Psychic Type

    The Fortune Telling Pokémon

    [Evolves into Telekettle @ level 27]

Dex Entry: Psycup float everywhere, which is good since they have an unstable bottom. People smell these Pokémon before they see them, due to the very spicy aroma that they give off, despite not having any anything inside them.

 These Pokémon actually delight in being used as a cup, for the physical contact allows them to tap into the user, and predict what may happen to them in the near future.



    Psychic Type

    The Recalling Pokémon

    [Evolves into Potopathy @ level 47]

Dex Entry: Telekettle will puff out their mysterious mist from either the spout or from simply lifting up the lid. It has a tangy scent and smelling the steam as soon as one wakes up results in vividly remembering dreams.

Telekettle can be used as a normal tea kettle, but all drinks have a citrus aftertaste.



    Psychic Type

    The All-Knowing Pokémon

Dex Entry: Potopathy can pop on and off their lid, but refuse to let anyone look inside. There are claims that looking inside this Pokémon will show how you die. The smoke that seeps out from around the lid has a lovely sweet smell, but taking in too much of it tends to cause intense visions. Very. Not recommended for those already prone to seizures.

Byron, why don’t u make some new fakemon??? because apparently im too busy not doing that, so i decided to redraw and compile together these cuties. Redrawing these also made them become a very high favorite. and. im not sure why.

Aku cuma sembunyi tidak pergi

Aku baru saja play vn dari seseorang. Sebenarnya vn itu sudah masuk dari pagi tapi karena aku dinas pagi dan cuma bisa lihat hape sesekali doang jadi vn itu baru aku play ketika sudah dirumah.

Agak nyeess waktu play vn nya.. Pesannya “aku jangan pergi supaya dicari. Aku jangan pernah sekali-sekali ninggalin orang yang sayang aku. Karena kehadiranku itu dibutuhkan. Aku jangan sampai melakukan hal itu, karena jika aku melakukan itu, aku adalah orang jahat”.

Dan seseorang itu vn sambil menahan tangis. Dan perasaanku…. MAU CEPAT-CEPAT MELUK DIA. Nenangin dia. Hapus air mata dia.

Aku nggak pernah punya niatan untuk pergi agar dicari. Nggak pernah sama sekali. Kalaupun semisal aku hilang tanpa kabar itu sebenarnya, dari jauh aku masih memperhatikan beberapa orang yang aku sayang. Aku masih jaga mereka diam-diam. Tapi mereka nggak perlu tau apa yang aku lakukan, aku dimana, aku ngapain. Aku cuma perlu waktu untuk sendiri. Aku nggak pergi, aku cuma sembunyi.

Untuk kamu, untuk kalian yang sayang aku walaupun aku nggak pernah ngerasa pantas buat disayang, hey aku bukan orang baik 😂😂😂

Makasih sudah sayang aku. Aku selalu ada ditempatku kalau kalian cari aku. Aku nggak kemana-mana. Aku selalu ada insya Allah.

Aku selalu ada 😊😊😊
Sini peluk dulu…

Tat’s biscuit review: Mother’s Bistro & Bar
Flavor is tangy. More tangy than most. Color is well developed but there isn’t a very clear crust. Texture is more cakey than layered, but I like that. Cost? One dollar per biscuit. Is it on the menu? No, so you have to ask.