spring vibe 2017

While John Carpenter is the easiest point of reference when listening to the ‘80s-style synthesizer score for Stranger Things, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have also cited Tangerine Dream as an influence.

Now the the prolific German electronic group has returned the favor by releasing their take on the Stranger Things theme, which can be heard above. When you’re done listening to that, a second Stranger Things-inspired track is streaming below.

No strangers to soundtracks, Tangerine Dream have composed the scores for such films as Firestarter, Near Dark, Legend, and Sorcerer.

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Watch the trailer for [Cargo], a contained thriller takes place in one location - a cargo container - and features only one actor - Ron Thompson (American Pop) - along with several voices.

Perhaps even more notably, the film has an original score composed by Thorsten Quaeschning of Tangerine Dream (Legend, Near Dark). The soundtrack will be released on vinyl and CD on July 21 via Invisible Hands Music.

Currently in post-production, [Cargo] is written and directed by first-time filmmaker James Dylan.

[Cargo] is a one-man thriller feature film about a businessman who wakes up trapped in a metal cargo container with only a cell phone and is given 24 hours by his kidnappers to raise ten million dollars of his own ransom or die.