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                     Dazzling DC Ladies Month (Day 22) TΘ 
                                           ➥ Breaking into Tangent

For background on Tangent Comics, please read this post.

Read on to know more about today’s Tangent lady, created by James Robinson and J.H. Williams III!

WHO IS Θ The Green Lantern Θ?
                The Guardian of the Dead, Green Lantern is as mysterious as she is eerie. Almost nothing is known about her, save for the fact that mainly she can always be found walking about in graveyards…resurrecting the dead for one night. Why? That is her duty, the reason for her existence; these spirits are brought back, in complete material form, so that they can finish that one last mission they were unable to complete in life. This in turn brings them everlasting peace and rest, once this mission is completed.

Still, she’s not entirely brooding and über-serious as you might think. Green Lantern’s been known to crack a sarcastic remark or two, and regards her life and duty as nothing more than what fate decreed for her. In fact, she is more of a servant to the lantern she carries than it to her. The lantern is deemed all-powerful.and living. It controls her destinations of the night, for the most part. However, its origins are just as unknown as hers’.

Or is it?

Ever the coy character, Green Lantern lets us knows that there could be one origin for her or many origins for her. They could all be true or none at all! But she tells us of three possibilities as to how the emerald guardian and the lantern came to be:

  • World-renowned archaeologist, adventurer and explorer Lois Lane was contracted by billionaire Booster Gold to dive for lost treasure. Instead, she found creatures whose sight broke her heart. Lois threatened Booster to leave them alone, and for her troubles, she was promptly murdered – and came back as an avenger of the dead, given powers by the same creatures she’d defended.
  • Twin sisters, one good, one evil. Darkside, the evil one, had participated in the brutalization of the people imprisoned in Czech ethnic camps during the Czechoslovakian war. She learned magic after the war, carrying with her an orb with which she can raise the dead for one night. The good sister (possibly named Kory Anders) was mistakenly murdered by Manhunter, who later helped defeat her sister. Darkside’s and the good sister’s magic merged into one, and she transposed this new power into a lantern – it serving as a symbol for those who have been wronged.
  • The daughter of darkness Zatanna wanted entry into the coven the Dark Circle, confident in her magic and gifts. Arrogant to the bone, she accepted the test put forth to her – to acquire the object known as the Green Lantern. It took a while but she finally found said lantern with owner, casting a spell to take it away for her reward. But the spell misfired, affecting her. The carrier of the lantern, Jason Blood, saved her and passed the keeping of the lantern onto her. Now she will go to where it chooses, waking the dead for their last task in order to gain eternal rest. One day the same will happen for her…

Due to Tangent Comics ending abruptly after 1998, the last we know of Green Lantern was that she had resurrected the recently deceased Atom (I), and had indicated that worse things were to occur in the Tangent universe. There is no information on what exactly were these awful events, but one can assume that almost everything that happened ten years later made her premonitions true. First, much like Lia Nelson, she is affected by the events in Infinite Crisis and wanders around looking for a way back. However, on confronting her, Lia and Atom, Kyle Rayner/Ion takes the lantern away from her and sends them all back home.

The separation of lantern and guardian hugely affects Green Lantern, as she shared a symbiotic connection with said object. In a matter of weeks and months, she ages quite rapidly – becoming an elderly, homeless and broke woman with no desire to live, due to her lantern and purpose having been taken away from her. The lantern itself is secured in the Justice League’s Trophy Room, where it remained until Tangent Superman’s Reign. Here it is activated, kick-starting the crossover adventure. As it returns to the Tangent Universe, it returns to her and de-ages her, giving her back her purpose and her title as the Guardian of the Dead. The mystical object has an added ability now of serving as a bridge for the two worlds, able to transport the heroes with an added boost from the DCU’s Green Lanterns’ willpower energy. Her character was retconned slightly, becoming more serious and silent as opposed to her original personality. She continues her duty, upon returning home once and for all.

Then James Robinson went and came on as a new writer for Justice League of America. In one single stroke, Green Lantern emerges as the sole survivor of all the heroes in Tangent universe – as it is explicitly implied that almost everyone relevant from Earth 9 is dead due to the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3 razing everything.

This is considered the end of the Tangent Universe, thus also ending any chances of more stories from the line.**

Bringing back the dead for one night by placing the lantern over their graves, interdimensional transportation.

Unaffiliated, but she did join the Outsiders when they came to be. Whether permanently or temporarily, only Dan Jurgens knows.

Θ The Green Lantern #1, 1997
Θ Tales of the Green Lantern #1, 1998.
Θ Tangent Superman’s Reign #1-12, 2008-2009
Θ History back-up feature in Tangent Superman’s Reign #6

Cameos in:
Θ JLA #1, 1998
Θ Infinite Crisis #6, 2006
Θ Ion #9-10, 2007
Θ Justice League of America #50-53, 2010-2011 *
*Included due to her part and the end of Tangent universe. Otherwise, I wouldn’t as it’s just too plain painful to read the end…*sniffs*

**For we should all be thankful, considering new 52 and DC’s handling of characters.