#老公把我从23楼背下去 is trending on weibo after the tale of a couple experiencing the blast made it on the news. 

When the explosion happened, 32 year-old Mr.Jiang was in his home, 800 meters away from the center of the blast. “Everything that wasn’t bolted down were all flying around,” he recalls. 

Mr.Jiang is from Sichuan, and moved to Tanggu two years go and currently works at a bar. His wife is from Gansu, and followed Mr.Jiang to Tanggu. Mr.Jiang experienced the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquakes in 2008, but he felt that it was “ten times scarier” than the earthquake.

When the blast hit, Mr.Jiang was just about to head out for work, “there was suddenly a loud Bang, and our windows are all broken.” His wife rushed to the door to his side, but before she could say anything, there was a second blast, much stronger than the first. He was hit by the blast waves and thrown against the wall about a meter away. 

When he managed to get up, he saw his wife on the ground. “She fainted already, and I slapped her lightly on the face to try to wake her up,” after around ten seconds, she finally came to. “We need to go downstairs,” he said at the time, and carried his wife on his back, running down 23 flights of stairs without rest.  

The courtyard of the complex was a mess, and everyone was crowded in the clearing, some where looking frantically for their loved ones, and some kept calling everyone they knew. “Even though everyone was scared, they all felt it was better than staying in the apartments.” Thinking back, Mr.Jiang thought he was gifted with quite a bit of luck–normally, he leaves for work at 10pm at night, but on that night, for a reason he couldn’t recall, he was leaving one hour later than usual. “If I wasn’t there, I don’t know what would have happened to my wife, I’m scared to think about it.” 

After they arrived in the courtyard, he realized that he was bleeding from his head, and his wife had cuts on her skull and face. However, the emergency number 120 was completely busy, and he had to ask his friend to drive them to the hospital. They arrived at Taida Hospital first, but they were blocked at the entrance.  “They said that there were too many inside who were seriously injured, and asked us to hold on and try to find another way to tend to our injuries.” They then drove to another hospital, where the medics tended to their wounds for free, but cannot offer further care due to the volume of patients with more serious injuries.  

Source: Ding Wei, Huaxi City Post