tangerine fields


my granddad draping fairy lights around the christmas tree. two little girls jumping up and down for chocolate doughnuts behind glass. a friend comes out of the closet. bloody mouths from trying and failing to suppress laughter. cool evening air ruffling the hem of little black dresses. november was the month i least wished to die.

i guess getting out of bed is not much of a feat for self-proclaimed normal people who’ve called me mad once or twice before.

it’s now so close to half a year since i last finished a book. i finally write about the first time we met. i wrote about dreams and how lately i feel like they’ve been dragged around town by a hearse. my obsession with little glass vials have been filled by the ounce with the last time it had rained.

sometimes life’s not much of a series of events because sometimes we dread the past might rear its ugly head from the earth tomorrow and there’s really no point.

the crickets have stopped singing now that they’ve learnt to scream.

a saturday ago, i grieved over a kitten’s limp body on the road. its orange fur rustling like grass in a field, a tangerine stripe cuts across her belly. a trail of ants parade atop her brow, her claws sheathed as if to beckon life for a final embrace. and just like that, life goes on.

christmas songs creep out from a local chinese place. and maybe even songs about intoxication between intervals if you listen close enough. lately, I haven’t been listening. everything’s getting too bright and there are more people to smile at. 

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Admin Raye!! Totally not a stalker but I happened upon your khh sideblog and saw the chromesthesia drabbles there, do you think you can do one for BTS too? I would love to read what their voices look like to you :3 (ps: do you really have chromesthesia or was it your interpretation? either way it was so good i loved it)

Please read this if you don’t know what chromesthesia is, otherwise this might get a little confusing


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He speaks in a soft, comforting glow of rose, exclaims in exciting streaks of violet and sings in a faint mess of tangled colors, not yet solid but very much alive. He weaves through the mess, breaking through and leaving it behind but just when he is about to reach a new, darker shade he holds back and they die away, one after another. He is spectrum of colors waiting to happen, in potentia: mint, magenta, vermillion and much, much more. So much more but Seokjin does not see just how much he can be, how much more he is destined to be. 


He is the calm and the storm, white specks of light reflected on the ocean and blue chaos of crashing waves against the shore. His voice is a perfect combination of silver and sapphire, blending and mixing, moving as one big storm. It pulls you in and consumes you in a flurry, fading slowly, shade by shade, lighter and lighter until it is no more but blue glitter so tiny yet they cover your entire field of vision with a magic that only Yoongi can wield.


If he is the sun that lights up our worlds, then his voice is the sky basked in the shades of his coughs - lilac clouds - and his laughter - cherry lightning. He has an intensity like no other when he dances, his very breath radiates layers and layers of indigo ready to shift and explode into specks of purple dust every time he inhales, reassembling into a deeper shade when he exhales. Hoseok raps in the same cherry lightning of his laughter, only everywhere because he drowns out everything else and demands your attention. Because in that moment all he wants you to see is him.


He is deep and dark, dangerous and untamed and he raps in waves after waves of black nothingness. His voice is a void, a screen of black silk, from the moment he takes in a breathe everything is at a standstill for that fleeting second. Namjoon’s voice is alive. It writhes, bends, drapes itself over everything and suddenly every other color in the room is a shade darker. He is liquid darkness, seeping into every crack, every groove, into your very being and stays there, wrapping you in its tendrils till he is silent once more. 


He is an explosion of calming turquoise when he talks, short and sweet and it doesn’t linger because the next wave always comes right after before they could even fade out. On stage he is a blast of shamrock and tea, piercing through the haze of fading sounds, almost like hail but not quite. You like the way he hits the high notes with an alluring viridian, its contrast so bright you can’t help but notice. But when all’s said and done, what you love most is the blanket of teal his laughter brings, so warm, so comforting, so Jimin.


Unlike him his voice is tame, mild, tranquilizing and a subtle shade of alice blue, but it is always present, quietly rippling between the lull in the choruses, the gaps in the bridges, the pauses between the rapid fire. It was as though it wants to go unnoticed, enigmatically fulfilling its role and covertly slipping away strip by strip. You do notice though because how can you not? The aquamarine of his low accompaniment completes the painting before suddenly blooming into fields of tangerine when Taehyung bursts into enthusiastic greeting is hard to miss after all.


He is every single shade of red, the very embodiment of energy and youth and you almost didn’t believe it when you first heard him face to face because he’s always going on and on about how much he loves red. He laughs in crimson sparks, speaks in liquid maroon and sings, oh he sings in the most enchanting shade of ruby and his voice, it dances they way flowers do in the summer breeze and it is beautiful. Jungkook moves up and down the shades of red as he pleases, from firetruck red to japanese carmine all within a single song and you can’t help but think please drink some water.

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how did you even, I am so confused right now I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my sideblog?? Nonetheless I am extremely flattered thank you anon ;^; And yes, I do have chromesthesia so everything here was from when I attended TRB *^^* It was an amazing experience tbh, one of the most beautifully colored one.

- Raye (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

Moving Box

Empty blue
Prescription lost
Identity lost
Generation lost
Not everything’s lost
Calm down
Step aside
Eat ocean
Not everything’s lost
Endless scroll
Filled with blank cursors
With stories
Wide open fields
Tangerine lakes
Mountain springs
You once talked about that
Alive and kind of dumb
Happy and sad
So write stupid poems
Grow sunflowers
Or whatever you want to grow
Not everything’s lost
Do what you have to do
Something you’ll
Know and lose again in five years