tangerine kitties

sorry, i think you got the wrong place. i don’t remember there ever being a night vale around here. always has been the greater desert bluffs metropolitan area. always will be.

what do you mean where’s cecil? who is cecil?

just relax, sit back, and pray to a smiling god.

this playlist is sponsored by Strexcorp.

maxwell’s silver hammer  the beatles; i love you and buddha too  mason jennings; dumb ways to die  tangerine kitty; terrible things  april smith and the great picture show; pumped up kicks  foster the people; keep awake  100 monkeys; everybody wants to rule the world  tears for fears; help, i’m alive  metric; perfect two (male vocals)  auburn; bullet  hollywood undead; the devil within  digital daggers; burn (cover)  postmodern jukebox; the bird and the worm (a capella) the used;losing my religion  rem; silhouettes  of monsters and men; you are my sunshine  elizabeth mitchell

[listen here]

Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 3: THE HAMPER SNORE FEST

Olivier: purrrrrr

Flynn: zzzzzzzZZZzzzz

Trigger: zzz…master plan…zzzzzpurrrfegmm…blow up…Agent O…zzzzzzz
Agent O: … >:(

Tangerine Tuesdays Episode 2: A HAIRY SITUATION

Olivier: BonjouRRrraGUEERRRFFFFTT!!!!
Flynn: Hahaha!

Olivier: Plburrrrrfffftttt!!!
Flynn: Sorry, I didn’t catch that Oliver.
Ginger: ……

Olivier: *hic*…*hic*
Ginger: Is he dying?
Flynn: No no, he’s fine.

Olivier: :(
Ginger: ……
Flynn: :)
Circuit: Burrrppfft!