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And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for?


I did this set of four images as promotion material for the exhibition Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction at the EMP Museum in Seattle. From the museum’s website:

Packed with more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction invites you to experience the incredible range of storytelling found in science fiction: from Star Trek to H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, from big-budget Men in Black to the Philip K. Dick-inspired Blade Runner to the recent Battlestar Galactica series.
As you step aboard this enigmatic spacecraft, discover how science fiction allows us to break away from the confines of the tangible world with unlimited imagination, boldness, and creativity. Experience the power it has to transform, motivate, and educate. And glimpse at the spectacular places born from intellect, wonder, and an unbound appreciation for the human species encountering change.
Within a dynamic and immersive space, this interactive spacecraft will encourage visitors to embark on their own space adventure, discover new alien civilizations, scout for new worlds to explore from the ship’s cockpit, and investigate numerous alternate universes. What secrets will you unearth?

I was asked to make the images look a bit more painterly that my usual comic book-esque style, which was a real challenge. I’m a big fan of classic sci-fi illustration, from Chesley Bonestell to Syd Mead (just to name a couple of names I had in mind while drawing these), so you can bet I had a lot of fan with this project.

Thanks to AD Melissa Robinson.

They Were Only Dreams

The original nightmare
Standing, unable to react
As you grab him by the collar
Pulling him in for a kiss

The second instance
At least a winter away
From your gruelling summer
By the door, you hiss

Goodbye in some profanity
A complete malfunction
In communication, I couldn’t leave
Forced to stay. Like glue

But in my other dream
We didn’t fight. You came back
Stating I wasn’t so stupid
To want you by my side

These are only dreams
They could never become real
Tangible within my imagination
In all, you make effort so I will know

The one thing
You never quite
Could bring yourself
To carry out

Imagine; Kids

Well, not specifically just kids, but human beings of a younger age. Like below twenty-ish. 

I personally headcanon that children’s dæmons reflect the age of their human counterpart. Basically, I imagine their physical maturity to run parallel. Babies would have newborn animals, toddlers would have baby animals, etc. Adolescents, I feel, would have “teenage” dæmons as well, until they settle. The older you are, this would be reflected in your dæmon, despite their being a representation of your soul. They would still be tangible, after all. 

So imagine a baby just starting to learn how to walk and talk, their little dæmon toddling along behind them, mimicking their gurgling noises. Sometimes the dæmon is a delicate bird with only a few feathers, or a soft kitten, or floppy-eared puppy. When the lil’ one is feeling creative, their dæmon might be a baby soft-shelled turtle, or a wobbly foal.

Imagine a pregnant woman, about six months in. Her dæmon and her are both excited, and a tad nervous, of course. They try to brush it off, though; too many hormones, and dust being attracted to the growing life inside her, readying itself to take shape and become a dæmon in only a few weeks time.

Imagine someone who’s reached the age of twenty-three, and they still haven’t settled. Teachers, friends, family- everyone says it isn’t that unusual, don’t be self conscious, plenty of people settle late. Still, they can’t help feeling uncomfortable every time their dæmon changes their form. Because how can you manage in the real, adult world without knowing who you are? Their dæmon is embarrassed about it, but reassures their human in private fiercely that there is nothing wrong with them, nothing at all.

Imagine a high school where dæmons are settling- or not settling- left and right. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting, dealing with the drama that settling dæmons brings. There are always the kids who aren’t happy with their dæmon’s settled form, whatever the reason may be. The freshman spend a fair amount of their time speculating who’ll settle first, and as what, whereas the seniors are anxiously hoping to settle before graduation. The librarians are very helpful when it comes to having full databases on every species of life on the planet that is a viable dæmon, and are eager to drag in the awkward juniors to see what kind of lizard their dæmon is.

Imagine siblings and the way their dæmons would interact. Twins would maybe try to be the same, or never stay in the same shape as their twin. Imagine an older brother and his little sister, seventeen and eight, respectively. His oversized saint bernard dæmon is very protective of the younger dæmon and girl. Or imagine three sisters, one of whom ends up with chatty bird, another with a large, speedy hare, and the last with a gazelle. Whenever they get into arguments, their dæmons will throw themselves into the fray to defend their humans.

Imagine thirteen-year-olds looking jealously at the older kids dæmons. At that age, their dæmons can’t fly very well yet as birds or bats, and they can only run so fast on gangly, disproportionate feet. Changing shapes is no longer as easy as it was when they were ten, but they aren’t anywhere near to settling yet; Everyone’s a mess, including the dæmons.

Just a few more of my random imaginings! Hope you enjoyed!

A Streetcar Named Desire: Stanley Kowalski [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Stanley lives in the moment. He wants to be comfortable, enjoy his rough evening poker games and get dirty. His life seems like a constant party. He’s physical, violent, adventurous and a serious wild child. He’s also pragmatic and focused on what is real and tangible, strongly opposing the imaginative Blanche and bringing her fanciful imaginings back to reality. He’s very observant and takes notice when Blanche’s statements don’t add up, and action when he sees her bringing danger to his life.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He notices when things don’t add up logically. Blanche has tons of fox furs and jewels, where did she get the money for them? Why is she here, what made her leave her old position? He’s very blunt and outspoken, never sugar-coating his opinions and telling Blanche in no uncertain terms what he thinks of her. He’s smarter than he appears, spotting people’s motivations and checking up on them when he sees through their lies.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He likes having his buddies around him, being with his wife, going out to hang around people. He does care about Stella and Midge, and wants to benefit them with his searches into Blanche’s life. He’s very openly emotional, even violent in his expressions of feeling. He needs Stella around, to approve of him and praise him, even if he won’t admit it.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When he gets an idea in his head, he sticks with it and sees it through to the end. He just knows there’s something off about Blanche; while he does have the observations and facts to back it up, he really just follows his gut feeling. He usually dislikes any imagination or fanciful ideas, showing intuition and imagination to be his inferior function.


Trust Jun-kun to warn about the search for “good plays” for MMDA 2015, and express his wish that we see the best performance of the year from his beloved better half treasured fellow member.

VS Arashi 19.3.2015

Tangible-Liam AU


The ‘’ i used to live in your new house and now i am a ghost so i need your help to solve my murder’’ au 

External image

You hated your father’s job and all that it implied.

1)      lots of hours away from home

2)      lots of phone calls when he was home

3)      constant moving

he promised this would be the place you two would finally settle but it must had been the sixth time he made that promise after moving in somewhere else.

You also hated every new house you would move into . It was your mechanism of defense against loss. You couldn’t get too accustomed to the place or the people that came with it because sooner or later you would have to leave.

California wasn’t that bad, you thought. You liked the idea of  neighborhoods and the sun but your father somehow managed to buy the most isolated place in the whole county.

It was a big mansion just after the woods, close to the main highway but far away from everything else.

‘’get some sleep. First day of school tomorrow !’’ your father reminded you of the turmoil you would have to go through in less than 10 hours.  

You still had to unpack but you were to tired to even begin the process.

Your room had the best view. Big garden, night sky, your eyes trailed from the window to a piece of furniture like a desk that the previous owners must’ve left. You approached the wooden surface and placed your fingers on it. You thought it was beautiful and whoever had the gut to leave it behind must lack the ability of appreciating beautiful furniture.

You accidentally applied more pressure in some part of it and a strange noise . yo caressed the desk until you located something like a hidden cupboard beneath it and you pulled it open. Other than a few papers, an empty box and some paper clips there seemed to be nothing of importance in it. But when you attempted to sort the random papers, one of them fell on the floor.

You picked it up and stared at it. There was something written on it.

‘’to staying young’’

You turned the paper and realized it was a photo.

The picture was worn out as if it had been saved from a flood , but you could still make out the figure on it. The most beautiful figure you had ever seen.

A boy with magnetizing blue eyes in a lacrosse uniform.

‘’ah. Those were the days ‘’ You hear a voice and jump on your feet. On your new bed lies a boy with his hands beneath his neck staring at the ceiling. You manage to stand up and take a few steps back while staring at the door.

‘’who are you and how did you get into my room …?’’ you say as calmly as you can while searching for a sharp object.

‘’ it was my room first you know.’’ He says and sighs getting up. You catch a glimpse of one of your childhood lamps and in a vast movement you grab it causing him to chuckle.

‘’oh no she has a lamp ! back away everyone !’’ he says raising his hands up.

‘’ who the hell are you ?!?’’ you say holding the lamp against him.

‘’ I can ask you the same thing’’ he smirks and without hesitating you hit him with the object. You wait for the feeling of contact, the cry of pain, or the thud of annoyance but nothing. And then you repeat the movement only to notice that the lamp goes right through him. Your jaw drops and with it so does the lamp , breaking once it touches the floor.

‘’oh..my…god…you’re..how did you? How did you do that ? did you know you can do that ?’’ you start blurbing while bringing your hands to your open mouth your eyes as wide as they have ever been.

‘’oh my god ! I’m transparent ! what will I ever do about it ?’’ he mocked you and sat at the edge of your bed.

‘’ this is a joke right ? I’m probably on some sort of tv show ? is that a hidden camera ?’ you ask looking around the room and then you suddenly feel cold fingers on your shoulders and a slight breeze against your neck.

‘’ I’m Liam’’ he whispers causing you to shiver.

‘’ you’re tangible.’’ You point out.

‘’I can be. If I like. But I’m numb. Can’t feel a thing;’’ he says

‘’ GET OUT OF MY ROOM ! ‘’ you yell thinking he is probably some of your new co-students that decided to pull a prank on you.

‘’ fine ! FINE you don’t have to shout !. ‘’ he says and walks out the room.

You’re in panic not knowing what to do. What just happened ? who is responsible for this shitty joke ? and what sort of effects did they use cause it seemed goddamn real.

You run your fingers through your hair and decide to get some  water, but before exiting the room, your eyes locate the photo you left on the bed.

Your eyes widen, your legs freeze and for a second your heart skips a beat.

How can it be ?

Your body shivers and you bite your lip so hard you can feel the blood gathering. Because the boy in the picture was just a minute ago in your room, claiming it his.

Tangible 4-Liam AU

A/N : part 4 of tangible. the previous parts are here : 




‘’I don’t want to go…’’ you whine as Liam pulls clothes out of my drawers.

‘’don’t care. You said you’d help. Now put this one’’he throws a dress at me and you stare at it.

‘’ that’s too short.’’

‘’yes. And you’re going to a party. Scott’s party. You need to look decent.’’

He raises an eyebrow.

‘’ I think you’re mistaking decent for slutty..’’

‘’ Look. I need you to talk to the boys, find out about me okay ? No boys are going to approach you if you go dressed in sweatpants.’’ He insists and you sigh giving in.

‘’ugh this place has no mirrors !’’ you complain trying to picture yourself in the dress.

‘’ you should’ve brought your own. Ours is still beneath the stairs.’’ Liam sticks his tongue out at you.

‘’ this is the part where you leave to let me get dressed.’’ You mumble but he just crosses his arms.

‘’ come on ! give the dead man some joy ! it’s not like there’s any blood pumping in me so…’’

‘’ just get out.’’ You roll your eyes and he does as ordered.



You’re in the car, unfortunately , with Liam in the back of it, since you took the photo again with you.

‘’ anything, Anything we can use. Maybe you should use your phone to record things.’’

‘’ooookayyy….’’ You say tired of all his mumbling.

‘’OH forgot to mention. Stay away from Isaac!’’ Liam yells as you leave him in the car to head to the party.

Once inside you see tons of teenagers holding their red cups up dancing to the music. There is a table full of drinks and food, surrounded by people and there are a few brave ones in the swimming pool.

‘’not that bad huh ?’’ Lydia  pokes your shoulder.

‘’I guess you could say that….’’ Ypu mumble already feeling anxious about interacting with others.

‘’Come on , ;let’s get you a drink !’’ she says and guides you to the table, handing you a red cup.

About an hour after talking with Lydia about random things and her again, changing the subject at the mention of Liam’s name.You decide to take control. You never liked parties anyway and this was going to be any different.

‘’ Do you know where the restroom is ?’’ You ask Lydia and she nods  pointing the direction to you.

You head towards the corridor but a room catches your eye. The wooden door has the name ‘’LYDIA’’ written on it. You contemplate whether you should invade her privacy or not but when Liam’s hopeful eyes flash in your mind you find yourself already in her room.

The room appears normal, a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, nothing unexpected on first notice. Your eyes trail the walls and focus on a specific part of them where Lydia has photos glued like posters. You approach and stare at them. Scott and Kira, her and the whole gang, Malia, everyone. The whole wall would be covered by pictures if it weren’t for a few empty spots, where it appeared as if photos were missing. You sit on her chair and twirl around. On the left side of her bed there is something covered by a bed sheet.

You get up and pull the fabric off to reveal a mirror.

Your first thought is that the glass must be too expensive so she covered it for the party to prevent it from breaking but then you notice the dust on the bed sheet.

This sheet has been covering this mirror for longer than tonight, maybe days…weeks, months even. It surprises and intrigues you because why would a stunning girl like Lydia Martin, Queen of school, avoid looking in her mirror.

Sitting back on her desk you notice a drawer and without much thought, drag it open. Inside there is a bunch of more pictures. Liam in all of them. You count 31 photos of either just Liam or him and the others. Then you count 31 gaps in the wall with the photos.

‘’What are you doing here ?’’ Erica, this blonde girl that hangs out with the rest of the gang asks and you push the drawer closed.

‘’ I was searching for the restroom…’’ you get up and approach the door but she prevents you from leaving.

‘’ this ain’t it…’ she says and scans you up and down/.

‘’ i..i realize that now..’’ you stutter.

‘’Stop digging. ‘’

‘’I .. I wasn;t I just got lost and –

‘’your curiosity…or whatever it is that motivates you is becoming a burden…’’ her voice is cold and stiff.

‘’ why is it that all of you avert your heads and shut your eyes when someone mentions Liam Dunbar ?’’ you ask and she flinches.

‘’ Stop asking questions you don’t want to know the answers to. ‘’

‘’ is that a threat ?’’

‘’ it’s a warning.’’ She says and then it occurs to you that even though you have seen Erica hanging out with the others, Liam never mentioned her.

‘’you were not his friend…were you ?’’ you ask.

‘’ get out of Lydia’s room.’’ She says through gritted teeth.

‘’but what were you ?’’ you ,mumble mostly asking yourself.

‘’ his girlfriend’’ Erica blurs out and your expression changes. Your lips part as your eyes widen. What ?

‘’his what ?’’ you ask. How come Liam never mentioned her ?

‘’I’m going to say this one more time. Stop digging.’’ She steps closer to you.

‘’ Hey girls ! ‘’Lydia shows up all of a sudden.

She takes in the image of the glares you two are exchanging and steps in the middle.

‘’everything alright ?’’ she asks.

‘’ I don’t like you Y/L/N’’ Erica says through gritted teeth.

‘’ERICA !!!’’ Lydia says offended.

‘’ no shit. ‘’ you exclaim.

‘’guys stop this !;; Lydia says.

‘’ something about you is not convincing. ‘’ Erica glares.

‘’ yeah , I’m not a bitch like you.’’ You say in an attempt to offend her but Erica seems too focused in your stare.

‘’ It’s not the fact that you’re curious.  it’s not even the fact that  you’re sleeping in the bed him and I used to fuck….’’ Erica mumbles and her words, make you feel uncomfortable.

‘’it’s your eyes…’’ she says stepping closer. And Lydia yells at bboth of you.

‘’ your eyes when you talk about him. It’s like you know him…’’

‘’STOP IT ! BOTH OF YOU ! ‘’ Lydia yells and pulls you out of her room shutting the door.

You return to the party, avoiding Erica the whole time, you try to approach the others but Erica’s glare is making you feel too unwanted so you decide to leave.

‘’Oh thank god you’re back , I thought I’d die of boredom’’ Liam says as soon as you enter but you ignore him starting the car.

‘’ how did it go ?’’ he places his elbows in between the two seats and leans forward.

You stare at the road ahead of you , not answering his question.

‘’are you mad ?’ he pokes your cheek and you drive faster.

‘’ what happened ? Did Isaac hit on you ? I told you to stay away..’’ he protests but you drive even faster.

‘’ Slow down a bit…’’ he orders and you go fatser.

‘’Y/N SLOW DOWN THE CAR.’’ He says worried.

‘’Y/N ?’’ HE ASKS. You are not driving dangerously fast but he still worries.

‘’Y/N you’re drunk , go slower ! ‘’ he demands and then you turn to look at him, missing a red light as cars hit their horns at you. This causes you to calm down a bit.


You breathe in once.

‘’ I’ve been having nightmares, ever since you showed up, I’ve been spending my days in school trying to talk to your friends, I’ve been doing everything in my power to help you , and you did not think it was important to mention that Erica is your bloody girlfriend ?’’ you snap at him. He stares at you and smirks. \

‘’you’re jealous. ‘’he notices and you let out a whien hitting the horn of your car.

‘’you didn’t even mention her ! excluding her from the picture. Well your precious girlfriend threatened me todaty and she said that I should-

‘’ she did not do it…’’

‘’how can you be so certain. ?’’

‘’erica did not do it. ‘’

‘’ why is she being so rude to me then ? why threaten me ?’’

‘’she’s just jealous you live into my house…’’

‘’ ..or maybe she feels threatened…’’ you mumble.

You park the car without exchanging another word with him  and decide to leave the photo in it , which means Liam will have to spend the night in the car.

‘’Oh come on ! seriously ?’’ he asks and you shut the door.

‘’Y/N ! ‘’ he taps on the window as you wave him goodbye. Once inside you notice your dad sleeping on the couch. The living room is a mess. It might have been a few weeks since you moved in but there are still many boxes all over the house. You walk upstairs to your room.

Your leave your bag on the desk. That same desk that used to belong to Liam.

And then you remember what Erica said



it’s not even the fact that  you’re sleeping in the bed him and I used to fuck….


But it’s not. That’s not the same bed. Because your dad had brought the furniture of your old house to this one. This was not the bed Erica had slept with Liam. This was the bed you had slept with Liam. Well not in the same way., but still. This room was Liam’s and now yours. The only piece of furniture that remained was the desk.

On the first day you arrived you felt sad that the previous owners would leave it behind.

And then you think.

Why would Liam’s parents leave something behind ?

Unless it has something to do with the reason they left ? why would they not bare taking that desk with them ?


That’s not the only thing they left behind.

You remember Liam’s words from when you were getting ready.

’ugh this place has no mirrors !’’ you complain trying to picture yourself in the dress.


‘’ you should’ve brought your own. Ours is still beneath the stairs.’’

Your eyes widen because all these weeks you thought this place had no mirrors. Your dad didn’t bring one and all these weeks you never saw a mirror even though the only way to your room is up the stairs.

You rush outside your room and run down the stairs almost tripping , and you finally arrive.

Right beneath the stairs.

You never noticed the existence of a mirror, because the house was a mess, with boxes all around, and how could you  notice it ?

When it’s covered by a bed sheet.

Your eyes widen. You don’t own the mirror and you don’t own the bed sheet.

A couple of minutes ago you thought the only piece of furniture Liam’s parents left behind was the desk.

And then images of Lydia’s room flash by your eyes. The mirror in her room was covered by a bed sheet as well.

But once you pull the sheet away from this mirror. You see the difference between Liam’s and Lydia’s.

Liam’s mirror is broken.