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High School!Sanvers AU

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They’re freshmen.

They’re freshmen and Alex isn’t sure why, but every time she sees Eliza Wilke, a small flash of… something… floods her veins.

It feels a little like she does when her new little sister shows her the powers she has.

Something like jealousy.

Something like feeling… less.

She’s not sure why – she’s made fast friends with Vicky Donahue, and Vicky’s great, Vicky’s funny and a great bio lab partner and likes to read, so why would Alex care that Eliza Wilke and that Maggie Sawyer girl are always laughing together, are always standing close to each other, are always cracking up about some horror movie special effects, are always together, together, together?

She’s not sure why she cares so much.

It’s not like Maggie Sawyer ignores her or anything.

To the contrary.

The first day Alex walked into school to greet the whispers that accompany getting a new sister overnight – a new sister who doesn’t even seem like she’s from this planet – Maggie comes up to her with a soft smile and an offer to help show New Danvers around.

“Siblings can be rough, Danvers, and you didn’t have that whole nine month thing to prepare. Just find me if you want some space to yourself, to adjust or whatever.”

But then Eliza is tugging Maggie along, tugging Maggie away, and Maggie is looking over her shoulder apologetically and mouthing “let me know” and “sorry” and Alex thinks that it’s maybe, definitely, jealousy.

Because she hears Maggie Sawyer give answers in class.

And they’re always sharp. So sharp they make Alex want to know what goes on in that Sawyer girl’s brain. All the time.

But she can’t, because Maggie Sawyer seems to belong to Eliza Wilke.

Until February 15th, that is.

Until February 15th, when Maggie comes to school with swollen, red eyes and disheveled clothes and a jaw set in fury, set in rage, set in total and utter agony. Set in a perpetual challenge.

The whispers are that she’s lucky her father only sent her to live with an aunt. That he didn’t send her to get fixed, because how disgusting is that? How can any girl ever trust her if she’s just going to try to… ew? How can she ever expect to have any friends? There was always something off about her, anyway.

Alex doesn’t just hear what. 

Alex hears why.

Something about a note in Eliza’s locker. Something about Eliza telling her parents, and her parents telling Maggie’s parents. Something about Maggie’s parents calling her the scum of the earth.

“Hey,” she shouts across the hall, and Eliza Wilke turns around with defiance in her vaguely red eyes.

“Why the hell would you do that?” Alex demands, slamming her open palm into the locker above Eliza’s head. 

She doesn’t care that the entire hallway goes instantly silent, and she doesn’t notice that Maggie is peaking out from the science department office with wide, disbelieving eyes.

“Do what, Danvers?”

“How could you do that to her? She’s never been anything but nice to you – “

“Yeah, because she wanted to have sex with me or something – “

“Well she doesn’t deserve to be punished for her terrible taste in women!”

An oooooh rises up from the forming crowd, now, and Alex is seeing red, and Alex doesn’t care.

Because she’s had enough of people making fun of her, of people making fun of her little sister. 

Kara’s not in her grade, not even in the same school building as her yet. She can’t always prevent things from happening to Kara. And she’s already beginning to hate herself for it.

But dammit, she won’t fail the girl with the soft eyes and the open heart, too.

“Careful, Danvers, people are gonna say you play for the other team, too!” Rick Malverne snickers from behind her, and Alex turns, and Alex punches him straight in the face.

“Yeah, so what if I did? I’d rather be gay than a jerk like all of you any day!”

Only then does she notice Maggie.

Maggie’s wide eyes and Maggie’s hand under her lips, her face not knowing whether to smile or cry.

Alex flushes and she storms down the hall, away from a groaning Rick, away from a sad-eyed Eliza.

Toward a wide-eyed Maggie. 

She tosses her arm around her shoulders and she tugs her away from the crowd, away from… everything. 

She knows a place on the fifth floor staircase where no one ever goes.

It’s a good place to come to rest.

To read.

Or to comfort.

“You didn’t have to do that, Danvers,” Maggie says, and her voice is small, defeated. Alex has never heard it like that – and she’s paid a lot of attention to Maggie’s voice, she’s realizing suddenly – and it breaks her heart.

“Well, someone had to,” she brushes it off, collapsing onto a stair and digging into her bag.

“Peanut butter and jam?” she says, and she holds out the entire thing to Maggie.

She’s in yesterday’s clothes. Alex doesn’t imagine her aunt bothered to pack her lunch.

Tears flood her eyes and she nods wordlessly and she lets Alex hold her close while she eats.

Alex doesn’t ask anything, and Maggie doesn’t tell anything.

She doesn’t have to.

“You’re coming home with me tonight,” is all Alex says into the silence of the abandoned stairwell, and she knows that for all Eliza rags on her, she will never turn her back on another child in need.

And Maggie? Maggie is smart, and she’s tough, and Alex, looking at her as though for the first time, thinks she’s the most beautiful girl she’s ever seen.

So beautiful.

Alex knows she can take care of herself. But she doesn’t want her to have to.

“Why?” is all Maggie asks, and Alex thinks of Maggie’s lips briefly, thinks of how it would have made her heart sing if Maggie had left a Valentine in her locker instead of Eliza’s.

But that’s all for later, because now? Now she thinks of Kara. Kara’s nightmares and Kara’s tears and Kara’s stories from back home.

She shrugs and she passes Maggie a tangerine from her bag, because Maggie is hungry and because she can’t stand all the healthy food Eliza packs for her, anyway. 

“We’re stronger together,” she offers with a small smile, and when Maggie returns it, she thinks maybe everything’s going to be alright, after all.


❤ Soulmate Drabble (11/13) ❤

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Member: Jeonghan
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 580

When your soulmate eats something, you get a craving for what they’re eating.

“Ugh, not again,” you groaned, causing your best friend to look up from the magazine she was reading.

“What’s your problem?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow as she watched you slump over onto the floor.

“He’s eating potato chips again.” you huffed into the carpet. You had never met your soulmate, but you knew that he was a habitual snacker. You always craved what he was eating, and that really didn’t help when you had promised to give up junk food. You stood up and went to the kitchen, quickly grabbing an apple off the counter and taking a big bite of it. You chewed slowly, hoping that he’d suddenly start craving fruit as intensely as he made you crave chips.

The burn you had in the back of your throat for salty snacks slowly dissipated, and you felt proud of yourself. There. Maybe you’d gotten him to stop and reach for a healthier snack to torture you with. You took the apple back to the living room and finished it as you watched the rest of your tv program. After about fifteen minutes you had forgotten all about the food issue, and focused solely on the events unfolding on your screen. That is, until a new craving hit.

“He decided to fix his apple cravings with apple flavor gummies.” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. Your best friend patted your shoulder comfortingly.

The next day you were on the subway on the way to work when an unusually attractive boy came and sat directly across from you. He was wearing a long coat and a checkered scarf, and you wondered if he felt as cosy as he looked. He glanced up at you and managed to catch your eyes, but you looked away as fast as you could. Butterflies erupted in your stomach and a pink blush came over your face. He probably thought you were super creepy. You mentally chastised yourself for staring.

You heard him rustling in his bag for a second and looked out of the corner of your eye as he pulled out a bag of potato chips. You inwardly laughed, how funny would it be if he happened to be your soulmate? Ha. As if you’d be that lucky. He popped open the bag and put a chip in his mouth. You found your own mouth watering, and your mind drifting to the salty taste of potato chips…wait. Oh, shit.

Your heartbeat quickened. There was only one way to prove this hypothesis. You remembered the tangerine in your bag and quickly unzipped your bag to retrieve it. You tried to control your breathing as you peeled it, and your blood ran cold as you put the first piece in your mouth. You chewed, letting the sweet juice coat your mouth. The sound of the boy’s chip bag crinkling stopped. You looked up at him, and he was already looking at you with a furrowed brow. He ran his tongue over his lips looking at the orange in your hands and then back at your face. His brow relaxed and turned into a much warmer expression.

“Wanna trade?” he asked you, holding out his bag of chips. A wave of relief rushed over your body.

“I guess I can take those from you. I’ve been on a pretty successful diet lately, though. No thanks to you.” you said, handing him the tangerine. He laughed at you, his beautiful eyes crinkling.

“Sorry about that.”

- Marcy

Essays in Existentialism: Flight II

Could we have more of FLIGHT? it destroyed me.

Previously on Flight 

“So I just have to take charity cases for you to visit,” Abby teased as she hugged her daughter tightly in front of the airport.

People came and went, not caring at all about the reunion occurring on the curb. But to Abby it was everything. She hugged her daughter so tight she thought she’d leave marks, though she didn’t care about that at all. It was rare and new and tenuous, and so she clung as tight as she could while her daughter wasn’t much better.

“And promise me dinner,” Clarke taunted, surprising herself as she hugged back just as tight.

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Seokjin Scenario: Push and Pull.

Request: A scenario where you & jin are both single parents who meet a grocery where you both unfortunately fight over a meat on sale. Jin gives up upon realizing how cute you looked and you both always “accidentally” met up time to time at the grocery until you guys become friends sharing the same sentiments as single parents. An unexpected love story blooms between the 2 of you through your kids who were daycare friends. Also can the kids be 95z if its okay?Tnx*u*

Genre: Fluff / Family

How dared he? You looked offended at the hand holding the same meat package than you, but the thing was that it wasn’t any meat , it was the last one at the shelf, it was your son’s only favorite, and it was on sale nonetheless. You weren’t about to give it up just yet because you’d promised it to Jimin for dinner, and if he hadn’t insisted in getting one of those little children carts for himself  you would have arrived first than that man, he seemed apologetic but decided and you took a deep breath, smiling charmingly to him with your best friendly smile.

–Hi, I’m sorry, but I really need this for tonight – you told him, his eyes focused on you, he had nice eyes and he seemed like a nice guy too, then he smiled as charmingly as you did, nodding to your words and still holding the meat.

–Hi, I really need it too… – the man said and Jimin who had been holding onto the edge of your dress with one little hand gasped.

–Oh… but it’s my son’s favorite – Jimin was your best played card right there, if the man cared to look down at your son sucking on his lollipop how could he say no to those precious eyes and chubby cheeks? Jimin was a little angel looking from you to the man with attentive eyes.

The man looked at Jimin then and you saw his decision faltering a little. –It’s my son’s favorite too and he’s such a picky boy to eat…– the man sighed and then you saw his son, a lanky boy most probably around Jimin’s age, peeking behind his father’s legs, with his hair sticking up weirdly in some places and mismatched clothes, sucking on a carton of banana milk and inspecting Jimin interested. He was oddly cute and then you understood the man, you’d been trying to get Jimin to eat properly too and that could sometimes become troublesome with a five years old kid.

–Are we not having dinner tonight mommy? – your son tugged at your dress and Jin felt like a villain, you laughed softly and ruffled his hair with a comforting smile.

–Of course we will Jiminie, just maybe not what you wanted –

There was a sad expression taking over your son’s face and Jin sighed once again, it wasn’t like he went around checking out every mom at the super market but you were quite the sight, and if he’d seen you before seeing that meat then he would have most probably stayed frozen somewhere in the path to the refrigerators. Your look combined with your son’s cuteness was a rather strong contender. Your son was cute and Jin was certain that he got it from you, you were too pretty and he felt like a dumbass.

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Time for a Todoroki headcanon

So we all know that Endeavor’s an abusive asshole but here’s a question: do you think he ever denied food as punishment? Honestly I wouldn’t put it past him.

Whether he did or not, I’m willing to bet that part of Todoroki’s Training From Hell growing up included strictly controlling what he was allowed to eat. So my thought is that from an early age he formed a habit of hoarding food. It got especially bad after he didn’t have his mom to fall back on for support, and he gradually figured out what kind of food is best for sneaking (small, keeps for a while, etc.) and how to hide it so Endeavor wouldn’t catch him and punish him for it. And furthermore, growing up in this environment and latching on to quiet and safe ways to rebel, he probably never had any reason to stop. Going to school probably helped, since he could sneak snacks out of the cafeteria without his father around to stop him. 

Fast-forward to UA’s introduction of the dorms, and by this point it’s a bad habit and unconscious coping mechanism that doesn’t go away even though he’s not living at home so he really doesn’t have to do it anymore. 

So he just. Hides food. It’s not that he eats a lot, he just sneaks food and stashes it away “just in case”. Just in case of what, not even he’s really sure, it just makes him feel better to know it’s there if he needs it.

At some point the kids are lazing around in the common area and Kirishima leans back and groans, complaining that he’s hungry. He’s mostly trying to be funny, and everyone is quite surprised when Todoroki reaches under the couch cushion he’s sitting on, pulls out a bag of rice crackers, and tosses it to him.

Kirishima is grateful but thoroughly bewildered. Across the room, Kaminari checks under his armchair cushion in confusion. Everyone in the room just goes “??????” while Todoroki calmly returns to his book.

It becomes a thing. Todoroki gains a baffling ability to reach into random places and pull out food. Once in a while someone will find a stash but it’s only ever by accident. If you try to look for one of Todoroki’s magic food holes you will never find it. You will only find it by tripping over a bag of tangerines while stumbling blindly into the bathroom at 2 AM.

Izuku is Concerned.

-And as a quick follow-up, Uraraka has a similar habit of food-hoarding. Hers is a little different, though; she doesn’t hide it, but keeps it all in her room in one place, and hers has a much clearer intent toward “well you never know when you need to take the edge off when money’s tight, might as well have a stash for a rainy day.” Todoroki’s is more of a compulsion; he knows rationally that there’s no reason for it, he can get food whenever he wants now that Endeavor isn’t around to tell him he can’t, but it just makes him feel better to do it.

With pregnancy comes cravings for the darnedest things. Blaine finds out the hard way when his husband starts whipping up concoctions that only those in dire straits might eat - and that’s not the most of it!


Warning: Lots of food talk in this one. If you aren’t keen on reading a fic about food mixtures (think: chocolate and hot sauce, etc.) I’d pass this one up! Just lettin’ ya know what you’re getting into. (Also, the final food Kurt eats in this one is something I ate as a kid. Because my tastes were… ummm yeah! Ha!)

It started off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a spoonful of grape jelly.

The first (countable) pregnancy craving Kurt ever had came after a normal dinner of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. He was in his sixteenth week of pregnancy and they’d been in the process of cleaning up the mess from their meal when Kurt turned to Blaine and muttered something about dessert. All of a sudden, Blaine’s pregnant husband was dishing out bowls of ice cream and plopping one hearty glob of sticky purple jam onto his portion, the hungry look in his eye increasing tenfold when the jelly rolled down the side of the frozen dessert and settled into the bottom of the bowl.

It was unusual to say the least, especially to a very confused Blaine. “Grape jelly? Normally you loathe grape flavored stuff.”

His husband could barely answer, the spoon already in his mouth while a small smudge of jam dripped down the side of his lip. “Huh?”

“Nevermind… how’s the ice cream?”


“That good, huh?”

Kurt just hummed in response again, savoring the taste and ignoring Blaine in the meantime. He didn’t even move from his position at the kitchen counter; the silverware and bowls, tub of ice cream, and the jar of jelly sat neglected around him as he ate. The only thing that mattered at that very moment was his dessert and all Blaine could do was smile and watch as his hubby enjoyed the strange concoction he normally wouldn’t eat any other day.

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#AgentOrange from @SonicGreen420 - As soon as you open the bag, heavy tangerine and orange aromas will delight your senses and make your mouth water 💦 The #SonicGreen team did an amazing job on this run. We were visiting their facility when this was in flower, you could tell then it was going to be a winner! 🍊☀️🍊☀️🍊 #OrangeYouGladYouPickedThisOne #ComingSoon #RefineSeattle #RefineTheWorld #RefineRecreational #LegalCannabis #LegalConcentrates #TerpeneTapOut #LoudResin™ 🔊🔊🔊 by @x_tracted

gilajames  asked:

Sid/Geno #6 grocery shopping

Geno, it must be said, is not the most thoughtful grocery shopper. Generally, he only goes when he’s looking in his fridge for breakfast and can’t find anything, and then ends up at the closest Giant Eagle with a shopping cart full of whatever random shit looks good at the time.

The first time he goes grocery shopping with Sid, it results in Sid staring at him wide-eyed in the middle of the produce section.

“Are you kidding?” he says, pulling the bag of tangerines out of Geno’s hand and putting them back. “How do you shop without a list?”

Geno snatches the tangerines back. “Not steal fruit, Sid!” he admonishes. “And never have list. Why use?”

Sid shakes his head. “You’re hopeless,” he says, pushing the cart towards the vegetables. 

Geno shrugs and jogs to catch up and put the tangerines in the cart. As he goes, he brushes his fingers along Sid’s back, as light as he can get away with, and ignores the way his stomach twists.


Somehow, Geno didn’t expect grocery shopping to become a thing. Clearly, this was an oversight on his part — considering how finicky Sid is about every other aspect of his life, from his driving route to his jock, Geno should’ve expected the contents of his vegetable crisper to be right up there on the list.

He just didn’t expect the contents of his fridge to be a sticking point, especially when he and Sid aren’t — well, but here he is in the cereal aisle, watching Sid read a handwritten grocery list with pursed lips.

“There we go,” Sid says, grabbing a couple boxes of granola and other boring healthy food. “This is way better for you than that sugary sh— crap.” He changes at the last minute, wincing at the sight of a little boy and his mom picking out corn flakes.

The little boy stares back, wide eyed. Geno sighs and wonders if Sid has a sharpie on him.

“Like sugary stuff,” Geno says, putting back one of the boxes and grabbing some Lucky Charms. Americans may be crazy, but the tiny marshmallows are horribly addicting. “You like sugary stuff.”

“I don’t,” Sid lies, badly, grabbing the box and putting it back. 

“Liar,” Geno says with a grin, aiming it at the little boy. He gapes, wide-eyed. “We buy for you. You come over lots, eat, not be grumpy captain.”

“I am not grumpy,” Sid hisses, scowling at him.

Geno sticks out his tongue.

“Excuse me,” the little boy’s mom says, “but — are you Sidney Crosby? And Evgeni Malkin?”

Sid looks down and smiles at the little boy, who grins back, gap-toothed and overawed.

Geno takes the opportunity to grab the Lucky Charms.


“You have the worst stocked pantry,” Sid bitches, bending down in borrowed sweatpants and glaring at Geno’s cupboards, looking far too awake for the amount he had last night that necessitated staying over at Geno’s instead of his own home, where he could’ve choked. Or something. Geno tries to not visibly enjoy the view and probably fails. “I swear, it’s awful.”

“Can make breakfast,” Geno says, painfully aware that this is what he’d do for — well, people he hooks up with. Not his captain, and teammate, and friend, and the person he’s been at least a little in love with since he was a rookie.

“Fine,” Sid says, straightening up. “You should.”

“Want eggs?” Geno asks, already heading for the fridge and grabbing the carton.

“Thanks,” Sid says, a little less peevishly. “For letting me stay over, and everything.”

“Of course,” Geno says, turning on the burner and cracking eggs into the frying pan. 

“And cooking,” Sid adds. “Even if you have no groceries.”

“Whiner,” Geno says, though he’s unable to keep it from being fond.

For a second, there’s nothing but the sound of the food sizzling. Geno wipes his hands off on a dish towel, only to find Sid awfully close to him. “Sid?” he asks, watching Sid’s hands clench and unclench in the hem of his shirt.

“I,” Sid says, licking his lips, and then he’s rocking up on his toes and kissing Geno, square on the mouth.

Sid’s mouth is soft, and he tastes a little like morning breath. Geno doesn’t want to stop kissing him, except —

“The eggs, G,” Sid says, breaking apart, and Geno curses.

“Sorry, sorry,” he says, turning to take the pan off the burner. “Little done, is okay?”

“Of course,” Sid says, giggling bright and happy. Geno grins back at him, reaching out to touch Sid’s hip. Sid leans in.

“If no good, we go get food,” he promises.

Sid laughs again. “Only if you let me make the list.”