tangle tamer

anonymous asked:

What is zach like in real life?

zach is kind—he always asks our cashier or barista or waiter/waitress how they’re doing (and he means it) and tries to make their day a little better by the end of the conversation. He is very funny and literally always makes me (and everyone) laugh. He is also silly, which is different (and funner) than funny, and he is also very fun (different than funny or silly) and makes me dance to fun music when I am sad or down (because he knows I can’t not dance when certain beats come on and he knows I can’t be sad when I’m dancing). He is smart & he knows what going on in the world. He loves learning and always reads books that get him to think. He drinks his coffee black and eats everything I will cook, and he always says he loves it (even though I made these weird potato thingys once and he hates potatoes but he said they were “fricken good”). He loves Jesus and loves learning and talking about theology. He is adventurous and has made me adventurous and appreciate the outdoors. He is sweet and romantic—every day when we wake up (I am not a morning person), he says, “good morning honey! I love you today and I am so glad I married you!” And kisses my face. He is a servant and is always helping me with anything I need, like the other night I left my tangle tamer in the freezing cold car (I have to brush my hair before bed or I will have one big dread lock instead of hair in the morning) and he got out of bed to get it for me!!! He also wakes up fifteen minutes before me every day to make our daily smoothie/bagel and coffee. He always takes care of me. He is the greatest human in all the world and has shown me the love of Jesus better than anyone has. I am literally the luckiest girl ever cause I get to wake up to his handsome bearded face every morning and be his wife forever.