the lecturer hands us these art blogs every now and then, and they’re really useful. Tangents are pretty easy to fall for, too! which sucks ‘cuz then it’d look weird and you’d have to re-do some stuffs or worse, re-do the composition of the whole image.

the rest & explanations in Chris Schweizer’s blog :  http://curiousoldlibrary.blogspot.com.au/2011/10/schweizer-guide-to-spotting-tangents.html

John K’s blog is really good too (the guy who did Ren and Stimpy) : http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com.au/2006/06/animation-school-7-when-generic-is.html

ppl keep talking about the possibility of maki having naturally red hair in canon and i dont know how to feel abt that bc on one hand

-shitty dye job maki is absolutely incredible and i would love it so much

-but at the same time just imagining them painstakingly dyeing all of their fucking hair, and redoing that same process all throughout their high school years so it doesnt fade, making a conscious effort for all the red highlights like ‘yes this is what i want, my aesthetic will be christmas tree watermelon’ is just so ??? perfect?


Let’s say you want to start eating healthier. This was actually one of my goals a while back: no red meats, no carbs, limit sugars, drink lots of water.

Or, let’s say you want to stop drinking so much - at most two per evening. (Well, you’ve got to start somewhere).

If you hit that thing head on, you’re just likely to give up in a couple of days time. You’re likely to revert back to your normal behavior and slowly start cheating on the rules.

So you should set what I’ve come to call a “tangent”.

You should set the actual goal to be:

“I have to wake up early at 6am to get to the gym.”

Which means you have to be in bed by 11pm to get at least your seven hours sleep. Which means you have to come home by 10pm. Which means it’s harder to get so many drinks in you between 8pm when you leave work and 10pm when you have to be home.

(Better yet, an easier tangent here might be: I’ve got to drive myself home at the end of the evening. This will naturally will hit your original goal.)

I find myself using tangents to check the most difficult habits off my list.

i used to go back and forth a lot on whether arakita was a trans girl or just ‘gender is disgusting dont talk abt it to me ever’, but then i realized i know a bunch of real life people that are both of those things at once and now all my life problems are resolved. (would use she/her or it pronouns if absolutely necessary to use pronouns at all)

A Monster High Interlude

So, I’m kinda obsessed with Monster High at the moment. A bit embarrassing to admit, but whatever, right? Anyways, a few of the latest films have really caught my attention in the best way possible. 13 Wishes, Freaky Fusion and Haunted are all good (in my opinion). I mainly like 13 Wishes because of the lantern outfits, character development and TWYLA. But Freaky Fusion is well developed and has some really mature themes, plus the whole Neighthan Rot and Frankie Stein thing, which I actually like a lot more than I expected. Plus there’s tons of Robecca and her father! (YAY!) And where to begin with Haunted? First, it took a character that I did not like (Spectra) and turned her into one of my new favorite characters from Monster High. It gave me a brand new ship that I LOVE- Spectra and Porter (I ship it so hard). The supporting cast was great too, Draculaura aside. I really like Sirena, and Rochelle wasn’t bad either. I actually like Clawdeen, surprisingly enough- the loyalty thing goes a long way in my book. Then there was Aye (Vandala’s adorable cuttlefish), Vandala (who wasn’t bad at all), Porter (and I liked him a lot) and my fave from the new cast, River! She’s funny, cute, sweet and loves to party! Plus her line, “well, that’s annoying” is perfectly delivered. And she has confetti cannons. I really like the new song, too. It’s called “Party Like a Monster” and I got my 19-year-old male co-worker to watch Haunted by playing the song (he liked it). And, finally, TWYLA!!!! She’s so pretty as a ghost and she’s got some absolutely hilarious lines (”rock, paper, scissors”, “dancing reaper”, “her story checks out”, ”this was fun…”, “…you’re a ghost”, “bad boy’s got a soft spot”, etc.). I love Twyla, mainly ‘cause we’d totally be best friends if she were real. We just would. And she’s just really cool. About everything (popularity, nightmares, saving people, jokes, fashion sense, etc.). So that’s (mostly) why I love Haunted. And Freaky Fusion. And… y’know what? You get the point. 

you ever just want to… tell someone about tangents, but they didn’t ask for critique so you don’t know whether you can say anything without sounding rude


your drawings are so great

they would look even better with some careful avoidance of tangents

onee i start noticing them i can’t stop noticing them it’s really painful and i am usually trying to avoid them, let me know if something i draw that isn’t obviously deliberately terrible and inconsequential has any i’ve missed

here for example is tangent wolf and next to it is reformed tangent wolf, with tangents highlighted in red

it isn’t a very good example because it isn’t a very good drawing and i gave it wings and drew it at an angle where it is hard to draw in another wing (where does that wing go?)

and i probably forget sometimes too so i’m not exactly the best person to be teaching this

but yeah tangents are annoying

here’s another attempt at an example