Joe Jack Talcum - “Punk Rock Girl” (live, acoustic)

Sort-of related: last June, I did a review of The Dead Milkmen show @ Shank Hall for The Shepherd Express (MKE’s alt-weekly, which I’ve been freelancing for on-and-off since 2007). In my original review, I wrote about how, during the song “Punk Rock Girl,” I couldn’t help but think of the episode of Beavis and Butthead wherein they watch the music vid for “Punk Rock Girl,” and Butthead so famously says: “A real punk rock girl would eat that guy’s face off.” I went on to say: “Speaking as a punk rock girl myself, I’ve always had a soft spot for nerdy guys.” And the editor cut that part out of the review! Even though I was under the word count! That was the best part of the whole review, the part that showed my real personality! It was funny, and fun! The final edit of the review wound up being pretty boring. I was so pissed and bummed.

un hombre y una chica van a conducir debajo de la luz de la luna. paran por el lado de un camino. él se gira a su chica y dice:

“bebé, te amo muchisimo”

“¿qué es cariño?”

“nuestro carro se descompone. pienso que el motor es rompeado. voy a caminar y comprar más combustible.”

“muy bien. voy a quedar aquí y cuidar a nuestro estéreo. han sido reportajes de noticias de estéreos conseguir robado”

“buena idea. mantener las puertas cerradas pase lo que pase. te amo cuelo”

así que el chico se fue para obtener un tanque lleno. después de dos horas la chica dice “donde esta mi bebé, él se suponía que debía estar de vuelta ahora.” entonces la chica oye un ruido chirrido y un voz dice “DÉJAME ENTRAR”

la chica no lo hace y entonces después de un rato ella va a dormir. el proxima mañana se despierta y encuentra que su novio todavía no está allí. ella sale del carro para comprobar y hombre puerta mano gancho carro puerta

a list of how to say “i’m gay” in a bunch of languages! this is ongoing and submissions and corrections are welcome. (if adding or correcting through reblog, please do not just edit the post, as i won’t be able to see a notification and edit the original)

no derogatory terms, i try for as neutrally gendered words for gay as possible. with languages that have multiple ways to refer to the first person i try to choose the one that seems to make the most sense in casual speech.

  • english i’m gay
  • spanish soy gay
  • italian sono gay
  • japanese 私はゲイです
  • mandarin 我是同志
  • lojban mi mitcinpa’i
  • german ich bin schwul
  • esperanto mi estas geja / mi gejas
  • french je suis gay / je suis gai
  • swahili mimi ni mashoga
  • korean 나는 이반이다
  • russian я гей
  • arabic أن مثليا
  • hindi मैं समलैंगिक हूँ
  • hebrew אני הומואי
  • polish jestem gejem
  • vietnamese tôi là đồng tính
  • turkish ben eşcinselim
  • irish tá mé aerach
  • thai ฉันป็นคนที่เป็นเกย์
  • portuguese sou gay
  • dutch ik ben gay
  • albanian unë jam gej
  • bengali অমি গে
  • estonian ma olen gei
  • lithuanian aš gėjus
  • serbian sam gej / сам геј
  • croatian sam gej
  • slovak ja som gej
  • urdu میں ہم جنس پرستوں ہوں
  • welsh rydw i hoyw
  • kalaallisut uanga suiaaqatiminoortoquvunga
  • indonesian saya binan
  • armenian Ես գեյ եմ
  • volapük binob otgeniälik
  • swedish jag är gay
  • georgian მე ვარ გეი
  • greek είμαι γκέι

giveaway ends sunday, may 10th!

what you’ll get:

  • breast forms x
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if you win and don’t want an item on this list, let me know so i can choose a second winner to give it to! also, if you want any of these items in a different size or style not available in the links provided, as long as you can find another one you’d prefer on amazon (on amazon specifically because i don’t have a credit card and am paying for this with an amazon gift card) i’d be happy to get that in its place!


  • you have to be an amab trans person
  • you can like/reblog as many times as you’d like
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ppl keep talking about the possibility of maki having naturally red hair in canon and i dont know how to feel abt that bc on one hand

-shitty dye job maki is absolutely incredible and i would love it so much

-but at the same time just imagining them painstakingly dyeing all of their fucking hair, and redoing that same process all throughout their high school years so it doesnt fade, making a conscious effort for all the red highlights like ‘yes this is what i want, my aesthetic will be christmas tree watermelon’ is just so ??? perfect?