tangerine kitten

Flynn “The Pirate Lord”


A world-class thief, he instinctively knows what his owner’s most valuable possessions are. Whether it’s that pen you’re writing with, or that grocery bag you’ve left on the table a second too long - if it’s gone missing, you can bet that Flynn has sold it for kibbles.



Name: Flynn

Title: “The Pirate Lord”

Circumference: 7.1"

Paw Size: 4

Likes: Girl Kittens, Kibbles, His Ship

Dislikes: Olivier, Water, Ninjas

Ginger “The Art Director”


It’s easy to be misunderstood as an artist, but that doesn’t stop Ginger from decorating your living room floor with the entire roll of toilet paper…again. Despite your best protests, she knows the toilet paper sculptures will be big. Huge even. After all, she is a visionary, and that means sometimes she can see things you can’t.



Name:  Ginger

Title:  “The Art Director”

Circumference:  6.7"

Paw Size:  2

Likes:  Art, Hats, Shiny Things

Dislikes:  Work, Catnip, Heights

Agent O


Agent O is a cat on a mission, though he’ll never tell you who or what for. But these questions seem less important every time he manages to foil one of Trigger’s diabolical plots. The epitome of style, he always arrives in the nick of time with his bowtie straight and his eyebrow arched. Not much is known about this secretive cat, except that he has a weakness for tummy rubs and scratches under the chin.



Name: ??

Title: Agent O

Circumference: 7"

Paw Size: 4

Likes: Order, Bowties, Red Laser Beams

Dislikes: Trigger, Sardines, Heroes