tangerine kitties

Flynn “The Pirate Lord”


A world-class thief, he instinctively knows what his owner’s most valuable possessions are. Whether it’s that pen you’re writing with, or that grocery bag you’ve left on the table a second too long - if it’s gone missing, you can bet that Flynn has sold it for kibbles.



Name: Flynn

Title: “The Pirate Lord”

Circumference: 7.1"

Paw Size: 4

Likes: Girl Kittens, Kibbles, His Ship

Dislikes: Olivier, Water, Ninjas

Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 3: THE HAMPER SNORE FEST

Olivier: purrrrrr

Flynn: zzzzzzzZZZzzzz

Trigger: zzz…master plan…zzzzzpurrrfegmm…blow up…Agent O…zzzzzzz
Agent O: … >:(

Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 2: A HAIRY SITUATION

Olivier: BonjouRRrraGUEERRRFFFFTT!!!!
Flynn: Hahaha!

Olivier: Plburrrrrfffftttt!!!
Flynn: Sorry, I didn’t catch that Oliver.
Ginger: ……

Olivier: *hic*…*hic*
Ginger: Is he dying?
Flynn: No no, he’s fine.

Olivier: :(
Ginger: ……
Flynn: :)
Circuit: Burrrppfft!