nice and seems like a good egg, and really deserves to see the lanterns, so he’ll cut them a little slack. Just this once. 

7) Louis sets up the lantern boat. Zayn hasn’t known Louis long, but it feels like forever, and this feels like something he would do–would get Zayn the boat, and the lantern, to light the fire for the lost prince. They’re even more beautiful in person, and Zayn can’t help yearning for his paints. But then he sees Louis looking at him from across the boat, all his cynicism gone, just smiling at him, and he forgets about the lanterns, and the paints, and everything else but him. 

8) Being imprisoned doesn’t matter. What matters to Louis is that he left Zayn, or it must have seemed like that, and he needs to get to him. He needs Zayn to know he didn’t sell him out, he never would, that he means more than all the jewels in the crown, and he never thought he’d say that. 

9) Zayn’s heart will break about his mother later, he thinks. About her betrayal, about everything he didn’t know. But his head is light with the weight of the hair fallen around him, and his mother’s–not his mother’s–yell is loud as she falls, and Zayn can’t hear it, because Louis is bleeding. Louis had come for him. He tries to sing, but he can tell it’s not working, Louis’s wry smile isn’t changing, it has to change, he needs to think of something crying won’t help–but then it does, and he hears Louis’s laughter, his fingers tucking a lock of Zayn’s hair behind his ear. “I like the black better,” he murmurs, and Zayn can’t help his own laughter, “Seems more you.” 

10) Zayn always needs his solitude, even after everything–after going back to the city, after the welcome of his family, his real family, after Louis’s exoneration and own welcome, which is a weirdness of it’s own. But Louis always knows where to find him, sitting up at the highest tower, looking out the window. His hair is short for him, long for others, brushing his chin, but he’s still somehow both the pretty boy Louis’d met in that other tower and the man he’d grown to love. So Louis finds him, and sits next to him, and together they watch the lanterns rise into the sky to celebrate Zayn’s return.