So I decided I should try out a tangle toy, because I do actually fidgit a fair deal and feel it might be helpful in those ‘Oh shit I’m having a sensory overload moment’ in classes that have been going on lately and just generally hopefully something to focus on in times of nervousness/anxiety etc

I got mine from a UK based Amazon shop called The Learning Shop and it was very cheap and arrived quickly

What I like so far is the size, because it’s easy for me to stick in a pocket so it’s not as if it’s super conspicuous, and that I can quite easily manipulate it with one hand, and do things like keep it on my wrist or my thumb.

And how it’s very easy to manipulate back into it’s folded state. And how it doesn’t have a funky plastic smell on getting it out of the package, and how it’s a nice smooth plastic so you don’t get any weird texture

It’s not silent, as you’d probably work out, but it’s to me a fairly pleasant clacking sound, but I know if I use it in class it might be fairly noticeable just depends on how loud the class is.

There is a petition to make glow in the dark Tangle Jrs again. Sign and signal boost if you would buy one (or more)!

[Image description: Glow in the dark Tangle Jr. It is four connected spirals made up of macaroni shapes that can be twisted into lots of different shapes. This one is a light pastel red, orange and green, with stars, planets and rocket ships on four of the macaroni pieces.]

wormenthusiast  asked:

Do you have any idea where I could get like. Spare/loose tangle pieces? I like the idea of a recycled, hodge podge kinda tangle but I'm having trouble finding anything like what I'm looking for.

As far as I’m aware, after Googling with ever more interesting search combinations, said resource does not exist. It should! It’d be amazing to buy a few spare links from Tangle Creations when you’ve cracked a connector, instead of buying a whole new Tangle just for spare parts (which is what I did to fix my travelling/on the go Tangle Jr, as I’m quite attached to it and the ability to do The Thing). Mattel used to offer this service for missing/broken Monster High doll parts, so why not with Tangles?

I also looked to see if I could find cheap second-hand Tangles, but I only found a few questionable listings that included information on different types of Tangles without specifying what Tangle you’d actually purchase…

The closest purchasable object (as in a hodge-podge Tangle, which sounds awesome) would be the Tangle Friendship Bracelet. There’s two kinds and several variations in terms of what pieces one receives (as the links are meant for trading): try Children’s Therapy Store for the older version and Tangle Creations for the newer/Snapz version. (Personally, I’d get the first, as it doesn’t have the circular pieces.) I also found listings on Amazon (regular version, Snapz version) and Toys for Hands (listings in Dutch and English - this is a European-based webstore). Listings from the US, Canada and the UK are available on ebay. For this to work, you’ll need a Tangle as a base, because the bracelet won’t give you enough links to make a full Tangle.

The other, more expensive option, of course, is to buy a few multi-coloured/textured Tangles (Tangle Jr, Tangle Jr Textured) and go wild.

(I hold my links in a silicone jar-opener in order to be able to pull them apart; it stops my hands sliding off the plastic.)

Sadly, unless you happen to live close to a physical toy store that sells Tangles, this is like to be a little expensive to create.

I’m going to mention @tangleobsession who is more informed on Tangles than I’ll ever be; please add if you know more!

[image description: an assortment of Tangles arranged on a quilt cover featuring the black silhouette of a tree and branches against a stylised night sky backdrop–dark blue dappled with white blotches for stars.]

@galileoace: This isn’t all my Tangle collection. I’ve got some really cheap eBay ones I couldn’t be bothered unclipping from my bags/fishing out of my dressing gown and coat pockets, and I have a few doubles of the eBay Fuzzies knock-offs because I go through those quickly (picking off the flocking). But when I say I have a lot of Tangles, well…

Why, yes, I am bragging. I’m not even slightly sorry.

Assortment includes:

  • eBay knock-off yellow GitD Tangle Jr
  • eBay knock-off rainbow scale print Artist’s Collection Tangle Jr (gifted by @ambiguouspieces)
  • eBay knock-off purple galactic print Artist’s Collection Tangle Jr
  • Tangle Creations orange/green/yellow/purple Tangle Hairy
  • eBay knock-off yellow/red/purple Tangle Jr
  • eBay knock-off translucent blue Tangle Jr w/ old-style logo
  • Tangle Creations clear/yellow/blue/pink Tangle Jr Textured w/ last year’s logo (my first Tangle!)
  • eBay knock-off flocked white/blue/dark blue Tangle Jr Fuzzy
  • eBay knock-off purple Tangle Jr
  • eBay knock-off black Tangle Jr w/ old-style logo
  • eBay knock-off purple/white jade-patterned Tangle Jr
  • Tangle Creations clear/blue/green/orange Tangle Jr Textured w/ last year’s logo
  • eBay knock-off red Tangle Jr
  • Zuru orange/blue/translucent blue/white Tangle Jr Textured/Crazy
  • Tangle Creations red flocked sample Tangle Jr Fuzzy
  • Zuru metallic blue Tangle Jr Sparkle/Metallic Textured
  • Zuru pink/purple/yellow Tangle Jr Textured
  • eBay knock-off black/orange Tangle Jr
  • Tangle Creations red/yellow/green/purple/light blue/dark blue flocked Tangle Jr Fuzzy w/ last year’s logo
  • eBay knock-off black/pink/aqua Tangle Jr
  • Tangle Creations red/yellow/green/purple/light blue/dark blue Tangle Jr Fuzzy (picked clean of flocking)
  • Tangle Creations yellow/translucent yellow/translucent orange/translucent purple Tangle Jr w/ last year’s logo
  • Tangle Creations pink/fuchsia/purple Tangle Jr w/ last year’s logo and replacement metallic links because I keep breaking this one
  • eBay knock-off flocked rose pink Tangle Jr Fuzzy
  • Slinky green/yellow GitD Tangle Slinky Glo
  • Tangle Creations metallic pink Tangle Jr Metallic Textured
  • eBay knock-off rose pink GitD Tangle Jr

Compartment Storage Box - LeDo Gift Shop, $2 AUD.

Unfortunately, no boxes remain at the store, but I’ll provide the dimensions so that folks can search for something similar: 34.5 cm long x 21.5 cm wide x 4.7 cm tall, with four rows of seven (twenty-eight total) removable compartments.

This box is amazing for Tangle Jr storage! Each Tangle Jr fits easily into each compartment by itself, with just enough space that there’s no difficulty in placing or removing each Tangle Jr.

I go through Tangle Jr Fuzzies a lot, so I have more than a few, fakes and Tangle Creations-branded Tangles like, hoarded so there’s always one ready to go when I’ve finished picking the flocking off the last one. (Unfortunately, the fake Fuzzies are no longer readily available.) The flocking gathers dust (which makes them go grey and dirty) so they need to either remain in the packaging (which is bulky) before being used or be stored inside a container or drawer. If they’re just tossed together, though, the flocking rubs off. I used to keep mine in individual plastic bags, which made them a pain to take out if I wanted to use a different Tangle that day (I often switch between a fake, a six-colour Fuzzy and a solid-red promotional Fuzzy). This box has solved all my problems and, as I keep it on my chest of drawers, I can admire all my Tangles while they stay nice and dust-free.

The only downside is that I can’t store my Slinky Tangle Glo (too big) or my glow-in-the-dark Tangle fakes inside the box, as the glow at night keeps me awake. They’re stowed in a drawer. You can, if you remove a divider, squeeze a Tangle Hairy into a double-sized compartment, but it’s a tight fit and I was afraid of catching the silicone fronds in the lid, so that remains in the drawer, too. All my other Tangles, though, are in this gorgeous box, aside from a few more kept in my bags/gear/pockets.

I am honestly still in glee over storing my Tangles this way. Everything is neat and clean, and everything is easy for me to access. Plus they look so good arranged this way!

If you’re like me and you’ve got a Tangle collection going or a few Tangle Jr Fuzzies you want to keep as nice as possible, I absolutely recommend getting a box like this. Department stores usually have compartment boxes, as will craft/sewing stores and camping/outdoor stores (check the fishing section). The compartments may not be as perfectly-sized as this box (I have others that are smaller and have longer compartments, meaning I have to arrange them two to a compartment) but it should still keep your Tangles dust-free.

(The clear Tangle Jr is a custom Tangle made by putting three Tangles together, and I am working on a post that goes into custom Tangle-making more thoroughly. I used three of the dark blue/pink/clear Tangle Jr in the centre of the third row, all Zuru Tangles from K-Mart, although the unmodified Tangle above is by Tangle Creations.)

Image description, including what kinds of Tangles these are, under read more cut:

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All Hail the Outfits!

I was so happy to get the griffin. It was the most important thing imo. All so I could do this! XD


Plant-life is the shit.


Another Disney re-creation. Tangled!


Red is mine.


That hair is totally anime girl hair and idgaf what anyone else thinks.


I felt so brilliant when the bow and the moon aligned! ^-^


1. I prefer the white version of the dress.

2. That line is from the Buffy episode, Hush.


Mine is on the left. @love-lesbian-nikki is on the right.


The dress is awesome.


Loved the museum.


This dress is ugly. It looks like PJs from the 1800s.


I was feeling nostalgic. Also, I had watched YouTube videos on Jeff Goldblum before making this.




No one wanted a kiss, I was so sad.


I am obsessed with kisses apparently.


Rockin’, rockin’ and rollin’!

Love this! ^-^


It’s overwhelming to see how much damage has been done to our higher vision of humanity. The tangled hierarchy is our creation. We have all contributed to building some part of it through fear, greed, and unsustainable growth. 🙏💞

… . .

#Repost from Chopra Meditation

… . .

“You are the answer. The voice and actions of all people, whether you are impacted or not, matters.

This is the moment when our differences must be held in love rather than hate. That is when we will know peace and justice.

Start questioning what we know as normal to clear the path for our healing and uplift the collective.

Because if not you, then who?”

Image via Karla Melgarejo Photography

anonymous asked:

some of the tangle keychains and the 'sparkle red' tangle palms and tangle flatz from the learning shop on amazon uk (the shop that sells the tangle rxz bling) are also transparent

Anon, I checked out the Learning Shop’s Amazon storefront today and nothing was coming up for me. I was looking to see if they still had the blue/red/clear Tangle Palm they used to stock and couldn’t find it or the others, so I assumed some fabulous stimmer had bought the gorgeous things!

Anyway, I went back and searched for the Palm and Flatz by name. The red Flatz still didn’t come up, but I found it through various “similar products” link clicking. Why were they not coming up for me before is a mystery we will never solve, but thank you for reminding us that these things still available for purchase.

Unfortunately, neither item ships to Australia, so I think they might be UK or UK and Europe only listings.

Tangle Palm Sparkle Red - £6.99 GBP.

Tangle Flatz Sparkle Red - £4.99 GBP.

I’m going to link to all the other cool, out of print and rare Tangles UK folks really should check out, by the way:

Tangle Zen Bling | Tangle Jr Java  | Tangle Jr Angels  | Tangle Original Chrome | Tangle Silly Words | Tangle Palm Solid Red | Tangle Jr Keychain Bats | Tangle Jr Keychain Happy and Grumpy |

Tangle Jr Flatz Solid Blue | Tangle Jr Flatz Solid White | Tangle Jr Flatz Solid Black |

Tangle Jr Solid Yellow | Tangle Jr Solid Green | Tangle Jr Solid Orange | Tangle Jr Solid Pink | Tangle Jr Solid Blue | Tangle Jr Solid Red | Tangle Jr Solid Black |

Tangle Jr Blue and Green | Tangle Jr Pink and Green | Tangle Jr Pink and Blue |

Thanks again, anon!

- Mod K.A.