I don’t need no reaffirmation from anyone (the press, especially) to KNOW what it’s the only outcome from this show that makes sense.

Is not a matter of faith. Faith is believing in something you can’t see or prove. Faith comes from a promess, a certainty without a tangible cause.

I’m sure johnlock will be canon not because it’s a “cult”, or a “pseudo-religion”. If TJLC is something, is the entire opposite of that. In it I have found a rigor that any doctoral thesis would envy. The codes, the story arcs, the subtext… That was not something we made up. Nor the references, the victorian background, the literary framework. We didn’t pull all of those things out of our arse. And most certainly we didn’t invent in the biggest materialization magic act ever, the intent that led a beautiful path of breadcrumbs for anyone to see. If they wanted.

TJLC is a theory that remains as such because of its nature (like evolution). TJLC not only was born as an intellectual literary exercise. It encourages it. You want to write about colors in the show? I bet my teeth they support johnlock. Drinks? We did and omg they’re so johnlocky. Wardrobe? Sure. Cinematography? TJLC has its foundations there. Music? You’re in for a treat. Numbers? It has been done and the result was gay gay gay.

As a meta writer, I test my theories to the core. Even when a code just needs to work for the two main characters, I’m not pleased (and sure it works) until I can translate it to other characters. No other aspect of the show has inspired hundreds of thousands of words worth in analysis. Even more, any attempt to do one and not including (or having in mind) johnlock, falls short.

I believe in TJLC not because I’m blind to any other interpretation, or because I want to see two pasty wrinkles kiss. I believe in it because I have two eyes and a brain, and I like to use them. I believe in it not because someone says I should. I believe in it despite the “journalists”, unable to make an analysis deeper than a crepe pan; despite the whole world screaming “BUT THEY CAN’T BE IN LOVE BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE THE SHOW HOMOSEXUEL” or “WHAT ABOUT THE HOLY INSTITUTION OF HETERO MARRIAGE”; despite the words of the authors who have no reason at all to give anyone an explicit ‘spoiler’ (why would they, really?).

I only believe what the actual program has shown me. I only believe in the things the canon has explicitly lead to.

And the show has been nothing but JOHNLOCK, from second one. So keep your “cult” or “dellusional” screams to yourself and stop disgracing humankind.

What I love most about poetry, especially autobiographical works, is the breakdown of boundaries between interior and exterior, self and other. One’s innermost thoughts can be projected onto one’s surroundings, the landscape, or even another character within the poem. Affect can be made visible, tangible, and concrete. The reader is made to experience grief as an embodied thing.
—  Kristina Marie Darling, interviewed by Andrea Dickens for the California Journal of Women Writers

Shouldn’t minicomics be obsolete by now? asks critic Etelka Lehoczky. “ Printed by their creators in tiny batches and sold for a few bucks at “alternative” comic shops and conventions, they’re as cumbersome to produce as they are to obtain. It would be much more sensible for the artists to just put up their work online — right?”

Fortunately, these artists aren’t interested in being sensible. They’re in love with the unique tangibility of print on paper, the sight and feel of pages under their fingers. It’s a powerful yen, as evidenced by the recent resurgence of printed books in the larger publishing world. There are enough artists who share it to make minicomics a thriving and diverse genre. Some of these creations really are “mini” — they may be 4"x6" or smaller, or contain only eight pages. Even if they’re magazine-sized, they take some work to discover. Here are three you won’t want to overlook.

Find the full roundup here.

– Petra

Solar Return Chart Sun Through the Houses

   One thing that makes the solar return chart similar to the natal chart is that there are certain positions in it that are very important and need to be looked at. The first thing, of course, is the house.

   Since the sun is always going to be in the same zodiac sign at the same degree (because that’s what makes it a solar return chart), we don’t need to look at that. We do, of course, need to look at the house that the sun is in.

   Now, just like in a normal natal chart, the house that the SR sun is in represents the area of your life that your focus is on. Take note before reading the list that this only applies for one single year! So, without further ado:

1st house: Yourself, your impression on others, beauty or looks.
2nd house: Possessions, self-worth, money, tangible things.
3rd house: Siblings, communication, learning.
4th house: Family, home, mother, parents.
5th house: Hobbies, children, dating, pleasure.
6th house: Heath, diet, pets, short term job.
7th house: Partnership, long term romance, marriage.
8th house: Finances (shared, mostly), death/transformation.
9th house: Travelling, religion/philosophy, foreign languages or countries.
10th house: Career, public image, reputation.
11th house: Your friend groups, clubs/organizations, goals.
12th house: Solitude, loss, feelings of confusion.

   You can combine whatever your sun sign is and your sun’s house this year to figure out how you will go about these things that you’re focusing on. For example, someone with a Cancer sun and an SR 6th house sun may end up focusing on their health, but may find that their motivation to get healthier or keep up with it depends on their emotional state this year.

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wait.. who was racist in rami's presence?? i'm totally lost

“During the Q&A portion of the Mr. Robot panel, one well-meaning young woman stepped up to the microphone and, feeling her moment tangibly in her hands, proceeded to ask Rami Malek if he could teach her how to walk like an Egyptian. The room murmured uncomfortably, Malek seemed unable to fully process the joke at all, and the woman quickly asked her real question in an apparent attempt to erase the previous statement entirely. The pressure of the spotlight is real. —JC“ [x] … I think it’s pretty clear

Late night ‘sunset clause’ pondering...

Sorry, this is long, but hear me out. So, I was awake in the middle of the night last night, and this thought came to me. We have been discussing ‘non-competes’/’sunset clauses’ for a while now, as a reason for the band not being able to announce anything to do with there future. And, I just wonder:

If the boys were working on the assumption that the release of MITAM, and a possible 30 promo period after that release date, would mark them as free, after an additional ‘sunset period’, then everything gearing up to end at the end of March would have made perfect sense. Based on this:

MITAM 30 day promo = 12 December + 90 day ‘non-compete’/sunset = (approx) 11 March. 

However, if that +1 album, we have been referring to for years, formed part of the tangible delivery that had to happen to been seen as meeting the terms of their contract, and IF this +1 evolved into Zayn’s debut album (as he is still clearly tied to Sony/Syco) then mid March would not constitute the end of their contract at all:

MOM 30 day promo = 24 April + 90 day ‘non-compete’/sunset = (approx) 23 July.

And what happened on the 21 July?  

If this is the case, either NT made an error in judgement, or Syco took advantage in a lack of clarity in contracts. I could be way off here. But to my sleep-deprived brain last night, this makes sense, and would make sense of the sudden close down of BG activity at the middle/end of March.

@business-direction @aaronbutterfield @m3lly-baby tagging you, as we’ve chatted about this kind of thing before. My maths is not the best, which is why I’ve said ‘approximate’.

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Do you have any advice on not procrastinating?? Like with school and stuff haha

Actually, yes! Not procrastinating is one of the few things that I’m actually good at. lol

So, a lot of this is going to come down to sheer willpower, but you have to remember, you can do it. I’m a senior at university and I’ve maintained a 3.7 GPA or better for the past three years, all while juggling a job, friends, family, bad roommates, and a chronic autoimmune illness. Keep in mind that I am naturally quite bad at getting things done - I had to learn how to keep on top of things. Also keep in mind that what works for me may or may not work for you, but this is how I keep on top of things (while also posting hcs with some semblance of regularity).

1.) Make lists. If you don’t like to make lists, just give it a try. Sometimes having a tangible representation of the things you need to do, be it a paper or just busy work from bad professors, can help you feel productive. Crossing things off a list gives the satisfaction of having done something, and it allows you to see that you have one less annoying thing to do. Which will make you want to finish the other annoying things you have to do.

2.) Forgot where you put your list? Make it a habit to leave it somewhere you look frequently. Tape it to the fridge, tape it to your bathroom mirror, hell, tape it to your forehead.

3.) I, for one, have a lot of papers to write (especially since I’m a psych/poli-sci double major). I cannot stress this enough: DON’T FUCKING DO IT THE NIGHT BEFORE IT’S DUE. So you can make an A while doing it all in the span of eight hours the night before it’s due? Great, good for you. Congrats on the skills, bro. But let me tell you that if you start on the paper when you get the assignment, and do just an hour’s worth of work (not scrolling through my blog and occasionally looking at your word processor) every day, you’ll be done SO MUCH FASTER and have SO MUCH LESS STRESS. And instead of cramming and freaking out the day before it’s due, you can do whatever the fuck you want while everyone else scrambles to make a good grade. If you start on a paper two weeks before it’s due, you can not only get it done, but you can have the professor look at it, compare it to another student’s, and not stress cry for hours.

4.) Basically, take things piece by piece. Its hard to get all of your work done at one time and not get burnt out. When you get burnt out, you start to hurry and you can miss things and lower your grade. Take breaks, take naps, eat a snack, go for a walk. When you’re sufficiently not-tired, come back to it. Often times, you can think a lot more clearly when you return to it.

5.) DON’T CRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE A TEST. Not only are you not LEARNING the material (you’re memorizing; it’s two different things), you’re losing previous information to make room for all this new shit you’re trying to force on yourself. Take that day’s notes and read over them when you get home, clean them up, rewrite them, type them - whatever it takes to get you to READ THEM. Then, read over them again while you’re waiting for class to start. You’ll be amazed at the difference you see in information retention and recollection speed. Because you’re not cramming, you can see things bit by bit and remember what you read.

6.) In fact, if you read things along and keep up with your notes, you may not even have to read over them the night before a test. My advice is to skim, but not cram. And for the love of God, if you’re reading your notes right before the test trying to learn it all, save yourself the stress and just don’t. If you don’t know it, you probably just don’t know it, and you’re forcing the information you DO know out.

7.) SLEEP. If you don’t do anything else, at least sleep so you can get your ass up and go to class and sort of pay attention. 

I have more, but these are the main ones that I can think of right now. I’ll be happy to give more advice if anyone asks. ♥

Mod: Don’t bash yourself over it! The T.C.S. comics have been a little vague. I’ll try to explain it briefly–

The T.C.S. Union (Computers Suck!! or Colin Sucks!!) is a small group of talking objects who feel disrespected, or whose purposes are negatively affected, by Colin. The only known members are Gilbert, Laptop, and Lamp.

Benevolently, it’s like a support group or exclusive club. They talk with each other, hang out, play games, ya know etc..

Malevolently, they come up with the occasional scheme to “fix” their problems. Gilbert’s and Laptop’s issues are a lot more personal than lamps, making them harder to work through, so they’re focusing on Colin’s tangible “night time presence” right now.

Pokémon Go and the Noumenal World

“I don’t like taking walks with you now, because you’re always playing Pokémon Go and it sucks that there’s this whole world that I can’t see,” she says, rejecting the notion of going outside with two of her friends to walk around for the half an hour. Some Good Samaritan put out a lure on the PokeStop down the street, and we were on the hunt.

Now, there’s this whole thing called Theory of Mind, which suggests the knowledge that other beings have minds, have reason, have motivations, have different perspectives, etc etc, and I am pretty sure I have it. But when my friends said that, I gotta say, I was stumped. She was right: in Pokémon Go, and truly through all Augmented Reality games that put things that only exist within the context of the game within the tangible world around us, we have access to another world — right? It got me. It felt like I’d made some kind of really jarring breakthrough about epistemology, the study of how we gain knowledge. It felt like…well, tbqh, it felt like that one time I read Immanuel Kant’s Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics.

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archiving in risoprint. I love that you can find so many old posters for events on tumblr. I also really appreciate handheld, tangible, and analog works. So I copied and riso printed these old posters, in bright colors, of an art show of Black Women artist in 1972, 9 years before I was born. 🐣🙍🏾🙏🏾💕🙌🏾💁🏾

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how did you get into becoming a witch?

Thanks for asking 😊 Know that I don’t consider my “coming into witchcraft” story to be particularly exciting, lol. A crone didn’t approach me on my jogging route claiming I was destined to become a witch 😝 Most of my time is spent researching on Tumblr/online and through witchcraft literature - which is totally fine.

When I started meditating and looking into Buddhism, I wanted something tangible like mala beads to practice with. Then I looked into crystal healing, which led me to posts here on Tumblr discussing aspects of Wicca - and then it was history, lol. I started simply by completing a few spells - ones I can’t recall - and doing tons of research. Once you start researching about different types of witchcraft/witches, you can figure out what’s appealing to you. Your intuition will guide you towards what’s ideal. Divination was also a big part of tapping into witchcraft. The more I practiced, the more connected I felt to witchcraft. At first I was really concerned about getting into my practice, due to my religious background. But something kept calling me every step during my research - which still remains to this day. ✨🔮🌙

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What was that bracelet Harry wore in like 2010-2011 what does it mean

The Leeds Festival Wristband? 

Harry and Louis went to Leeds Festival in late August 2011, had a great time, and then they both wore the wristband for ages afterwards. Louis didn’t immediately take his off but it came off sometime in September, Harry though wore his for nearly an entire year; he didn’t take it off till March 2012.

So, it was just a super cute thing that made us all cry really… Harry holding onto a great time he had with Louis. This happened right before/right as Elounor was starting up, so I think it was his way of holding onto Louis in a tangible way.

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If you are feeling discouraged about speaking to Loki, or any deity really, what are some ways you can get back into the swing of things and really trust your capability of communicating with a deity/Loki?

Hi, Nonny. We’re sorry you’ve been feeling discouraged.

Individual answers to this are going to vary. For me, personally, trusting my capability isn’t something I find necessary or important. I’m actually kind of agnostic about whether I’m actually communicating with anything outside of my own head. It’s just that I’m a happier, healthier, more productive person when I behave as though I am.

The advice I get from the gods is still good advice no matter where it’s coming from. This wisdom and imagery it’s drawing from is still ancient, even if it’s since been passed onto me. And if I act based on that, my actions still have a very tangible and material impact on the world. Which in a sense, makes the gods “real” if they weren’t before.

In a nutshell, my own solution was to take a few years and read a bunch of existentialist philosophy, and make peace with the fact that meaning is something we create. YMMV.

I was kind of hoping other mods would pitch in with their own perspectives for a more well-rounded set of advice, which is why this took so long to publish. Maybe others will chip in in the replies. Sorry for the wait, and best wishes on your journey.

- Mod E

So, Patty Tolan?

Patty Tolan.

The other ghostbusters are scientists, right?  They’re there because Science!, or maybe in Holtzmann’s case because Boom!.  Basically all the plot has to do for Abby and Erin is dangle the chance to do real, replicable science in front of them while removing any excuse to drag their feet.  So tangible ghost + fucking fired = done.

But Patty’s not a scientist.  Patty’s got a decent job, even if it’s obviously not what she wanted out of life.  Patty’s motivation appears to be that she’s basically just a good person and responsible citizen?  I mean, obviously she wants some excitement, and to feel like she’s making a real difference, but seriously.

We first see her stuck in her little booth, trying to be cheerful and positive at commuters who appear largely indifferent, until one guy comes along who’s clearly having some sort of mental health crisis.  She stays pretty cheerful, she’s kind to him, and then she gets out of her booth and goes looking for him when he disappears and she reasonably assumes he’s in trouble. 

Like, she could very easily have called it in and washed her hands of the situation.  It’s not her fault/problem that maybe the transit cops won’t get there in time to help if this guy’s suicidal or delusional.  I’m pretty sure people doing her job aren’t even supposed to leave their booths on-shift.  But no, she gets out and goes after this bro just in case.

And meets a ghost.  A terrifying ghost.  Who scares the dick out of her.

I mean, what happens in the Aldrich Mansion? The tour guide tells his boss, who goes to Erin.  Then they stay as far as possible from the scene while the women investigate.  Patty goes herself, on her own time.  Maybe her bosses didn’t believe her, maybe she knew she’d be dismissed and didn’t bother trying to explain what she saw, but she knows something’s up, and she takes it on herself to do something about it.  And then she goes back to the scene of the haunting with them, to see what happens.

Every time they turn around, she’s handing them useful facts and history about the sites they’re investigating.  Her interest in the city is keen and backed up by extensive knowledge.  Hell, when she runs into something that shouldn’t be happening and she can’t explain, the first thing she does is head for the likeliest source of expertise to learn about it.  She’s excited by it–it’s scary and maybe dangerous, but it’s new and interesting and she wants to figure it out.

Like, Abby might want recognition on top of that, and Erin so desperately wants to be believed that she risks the scientific mission for a shot at it, but Patty just wants to fucking know.

And she feels a genuine duty to help, too.  She might not be able to build a ghost-blasting plasma-cannon, but she notices when a teammate’s mood is in the toilet and takes steps to address it.  She knows the ghost-booster isn’t supposed to be in her subway, and that this is important.  When things get ridiculously dangerous, and city hall’s smearing their names in the press, and she’s still not getting fucking paid for this, she never even looks tempted to say fuck this shit and go home.  Her little monologue about going back to her booth is more to soothe/trick the ghost standing on her fucking shoulders than sincere.

Patty’s first instinct is to pool resources, and look after people, and encourage everyone to bring what they’ve got to the table.  She might be disappointed or angry when nobody meets her halfway–the concert crowd drops her, and nobody acknowledges her compliments when she’s in her booth–but it doesn’t stop her from bringing her A-game.  When the squad rolls out to save the world, it’s wearing her uniform and driving her car.

Just Patty Tolan, everybody.

Everything is For Sale

by sixpenceee user FormallyFreya 

This story was posted on sixpenceeestories.com! You can read thousands of creepy stories there as well submit your own.

Do you have something of yours you want to sell? No, I’m not talking about furniture, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they took that, too. I’m talking about less tangible things. For example, do you want to keep the memories from when you were three years old? It’s not like you would miss them and then you could also put a little money in your pocket for the trouble. You think I’m kidding.

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Box-Office Analysis: Why the 'Ghostbusters' Reboot May Haunt Sony
The big-budget franchise comedy opened to an estimated $46 million in North America, a problematic start for a movie with a net production budget of $144 million.
  • $46 million is not a successful opening weekend.
  • Factoring in promotional costs, the film will need to pull up to $400 million or more worldwide just to break even.
  • The biggest overseas market has banned the movie, and comedy films typically don’t do as well in foreign markets due to cultural differences leaving many jokes lost in translation.
  • Star Trek Beyond and Ice Age: Collision Course are out this week, which will further devastate ticket sales of the reboot.
  • Women only made up about 56% of audiences during the opening weekend, and it’s definitely not doing better than Feig’s other films.  Women are not supporting this film as expected, and men aren’t entirely avoiding it.
  • At the same time that male fans were being bashed by Sony execs, they were still marketing heavily towards men by securing promotional time during the NBA finals, so the company is entirely two-faced when it comes to public relations.
  • Over 60% of the audiences were over age 25, meaning that the film (which is clearly not tailored to interest children) is failing with the secondary audience that latched onto the original films the most.
  • In the age of social media, it means next to nothing that greater grosses were earned during the opening weekend of the reboot than the 1984 film, even when taking inflation into account.  Over three decades of change have occurred in our society, especially in the hyper-saturation of advertising.  The reboot is also getting the majority of it’s attention because of the original, so it wasn’t under the pressure of being something that no one had ever seen before.  People knew what to expect, and were thus more likely to take a chance on it.

If you like the movie, that’s fine.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any legitimate reasons not to like it.  Insulting those who don’t wish to see it will definitely not make them change their minds.  If it is failing this badly when the audiences are more balanced than you thought, maybe “sexism” isn’t the only culprit to blame.

“As a white mother of two black children, three white children, who all have a white father, I have something to say.

Racism exists. It is real and tangible. And it is everywhere, all the time.

When I brought my boys home they were the cutest, sweetest babies ever. Wherever we went, people greeted us with charm and enthusiasm. Well, not all people and not everywhere. But, to me, they were the “wacko” exceptions. I thought to myself, “Get over it.”

Now my boys look like teenagers. Black teenagers. They are 13. Let me ask you these questions. Do store personnel follow your children when they are picking out their Gatorade flavors? They didn’t follow my white kids. Do coffee shop employees interrogate your children about the credit card they are using to pay while you are in the bathroom? They didn’t interrogate my white kids. When your kids trick-or-treat in, dressed as a Ninja and a Clown, do they get asked who they are with and where they live, door after door? My white kids didn’t get asked. Do your kids get pulled out of the TSA line time and again for additional screening? My white kids didn’t. Do your kids get treated one way when they are standing alone but get treated a completely different way when you walk up? I mean a completely different way. My white kids didn’t. Do shoe sales people ask if your kids’ feet are clean before sizing them for shoes? No one asked me that with my white kids. Do complete strangers ask to touch your child’s hair? Or ask about their penis size? Or ask if they are “from druggies”? No one did this with my white kids.

Did you tell your kids not to fight back because they will seen as aggressive if they stand up for themselves? Have you had to honestly discuss with your husband whether you should take your children to the police station to introduce them to the officers so they would know your children are legitimate members of your community? Have you had to talk to your children about EXACTLY what to say and not to say to an officer? Have you had to tell your children that the objective of any encounter with police, or security in any form, is to stay alive? It never occurred to me to have these conversations with my white children. In fact, it never occurred to me for myself either.

There is no question that my boys have been cloaked in my protection when they were small. What I did not realize until now is that the cloak I was offering them was identification with my whiteness. As they grow independent, they step out from my cloak and lose that protection. The world sees “them” differently. It is sweet when they are adopted little black boys so graciously taken in by this nice white family. But when they are real people? Well, it is not the same. And they still look like little boys. What happens to them when they look like the strong, proud black men I am raising?

The reason why the phrase All Lives Matter is offensive to black people is because it isn’t true. Right now, in America, my black children are treated differently than my white children. So when you say All Lives Matter as a response to the phrase Black Lives Matter you are completely dismissing the near daily experience of racism for those with pigment in their skin, curl in their hair and broadness of their nose.

I am posting this so you can see the reality I have witnessed and experienced, because, frankly, I didn’t believe it was true until I saw it up close, directed at two souls I love, over and over again. So, please, use this post as a pair of glasses to see the racism that surrounds you. Then we can actually make progress toward all lives being valued and cherished.”

– Kate Riffle Roper

Marina Joyce

One of my close friends notified me about the emerging details relating to Marina Joyce. I’ve been looking into it and I want to compile some information here. I want to stress that I do not believe that we should be asking her to give signals or to try to communicate with her directly about these things, because if someone is abusing her (which seems likely) that could absolutely put her in more danger. 

I think the better strategy is trying to locate her– geographically and socially. Find out where she currently is, who has seen her, who has contact with her in real life– not through social media, and potentially get in touch with friends, family, local police, etc. who might be able to actually physically help. 

Signal boosting the information is important, but we also should do so with a tangible goal. I’m hopeful that if I post this, others will reblog it with additional information with the end goal of getting someone to physically get the chance to meet with her and make sure she’s okay. 

Who is Marina Joyce? 

Marina Joyce is a vlogger on Youtube. Her channel is here.  She lists her channel as located in the UK and has been on Youtube since August 25 2010. You can also find her on Facebook  and Twitter. 

What’s happening?

We don’t know for sure. I’ll stress that. What we do know is that her Youtube videos have revealed a number of concerning things– weight loss, anxiety, fearful expressions, bruises on her arms and back, a shotgun in the background, and very rushed repetitious explanations of how everything is fine and nothing’s changed and that she’s happy. She looks scared. 

Is this a serious thing? Or is it an internet rumor?

International Business Times has written an article on this. As well as International Business Times UK .  HollywoodTake.com also has an article, as well as some other news outlets. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything in and of itself as to its validity, but it is starting to be reported on. There is also an active hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce. She herself has retweeted someone who tagged their post with it (but cushioning it with other posts about how she’s fine). 

Where do I find out more information to decide for myself if this whole thing looks credible?

Check out #Marina Joyce and #Save Marina Joyce on tumblr. There are a lot of people already gathering information and discussing the content of her videos. You can watch her videos for yourself, read through the discussion, and make your own educated judgement. 

Okay so here’s what I’ve got so far, which isn’t much because I only just heard about this entire situation. This is just a collection of any information that might be relevant and might help someone to find a way to contact her in person or notify someone who can. 

  • When she was 16 years old she was sexually abused by Sam Pepper. In November 2013, she was one of a number of YouTubers to accuse fellow vlogger Sam Pepper of predatory sexual behavior.

  • She has her location listed on Twitter as London, England. 

  • In one of her recent videos, posted May 9, she is standing in front of a place – I think called An Chi which is a massage parlor in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their website is here.  (I could be mistaken.) 

  • In her latest tweet she asks people to meet her in Bethnal Green for a party at 6:30 AM. She urges people to bring a friend. Others think that showing up personally might not be a good idea. Is there any way to get police presence at that location? Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Her Wikitubia page lists her as close friends with Patty Walters, another Youtuber. 

  • FamousBirthdays.com lists that she dated YouTuber Jason Sampson, AKA VeeOneEye.

  • Mike Jerry, another friend, has made a post on twitter saying that she isn’t being abused, but also alludes to something going on that she isn’t able to talk about publicly. Something clearly is happening, but she can’t safely say so right now. 

I want to reemphasize– the point of this is not to pressure her into saying anything about this, because she likely can’t. The point is not to find out every detail of what’s happening or to construct a narrative of what’s happening in her personal life. She owns her own story of what happened, and directly outing specific details might not help her right now. 

The point of this post is to get people working towards making sure someone can see her in person and make sure that she’s safe. Isolation can be very dangerous, and it would be good if someone in her life is checking in on her, so whatever she’s going through, she can still have some choices left of what to do about it. 

I believe she is trying to reach out. I don’t think she would be able to respond to help directly if she is being abused, but whether or not she is, having supportive people she can trust in her real everyday life, checking in on her consistently, will help. Especially if someone is making it harder for her to communicate authentically online and through social media. 

The main thing is to just try to boost this and try to come up with ways to make sure people she knows are visiting with her, that she has a safety net and people to talk to.