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And you, my Sassenach? What were you born for?

Talisman For Mental Health

This is a spell I invented in middle school when depression and anxiety was tearing me apart. I had skipped so much school the truancy officer had been called on my family, I stopped talking to friends, stopped going to work, and had even quit talking to my friends. After this spell I managed to join some clubs, handle social situations, and the year after I got on the honor role.

This is a spell you can do with no components, but you can add incense, candles, or any other components you want if you want to strengthen the spell.

First, choose an item to be a talisman. It should be something you can carry with you. I reccomend a piece of jewelry, but if you dislike jewelry any small object you can keep in a pocket will suffice. I reccomend either a found object, or something sentimental. If you want a found object, go into nature and try to find something that speaks to you. Whatever it is, it should give you a sense of joy or calm when you hold it.

Once you’ve chosen your item, take some time to get into a calm, or positive place, physically and spirtually Meditate, put on some music that makes you feel happy and calm, make your environment a positive place.

Hold the item in your hands, and “charge” it with your positive energy. Imagine the calm, positive energy within you as a tangible entity. Imagine the color of your energy, visualize it swelled in your chest, traveling through you into your talisman.

It can help to have a mantra that you recite during this process. I reccomend something personal to you and your mental health. I sometimes use “I shall overcome” because, as succinct as it is, it holds a lot of power as a statement to me. I reccomend repeating this process over several nights, though if it feels complete after one, don’t feel pressured to do it again.

After you’ve imbued the talisman with your calming and positive energy, keep it with you. When you are having an episode, hold the talisman and imagine the negative energy within you flowing into the talisman. To be clear you shouldn’t imagine it charging it, but rather imagine it being ABSORBED and DESTROYED. This is important. Imagine the talisman flowing your positive energy, your strength, your calm, back into you.

If you worry about your talisman becoming damaged by the negative energies (it shouldn’t) then you can periodically do a cleansing and recharge it.

The reason I love this spell so much is because you are essentially storing your energy when you are in an okay place and drawing on it when you are in a difficult situation. It is deeply personal, so alter what you will to make sure it appeals to you and your journey. It helped me so much, I wanted to share!

Priorities - Part 1

I promise this won’t be Titanic AU length :’) Maybe 4 or 5 chapters?

“Come on, Les, you’re going to be late for school,” Davey called, getting impatient.

Les rushed out of his room with a piece of toast in his mouth, trying to shoulder his bag and tug on a shoe at the same time. Sighing and opening the front door, Davey ushered him out into the hallway. They couldn’t be late. Every time they were Davey had to endure the tutting and the concerned looks and the other parents clearly making mental notes to email the school and ‘express concern’ again. He didn’t need any of it. He’d been taking care of Les alone for three years and he was managing just fine. Or as fine as anyone would be able to given the circumstances. Working two jobs just so they could afford food and rent wasn’t his definition of fun, but Les needed him. With their parents gone, he didn’t have anyone else to take care of him. So, for Davey, free time was a thing of the past.

Dropping Les off at school was always somewhat of a relief, giving Davey the day to work and run errands. But there was always a sense of loss when he walked back onto the familiar grounds. Education, at least his own education, just wasn’t a priority anymore. He would have loved to go on to college – he’d had his double major in zoology and English picked out even before the accident - but Les came first. There wasn’t time for both.

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I think we can all agree that the only thing that sucks more than writing a thesis statement, is writing an opening paragraph introducing a thesis statement. Many people (myself included) spend way to much time planning and re writing and editing that first initial paragraph. If only it were easier… oh wait, it is. Below is an example opening paragraph introducing a thesis statement for Tim Burtons 2004 film “Big Fish.”

Light Blue - Introduce the topic very broadly. What is your thesis statement about? Narrow it down. It explores the idea that imagination is the most important aspect of embracing ife fully. Great, narrow it down to one word - imagination. Make a very very broad statement about imagination that could be looked back on after your papaer is written and it would make sense. “Imagination is the crux upon which human civilization has evolved and developed.”

Yellow - Go a little bit more into dept about the very broad statemnt you just made. Explore it a little bit. Explain what you mean by your statement and why its so important. These are your opening remarks, they set your whole papaer, make them good.

Purple - GIVE TANGIBLE EXAMPLES. I cant empasize this one enough. In order for people to understand what you’re taking about they need to be able to relate it back to themselves in some personal and tangible connections. “Imagining a place to store 64GB of music” provides the example that the imagination is capable of so much.

Green - This one isn’t necesary but it definitely doesnt do any harm. Back to the topic of tangible examples, it shows you are reaching out and making real life connections with your essay and your thesis statement.

Dark Blue - Introduce the piece of art your paper is on, Movie, book, song, whatever. This is you narrowing your opening statements down EVEN MORE. You went from a very broad topic such as imagination to going more into depth with quotes and tangible examples and now you’re here, introducing what the rest of your essay is about.

Pink - Finally, the thesis statement. Im not going to go super into how to write a thesis statement exactly because it differentiates on your school, your level, the class etc. If you guys would like a post on how to write thesis statements (High School Level) let us know in the comments or in our asks and we would be more than happy to get that out to you :)

- Brooke (@stopeatingmynotes)

This is the end.

Here come the last form of Random, the monster-hero. It is a lizard, capable of changing from 3D to 2D at will, like a drawing, hence his name : Art-Gecko (art deco… my bad puns have no end, unlike this project)

His 3 eyes can also bring 3 dimensional tangible objects from his imagination, though they have to be simple. It can also shoot beams, because that’s badass.

I Called You Sunshine

i wish i hadn’t made myself vulnerable,

by opening my heart and my skin.

and my clothes.

i wish i hadn’t been so naive,

by saying i love you, and believing it was true
when you said it to me.

i didn’t know what it meant.

i wish you had told me you weren’t sure,

when at midnight i asked you to be mine.

but you didn’t.

i wish that i could have made it work,

by being closer.

but i know it was impossible.

and i wish we hadn’t made so many plans,

tangible in my imagination,

but they weren’t destined to arrive.

i am left unfulfilled.

full of memories and knowledge about you and it’s useless now but i can’t forget.

i wish and i wish and i wish and i wish.

i stay up until 11:11 and don’t remember to look at the clock until 11:12.

i stare out the window waiting for the first star in the night sky and i pluck out my eyelashes to blow them away.

i wish it worked and it brought you back.

i have so much i want to say to you.

you’re so gorgeous.

you remind me of the sun.

for all my compliments and my wishful thinking i really did want to hold you.

but i was only ever an experiment.

you never liked me as much as i adored you.

well im happy for you, that you figured it out.

really, i am.

take care of yourself, sunshine.

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I can think Stan is more imaginative and creative than Ford.

I think they’re both creative and imaginative but I think Stan just imagines things in a different way. Ford is able to imagine something, like a device or creature, and either builds it or seeks it out to see for himself if it really exists. He likes facts to go with his fantasies. He’s more for tangible imagination. Whereas Stan is more for intangible imagination. He can think up things and make them so convincing that you almost believe it’s real. That’s what makes Stan such a good liar. He’s basically the opposite of Ford in that regard. Instead of changing theories to suit facts, he changes facts to suit theories. And he does it well. That’s pretty incredible.

The older I get the more I’m think JKR made the Wizarding World waaaaay too small. Even in England, there should be a bigger population, more towns, more schools, more teachers at the schools (two or three per subject tbh), more families, more newspapers, more infrastructure in general, even accounting for JKR admitting she’s bad at math*.

Like even in the UK there should be specific state Wizarding Schools of Scotland, England and Wales etc. established when Hogwarts started to run out of room, left and right-wing newspapers, not just the Daily Prophet, a Wizarding University and constituent colleges of Oxbridge, another Wizarding Hospital or two, some kind of state care for orphaned, abandoned, otherwise guardianless magical children, perhaps some commercial Goblin banks with Gringotts as a central bank given that its been under Ministry control at times, actual legal representation, JKR where the fuck was Harry’s lawyer in book 5, where the fuck are all the lawyers, did anyone even defend Sirius in 1981? because if they did, they’re a useless shit and should have their licence revoked, does the Wizarding World have a supermarket or department store? what about Wizarding grocery shops, surely those are a thing? or theatres, museums, magical cinema, because that would be easier to hide than television (imagine how incredible magical cinema is), are carriages drawn by Thestrals or Winged horses like the Beauxbatons one normal, do more Purebloods have them? we know Newt used Muggle transport to get to the US because it was easier to fool their customs officers, but are there official Wizarding methods of international travel, y’know a question that fanfic has bandied about for donkeys years, ooh Festivals and annual holidays (besides Christmas and Halloween) and all that jazz, I wanna know about that particularly Wizarding Festivals, those sound amazing.

Wizarding London, for instance, are Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley the only parts? If they’re not, where are the residential areas, where’s the more tourist-y bits, is there a public park, again, are there theatres, museums etc. are there Wizarding enclaves all over London or is it all clustered around Diagon Alley, what about Wizarding parts of York, Bristol, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Penzance?

It’s all just too little, what we’ve got is so wonderful and often so imaginative and tangible, but its still really small and contained, and I wish I was clever enough to come up with Wizarding World expansions tbh. That would be nice.

*For one thing its stated at some point (don’t ask me when, the Wiki doesn’t say) that there’s 10 times more muggles than Wizards, even if we take this as a gross underestimate, it would still mean the World Wizarding pop should be in the millions, way higher than JKR’s estimates, personally I headcanon that Britain’s magic population is in the low hundred thousands, and that we don’t hear about more than a certain number of people for simple reasons of storytelling (no seriously, its far more believable that there’s a bunch of people in the background whose names Harry doesn’t know than any theories about birth-rates and what have you, and other people have said this more eloquently)

Saturn in Pisces | Birth Chart Analysis

Souls born with Saturn in Pisces have empathy and compassion for others, but have a hard time being detached and still loving because you tend to soak up negativity and react to it emotionally.

With Saturn in Pisces, there’s a built-in pressure to meet uncertainty with courage and discipline. Your karmic tests show you how to cultivate faith, face your fears of being submerged, and learn how to manage emotional intensity. You may struggle with addictions, phobias and irrational fears. For you, finding some sense of self-definition is hard won. It comes from carefully making steps toward self-control. As you build confidence, you feel less at the mercy of overwhelming forces, and more in charge of your destiny.

You may end up being a devotee of a spiritual path, since it lends form to the pursuit of divine union. You find a purposeful path as an artist, since it turns your imagination into tangible forms. You have gifts in symbolic expression. With effort, your talents translate to success in the arts, music, dance and drama. You are a dutiful, compassionate friend that goes the extra mile for beings in need (human or animal).

Saturn in Pisces is sensitive. They often feel defenseless or vulnerable. They may be a bit paranoid because it is easier for them to see the negative side than the positive side. They may feel like a victim or a martyr.

Saturn in Pisces can turn their sensitivity into a positive thing. They can be compassionate and pragmatic. They can be artistic, spiritual or psychic.

Pisces Saturn may need to work on developing self-confidence to fully appreciate their abilities. They need to learn to trust and listen to their subconscious. They can be a bit more realistic than you’d expect.

Pisces Saturn can have trouble letting go of hurts from the past. This can leave them fearful. It can be a challenge to them to study their past, accept it and let it go. They need to be less defensive and open to the present.

Pisces Saturn is patient and can be very self-sacrificing. They have more endurance than they think they do. They can be very sympathetic, but have issues with being loving and detached at the same time. They need to learn not to identify with the problems of others too deeply.

The life lesson for Saturn in Pisces is to grow in emotional understanding. They feel obligated to help those less fortunate than themselves. They may need to overcome negative emotions, deep fears and a wandering imagination. They are adept in the fields of social work, medical care, teaching, religion and the arts.

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You actually shipped KC before 3x11???? Why? Was there something specifically that made you like them even before they had scenes together?

Yes. I did. Like crazy really. I think I am truly one of the people in this fandom that has actually shipped them the longest LOL

The summer before S3 started I was already totally crazy about them. There was a lot of fanfiction about them and it was a very popular crackship. When Klaus was introduced in S2 he immediately became my most favorite character and when S3 started I immediately became obsessed with him.

And so I wanted to read fanfiction about him and even though I did like reading fics with OCs I also liked reading about him and Caroline that by that time she was one of the female characters I liked the most and more so because she was a vampire and S2 had done so much justice to her character. And down the rabbit hole I went. There was something so tangible in my imagination when it came to bringing those two characters together you know? The fics back then were brilliant. Not as many as later on but there were quite a lot. And that actually got me into TVD fanfics and Klaroline fanfiction.

I was such a Klaus stan before everything else. I even liked him the most in S2. So the more I liked him the more I imagined him with Caroline (imagination going wild I kid you not) that even though I was not that crazy about her she was still one of my favorites and more so as a baby vampire. And I shipped them soooo hard. Long before 3x11. I kid you not in 3x05 I was like chanting…please just look at each other even once! LOL…That was more than enough for me. I WAS STARVING. To get a glimpse to feed my crazy imagination. And I was WISHING IT INTO EXISTENCE! To get just a mention. Something. Anything. All my thoughts were set on it as the season progressed.

So when “Your pretty little girlfriend” came along I was like jumping up and down in joy.

So you can imagine what I felt and how I reacted when they actually came together in my screen.

Baby Blue

TITLE: Baby Blue

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: One Shot ~2.5k

AUTHOR:  dentelle-grise 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out you’re pregnant after Loki has fallen off of the Bifrost. Out of fear of retaliation from Odin, you only confide in Frigga, who helps you to escape the palace and have the baby in secret.  When Loki is the cells of Asgard, you sneak in and introduce your daughter to him.

RATING: Teen and up

“Ah, a visitor! What a lovely surprise.”  He strides over and looks down at you through the prickling force field.

You want to run and hug him from the pure joy to find him alive, but he’s locked away from you and you have your arms full. You had forgotten how attractive he is, but he peers out at you with no sign of recognition.

“So who are you? Who sent you?”

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Imagine; Kids

Well, not specifically just kids, but human beings of a younger age. Like below twenty-ish. 

I personally headcanon that children’s dæmons reflect the age of their human counterpart. Basically, I imagine their physical maturity to run parallel. Babies would have newborn animals, toddlers would have baby animals, etc. Adolescents, I feel, would have “teenage” dæmons as well, until they settle. The older you are, this would be reflected in your dæmon, despite their being a representation of your soul. They would still be tangible, after all. 

So imagine a baby just starting to learn how to walk and talk, their little dæmon toddling along behind them, mimicking their gurgling noises. Sometimes the dæmon is a delicate bird with only a few feathers, or a soft kitten, or floppy-eared puppy. When the lil’ one is feeling creative, their dæmon might be a baby soft-shelled turtle, or a wobbly foal.

Imagine a pregnant woman, about six months in. Her dæmon and her are both excited, and a tad nervous, of course. They try to brush it off, though; too many hormones, and dust being attracted to the growing life inside her, readying itself to take shape and become a dæmon in only a few weeks time.

Imagine someone who’s reached the age of twenty-three, and they still haven’t settled. Teachers, friends, family- everyone says it isn’t that unusual, don’t be self conscious, plenty of people settle late. Still, they can’t help feeling uncomfortable every time their dæmon changes their form. Because how can you manage in the real, adult world without knowing who you are? Their dæmon is embarrassed about it, but reassures their human in private fiercely that there is nothing wrong with them, nothing at all.

Imagine a high school where dæmons are settling- or not settling- left and right. It’s both exhilarating and exhausting, dealing with the drama that settling dæmons brings. There are always the kids who aren’t happy with their dæmon’s settled form, whatever the reason may be. The freshman spend a fair amount of their time speculating who’ll settle first, and as what, whereas the seniors are anxiously hoping to settle before graduation. The librarians are very helpful when it comes to having full databases on every species of life on the planet that is a viable dæmon, and are eager to drag in the awkward juniors to see what kind of lizard their dæmon is.

Imagine siblings and the way their dæmons would interact. Twins would maybe try to be the same, or never stay in the same shape as their twin. Imagine an older brother and his little sister, seventeen and eight, respectively. His oversized saint bernard dæmon is very protective of the younger dæmon and girl. Or imagine three sisters, one of whom ends up with chatty bird, another with a large, speedy hare, and the last with a gazelle. Whenever they get into arguments, their dæmons will throw themselves into the fray to defend their humans.

Imagine thirteen-year-olds looking jealously at the older kids dæmons. At that age, their dæmons can’t fly very well yet as birds or bats, and they can only run so fast on gangly, disproportionate feet. Changing shapes is no longer as easy as it was when they were ten, but they aren’t anywhere near to settling yet; Everyone’s a mess, including the dæmons.

Just a few more of my random imaginings! Hope you enjoyed!


I did this set of four images as promotion material for the exhibition Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction at the EMP Museum in Seattle. From the museum’s website:

Packed with more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction invites you to experience the incredible range of storytelling found in science fiction: from Star Trek to H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, from big-budget Men in Black to the Philip K. Dick-inspired Blade Runner to the recent Battlestar Galactica series.
As you step aboard this enigmatic spacecraft, discover how science fiction allows us to break away from the confines of the tangible world with unlimited imagination, boldness, and creativity. Experience the power it has to transform, motivate, and educate. And glimpse at the spectacular places born from intellect, wonder, and an unbound appreciation for the human species encountering change.
Within a dynamic and immersive space, this interactive spacecraft will encourage visitors to embark on their own space adventure, discover new alien civilizations, scout for new worlds to explore from the ship’s cockpit, and investigate numerous alternate universes. What secrets will you unearth?

I was asked to make the images look a bit more painterly that my usual comic book-esque style, which was a real challenge. I’m a big fan of classic sci-fi illustration, from Chesley Bonestell to Syd Mead (just to name a couple of names I had in mind while drawing these), so you can bet I had a lot of fan with this project.

Thanks to AD Melissa Robinson.

NOSTALIGA: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.  

As much as I have enjoyed starting on my exponentially growing reading list for next year, last week my mind began to feel strange, foggy almost, each time I settled down to work. And when this happens, you all know I tend to reflect and think too deeply into things - so here goes.

The last few years, although fabulous in parts, have also been the hardest to overcome, without doubt. And it is sometimes difficult to see the extent of ones own progress across a given period of time such as this; instead, its easier to live out individual days, perpetually dissatisfied with the current state of things. In short - its easier to want something different than it is to be content. This state of mind allows days to bleed into weeks, months, years of dissatisfaction, and before we know it the future seems to promise just more of the same, and we wish for those times again where everything seemed ‘simpler,’ times where we didn’t even have to think about enjoying life - basically, we long to return to our childhood.

The fact I am writing this post on the same day that the fictional character Harry Potter celebrates his birthday is, I must admit, a mere coincidence, yet it is a poignant one. J. K. Rowling’s fantastical, magical world and its characters quickly became important foundations of my childhood after first picking up The Philosopher’s Stone age 6. From a young age, I always wanted to be the ‘Hermione’ in any given situation, unashamed of being knowledgeable and actually enjoying education - perhaps Rowling’s ability to celebrate intelligence contributed to this. The excitement I had at the release of a new book is still incredibly memorable; I will never forget how I felt buying my long-awaited copies on the day of release, yet the feeling is also inexplicable. From what I can remember of my younger years, some (if not most) of the happiest moments were spent reading these novels, immersed in Rowling’s stunning world of magic, the place where - paradoxically - what was most powerful was not the magic, but human emotion. Hogwarts was not just a dream, but a tangible reality to an imaginative mind (to quote Dumbledore, ‘of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’), and it was my childhood escape.

Events such as moving house, or going to university, can mean that across the long span of life, one can call lots of places home. Personally, the world of Harry Potter will also always be home, yet this is life-enduring. The opening of a Harry Potter book will always feel like returning home after a long, long absence - Hogwarts is always there to provide that much needed comfort of familiarity in its numerous characters and whimsical charm. Each time I return to this world,  those long past memories from my happy childhood rear their head, and I become ageless again, lost in Rowling’s world once more.

A week ago, with a pang, I realised that I had not read Harry Potter since I was 18 - at the time looking forward to attending Girton College, Cambridge. A place unmistakably resembling Hogwarts, I was excited by the thought of sitting in the vast hall of the college, beginning my life as a first year student by channeling Hermione and embracing the unknown adventures ahead. Over the course of the past three years, understandably, events in my real life managed to kill this enthusiasm somewhat, the result being that I began this summer feeling uninspired, when I knew I had lots to feel inspired by. Ultimately, I felt I had spent three years neglecting to realise just how amazing life is when lived with a bit of imagination and excitement. My own experiences had turned Cambridge, this place with the potential for magic, into somewhere filled with my own resentment for past events. Real life, ‘growing-up,’ kills the soul - and a week ago I had this realisation when I looked up, suddenly longing to dive into the covers of those 7 distinctive books lying on my bookshelf. And so I did, and just like I knew it would, it felt like home. I was immediately transported, remembering my ecstatic childhood, remembering that particular branch of childhood enthusiasm which tells you anything could be possible, could be real. 

Often noted is how easy it is to become lost in ‘nostalgia’, in this longing to return to the past; yet ‘nostalgia’ also allows us to see our progress in life. Yes, I have not revisited the Harry Potter series for three years, yet re-reading them has restablished essential qualities within myself, ones that I had long-forgotten. It has been so wonderful to re-visit Hogwarts, to find myself once again in the company of old friends, feeling just as happy as I did at the age of 6. Only this particularly nostalgic trip could have reminded me to be less stuffy, and more imaginative in my ‘grown-up’ life. I often take things too seriously, I often think too much (ironically this post demonstrates this) before acting, and I feel that I haven’t lived for the moment in a long time. I’m not saying that I will grasp the ability to do this overnight, but I know that I don’t want to be here in a years time, saying that I didn’t use my final year of university to its maximum potential. There are things that I have failed to try or do over the past three years purely because I was scared, because I have chosen living within safe boundaries over the unknown. But this year I’m determined to take any opportunity Cambridge throws at me. It may be too late to reclaim time which has past - those years I will allow to fade with memory. However I want to make this final year that I have here count, and in years to come, I want to look upon photographs and videos of my time as a student at the University of Cambridge with the same nostalgic fondness I have treated Rowling’s Harry Potter series with all these years. 

(rambling, but personal) 

-Sarah xoxo 

Book Horoscopes

Unfortunately I don’t have, and haven’t had, access to my master list of horoscope titles I’ve created, so I don’t know if I’ve already done something like this, and I am too lazy to look through my archives. Anyway, I have been a little MIA because I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on other writing projects and taking breaks to play Panda Pop and Cookie Jam (I used to have major Snood and Candy Crush addictions, and these are like that but exponentially more). BUT because of my writing project (okay, yeah, singular, not plural), I thought of these horoscopes! WOO!! INSPIRAZIONE!

Aries – Biography. Real stories are better than fiction. You live your life by this, not that you don’t love some good fiction. You, however, don’t have time to put it in writing. Someone else will need to do that for you.

Taurus – Romance Novel. Swooooooon. You like to entice and strike a chord in people that make them want to go masturbate and long for something unattainable because unrequited love makes the best stories.

Gemini – Graphic Novel. Yay pictures! Communicating a story is more than just using words. A picture is worth a thousand of them, so let’s be efficient and use those. Stories are more easily understandable with pictures, which is why these are the best.

Cancer – Cookbook. If you’ve been reading my blog and didn’t see this one coming, shame on you. Not only do you provide helpful recipes and food inspiration, you spruce up a kitchen just by being there and looking pretty. Who needs stories when there’s food?

Leo – Autobiography. You do it for the story. Which story? Yours. You may not have always known what you wanted to do or be, but you knew you would later write a bestselling book about it because your story is the best story.

Virgo – YA. Why ay? Young adult books. Stories that are about young adults and for young adults. But what is a young adult? These books can be loved by people of all ages, which makes them the best.

Libra – Short Stories. Why have a book about one story when you can have a whole collection of stories?! It’s not just about quantity. Truth can be said simply and succinctly, which is why short form is the best.

Scorpio – Poetry. You don’t like to be bogged down with explicit details. You prefer to hide the details in the beats and the music of the language. Each word matters. The length of the line matters. It all matters, and you know this.

Sagittarius – Fantasy. Who wants to go on a journey of tripping balls? Sometimes you read these books and think, “What was the author smoking?” Fantastic, right? Who needs reality when you can make believe? Make believing is the best.

Capricorn – Epic Novel. In a time when information is served in quick doses and on constant rotation, there is something to be said about the longevity of the epic novel. These are the books that will remain after the apocalypse. Because they are the best ones.

Aquarius – Science Fiction. Fiction one day may be reality the next. Science fiction asks, “What could be?” along with a plethora of other questions with imaginative but tangible answers. It takes what is and re-imagines it. Isn’t that the best?

Pisces – Children’s Books. This section of the bookstore has some of the most complex stories out there. Children can handle dark subjects and understand a lot more than most adults give them credit for. But children’s authors know better, which is why they are the best.

you were the brightest of us

summary: what is one supposed to do when the stars go out?

word count: 11.2k

a/n: major character death and angst ahead. this took a lot out of me if i’m being honest. grief is hard. but hopefully i break a few hearts along with mine.

read on ao3

the moon is a cold light - blindsided; bon iver

The funeral is held five days later.

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broadwayorbustt  asked:

I'm a Gaga Stan and am going to see her ARTRAVE tour and I need to know what to heck a vocaloid is and what a hatsue mikeu is and I need to understand what it is in plain English, I am honestly so confused as to why an electronic projected robot would go on a "live" tour. I want to like it it's just that i don't understand it

okay, it’s very confusing but I’ll try to explain it as simple as possible! but I’ll also try to be as thorough as possible…

(this part is about Vocaloid in general, if you know this already and are just curious as to how a Vocaloid would preform live then skip this part)

Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid.

Vocaloid is a singing synthesis software, and Hatsune Miku is a voice on this singing software. (an example of the Vocaloid2 interface is shown above)

Vocaloid is something that you basically create the notes, add lyrics, and the voice will sing for you! an easier way to explain it would be to say that it turns the voice into a playable instrument.

Because of this, artists can utilize Hatsune Miku to sing their songs that they normally could not sing themselves. This brings a lot of advantages! For example, Miku will sing exactly how you tell her to, she will sing exactly WHAT you tell her to, and she will NEVER mess up. And although she sounds a bit robotic, she can hit notes that most real Vocalists can’t, and she can sing faster than most vocalists can. Her voice and the way she sounds is entirely up to the user.

What really makes her unique though, is that she’s more than a voice.

Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol. she is the entirely virtual aspect of a pop star. Although she doesn’t create her own music, she is used as an outlet and medium for many aspiring artists to become known. Basically, Hatsune Miku represents an entire community of people, and is not just a single being with a single sound and a few albums.

Hatsune Miku was probably was chosen to be opening Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP tour because she is a great combination of art and pop. Her entire being is music. She isn’t just a persona, and she doesn’t have a life outside of music at all. She ‘lives for the applause,’ and if nobody utilizes her, she will die. However, she has such a huge fan following that she’ll probably never die! Her image and popularity as a Virtual Idol is an extremely unique feat that has never been reached before by a mere program.

Hatsune Miku has transcended multiple mediums, appearing in Animes, her own series of best-selling Video Games, and even going so far as to appear live in concert.

Hatsune Miku’s live concerts are extremely unique, created with cutting edge technology.

Since Hatsune Miku’s entire essence is the fact that she does not have a tangible physical form, imagining a concert with her as the main performer seems a bit odd to most people. However, in reality, it isn’t much different than many pop stars these days!

Live concerts featuring Hatsune Miku have been going on for quite some time! They feature the virtual idol projected onto a screen with prerecorded vocals and dance moves tailored especially for a live audience. Although she technically cannot perform or sing live, this still gives a very unique and enjoyable experience!

She also has her own band that performs the songs live with her! This makes sure that the music still has that unique and live sound, different from the studio versions of songs. The songs that are performed live are normally the most notable and popular songs featuring Hatsune Miku, and aren’t necessarily all by one artist! A concert may feature anywhere from 5 to 20 different musical artists, all utilizing Hatsune Miku.

Also, There are many more Vocaloids besides Hatsune Miku. Some of which even appear as guests in concert with Miku!

In total, there are around 50+ Vocaloids released with varying mascots and voice types. However, Hatsune Miku is the most well known of these. If you wish to learn more about other Vocaloids, please look them up! Although it may be overwhelming at first, each character and voice is very unique and there’s a Vocaloid out there for everyone!

TL;DR: Hatsune Miku is a program. To perform live, her presence is projected onto a screen. She is NOT a hologram, but rather a virtual image that creates an exciting and unique experience for the audience watching her!

I HOPE THAT EXPLAINS IT!! I’m sorry it was so long…

If you have any questions or want me to clear something specific up or explain something better, please send me an ask!! I’ll be happy to help anybody who wishes to learn about Vocaloid! It’s really awesome!

Anonymous said: That last post for nini has me thinking. What she has a full blown affinity for magic but just never developed it due to more tangible interests. Can you imagine how solas would react?

solas is already in her shadows for the sake of the fade hand, if he found out she had latent magic she wasn’t using….