etsyfindoftheday | CURATION BLITZ 5 | 2.6.14

requested by: sassmouthinsf
looking for: a jewelry armoire

so my new ladyfriend sassmouthinsf is looking for a sweet jewelry organizer. she told me she was in the market for an armoire-style box with a mirror, so i found a few in that style AND some rad wall-hanging ones as well.

FEATURED 1: this supercool wall-mounted jewelry armoire looks like a photo frame collage on the outside, and the inside has all kinds of hangers and shelves for your sparkly goodies.

FEATURED 2: love this modern-contemporary tabletop jewelry cabinet’s design — the angular style, the tall mirror, the interesting drawers. what do you think, sassmouthinsf? :)

other wall-hanging jewelry organizer shops:

for more of a box-style armoire (like we discussed), maybe check out huckleberryvntg? they have a lot of shabby chic pieces (not my fave, but some are nice) and varied styles.

this woodburned box is super pretty, but maybe it’s too small for what you were looking for?

and i just like the small jewelry boxes over at skhomedesigns for the chunky gemstone accents ;)

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