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prime example of abusive behavior from shido: when he acted like he had no influence on the murders he caused akechi to commit for him, and gloating about how he manipulated him with affection. pure abuser behavior right there, putting the blame on the victim entirely and then using that to justify abusing them.

This, in particular, is precisely why I’m interested in the ‘dance’ part of the lines, and that ‘deep down’ part makes it even worse. 

Shido knows what makes Goro tick, so much so Goro himself wasn’t even aware of it. His Cognitive of Goro tells the real Goro his innermost feelings as if they’re a stain, but the ‘captain’ just outright says he pushed just the right buttons for Goro to feel that way in the first place. 

That’s the disturbing part- he was cognisant of, and even manipulated Goro’s inner feelings. Feelings he didn’t even make obvious.

Who’s to say he didn’t do the same when setting Sae up as a target? And worse, putting the Phantom Thief’s leader on the chopping block while making Goro do the job? Why would Shido suddenly make his Metaverse assassin, someone he had used specifically for making clean, untraceable deaths and scandals, responsible for an assassination in the real world?

Why Goro, of all people?

Shido singled out the two people in the world Goro was ‘coincidentally’ most attached to, endangered one, and forced him to destroy the other. He must have suspected something was up, sensed his unusual interest, and upped the ante to tighten his stranglehold on Goro. And it worked.

Speaking of that influence thing, I recall when Shido suggested to Goro that he ‘eliminate those he finds suspicious’. Interesting. It looks like he’s giving Goro agency to do what he thinks necessary, but the reality is it’s entirely under Shido’s terms. 

Because what does he say when Goro tries to negotiate?

So Shido ropes Goro in to doing his bidding, while making it out to be the choice he has made entirely out of his own desire. All the while forcibly isolating him from any and all sources of help once they become a ‘threat’.

Smooth move, you gaslighting piece of shit. 

SJM Accent Challenge
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SJM Accent Challenge

Me: Should I do this??? What if I ramble about Nessian and-
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So I finally was able to record this! Thank you to @feyre-starkov, @runesandfaes, @readinglikewildfire @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks, @tinylittlebluebird and @escapingtheconstrictingboxes. You are all so wonderful for making me crawl out of my introverted hermit shell. 😂

Also forgive my random hardcore fangirling tangents!  You can find the questions and tags below the cut!

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Commentary on translations in general is under a cut because I’m not sure if this is groggy rambling without much thought to it or an actual salient point to make.

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“Is it really a sea? We don’t know what they call it here”
Shiro ignores that tangent instead asking “Are you afraid Keith?”

Shiro just wants to go swimming with Keith.

ok y’know what? wildly different tangent from the other text post i just made, but i’m so happy that dream daddy is good. it’s so pleasant just to play a non-fetishized mlm dating sim with excellent humor and heartwarming storytelling. i wasn’t expecting it to be so emotional, nor so hilarious. i’m glad that it exists and that so many people are enjoying it. i never would’ve imagined that a game like this would be the best selling game on steam for a day.

every animorphs book
  • chapter 1: my name is jake. I can't tell you my real name, because I'm the leader of a special group of kids... we're called the Animorphs. Because we morph into animals and fight aliens.
  • chapter 16: 'god, please don't do this,' i begged on my knees. Visser Three had all of my loved ones hanging from his claws in his multi-armed alien morph and was slowly squeezing the life out of them. 'you must either choose them, jake, or the rest of your planet.' i couldn't take it. i started to morph into a cockroach.
  • chapter 23: as i felt my own brain slither down my throat and into my torso to reform into my digestive system, my bones also began to dissolve into dust inside my skin. my eyes shrunk back into my skull and i could see into eternity- i could see my own mind, taken over by the yeerk. i had already taken my last breath as a free creature, now i saw my last vision as a being of this dimension. suddenly, i was gone. and my parents would never even know i had died. was saving the world worth this? i wondered, if anyone on this planet could be forced to prioritize one life over another, what choice would they make? how can any decision be right, or wrong? i closed my mind off, and fell into eternal sleep, my last echoes of thought being of how humanity continued to live on, but not truly alive.
  • chapter 26: 'hey, bro, wanna go to mc d's and grab some fries?' marco asked, riding by on his skateboard. 'yeah, that'd be totally radical!' i answered, whipping out my own razor scooter. as i pulled a nasty kickflip, i felt eyes watching me. turning around, i saw my own dog, and thought of the horrible truth only i knew. we went to the mall to get big macs. it was a good day to not be dead.
Ravenclaw Headcanon

Sometimes, usually when there’s mostly first years around, and the riddle the eagle asks if really difficult, the older ravenclaws will just start talking about Voldemort. They start asking the eagle knocker questions back, like “could Tom Riddle just walk in because he WAS a riddle?” Or “Was him being a riddle make a double negative at this door, because at this point all riddles are negative.” And “Is that why he became so evil? Because he couldn’t answer the riddle that was HIMSELF?” And sometimes the older students get so far fetched with their questions that the knocker just let’s them in based on their ability to expand on a small thought.


Favorite shots from The Get Down

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Honestly I don't think Jensen and Misha are social friends, just good work buddies, but they never socialize outside of work. I think Jensen like Misha, qirks and all, but he doesn't love Misha like a bestie, more like love him because he's familiar and part of the same show for almost a decade.

Well, of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but– one thing you should know is they do hang out outside of work:

They’ve gone to the race track together:

Took family vacations together

Gone out for ice cream with one another:

They’ve gone on fun little spa trips:

And after conventions, they go and hang out– looking altogether, friendly.

Not to mention, Misha was at Jensen’s wedding which sure– could just be a work-friend thing, but I know I would still want to be fairly close with someone if I was going to invite them to such a personal event.

Now, I am not arguing the fact that Jensen and Jared hang out more– of course they do. They live right beside one another, their kids go to the same school, they’ve known each other for longer than either of them have known Misha, but that still doesn’t mean that Misha cant be super close with Jensen (and Jared) as well. Those two have talked about going out to dinner, just the two of them. They’ve talked about enjoying wine together (which is not something one normally does at work).

They have spoken of times where they have long, deep, emotional talks, and how much they enjoy those moments. That’s not something I normally do with my “work buddies”.

The fact is, they are great friends (if not more), whether or not they live near each other. My best friend of over twenty years has lived in Colorado for most of that time– but that doesn’t mean I love her any less than I did the friend who lived up the road from me. I cared for them equally, we all just had different types of friendships– but that didn’t make them any less than the other.

You don’t need to think that they’re in a poly relationship– that’s a matter of opinion; but to ignore just how much they do care about one another, how much they enjoy each other’s company– to write off their very deep friendship because of some physical distance between their homes, and not as much publicized evidence as others might have, is to completely disregard and disrespect things that they’ve specifically said about each other.

Jensen being best friends with Misha doesn’t make him any less Jared’s best friend.

It just doesn’t.

I don’t know why it always has to be a competition.

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Vlad sounds like such an insecure mess while at first glance everyone believes he has his shit together. Just because your a little older and a vampire doesn't mean you got it all figured out people. Anyway, have some early (is it early where you are?) thoughts from someone who's very excited to read your book soon. Until then I will keep scrolling through your blog to get me the warm feelings I need to survive my life

Vlad gets mistaken a lot for being feckless and impulsive, but hopefully the readers will be able to twig that the things that he does are coping mechanisms, and also the behaviors characteristic of someone who has been living with people who don’t recognize he needs help, or worse, actively deride him for needing help. After all, like you said, vampires are supposed to have it together, they’re always smooth and confident, they’ve had centuries to get their shit together. Not sit at their desk and bite their nails until they bleed or go on week long self destructive binges and quite literally flirt with death.

It’s probably one of my favorite moments when Nathan—who has been forced into his presence by circumstances—goes from thinking he’s just a clever but feckless pretty boy, to the slow realization that holy shit, this vampire needs a hug, he needs reassurance. So when Vlad is sitting with his head in his hands talking down at his own work (the undead talk to themselves a lot, he figures, probably because there’s been times when they’ve only had themselves to talk to) Nathan starts to interject with little things, small things, hums of approval, nodding along and the occasional “sounds good to me” because usually yes, the vampire is right, he just lives with such crushing self doubt he spends hours torturing himself before doing the thing. When that doesn’t backfire he starts doing other things, like an extra sugar in the coffee, brief little touches here and there, a hand on his shoulder, physically resisting the urge to just pick him up and squeeze some life back into him because he’s pretty much head over heels for him, but the vampire doesn’t need someone complicating his life like that, he doesn’t need one more person who wants something from him, it’d be selfish to inflict that on him. So Nathan just resigns himself to mooning over him from afar, while trying to be as good a friend as he can be because holy shit does Vlad need a friend who isn’t cruel to him. He doesn’t get it, he doesn’t understand why they’re all so mean to each other, maybe it’s a vampire thing…

Meanwhile Vlad is having an internal conniption every time the wolf so much as smiles at him because oh no, oh no, Nathan is already his secret Type, it’s not fair that he’s a good person too, this is not fair, no, why. And he feels bad, he feels bad for craving the attention, the touching, feels like a monster because clearly the werewolf is just being friendly, werewolves are notoriously tactile, it’s a pack thing and not…not that…and besides, Vlad is too needy, too clingy, no one likes that, he should, he should just…except Nathan always looks so concerned when he turns up with bloodshot eyes and the tremor in his hands, it’s selfish to worry him like that, not when Vlad is fine. I mean he’s most definitely not fine but he can pretend, he can cope, he can do this. And if it feels like he’s going to melt out of his skin whenever Nathan touches him, well that’s Vlad’s problem.

When he does meet Ursula he’s a lot more stable, he’s had time to get himself somewhat together, even if things have gone horribly wrong recently. But she still goes straight for the cuddle, still holds him a little tighter than she feels the need to with Nathan. Probably because Nathan hugs like he’s happy to see you. Vlad clings like he’s drowning and the loneliness just yawns out of him like a gulf needing to be bridged by people who aren’t afraid to build it. And she gets that, she really gets it.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling :D

I’m glad you enjoy my blog, that’s always lovely to hear. Happy scrolling <3

I was strolling around @margarittet‘s page when I got to this post and felt like I was knocked over the head. I’ve seen a lot of posts speculating what songs would have been included on the mixtape Dean made for Cas, but I don’t really remember seeing any that were based on songs actually mentioned in the show (if I missed a post, please feel free to hit me upside the head again).

So I scoured SuperWiki and found … 13 songs. Two of these weren’t actually mentioned on the show/used for episodes but were considered for episode titles (according to the site). So I don’t know if they count, but I was very surprised that everything added up to 13. The remaining Led Zeppelin references I found were to the band members, record label, and albums.

In My Time of Dying - title of 2x01
Houses of the Holy - title of 2x13
What Is and What Should Never Be - title of 2x20
No Quarter - original title of 3x16
You Shook Me - mentioned in 4x14
Nobody’s Fault but Mine - mentioned in 4x14
Ramble On - mentioned in 4x18
Travelling Riverside Blues - mentioned in 4x18
When the Levee Breaks - title of 4x21
The Song Remains the Same - title of 5x13
Immigrant Song - lyric used for title of 5x19
Gallows Pole - original title of 6x18
Stairway to Heaven - title of 9x22

I’m not much of a Led Zeppelin fan (I have three songs and avoid Stairway as much as possible), so if there’s something I missed or whatever let me know. :)

I get a little sad when I hear people going “Hunk is not fat, he’s muscular” because like…

Let’s just take a brief look at our beautiful boy here:

I like this shot, even though it’s technically everyone, because this nicely demonstrates both of the important things here. The important things here is: Hunk is both fat. and muscular. Absolutely. He has a soft tummy and big dang beefy arms. 

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